I love this drone. I ordered it back in april, so ive had it for about going on six months now got it right when it came out. I looked at the features and i thought hey: this could be it. This could be the drone weve been waiting for one drone to rule them all. Well, i was wrong not saying its a crappy drone. Definitely not its still a really really good drone, but theres a few drawbacks with it ill go over a few of the pros and cons. One thing i love is: it does shoot 5.4k, so the resolution is really really nice and the sensors a full inch sensor. Instead of a half inch sensor like the previous model, so it is going to allow a lot more light in and its not over sampling to get the 5.4k resolution. It also does shoot in d log, so you have a lot more space, color grading and it can match a lot of other cameras, a lot easier than not having that feature not shooting in the vlog. Now comes the tricky part, so it does have a lot of really cool features like master shots, which i was super excited to use on a music video. I had the band on this beach and i was like hey guys, im going to use this new feature. The drones going to do all the work for me and im going to have a bunch of shots to choose from so i switched it into master shots.

The drone was like pulling back in the ocean and it was going around them and all the moves were coming out very, very smooth and looked really good. On my phone, i took it back home, i looked at it and i was like when i switched to master shots. It switched the resolution from 5.4k all the way down to 1080p, so i was really bummed that it switched to the lowest resolution after shooting in the highest resolution, and it just was not working with edit. So i had to tell the band hey guys. I screwed up drone screwed up, but also i screwed up. I should have looked at it when it was doing that and it was a tiny little thing in the corner, so its really easy to overlook, especially when youre shooting on your phone, its a small screen and its not the best way to view the footage. But unfortunately, the higher end smart controllers, they use ocusync 2 and this new drone uses occusync 3.. So it does have a bit lag from what ive heard using the smart controllers. So i had to go back there. I reshot it and when you do use master shots, you can go in and set it to 4k, which is nice not as nice as 5.4k, so im hoping when they update the firmware at some point, thatll allow us to use 5.4k with the master shots. So over the last couple months, i really pushed the drone to the limits to see what it can do.

I flew it over three miles of manhattan beach over to a sailboat in the distance, and i just started you know flying around this little sailboat getting some pretty shots. I dont know what the people thought that were on the boat when they saw the drone flying around. Maybe they were like. Oh russian spies its possible. You speak russian, maybe not, but anyway i got some cool footage of it. It was overcast, so not the most ideal lighting, but it was a fun test nonetheless, to just see how far he could push it. One of my favorite features with the drone is, it tells you hey. The battery is running low, were gon na return to home e t Music, oh Music, so it starts coming home before it runs out of battery and thats extremely accurate, but i always do switch it to sport mode just to be safe and to get back with A little extra juice in there i dont want it dying right when it lands or anything like that, which i dont think would happen, but just peace of mind, just sport mode, zip back going like 40 miles an hour or so so theres. A lot of different features when using tracking modes, you can do circle moves around the subject. You can do moves where it just flies back out. You can do moves where its tracking the subject from behind which one of the first times i was doing that i was following this mustang car and it was for a music video again, not just a random car wouldnt follow a random car, but i would fly Out to a random sailboat and get shots because thats completely different anyway, i was following this car and the drone was going around the road.

The shot was looking smooth and pretty, and then this tree branch was over the road and the drone just it hit it. So, on the bright side, the drone was completely fine, the propellers just trimmed the tree a little bit just give it a little haircut. You know, and i was able to fly it back – no damage to the camera or anything externally to the drone and what i realized was the drone does have safety features built in and sensors in the front, the back, the top the bottom, but its missing them. On the sides and when youre doing following shots – and these branches are over – sometimes it just doesnt see it. You have to be very careful and its hard to just exit out of follow mode on your phone when its moving fast fall on the subject. So something to keep in mind, watch out for external objects that could crash. You know: trees, airplanes, birds, meteors. I mean that happened 65 million years ago and look what happened to the dinosaurs right anyway. Long story short, the drone is really durable. It has a lot of really awesome features shoots in high resolution, but there are a few drawbacks. So one of the biggest issues with the mavic air 2s is that it has a fixed aperture, f 2.8, which is a swift, kick in the balls or kick somewhere else. If youre, not a guy, i dont know how to say that pc.

So let me rewind that it just sucks my biggest issue with the mavic air 2s is that it has a fixed aperture at f 2.8, which is nice for low light, but when youre shooting in the daytime and youre shooting 23.98 frames per second, you want that 148Th shutter speed and thats just not going to work with an f 2.8 aperture. So when i heard polarpro pros releasing the directors kit of variable, nds and polarizers i jumped on it, i was like and he saw that it was good, its all going to be smooth sailing. But i was wrong. The kit, the strongest variable nd, is a nd six to nine. That is just simply not good enough and thats not going to get you in a situation where you dont need to switch the shutter speed to accommodate the bright light in the middle of the day. If its, you know six seven around sunset, thats going to be really good and thats. When i really love the variable nd, because im able to shoot at that 150th shutter speed and just you know, change the nd to where i want it for the exposure. But i dont always have the luxury of that on a shoot. I dont always get to do all the scheduling on the shoots when you just come on and be a drone operator and theyre like hey, dude youve got 20 minutes, go fly, get santa monica and its 3 or 4 p.

m. Im like well crap. I have to up the shutter speed thats. The only way i can do it so polar pro, keeping it short but make stronger variable nds, something maybe like a to a or maybe even a 128, because it is extremely bright with an f 2.8. I also really tested the drone when i was flying up at stony point its this rock formation in chatsworth shout out to all the valley, boys and girls. You know chatsworth up by the 118 off topanga anyway, its a giant rock formation got some cool shots flying around the rock formation. But when i got to the other side, the connection just died out. So on my phone i didnt see anything. I was in the dark im like crap: did it go down? Is it okay? I just waited it out because i dont want to be moving the sticks and not know whats going on or see where im going. So i waited. The connection did come back and i was able to fly it back around and everything was okay, so thats really cool. If your connection does go out and you dont see your drone just let it be maybe walk around and try to get the connection. Dont just move the sticks around willy nilly because thats not going to help you get out of the situation. In fact that can make it worse. You could end up crashing into an object: a person, a car, a spaceship, a little baby and a stroller getting pushed by their mom or their grandma or the babysitter dont.

Do that Music um just wait it out. The connection will come back or move around or come back and its better, just not to put your drone or anyone else in danger, not that its a giant drone but still just be safe, dont be stupid. Overall, this little drone packs quite the punch being able to shoot in 5.4k resolution in d log youre gon na have a lot of space in post production and youre gon na have a lot of beautiful footage to play with it does have the drawback of the Fixed aperture, f, 2.8, but they do provide you with some nd filters and polar pro has variable nds that do help in a lot of situations. Hopefully, they release some variable nds that are a bit stronger and thatll help in those really bright daylight situations. Midday that i mentioned once they do that that fixes almost all the issues and if the firmware allows you to use 5.4k with master shots, i mean this things going to be pretty much a perfect drone, its nearly there id say over 90 a perfect drone. So a lot of things to look forward to, as always thank you for watching. If you liked the video give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel, if you havent already, we got some really cool videos coming out soon. Thank you for watching, and i will see you on the next one whats up everyone. My name is evan morton and today were going to be talking about a bad about.

What can i say about damn it, so i was extremely excited when i heard that polar pro was reducing, producing releasing what the hell, probably not, because were not in the cold war anymore anymore. I dont know what the people thought in the drone they werent on. The drum they were on the boat, why would i say drone no ones on the truck? Hey? Archie? Oh, hey, buddy! Oh, oh, oh, stop, youre, knocking things over buddy archie! You want to be in the video um.