. And furthermore, this also surfaced a video showing the actual drone which i will show later in this video. Every time a company brings a new product to the market, with the radio incorporated, they have to file an application to fcc, at least if they want to sell the product in the us – and this is what dji has done this time, because the application database is Public, then that will offer us a glimpse into some of the new products that might be released. So if i go into this database here – and i will leave a link in the description below so you can access it yourself, you would see that the ggi has filed a application here for something called a da2sue 12011 and look at this page where you can See that it’s registered by dji technology from china – you can scroll down here, and what you will actually see is that, and what you can see here is that we can get a glimpse of the label for the product and that clearly states dji air 2s. That is not the same as saying this will be the successor to the heavy gear, but there’s a high probability, especially if you look at the battery size, which is a 3 500 milliamp hours which is equal to the one that’s been used today in the mavic Air, too, not that the rest of the information on the label provides much more detailed info about what we can expect from the product, so we have to look for different sources by the way.

Do you like my content? If you do then consider subscribing to my weekly tips test and tutorials and scanning through twitter there’s, already all sorts of conspiracy theories out there, what to expect. So the guessing game has started that’s a that’s sure to say, but then one of our, i would not say trusted sources, but one of the sources that we normally uh that’s, normally the foundation of all the the rumors uh osita elvi he’s, not always right. But at least he puts out some interesting statements, one of the things that he’s saying is what, if the mavic air 2 had a imx 686 sensor, what that potentially would mean is that you would get the same camera as in the osmo pocket 2, meaning that You would get access to 65 megapixel pictures it’s still based on the quad buyer principle, as used in the previous ad 2, where you could get up to 48 megapixel pictures out of a 12 megapixel sensor in case you’re wondering what this quad buyer is that i’m Babbling about, then, i also left the link in the description below that you can check out to understand what this is all about, but it would definitely be an interesting upgrade if you get the capabilities that is presented in the osmo pocket 2, as we saw with The gti mini 2. It seems that the dji is sticking to the strategy of moving or killing off the name mavic.

So this new drone will be simply called tgi air 2s. I don’t know why they decided to drop the mavic name, because that was pretty cool and pretty nice way to sort of tie together the family of drones, and, i think, it’s a shame. I, like the mavic name, losing the name is not enough for a reason. Not to buy it looking at the fcc filing and the rumors that are surfacing around the web does not provide much info yet uh, but you could hope for or speculate in that they will add in support for the new version two of the goggles. That would be pretty nice that those were supported out of the box as well as they’re, throwing in auxin 3, allowing the latency even more compared to occusion 2.. Also, i would expect this could be the first drone to comply with the new drone rules that are currently being rolled out in europe and u.s. I told you there was a video out there that was actually showing the drone. Let me just replay this for you. If what you see in the video turns out to be the real deal, you will see that the outer shape of the drone is very similar to the lavig air tool. Apart from adding two obstacle avoidance sensors on the top of the drone, you can also see the camera is bigger. On a three axis, a stabilized gimbal, the product has not been confirmed to be the tgi air 2s.

Just for us to be on the same page, this might well be a prototype from dji, and the final product would look different. Does this mean that we would not see a mavic 3 that has been rumored for a long long time, and you could say that the mavic 2 pro is up for renew. I think dji is a bit reluctant. Releasing a new high end seeming professional drone, because the market is simply not big enough for this. The capabilities that you get with the dji mini 2, the mavic air 2 and now with the 2s is a is closes pretty much the gap up to these bigger drones. I know they can produce better footage for more professional use, but in most cases for maybe a fraction of the price, even half the price, you would get a drone that is fully capable of fulfilling the needs for the average consumer. So i think they are holding a bid back on the mavic 3.. I have no confirmation about this at all. This is just my own speculation. I can also see it when i produce videos about these high end drones on the channel i’m, not getting near as many views as i’m getting on the cheaper more accessible. What do you think? Will we see a maverick 3 anytime soon? Do you know what even drone pilots gets hungry, sometimes that’s? Why i put up a new super, delicious 2 minute recipe on my second channel, easy, tasty fruit recipes that will show you how to cook a delicious pasta dish in less than 10 minutes you using only a single pot, including all the ingredients.

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