Let’S take a look Music, hi i’m action droning on and if you love videos about the air 2s then hit that subscribe button below, because i’ve got one and i’ve been shooting a load of content with it. Anyway, most of us thought it was an april fool’s. Prank, but it turns out that dji master shots is actually a real thing now i haven’t seen it yet. This will be the first time, we’ve tested it, but how cool that we can learn together so we’re going to get the brand new dji air 2s up in the air and we’re going to see what this master shots is all about. I’Ve got my drone here. We’Ve got lots of satellites acquired, start the prop spinning and take off okay, so it really is a beautiful day. It is unfortunately, however, a little bit on the windy side, but that makes it good for testing doesn’t. It i’m also thoroughly bunged up it’s not covered i’ve just got manflu, which is just as serious Laughter, okay, so go on to the menu on the right hand, side press master shots by the way i am using the smart controller. I love it. So first thing we want to do here is to select me, and you see it’s automatically selected me. Actually it already located me as an object. So now we can set flight route parameters. Oh this sounds exciting, so width medium, you can set all the options here.

I’M, going to set it to large let’s see what it does uh medium length length. Oh, i see width length and height i’m going to go for high. I want large height um the length. I suppose there are obstacles around us here. So remember. This has no sideways tracking, so we have to be careful there. Uh we’ll go with that for now, um, okay, so that’s it press start. I guess watch out for surrounding obstacles. Well, i hope you do mr drone here. It goes so we’re now getting a dolly zoom effect, zoom in and zoom out and basically looks like what master shots is effectively doing is a bunch of quick shots, but the magic comes after it’s done the quick shots when i believe it’s going to do something. Rather, rather clever, so it’s now flying around me, circling around doing its magic what’s it doing now circle close so it’s using its digital zoom or its sensor cropping zoom at least hey. I can’t wait to see what this does. Is it gon na go all the way around us? Okay, circle close, it looks like it’s doing the droney. Now, okay, flying away from me, that’s nice, look at that view. Beautiful does actually look like it’s lost its target. Oh okay, i suspect. I know why now you’ll notice here certainly on the preview i’m, seeing a lot of props in the shot there and i think that’s, because it’s windy today, and so the drone is not flying completely upright.

This is gon na be an interesting shot. Oh, that was quite funky. I, like that hello what’s it doing now see rocket rocket, is my favorite effect of them all some really loud birds. Here rocky is my favorite quick, shot without question now it’s doing camera down and circle boy. Those birds are noisy today. Why do the birds always come into feel when i’m filming camera down plus circles so it’s doing all these shots? For me, i’m hoping it’s also going to save them all as separate files, so that if i don’t want to use the edit afterwards that it creates. I can make my own that would be cool. Oh look at the birds that just got in shot, that’s cool here it comes down camera down and descend hello and it’s finished. It says returning to the original location it’s coming back down. Luckily, it has downwards obstacle avoidance, so it’s not going to end up on my head that’s the master shot complete. I think the magic is now in the app afterwards, so we’ll go and have a look at that and see what we can find so we’re now in the dji flight app. Firstly, one big thing: i need to point out: master shots are limited to 1080p, and that is a big shame. Let’S hope that they improve that in the future. But anyway, for now let’s, first of all go into the album, and then we choose our master shot.

Sequence – and you can see it’s indicated by the little icon in the bottom of the thumbnail from that point, it then shows us, basically, our master shot that’s been created. Look at those horrible props in the shot. That does seem to be a challenge with this. Drawing that props are unfortunately in shot if you’re flying in a certain context. We then can choose to edit our master shot, and it has a bunch of templates that you can choose from as standard, and i do hope that these will be extended over time to split into categories like original epic, cheerful, smooth and pop. And as you scroll through each one, it does seem to download the edit or the mix or it’s actually doing the edit in the background, and then it shows you a preview of it with all the sequencing, the colors and the music, which is quite cool. You can see here’s a preview of one called nature, which i quite like. Actually, it then basically splices up the imagery that it captured beforehand and by the way, the images the shots are not saved as separate files, the master shot, which lasts around two minutes. In total is saved as one large file of around five or six hundred megabytes and that file is actually stored in the app and therefore it’s easy to access. If you do want to download the original high resolution media but remember again, it’s limited to 1080p, so here’s one, which is quite nice, i’ve, actually chosen to go with that one and so now it’s showing me the finished cut.

So i can now download the high resolution footage directly from the drone onto the app so that the sequence can be shared at high resolution. That takes quite a while. So you do have to wait a little bit, but once it’s finished it will show you a preview of your finished sequence in high resolution. You then click the small share button top right and then there’s a number of options there, including download to device which basically renders the final cut into a file. There are very, very limited options at this point and it seems the sequence it renders lasts generally. Around 20 to 30 seconds – and there are no other settings, but i do think that as a new feature, this is the start and that dji will extend it anyway. In the meantime, here’s the finished sequence, unfortunately, in 1080p, downloaded straight from the drone Music you’ll, probably have noticed whilst watching that that the bit rate seems to be incredibly low and the overall quality of the end result just isn’t. That good, especially compared to the original footage which, as i said you can play back, you actually saw parts of that original footage during the creation of the master shot during the filming. I actually switched to it quite a few times to show you that i hope that that improves over time, but in the meantime, here’s another master shot that i produced using one of the other themes: Music.

So there you go that’s master shots, not an april fool’s prank after all, and if you enjoyed this video then do comment below links to the airts are in the video description. If you want to grab one now and add it to your drone fleet, a massive thanks to our channel sponsor svedrone visit them by clicking the link in the video description.