It is newly announced brand new just arrived at my house, and i love it. I have to say this is the fly more combo kit. I always have appreciated the fly more combos. They always pack just enough of what you need that includes the awesome bag you’re seeing here it has two batteries, as well as the neutral density filters and easy charging hub. So, basically, you can just throw everything into one bag and off you go whether you’re traveling, whether you’re a local photographer, whether you’re going somewhere else it’s a really cool kit. So in here we’ve got the batteries. We’Ve got the charging setup; everything you need to kind of get up in the air first step is when you buy this charge, everything up, that’s, always the first device and then once everything’s charged connect everything update the firmware update the apps, get everything ready before i Go out to fly anytime, i always go through the app and try and figure out things that i might not know things that are new different. Anything like that. So i don’t fly to my house, but it is the first step before i head out anywhere so that there’s no surprises so check out the controller. This is one of dji’s, best controllers, they’ve used it before with other drones, and it is fantastic. It’S, a great weight size battery lasts a huge long time, and on top of that, it has a great range of course, then there’s.

The drone the air 2s has a lot of upgrades from the previous air 2 last year. You’Ve got a one inch sensor now 20 megapixel sensor as well. It can shoot up to 5.4 ultra 5.4k ultra hd video or 4k 60 frames per second video, and it includes dji 03, which is the ocusync 3 system, they’ve just renamed it 03. With four antennas. It can reach up to 12 kilometer range and check out all the sensors. So this the obstacle avoidance system now can do forward backward upper and downward. So if you’re flying and you’ve got it today tracking a subject which the tracking has been hugely improved, it’s amazing uh, it will now avoid obstacles in that path or, if you’re, just flying and no offense slightly oblivious. You can have it set so that it’ll avoid obstacles or it’ll just stop so that you’re not going to have any incidents so great drone a little bit bigger than the original air, obviously it’s an improvement over the air to air 2 from last year. I love these neutral density filters for anyone flying mid day or bright, sunlight, easy way to get the f stop exactly where you want it attaches very easily. You literally just turn the fil the filter on the edge of the sensor and put the new one on in place of it. So it turns left and then the new one goes on turns right and of course it has the easy propellers you can match them up very easily the orange to the orange and then the other ones in the middle you’ll.

Look there, no, no orange, which is black, just put those on the other ones, and two of them go clockwise and two of them go counter clockwise, so that’s literally just to get them on there, so that they’ll stay on there when you’re flying um, really simple Setup the whole thing took me less than maybe 10 minutes for the whole setup, so basically get the propellers on charge up your batteries. Get your software update firmware all that stuff, highly recommend, so it’s a pretty simple setup if you’ve flown any of the other dji drones, very similar uh flies really easily uh take off in a couple seconds and off you go in terms of features there’s a bunch Of new stuff in the air 2s master shots is one of the big ones, so capture subject automatically basically with a preset flight route, so you can set that for proximity, portrait and landscape and edit it within the app. I haven’t actually tried this, yet it wasn’t working for me in the test app, but it sounds incredible. You also have 10 bit d log videos and raw format. Photos with a dynamic range up to 12.6 f stops so that’s huge for any who like to do a bit of editing. Uh iso range a hundred to six thousand four hundred automatically or manually. You can set it all the way up to twelve thousand eight hundred and photos either three by two or sixteen by nine, so lots of options, very cool kit, biggest thing i’ve mentioned yet digital zoom up to three three times in 5.

4 k mode. So, basically, you can zoom in twice up to three times i i haven’t gone through all my footage. Yet i would say that at two times it still looks really good. I haven’t really had a chance to review what it looks at three times, but uh that’s. It what do you think what’s? What are your questions? Anything you’d like to know. Let me know, and i will respond – just drop a comment down below and i’ll get back to you stay tuned for more footage. I will be shooting with this for the next few weeks, so i’ll have lots of footage on my channels.