So this is everything that was inside this box. Now this was the combo, so it came with the drone, the remote control, some extra battery packs, a charging station and some nd filters now. The first thing i want to note is that this is an all in one drone need, i say more coming in at 600 grams, and that is very light. This drone offers new intelligent flight features and overall improved performance. Now, if you’re someone who’s excited and passionate about drone technology and content creation, then this is likely the drone for you, but best of all this drone was made for drone enthusiasts and beginners. So if you’re just getting started, this might also be the drone for you. Let’S learn a bit more about this, all in one drone and everything it has to offer. First and foremost, the dji air 2s camera not only has a one inch sensor but captures content at 20 megapixels with a 22 millimeter wide angle lens to provide more dynamic range and light sensibility photos can be shot in both jpeg and raw formats. So what does this even mean to give you an idea? I lined up the air 2s alongside the mavic air 2 and the mavic pro 2 to share the exact specs. So you can see the main camera differences between all three video can be shot with a resolution up to 5.4 k at 30 frames per second, it also supports 4k at 60 frames per second.

This drone also comes equipped with a brand new transmission solution. O3. This has four antennas and supports two frequency bands. It features stronger interference, resistance, delivers full hd video transmission feeds of up to four miles. The remote control has a longer battery life of up to 4 hours and has an improved antenna design for a better viewing experience on the screen. All this talk is getting me really excited, so let’s go outside and test this drone okay, i’m outside i’m, supposed to be in sunny san diego, but it’s really cloudy. Today, that’s all right, we’re gon na see how this drone performs in the sky i’ve already calibrated. The drone i have my phone set up in the app and i’m going to go ahead and launch this baby and see what it has to offer. This drone still has all of the features i love on the mavic series, including quick shots, hyperlapse and focus track. I tried out my favorite focus track feature active track. This new active track 4.0, apparently, is even more advanced than the rest with algorithms that plan a route in advance when an obstacle is detected now that’s cool. Overall, this all in one drone encompasses everything a content. Creator would need to capture the world from above, and that was the dji air 2s. I hope this video gave you an idea of what this drone is all about. If you’re a travel, enthusiast and you’re passionate about content creation, this is likely the drone for you because of how small and compact it is and easy to travel with, and, of course it has that one inch sensor that we all love on the mavic pro 2.

. I want to give a huge shout out to adorama and a big thank you for sending me this drone to try it out before it was released again i’m elena from women who drone.