4 k resolution video shot on the all new dji air 2s Music Music foreign. The new dji air 2s improves upon my favorite all around drone from dji the mavic air 2.. The air 2s boasts a new 1 inch sensor. It has new obstacle, avoidance, sensors and all new intelligent features such as master shots. This new camera shoots 5.4 k at 30 frames per second and it still shoots 4k at 60 frames per second, allowing you to shoot 10 bit d. Log, videos and raw format. Photos with dynamic range of 12.6 stops. I’Ve been a huge fan of the mavic air 2 for quite some time and right away. I noticed the difference in color range and overall dynamic range with the new one inch sensor, very, very impressive, i’m already in love with the idea of shooting 5.4 k and then down resin that to 4k for youtube, and things like that because most time when i’m Filming with the other cameras, i’m shooting 4k, so if i’m shooting at 5.4 k, i’m able to maybe punch in a little bit or i’m able to down res that and have a higher quality 4k image. I even tested out the durability of the air 2s by crashing it into a tree on accident for the purpose of this video. Obviously, now i did have obstacle. Avoidance turned off so this probably wouldn’t have happened, but i was trying to fly a really tight and weird shot, but the drone kept on working even after falling to the ground.

I was able to launch it again and then fly with it. So all the footage you see here in this video is actually after i crashed the drone into a tree i’m, also really impressed with the new digital zoom feature, which allows you two times and three times: digital zoom. That, in all honesty, is very usable for most situations when you need to get a tight shot or even for inspection work. You can see here flying along and using the digital zoom going from one times to two times to three times zoom. You can see the difference in punching in there after filming and flying with drones. For years, i have to say that the air 2s checks all the boxes and more with the new 5.4k video, the 4k 60 frames per second slo mo and don’t forget about the 1080p at 120 frames per second as well. The footage has an amazing look right out of the box. Nothing in this video was color corrected. There were no nd filters, there was nothing added. This is directly from the box to the sky, and this is exactly what you’re going to get when you purchase the air 2s. Obviously, if you’re, not in hawaii, you won’t have these amazing mountains and views. But you can get an idea of what is possible with the air. 2S. I’M. Also, really looking forward to dialing in the settings using the d log and starting to really figure out this camera and what settings are best i’ll post, a video really soon talking about that as well.

So if you haven’t hit the subscribe button hit the subscribe button. Now a little side note as well for dji mavic air 2 owners. The batteries from the mavic air 2 will also work on the air 2s. To sum it up, the air 2s is a videographer’s dream, packed full of intelligent features to make even the most novice drone pilot, filmer and expert i’m honestly very impressed with this new sensor, the colors the range and everything the image just looks amazing. As you can see here in the video it’s really mind blowing to think that there’s, a drone this size that shoots 5.4 k, video and it’s, looking this good right out of the box. So now that you’ve seen the air 2s out of the box, give me a few days to really dial it in and check back soon here on the droneerds channel to see more videos from your new favorite drone also check out dronenerds.