I have the uh dji air 2s with me today and we recently had a fly app update that affected. This drone for the most part affected everything in the fly flyout, but primarily this drone. So uh just last night and i’m going to bring it up on my phone, so i get the numbers right, so they upgraded to version 1.4.3. The previous version 1.4.2 was very recent uh and evidently there were some issues, so they quickly came out with another update, but that lists the things here and i’ll put it on up on. The screen, of course, adds connection guide for dji fpv check how to connect to the fpv combo don’t have that drone. So i can’t speak to that. So the other thing that they added was what they call color display assist. So when you’re in d log, it will show you on your fpv screen a full color picture rather than the flat d log profile. Now i have never shot any video in d log or any other flat profile on any drone ever before, but i’m going to try it today and i’m also going to then in post production. Try it my hand at color grading. Now i use a editor called magix movie, edit pro i’ve, never done it before so we’ll check that out. I don’t think you can just add a lut in, like you can, with some of the more popular editors so i’m, going to just try it out, but also we’re, going to take a look at how that changes that fbv display and shows you color, as opposed To flat the other thing that it says is that it fixes uh certain issues and optimizes overall app quality.

Well, one of those things was in that 1.4.2 it disabled the uh remote control from charging the iphone when you’re hooked up to it. Well, evidently, 1.4.3 restores that so we’re going to check that out and then the other thing that was added in 1.4.2 was the obstacle avoidance or obstacle. Detection cameras in the drone would tell you the distance. You were from something overhead, so i’m kind of in a perfect spot here to try that i’m going to turn this camera around and you can see i’m out at heroes, park and that’s the picnic shelter behind me and we’re going to fly the drone underneath the Picnic, shelter and we’ll be able to check that out and see. You know how it measures that distance etc, uh so other than that we’re just going to go for a flight and uh, and just kind of this is a not the greatest day to fly. In fact, it’s just sprinkling a little bit of rain right now. Let me look at a uav forecast, so, as you can see, on uav forecast temperature is not bad, but we’ve got some wind gusts up to 16 miles an hour which is no problem with this drone. It says one percent probability of rain. I can tell you that’s a hundred percent because it’s been sprinkling off and on since i’ve been here, but i don’t think it’s enough that it’s going to hurt the drone, so uh let’s quit messing around let’s.

Get this thing in the air and we’ll just try out some new stuff here: okay, we’re ready to go here. I’Ve got the drone, fired up, uh and started the screen recorder. Let’S start the uh controller now and we’ll get it connected to the drone. I have yet to uh to plug it into the phone here. Let’S uh let’s go ahead and plug it in and we will see if it starts charging the uh, the phone and yeah so we’re seeing charging on the phone and it starts up the uh. The fly app and track your activity across other companies, apps and websites, uh i’m gon na ask app not to track uh and it, and because we, i think we did the uh the the firmware or the app update it’s asking to give you the beginner flight Tutorial we’re going to skip that uh do not show again confirm there. We go and uh we’re in c mode i’m going to flip it into uh normal, but let’s uh let’s go back and uh. It says vision, sensor’s blocked. I think that’s the way it’s sitting on the pad there let’s go back here and look and see if we see anything yeah there’s new firmware available for the drone as well. So we better do that so i’m, going to click, update, let’s, just see how that goes: optimizes air sense and optimizes environment, light detection and warning props. So hopefully this won’t take too long.

Okay at forty percent, it started installing and uh yeah, so optimizing dji air sense. What that is air sense is what detects uh manned aircraft, so not sure exactly what that means, or the light detection and morning prompts, but i guess we’ll find out when we get it going here, it’s moving along pretty quick, okay that took a little while, but We’Ve got that firmware installed, so let’s get out of there and uh yeah it’s, not asking for any battery updates or anything. So what i wanted to show you is the fact that we are charging the phone while we’re here. If you look at the top there, where it says lte at the top of my phone, you can see that green uh charging there. So it is charging my phone and uh yeah, so it’s going through it again. Let’S click on go fly and vision. Sensors block that’s because of the way it’s sitting on the pad i’ve got the pad sitting on the grass, as you can see so it’s a little bit crooked and and i think, that’s blocking the sensors we’re down to uh 90 battery let’s. Take a look, uh let’s go into the safety menu here and we want to set obstacle avoidance to bypass and we do not want to disable sideways flight i’m. Good with 60 meters. Return to home altitude compass is normal, imu is normal. Battery, looks good uh, so we’ve shown that it is uh charging the battery on the phone.

You know in most cases you probably won’t need that, but in some cases you might so it’s kind of nice to have that. However, you used to be able to turn that off and on in this control menu before and you can’t anymore. So i don’t know why that is, but but that’s that’s just something that they changed, so we’re going to start off just shooting in regular mode and then when we get up there, we’ll switch to d log and you can see the difference so let’s go ahead. We are in 4k, uh let’s. Take a look at our camera settings here. I don’t know how it ended up in 25 frames per second, but we’re gon na go to uh 30 frames per second and we’re, going to start recording right now. Recording has started no reason not to take off so i’m going to hit take off right here on the app and you will see the drone take off on screen and there we go. I had the props folded up, so it kind of moved around a little bit and we do have a geo zone. We know about that 150 meter, geozone we’re not going to be above 150 meters, so we’re good, so let’s turn it around here and we’ll bring it into the camera. Let you get a good as usual and you can see there the uh, the picnic shelter. So maybe that’s what we’ll try first, but let’s first let’s bring it in here and let you get a take a look at the uh at the drone we’re gon na rock it back and forth, and we had some wind come up.

Just then let’s rock that back and forth again, oh that’s, the obstacle avoidance that’s kicking it up. I wondered why it kept getting kicked up so yeah obstacle avoidance is trying to push it up what it sees above, what it sees there yeah every time i i move the drone sideways it’s trying to move it. So anyway, there we go and it’s it’s above the height of my camera, so uh that’s cool. We know that that obstacle avoidance is working that was kind of throwing me there for a second well uh let’s, move it out a little further and uh drop it down here and i’m, going to back it up a little bit and show you how that gimbal. We should see that camera drop when we back up and it did and it’ll pick up when we move forward. We just showed that a second ago, and you can see the camera pick up that’s how that gimbal works. I always like to show that okay, let’s do a manual dronie right now, so we’re going to go reverse and up and we’re in normal mode. What the heck i’m going to throw it in sport mode, because they’re always more dramatic let’s, go reverse and up now reverse and up and drop that gimbal down here. So you can get a better look: okay, let’s! Stop! There! We don’t need to get too carried away. Okay, let’s, uh, let’s uh go back into normal mode and bring this guy down by the way.

Remember when you are in uh other than normal mode uh, or your your, when you’re in sport mode you’re, turning off obstacle avoidance that’s, what i was trying to say sorry guys sometimes uh, i get a little. I get focused on flying the drone as i should and lose track of what i was saying so let’s see if we can show. Let me see if i can bring it in here and see if we can fly underneath the uh. You know i might be yeah let’s see if we can fly underneath and we can show hopefully how that uh, how that height difference shows uh obstacle. Avoidance shows the height when you go under uh when you’re looking at something overhead and it’s it’s trying to push over the top of this yeah. It does not it’s trying to push over the top of the picnic shelter here, but it should start to see it here. As we come underneath yeah there, you see it 1.1 meters and as we move forward, the ceiling will go higher and you’ll see that number change. So you can see the number change there as we go higher as the ceiling gets higher and let’s just go out. The other side i’m going to drop the i’m going to see if i can drop the drone down a little bit, we’re going to go out the other side, Music and there you see that number on the screen and then hopefully it’ll disappear here in a second Music – and it has so – we should be able to go straight up now, so straight up so uh, so that was a good demonstration of how that new feature works.

On here i got ta admit i was a little bit nervous, uh going underneath that and and all the sensors were going off there uh but let’s take a look here again at obstacle avoidance there’s, a tree right here, let’s see if we can fly it straight Towards one of these trees, this guy right here and let’s, see if it will bypass that tree and we’re over the grass i’m gon na get out where i can take a look at it. Okay, we’re moving forward and the drone should go around the tree and it is look at that. It went around the side of the tree last time i tried to do that on a tree. I chickened out and i’m not going to do it from this direction, because there are some cars in the parking lot here, but we proved that that works. The rain has stopped here which is good okay, so so now we’ve got that uh proven let’s, bring it in here and let’s uh we’ll stop recording and we’ll switch to uh d log and i’m wearing a blue shirt and stuff we’ve got a red top. So this should show in the orange of the landing pad. So we should see a difference here: okay, i’m, going to stop recording and we’re going to go into the menu at the top there and go into camera and i’m going to switch to d log, and i forgot to look if we have overexposure warning.

Yeah color display assist is on right now so we’re going to turn that off, okay, so so that’s. What they added is that color display assist so you’re. Looking at me right now, that is just in the flat d, log format and let’s go ahead and go in and turn that on now and you can see the difference and – and you know, like i said it’s, i don’t really fly and shoot in the flat Log profiles enough to really be able to talk about it terribly intelligently but like what they’re trying to do is when you’re flying you can see what the colors are really should look like and give you a better idea than just that flat color profile. So yeah. Let me get the the drone up and out of here we’re starting to get some folks come close by here, so yeah kids playing football here, so we definitely want to be away from where they’re at right, where i’ve got the landing pad and stuff yeah anyway. What are you going to do? It’S a it’s, a public park there? They are playing football okay, so we are shooting in d log and what i’m going to try and do is uh is let’s, go out and look at the other opposite end of the park. Here and i’m gon na well i’m, not recording, okay, let’s start recording; okay, we are recording in d log now, uh 4k 30 frames per second.

So i am going to raise an altitude here and i’m going to go out to the other corner of the park and we are going to i’m going to uh, hopefully show you the difference in the flat profile and the uh, the the uh, uh and and Color graded now uh you’re gon na have to i’ve, never color graded anything before so uh, hopefully, it’ll turn out so let’s uh let’s go ahead and again go back into that camera menu and show you the difference between color display assist, so that’s display assist off. No excuse me that now is display, assist off and now we’re going to turn display, assist on, and i hear an aircraft off in the distance, but he’s not showing up on 80 sb, but he is way far to the east of us. Okay, there is color display on so you can see the difference. Okay. So what i’m going to do right now is. I am going to uh at uh when i say uh mark, i am going to that’s when i’m going to start color grading. So on my mark now, so you guys will see it. I have it, you know, we’ll see what happens. Uh and hopefully i’ve made that look fairly decent, so we’ll find out. So we still have uh 53 percent battery, so let’s back this guy off and uh let’s do a little flying right might as well and we’re again we’re in normal mode.

We still got plenty of battery and let me make sure we we definitely want to stay away from people there’s. Some people playing yeah there’s, some folks in the uh over by the playing basketball over there and over by the pond too. So we’re gon na have to look at maybe a different way of getting across the road here yeah. I think we’re good here if we uh, if we cross right here, usually like, as you guys know, usually i cross over by the pond there, but there’s some folks, there, fishing and and other stuff going on. So we just don’t, we don’t even want to go there, so we’re going to cross right over here and there’s. Somebody by that gate, so let’s move over this way that way, we’ve cleared them. Okay, you never want to fly over people. Okay, i’m going to take a look at traffic and see when we got some clear traffic it’s going to be a little bit that way. Let’S look the other way. Sorry for swinging this around so fast yeah we’re going to be good here in a second. I see a clear spot, so almost there, okay let’s hit it and i’m gon na tell you. It is okay to fly over uh houses and structures. I try not to do it if i can avoid it, but uh there’s no rule against that. But i wanted to go out in the field here and you can see there.

They’Re they’re working the field and i don’t know what they’re going to plant there this year, but again, we’re shooting in d log, so i’m going to try and uh and color grade. This and and we’ll see how it looks. Maybe when we get out here, aways we’ll switch it back over to uh to normal mode and see what we come up with yeah. We had a little rain there earlier, but it’s it. Definitely it blew over so that’s good, give us a chance to to get a flight in. So let me i’m going to kind of ease it around here and you guys have seen this before, but that’s the mega walmart over there. So much development in this area. You just wonder where it all stops, but boy i’ll tell you they’re selling houses as fast as they can build them, and i don’t know if you guys remember it wasn’t very long ago that right across here, that was just an empty lot and those were just Houses being built and obviously they’re still building houses over there, but definitely looks like a lot of them, are full and we’re gon na stop right there and we’re going to bring back the other we’re going to start coming back. The other way. Yeah i’m right in the middle of making a video guys, that’s, okay, okay, the drone went in to uh return to home there i was kind of underneath. I think i was blocking signal with the uh with the uh uh the picnic shelter here.

So we stopped that uh that’s, not something you would normally have a problem with in ocusync, 3.. Okay, so let’s uh let’s move forward here, uh let’s keep pushing back. Let me drop that gimbal down yeah. It kicked the gimbal up when it went into return to home, okay, so we’re going to stop here for a second we’re, going to stop, recording and we’re, going to put it back into normal mode. So we’re going into the camera menu and i’m going to go into normal on the color, and hopefully you guys will get a chance to see what that see. The difference is and see if i did a reasonable job, color grading when i color graded this footage. So that’s something you guys are going to see and i won’t until i get it done so here we are coming back to the corner down to about 33 battery and let’s see if we can kind of cut this a little bit differently. This time i’m gon na throw it into sport mode so that we can get right across when we need to – and i see an opening – and we are just going to cut right here right behind that car and in between that one we’re, good, okay, so uh. Unfortunately, we didn’t see anything and boy that drone is moving man. It is fun to watch it in sport mode because it really tilts forward we’re moving right along there at over 16 meters per second, so uh, okay, let’s uh let’s go ahead and put it in return to home i’m gon na go back into normal mode and We’Re going to throw it into return to home and let’s see if we can get a precision landing.

Oh i didn’t start recording. Did i holy cow? Well that ruined a bunch of that footage? Okay, we’re going to start recording now and again, we’re back in normal mode, uh shoot alrighty, uh well, hopefully now you’ll be able to see what we did with that with. If my color grading was worth a darn, okay, so i’m, going to flip it into return to home and you’ll, see so uh so we’ll see the uh we’ll see the drone turn around and come back so so what you saw there was a young man had A football and it kind of hit my tripod and stuff, but he apologized. He was very nice very nice, so okay we’re, going to hit return to home right now, so you’ll see the drone flip around. What i hate is it. It sure kicks that gimbal up. So let’s drop that gimbal right back down and i wish you could yaw when you were in return to home, like you can on the mini 2 with this one, and we got some folks walking over here with a small child just as the drones coming back. So here we go let’s look straight down here and you see the drone reorienting itself let’s just see. I bet we’ll. I bet we’ll hit that h right on i can’t remember i don’t, i don’t think i gave it a lot of time to look at the uh. In fact, i know i didn’t, i didn’t give it much time to look at the landing pad, so we’ll see how well it does.

What they want you to do is go up about seven meters and let it let it look at the pad for a while – and i didn’t do that, so we may not get i’ll stop the landing if it doesn’t. If it doesn’t look like it’s going to hit it, and it is just a little bit off right now – yeah i’m going to stop it well, it was actually starting to move but let’s uh let’s move it over and we’ll do a manual landing here. Let’S put it in cinema, so i can get a little bit finer movement. There move just a little bit further forward and we’re going to go full down on the stick. Now: pull down and i’m a little off the pad there, but not too bad. We mowed a little bit of grass uh but, like i said what, ideally, what they want you to do. Is they want you to hold the drone up there at seven meters for a little bit so that it gets a chance to look at the at the landing pad? And i didn’t do that so that’s? What affected that landing? Uh? Okay, i’m, going to stop recording! Let me get everything shut down and we’ll. Do a quick conclusion: hey, okay, the dji air 2s never ceases to impress me every time. I fly it. So obviously i messed up there a couple of times when i was trying to switch between d log in normal mode forgot to hit the record button twice two different times, so you guys will see that, but but hopefully uh.

Hopefully i do a decent job on color grading i’m, hoping we’ll, see not guaranteeing anything, but but the drone performed great uh. We also showed we flew underneath before we had some a lot of people. Here we flew underneath the picnic shelter and we showed how that upward distance counter shows when you’re flying the upward sensors, how it shows how high something is over the the top of the drone, pretty handy, pretty cool little device. So where i see that, as being really handy is like say, you’re flying through a canopy of trees or something like that, you’re going to be able to know how much clearance you have to move up so that’s a pretty cool little thing that they added there And then i’m glad that they added in charging your phone that’s, not something that i would use that often because i always make sure i i charge my phone but let’s just say: you’re out, someplace and you’re. You know you’ve been out using your phone and just spur the moment. You put your drone up in the air it’s nice to know that that big battery that’s in that rc can charge your phone and you don’t have any issues and then uh. We also showed how you can uh show the difference between the the color that you would normally see and then the flat color in the in the d log profile when you’re looking at the fpv screen uh.

Turning that on and off so just just a quick demonstration so and – and we did have one disconnect with ocusync 3. But i want to point out that i was standing underneath or very close to underneath this picnic shelter and it was really blocking the signal going to where we had the drone at out there. So so i’m saying that that probably is what caused that issue uh. But uh, in any case i don’t know it was kind of a good little flight on kind of a not so perfect day to fly, but but it’s always fun to fly this drone anyway. I hope you got some value out of this that’s about it. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel most of all. I really appreciate you taking the time to look at this video, and i really mean that and yeah. Of course, we’ll see on the next one uh, the dji air 2s.