Review of the dji air 2s fly more combo pack right this little guy right here, so pretty much. What i ended up doing its just been like 1300 bucks and we got ourselves. The drone right got ourselves the controller, not the smart controller, flip that little deal out. There bam put your phone in there and uh thats. How you see, where youre going and what knots um so yeah you get three batteries. You get the drone and the controller and a soft case for like thirteen hundred dollars right to get. You started thats pretty much everything youre gon na need to do to fly. Anyways for two months, i wan na tell you what i do like about it. What i dont like about it, its only been two months with it, is sponsored absolutely not. I spent this or i spent my hard earned money to get this bad boy. So, im going to tell you my honest to truth about the thing my personal opinion, uh yeah, if you want a drone id say, go buy it. This thing is awesome. Its treated me very well do a lot of stuff with it um its also made me some money, so i just dont use it as a toy. Mostly i do use it to make me money, um kind of things ive done with it is. I do real estate videos um, i do advertisements, i do some farm agriculture, stuff and uh im getting into doing more of that recently with uh doing uh field, mapping and stuff like that, looking at vegetation and irrigated fields to see where their weak spots and their Fields are so a few things that are sweet with this thing is its like super easy to fly literally.

I, if i can fly the darn thing anybody can fly in the darden thing: okay, im, the smartest guy in the world when it comes to doing stuff like this, and i had like three flights on this thing and i felt pretty comfortable with it. So, like the safety sensors on here, theres like a whole bunch of them, like i said, go, read the specs im, not gon na list. Those out for you itll tell you whats going on um itll avoid obstacles. If you have that turned on the safety features. So yeah i mean if youre just getting started, dude this things awesome or lady whoevers gon na watch this. This thing is sweet, highly recommend um, especially for the price point you get a lot of stuff going on for like a little bit of money. I guess, if youre looking for a drone, that you can do videos photos with um this drones pretty decent. I would strongly suggest this drone um if youre looking more for like mapping stuff doing inspections um stuff, like that, i would look towards like your maverick pros or go into the enterprises stuff like that um, because youre gon na get a lot better use out of It, but mostly for what i do right now is: i do a lot of filmmaking and photos and stuff and thats just for like local businesses for advertising, so i would say this bad guy, for that does pretty well.

Um ive made my money back on this drone in the first month. I had it and now anything else im making after that, obviously is just profit. So the thing pays for itself: if youre going to use it for um, you know like a business opportunities, but she wants to have fun. You can go to do it that route too, because its not super expensive youll get a lot of use out of it. I think um you can do quite a bit more things than what the manual says you can im not going to tell you to go. Do this thats on your own uh judgment, but i have taken this thing out in 30 mile, an hour guests, okay and guess what still have in my hands have not wrecked it um? Was it tough flying it? Yes, did the batteries drained down quite a bit on it, yes, but was it able to fly and stuff like that? It was uh. We went on a trip to washington and we were in a pretty wet area environment. The entire time were there on beaches and whatnot theres, a lot of mist and humidity in here and got caught in a few little sprinkle. Storms, not storms. But you know it was like sprinkling and whatnot, and i took this thing up in the air and guess what shes still in my hand she still flies. She made it through it um. I live in a really dusty environment.

So this things in the dust. Quite a bit, i try to mitigate that as best as i can, but youre never gon na. Do that, of course. So i fly this thing around quite a bit. The dust um and ive had like ive only had it for two months now, but its a heavy hard use two months and have not had a problem with it. I had one issue, i guess i lie. I had one issue where the gimbal got stuck right: the gimbal got stuck so that was the only thing that i had a problem with. What did i do? I set the drone down started a backup boom. It was undone gimbal, wasnt stuck anymore, no idea. What that was um its just acting up that day, i guess but yeah. For the most part, this thing is uh well worth it. In my opinion, um ill probably give a longer review when i got more time behind it, but right now ive got just a little over 100 uh 100 flights with it and im trying to think of i dont know what the flight hours are, but i got Like i got quite a bit of flights with it a little over 100 and a lot of thats doing um all the work for clients and stuff, because i really dont take it out to have fun with im more so using this for business stuff. Unless im practicing trying to get better wish, getting shots and stuff like that, but um yeah for the most part, ive got a little bit of flight time on it.

Its been about two months um the thing hasnt broke on me: um updates are going pretty easy. It doesnt update the fastest, but the nice thing is: is there was a few jobs? I went on where i needed it and it said i had a firmware update, but it still flew and i could i didnt lose any of my content, so that was nice. So, thank you. Dgi some people said you couldnt fly it. If you didnt have the update. Well, they lied to you because i flew it when it said it needed an update or im just like a one in a million fluke or something i dont know. But let me do it so like i said this isnt like a educational purpose, video. This is like, strictly my bare bones opinion on this thing and the overall opinion is: go freaking, buy the thing, um get the fly more package or whatever they call that thing. The yeah fly more package right. You get three batteries, you get the drone, you get. The controller you get a soft case, you get the manual you get some ndf filters charging station all that stuff get that youre said you dont have to buy anything for it and youre up in the air flying having a good time being pretty much a good Pilot all right, you want to go to the southwest airlines. Tell them you want to fly that plane, theyre going to ask you.

Why say you fly drones, theyll understand, theyll, give you the keys to the cockpit and youre good to go, and you fly thanks for watching stay tuned. Well, have some more stuff, um im recording on this uh zoom h1n, its not bad, probably do better ill, probably upgrade that maybe ill throw a review in there im recording on a black magic 4k pocket cinema camera thats rigged out. If you guys want to see a video on that, let me know um, but i wanted to figure out a way to do that because thats, the only camera i use right now to film so yeah.