So i bought my first drone today, the dji air 2s and i can’t use it yet because apparently the app and everything else i need isn’t live yet. So i figured since i can’t use it yet let’s go ahead and put it out on the internet since nobody seems to know anything 100 about it. Yet so here’s the box that’s all the fashion stuff that comes with it. So you can’t think i’m lying here’s. The box i’ll hold it in frame the best. I can that side that side and i’m going to cover up the serial number there there’s all the information, but yes, dji, r2s brand new to the market. So sorry i’ve already ruined the unboxing video for you, but everybody really wants to know what’s inside the box. So let’s do that. So as the boxing flight, i got to fly more combo here. It is see if i can’t get this whole thing in frame. For you, air 2s, and on this side it says adsb air sense. Sorry, i don’t have like a super fancy. Camera i’m recording this on my iphone, the best quality i can and uploading in the best quality. I can so sorry about that. Well, there’s. The extra battery for it there’s one battery gimbal cover on the lens. It says dji one inch 20 megapixels i’m, not sure if you guys will be able to see that, but it is what it is. So let’s start going over just the small accessories before we get into the big stuff.

I’Ve already obviously put on two a blades and two blue blades, but you get an extra, a blade extra b, blade, a blade, a blade, a blade b, blade b, blade b blade. You also get an extra set of little joysticks. Now let’s go with joysticks controller. Everything that i’ve researched in the last 10 minutes since i found out this product isn’t actually released. Yet apparently this is different than what it was last year, so i’m going to hold this up right here, so you guys can kind of freeze it. Take a look at it there’s the bottom two little joysticks there with the usbc charger there front top flip it over that way, a little bit for you sides it’s, actually pretty nice, pull it up spring loaded connect your iphone there and again one more time. Just so you guys can see the difference there. I’Ve already got one battery in in the drone itself, so there’s two extra batteries there a little charger. That way you can charge your uh controller, for it comes with the dji mavic air 2 power bank adapter. Two little usb sides right there, Music that’s the memory card i bought for it. If you guys got advice for memory cards or flying in general, just leave them down below and i’ll. Try to answer as many questions as i can usbc to usbc also comes with a usbc to micro, usb that’s, currently charging just a little battery pack.

I, the other big part of this, is the filters they’re actually coming out with filters now so i’m going to open that up. So you guys can take a look. It says: 4, 8, 16 and 32.. There you go there’s the filters, it’s a pretty sweet sweet little case. It comes with it’s actually feels pretty dense feels like it’s, actually gon na, like protect the lenses and filters and all that stuff so again, just to go over the drone. Get this back in camera, shot there for you, Music, air, 2 s, a d s b, air sense, there’s, the sensors on the front battery just snaps in everything. Well go ahead and just rotate it. So we should put your little micro usb more sensors on the back. Do all that stuff there and there and on the bottom it’s got a light. I think, similar to what that air 2 had it shouldn’t be any different. All right, accessory user guide i’ll hold this up right here, so you guys can see it i’m, not sure how much good that’s going to do to you, but it shows you how to charge your batteries and how to charge your phone. How to put on the filters all stuff so that’s, pretty cool, dji air, 2s disclaimer and safety guidelines comes in a bunch of different languages, as you can see right there, nothing too crazy flight restrictions, all that fun stuff. All right, let’s see what else we got.

That’S pretty much it now. I know it’s also got it’s actually got the dji air 2s quick start guide, so you flip it open step. One step two step: three step forward: i’ll go ahead and hold this right here, so you guys can kind of get a better idea of it right there there’s the back side of it. Now it does tell you to download the dji fly app, which i did and uh yeah. It doesn’t give you, unless you actually, once you pair it, it won’t. Actually let you like pair the drone in the remote and your phone and all that stuff. So you can’t even fly it. It does give you a little link down here at the bottom right there to download the manual. But when you go it says 404 page unavailable or not ready, or something like that. So you can’t even download the exact specs that are on it, so you don’t even get specs that are in the box, so let’s see what else can i show you about this drone? Well, i know some people are gon na, say: oh it’s, a fake, drum it’s, fake, no it’s, real it’s real battery snaps in and out a little gimbal cover pops on and off and to show you guys, it’s. Actually, a real drone let’s see if i can actually turn this thing on there’s a little light. This is how new to drones – i am all right, we’re actually going to read the quick start guide this time.

Okay unfolded and yeah everything does fold up just like it’s supposed to already put the wings on controller blah blah check battery level press once power on off press, then press and hold so press press and hold Music fancy. So yeah there’s your lights, there’s everything else. There’S the drone so yeah i figured i’d turn it on that way. You guys can see it’s like here’s, also the remote we’ll snap on so my phone decided to shut off and die in the middle of that so i’m picking up drone still runs still working. Still can’t fly it so really just wanted to kind of show you guys what it’s all about um. If you guys have any questions, let me know i’m. Sorry, i’m, really not going to be a lot of help. I don’t know a lot about drones, but if you guys can help me out i’m looking forward to flying it, looking forward to you know trying something different and uh. As always, if you guys have any questions or comments, leave them down in the comment section below is that what all the cool youtubers say and um? You know i don’t really care about that subscribe button. Unless you want to see future drone uploads here, um yeah just wanted to get this information out there, and you know see if somebody can help me fly this drone that’d be awesome, i’d appreciate it. Thanks and uh y’all y’all be safe out.