So in a previous video i did a one month review on the dji air 2 s, where i spoke about everything that i really really like and love about this drug. You can watch that video by accessing this card and the link in the description below now that video was absolutely full of all the good points on this video now don’t get me wrong. Not many of you actually watched it. To be perfectly honest, so you know feel free to go check it out, because the video didn’t do that. Well, however, my friend, henrik from tech drone media, has a theory that bad news always does better on youtube than what good news does anyway, i’ve decided to split this up into a completely separate video and talk about some of the little niggles i have with this Drone now i do want to quickly talk about the circumstances around this. I have tried multiple devices, so if any of you want to say it’s down to the phone, like i said, i have tried multiple devices and i’ve tried different operating systems as well. I also want to point out that when i do my reviews, i get very very little time to watch youtube um in my personal life, so actually i’ve not seen anybody else’s video to see what they have actually complained about or any flaws. Other people might have found with this drone now the major major one i’m going to get straight into it.

The major issue i have with this drone is the new ocusync, 3.0 or 3, as dji are now calling it so. The introduction of r3 on the dji air 2 s meant you got four antennas instead of two, and you also got a lower latency, so lower latency means you’re going to get a quicker signal feed between the drone and your controlling device, such as your phone tablet Or smart controller, etc under normal circumstances, improvements in signal and lower latency would be a huge benefit. However, quite frankly, as it currently stands, i am not seeing this benefit. I have tried, as i’ve mentioned, multiple devices and i’m getting so much lag on my video feed. It it’s just by far the worst drone of all the ones that i actually earn so far um and i do pretty much i’ve built this channel on doing range tests. So i know when you should get good or bad signal, and i do understand where you know you can get interference from wi fi signals and before anybody says: okay, sync isn’t wi fi. Yes, it is um but that’s, another conversation um. So anyway, you know. I am getting so much mod signal drops on this drone in sort of areas where i wouldn’t even expect to get any so yeah. Obviously i have done some slightly longer flights on this, but on screen, as you can see, there is just so many examples where i am really not that far away from the controller.

In fact, some of it i’ve actually made sure that i have turned on my compass, so you can see that i’m literally pointing at the controller at the drone at all times, and i simply am absolutely baffled at the lag and yeah. I think that’s a really major problem. Quite frankly, and like i say you know, many people said that there was only me having the issue with the fema mini um. I do not know if anyone else is having this connection issue. I do understand that there might be a lagging latency problem with the uh dji. Smart controller that’s been covered many times by my friend, henrik olsen from tetromedia. So please do go check out his videos um but yeah on my general phone device i’m. Seeing a lot of lag and a lot of signal drop out on this drone, so focusing 3.0 um it’s more, like ocusync, 2 minus a little bit for me at the moment, not really performing, as i would have expected. One feature on this drone as well, which is really causing me to be a bit yeah indifferent, should you wish is actually one of the 4k shooting modes now on the dji mavic air 2, you could select between normal or wide, depending on what frame rate and What frames per second and what resolution you was shooting in? Unfortunately, this drone dji for some strange reason when you select 4k at 60 frames per second, it automatically crops in sort of does a wide crop and doesn’t allow us to be able to zoom whatsoever.

Now i can imagine 4k at 60 frames per second, especially when you want to slow down footage in post is a really really important shooting tool and to not have any sort of zoom capabilities in that mud and just a fixed crop. It’S kind of really really frustrating i’m finding so realistically, if you’re out, shooting – and you want to zoom in, you – have to actually slip switch back off 60 frames per second to 30 frames per second, for example, to be able to actually use a zoom feature. I mean, as you can see, on screen. The zoom feature is really really bloody. Good and we’ve got up to four times zoom at 4k. Absolutely brilliant but, like i said, the major problem is, i want to be able to zoom in on 60 frames per second on 4k and at the moment i can’t so yeah dji give us that option. Please, thank you and then one of the little sort of uh features on this drum i’m. Not finding a huge amount of value with is the 5.4k resolution option sure i understand dji had to improve from the mavic air 2 and they have done that by giving us 5.4 k at 30 frames per second. But like i say, the trouble is not many people are really going to see much value in that unless you’re, using the higher resolution to then crop in you’re not really going to gain anything anywhere.

A lot of you are watching these on tablets and you’re. Watching these on phones – and some of them, you know – are watching on 1080p monitors. I personally when i watch tv, i do watch it on a 4k large screen tv, um and that’s. What i view my youtube videos on, which is why i always film in 4k resolution, but the trouble is there’s, just not that many screens out there that are actually supporting 5.4k, but all you’re doing is taking up an absolute huge amount of space on your memory Card and with 5.4k resolution you’re not going to get a lot of uh video recording done before you’re, quickly, going to run out of space. Even on the one of the bigger cards and realistically you’re going to require a really powerful machine to actually be able to. Edit and cope with that 5.4 k footage anywhere. So for me, 5.4 kit is nice. Nice feature nice that dji you’ve given is it, but unless you’re, really at the professional end or you’re utilizing a 5.4 screen tv or high resolution, big screen tv, the fact that it’s got it really doesn’t add much value for most people and then finally, my little Bug bear with this dji air 2. S is more to do with the app um version 1.4.0, as you can see on screen there’s quite a major issue with this app version. Now. The reason why i’m, including it in this video, is because, despite it being worldwide reported from other users, i’m, including it in this video because i’m only actually seeing it on this air 2s, i go out and fly the mavic air 2 and go out and find The mavic mini the mini 2 and i’m, not actually getting that discrepancy in height on any other drone.

Just simply this one so i’m not entirely sure why but i’m not seeing it on any other device, any other any of the drones so yeah interesting one, so that seriously needs sorting out, because that is quite a bit of a risk, especially as you could be Breaking drone regulations if the drone isn’t showing the correct amount of height and that’s what you’ve got to go on so yeah um. Hopefully, you think that what i’ve complained about in this video has been perfectly considered and proven beyond doubt, i’ve always claimed on my videos that i will only post a video unless i can replicate something or replicate fault or replicate an issue that i’m having multiple tabs Across multiple devices to make sure it’s not a one off i’m, not the type of person to just simply have one little issue and quickly put a youtube video out about it. I don’t do that. I will only do this sort of thing if i can prove what i’m saying everything else about the drone. I absolutely love, and, as i mentioned in that original video, where i tell you about what i like i’m not going to complain about the side sensors, it would be nice if it had them, but realistically it’s not fair, to complain about a drone having a feature That you knew it didn’t have before you bought it. So thank you very much for watching don’t forget to subscribe.