Do you think that i can fly this out there and back again inside? Yes, oh let’s, give it a try: Music, hey man, we got ta, try how good the sensors are so let’s do like a straight forward towards the door. Here we go. Music, hey can’t, believe how steady it is. What do you think about it? It’S really responsive easy to fly right yeah, i think i could fly inside, but now we can let’s take it out for a spin Music, so Music liftoff. I just want to start this video off by saying a huge thank you to dji for sponsoring this video and sending this drone over to me for free, so that i can make this video for you, and i will also say if this is your first time Watching me hi, welcome to channel hope you you will enjoy the video we were so lucky once we were out getting that sunset shot. It was so windy like we didn’t have. Did you say pre sunset like before the sun goes down. It looked like it wasn’t, going to be a good sunset, but then get out, and the sunset starts like come out from every angle and you’re like oh just. That was how it was so one of the biggest upgrades of the air 2s is without a doubt, the camera. Not only is it bigger and better, but it also provides you with a way better image and resolution, because this has a 5.

4 k, video recording with 30 fps 10 bit d log. That is insane and it looks so good. It has a dynamic range of approximately like 12.5 stops, and i actually think that this shows pretty good when you’re shooting, for example, sunsets that i’ve been out shooting, because then you have some really bright skies, and then you have some really dark foreground once you have Like that split tone, you want to make sure that you’re exposed so that you can get some details in the shadows, but also in the sky, and i think that this camera does a really good job of keeping both the details in the sky and in the Ground, without sacrificing any kind of quality to the actual footage, the camera also has a little bit of a wider field of view at 22 millimeters instead of 24 millimeters on the mavic air, 2 or 28 millimeters on the mavic 2 pro. I think that, having like a wider field of view on a drone is something that i like it makes it feel like everything is moving so quickly whenever you’re flying close to the ground. But if you’re a fan of that, like telephoto, look that you only can get with the zoom lens, there is an option that can use which is cropping in once you’re shooting in 4k up to four times, and once you drop down to 1080p, you can crop In up to eight times, that is a lot and cropping in gives you that, like parallax feeling that looks really cool and that the background is moving a whole lot faster than what the drone is actually moving and that’s, something that you can’t get when you’re shooting With wide field of view, so having that option in this drone is very good.

What i really like about the 10 bit color space is that you can like tweak the colors to make them look the way that you want it to and, for example, if you look at some of the sunset shots that i got with the drone, if i Don’T do any color grading to the d log footage it’s gon na look really flat, really washed out, but once we start doing the color grading to them, it looks so good and definitely starts to come alive. So having that like 10 bit 5.4k. I also like the overall gimbal is much sturdier, and this is actually made out of some sort of like aluminum metal kind of mix. Instead of only being plastic, it feels way sturdier and it also keeps the entire gimbal much smoother so really like the increased beefiness of the gimbal. Another function that is new is that you have the upwards facing sensors. So, whenever you’re flying under things, you don’t have to worry about like going too too high and crashing up into something. Above and of course, it has like the same sensors as the map gear 2 on the bottom and on the back as well and also here in the front. The software has also been extremely improved, and one of the functions that i am a huge fan of is the active track, because that makes this your own personal cameraman. Basically so just go out, you mark yourself and then you decide on how it’s going to follow.

You, if it’s going to like track you or, if it’s, going to like trace you, then it just follows along and you know, attracts you wherever you go, and that is a function that is extremely good to have. Whenever you’re on your own riding the bike or driving your car, just setting this up getting a couple of extra shots and then another cool function with the camera is that it has an fpv mode, which i don’t know if the previous drones have. But i i was so scared when i was trying it out the first time and i was flying and then i tilted the camera and i actually thought that the drone was like. So i got really scared, since i was out over open c but uh, then i got a hold of it and like tried to play around with it and you can get some cool shots if you’re like really comfortable with the sticks, i wasn’t used to that. So, for me it looks a little bit choppy, but i did get some cool shots with fpv mode, though unfortunately with camera, though there’s no variable aperture, so that you can’t change it. It is a fixed aperture at 2.8, but i would love to see this drone have a variable aperture as well, so that you can set it depending on where you’re flying and what kind of time of day you’re flying instead of having the variable nd filter.

But since you get them in the box, it’s also something that you don’t really need in the drone and change out. The nd filters on the r2s there’s, actually a bayonet connection onto the new filter. So you basically just twist it remove it like so, and you grab the nd filter that you want to have apply it and then twist it back into place boom and you’re all ready to go one of the biggest things. In my opinion, with this drone. That makes it so good is how easy it is to fly and how stable it is. When you’re flying. I took this out into the archipelago of gothenburg once it was really windy. I think it was around like 14 or 16 meters per second. I actually thought that this was going to like, but the footage looks incredibly good and you can’t tell that it’s actually flying in that harsh of a wind and the controller makes such a good job once you’re flying, because that, like the sticks, are so incredibly responsive To all the different moves that you do, as you saw in the beginning, when we were flying here in the office, the weight of the drone is 595 grams and it’s barely noticeable when you have it in your backpack, because i think that this is a very, Very good weight for drone and also very good size, because it doesn’t take up too much space. So the overall quality of the footage that you get out of this drone is actually pretty insane and to think that you can get it out of this drone.

That is this size. That is even more mind blowing, because i remember when i was flying the mavic pro for the first time it was such a cool feeling and being able to send up a camera, but now that you compare like this drone to the mavic pro there’s, like literally No competition at all this is by far one of the best cameras that i’ve tried in a drone this size. I would love to hear your opinion on this drone. Do you think the footage looks good? Do you think it’s an interesting drone do drop a comment down below because it’s always good to hear what you think of it, and i really hope that you enjoyed this video and that you loved the intro skit um a little bit call back to rivals. Stay tuned, if you haven’t, subscribed that’d, be highly appreciated.