It can even damage your kit today im looking at a few different options, using the two biggest models that dji have in their folding drone lineup, the a2s and the mavic 3. Music. Now cases are very subjective, whats great some people appears to be rubbish to others. To be honest and thats demonstrated with the huge case that comes with the mavic 3 combo, which broke away from the usual design with the air 2s, the air 2 and the mini 2, which is much smaller and designed to fit on your uh. On your shoulder and walk around your waist and you can have easy access to everything on the go: mavic 3 combo came with this huge, huge new big case um air 2s. To me, i really do like this case uh its just big enough to get everything inside, but small enough to either say put on your waist or actually slip inside another backpack if you were taking a bigger backpack out for the day, so not so with the Mavic 3 case this case is big. No doubt is the largest and best quality case. In fairness, the dji have included in any of their combo lineup, but doesnt necessarily mean its. The best design lets take a better look at it. So, first of all, very very premium: uh design, i said very heavy duty fabric metal, clasps various compartments inside to has all of those accessories. Indeed, when you get the mavic 3 combo everything comes inside the case itself, you should pull the case out of the box.

Its big enough to take the drone, the remote all the batteries, the charging hub and there is still plenty of space to pack in few extra bits of kit and in a first for their bags. It can also be unzipped and turned into a full on backpack. For carrying it on longer walks now i said it is all a little bit subjective. Some people love it. Some people hate it me after using it for a fair bit. I do fall into the kind of not so impressed category. It is neither a good case nor a good backpack, so it ends up being a bit of a jack of all and a master of none if you like, just as far as the case goes, yeah, okay, its a very, very good quality heavy duty case, but It is too big its too heavy, too big, its just a giant handbag, basically um very different from the original mavic 2 pro case, which, admittedly wasnt a great design. The mavic 3 is only slightly bigger than the air 2s, so the case really does not need to be this big and, if youre out for a walk – and this is the only bag – youre taking – then maybe yeah sure itll be great. But if youve got a proper backpack, then what earth are you going to do with this as well? Just carry it in your hand. All day long, i said its a backpacker as well, but the top flap contains all the straps and turns into this backpack, which is also why the bag is top heavy and often will fall over if its empty, but as a backpack.

No, it is simply a dreadful backpack, its just a loose compartment to stuff a rain jacket in or something its very, very thin walled open space that sits on top of the drone compartment, and there is nothing easy about getting this stuff in or out. So for me, i have no use for using this this case as a backpack, if i need a backpack ill use, a proper backpack. So, as i said, if this is all youre taking then super great, but if its only part of the kit youre taking then, as i said, what youre going to do its far too big to stuff inside another case, so moving on couple more options from pgy Tech now pj tech, theyre, a pretty good brand. I had to check out, i find their stuff is very well made and its very very reasonably priced. They do a large hard case for the mavic 3 and they also do a a smaller slimmed down one. The hard case is around 100 pounds 100 and the slim down case is uh 50 pounds or 50. So again, custom molded cases uh. They have pros and cons themselves. So again, some people love them other people arent so fast uh. This particular case is for the dji air 2s perfectly engineered, and i did a little review on this particular case a couple of months ago. Theres, no doubt to me, it really does offer serious protection for your pride and joy from knocks bumps and as well as water.

If it gets in a situation where it might get wet – or i dont know, if youre inclined to throw it into a lake or something because it is completely waterproof and will keep everything inside perfectly safe and dry, as i said, pgy tech do one of these Waterproof hard cases for the mavic 3 as well and, like i said they also do this slim down version too two its also another hard case, its smaller and still molded, for whatever specific model drone you buy it for, and so that of course, is going to Keep everything safe and secure slim down case is not waterproof, but it will protect it from rain and splashes and, as i said, with everything sitting safe and snug inside their own little compartments, nothing risks getting scratched or broken but, as i said, pros and cons, its Still large, and even with the slim down case uh, there is still no real room for any other accessories, like my triple tech tablet, for instance, or anything else, and whilst this has got a shoulder strap, it is too big to slip into a proper backpack. I also get a bit annoyed with these moulded cases that force you to unscrew the remote sticks, each time you put them away. There really is no need for that. The case is easily uh thick enough to handle a remote with the sticks on, but for some reason they always seem to design them.

But youve got to take the sticks off, but look minor issues, but still an issue that might annoy you then. Finally, the third case – this is actually the dji goggles case primarily solved by dji, to house the fpv drone and goggles, but ive actually found this to be a really useful, all rounder its not only great for the fpv, but, as you can see, brilliant for holding The mavic 3, along with other stuff, like a dslr camera and other bits of kit that you may want to take out on your day now. Obviously this is a much bigger case, its way bigger than the other two. So, of course, its going to hold a lot more stuff, but for me it is a proper, decent backpack that you can wear all day and, crucially, will be the only bag you need for the data carriers, its got the space for you to take all your Other stuff, as well its got movable sections that let you get the compartments exactly as you want and for me, unlike many pro photography cases, this case actually lets you unzip the back and see everything in one go. So you see here, ive got the mavic 3. The remote batteries dslr and there is still space for other bits and pieces. So if im out for the day this easily is the best option. For me, it is the only case im going to need for the whole day, rather than the other two cases which are great for protection, but too small to carry anything else, which means youre going to end up carrying two cases for your day, one for your Kit and one for everything else anyway, again ill put a link to this dji bag below on the dji store its hidden away a little bit, not very immediately obvious where it is, but yeah very, very, very good, uh, very, very good, all rounder.

I think. Finally, for those of you that are unimpressed with any of these, then maybe the simplest and cheapest solution its one of these. These are little sock type cases that you can get this ones from dji. So these are obviously the cheapest and offer the least protection, but they are absolutely fantastic because they make it so easy to slip. The drone and the remote into a your own, bigger backpack and in truth i end up using these small cases most of the time because its great to have the drone in one the remote in the other and its just part of the stuff that im taking On a day out on a hike, so they can sit inside my backpack, nice and safe alongside everything else that i want for the day. Theyre also perfect. If youre taking your drone on a trip on a plane, it lets you pack it inside your carry on luggage, nice and easy for the aircraft, rather than you wasting space with a much larger bag. So again, these little sock type bags theyre a very, very useful bit of kit that you should actually just have theyre going to be great for some trips, not great for others, but they are so cheap and theyre well worth uh having some lying around. So look there, you go a few different ideas for keeping your pride and joy, uh, safe and sound uh. As i said, all of them got pros and cons, hopefully, by pointing this out these out that the good stuff and the bad stuff youll be able to work out what is going to be best for you.

So look as ever like it give me a little thumbs up, always helps lots of stuff going on at the moment, im still waiting for my autel nano plus uh as usual, not much joy or support from autel for people in the in the uk. We seem to be last to get everything from them. Hopefully they will get their act together and get their stock out to uk suppliers very soon, because im looking forward to having a little play with that one.