Uh ive been in austin texas, im gon na walk here. Im at the beach here, ive been austin texas, uh for a few days for a weekend, and we moved on to uh galveston beach, texas, which is on the gulf of new mexico. You know down here, i guess in the southern tech, the southern part of texas and uh, you know were about ready to leave, were gon na head back to houston, fly home uh tomorrow and thats home to atlantic city, new jersey, but um im here at kind Of an undisclosed location, i think its uh, like a mile mark of 14 beach, uh, just south of bermuda beach here again in uh in the island of galveston, texas, so um im here at sunset here, you probably see my face lit really well im going to Take the uh, the mavic air 2 drone up in the air here i know you probably wouldnt, hear me say the mavic 3, but uh its, not uh. You know its out now, but i dont have it yet because i was on a road when it came out so theyre having to ship it to me next week, but uh were going to take the venable old air 2s up, which is you know, a great Little drone here so um anyhow down here, you can see the ocean behind me here. Um beach is a real packed down here in austin texas, we were able to drive the car right on the beach kind of reminds you of florida in a little bit uh.

So uh man heres the uh and heres the ocean behind me here you just kind of lapping in here the waves here i saw some surfers down here: uh jimmys fishing, pier uh, not far from uh, where im staying at the uh courtyard marriott in uh, beautiful Austin so were gon na walk along here, a little bit here so um. You know i should take just put these sandals. I should just take them off and try to walk on this. A little bit put my toes in the ocean here and uh in austin. So uh im gon na, like um, cut this off im gon na flip it around to the uh to the sunset here, a little bit so, okay thats it for my talking head, travelogue type stuff here, so uh ron signing off and runs a braz travel channel.