How are they any different? Why should i buy this one or the other one well answer that and more in this review of the dji air 2s. Music, chris, here from videomaker in this review of the dji air 2s, were going to be talking about the differences between it and the air 2, and the mavic pro 2 then were going to talk about the pros and cons. What we liked and what we didnt like about the drone then were going to move on to its performance, how it did out in the field and then, lastly, if you should buy or should not buy this drone, if youd like to fast forward to any part Of this review therell be time code in the description. If you plan to or already make money with your drone, you need to pass the faa part 107 test thats. Why weve made an easy guide to passing the test and you can get to it through this card here or through the link in the description now lets get started. Okay, so lets get familiar with the air 2s before we get any further im going to use. My cheat sheet here that way i dont, forget anything all right. Its got a one inch image sensor. It can shoot up to 5.4k video. It has a lot of safety features, including obstacle, detection and avoidance, which we are pretty impressed by and well have examples of that in a little bit it can shoot hdr, it has d log.

So if you have a higher dynamic range shot, you can shoot in log. It has the air sense transporter and then lastly, it has a half hour flight time per battery. Of course, depending on the amount of wind you have and how hard youre flying the main differences between the air 2s and the air 2 is really the camera and the obstacle of ordnance its got a couple more sensors. So its going to be a little more impressive, maybe when its flying forward, as well as youre, going to get a better image quality. The air 2s is a little bit heavier, but not much and theyre about the same size. Now, the camera, on the other hand, is very much like the mavic 2 pro. It is a one inch image sensor. Now the mavic has a hasselblad camera. The air 2s is not labeled that, however, the form factor is very similar and we were really impressed by the image, but the mavic pro 2 is larger than the air 2s pros and cons pros and cons its pros and cons time. All right pros and cons time, uh first thing: one image: sensor, thats great fantastic dji likes to cannibalize its prior models and putting in the technology. This is really cool. Definitely something that we just hope to see. More and more of larger sensors are going to be able to give you a little bit better image quality than you can with the really small image sensors obstacle avoidance was amazing.

It was really really good. We were able to set the drone to follow and hands completely off the stick and walked through a bunch of trees, and the drone got out of the way we were able to run away from it same thing. It was really impressive and the tracking was super. Awesome because of that and lastly, we really like the 5.4k video that allows you to have an oversampled image if you are producing in 4k. That way, you have a little bit of extra wiggle room if you want to crop in or you want to stabilize the shot or what have you or just have a sharper image when producing in 4k. Now lets talk about the cons, theres a little very little amount of internal storage. We have eight gigabytes thats great its probably about a half a flight if youre just rolling from the get go, maybe its a little bit longer than that. But we would have liked to see more, i mean like 32 or 64 gigabytes would probably get you through a few batteries, and you wont even need to worry about your media. Just making sure your camera was clear and that you offload it when youre done. Thats really great on the consumer side. Obviously, if you are using it and getting it up in the air, a lot youre going to want to have media because youre going to have as many batteries as you possibly need to stay in the sky as long as possible.

And our last con is that its not compatible yet with the fpv goggles, v2 and thats, not a real big deal. Definitely in the digital imaging space we havent had that access to it for a long time, but having flown the fpv and having the goggles its really nice to be able to have the world blocked out mostly, so you can see what youre shooting we are shooting In really bright, bright, sun – and it was just hard to see our cell phone and really depending on your cell phone – is how bright that screen is going to be. So we really wish that those goggles were available, because then we could really be focused in on uh our shots in what were where were flying instead of being concerned about the glare on our controller. All right so now lets talk about the performance of this drone. Now every dji drone ive ever flown, which is just about every release theyve had over the last five years, has the same experience when youre flying it. The menu feels the same. The controls feel the same. They have a very controlled experience across the full uh breadth of uh their drones. The obstacle detection was just amazing. We talked about that a little bit but heres the situation, so we wanted to test the tracking, and so we got a long board out and we decided to go to a park and have it fly around and that was kind of okay, except for there was Other people around and we felt uncomfortable flying around them and even though they were totally okay with us being there and we were in a designated area that was totally fine to fly with uh.

We just wanted to be a little more open, and so luckily its a big giant field, and so my buddy brandon, who has been a friend of the show for a while. He is also a drone pilot and uh. I had him go out and i was like okay, i want to do the point of interest orbit around him, and so we did that a little bit and hes like is this tracking me right now, and i said i think it is, and so he starts Running and it keeps orbiting him and follows him while hes running, and that was just really impressive as soon as he slowed down enough for it to continue to orbit more it do that it tracked him very quickly. It was super impressive, so that got us thinking. Well, can we just completely hands off and have it track it through a bunch of low hanging trees, and this is something that you might be uncomfortable flying even with your controls, because its a tight area, a lot of low branches and a lot of contrast for The drone to get confused and no big deal running through these trees. It was tran, it was following him. It was getting out of branches, it was really great really. The only thing we saw that it didnt detect was a chain link fence. We didnt fly into it luckily, but we tested against one. It saw the poles, the uprights and the horizontals, but it didnt see the chain link fence, which was pretty interesting.

However, when we were in a little dome area, it did tell us that there was something above us and in front of us, which was really impressive. The quick shots, as always, are always really helpful. I think that you know those are going to be probably the bread and butter of someone thats using this as a production tool, youre getting your establishing shot whatever youre doing these moving shots. Really the point of interest orbit is going to be one of your most helpful shots, but that youre able to get these quick shots. Theyre super awesome, super tight, very easy to execute and no big deal and then, lastly, theres this master shots and master shots is really all those quick shots put together, so you can kind of have it do a couple. Shots and youll just have kind of a a section of shots to choose from as well it edits those down and makes a little montage for you, uh of all your shots together. I honestly think it for me: itd be like id do that if i was doing a vlog or something itd be really great stuff to cut away to, and it does it just automatically and just goes and will get those shots for you, which is pretty neat, Especially as a one person show like, i am a lot of times, however, the you cant shoot in d log when youre shooting in master shots kind of a bummer, but i think the idea there is more that its ready to deliver right now than it is To make you some kind of high end thing: if youre really trying to be deliberate and you needed to have shoot and d lug, because you have a high dynamic range shot or something like that that it, it makes more sense that you probably wouldnt be doing The the all autonomous flight – you probably have a lot more control before you buy this drone or any other drone, make sure youve passed the faa part 107 test, and we have an easy guide to passing it right here.

Just click on the card there or the link in the description and youll be able to get it right now, so the question is: should you buy or should you not buy this drone? Now we really liked it. I was super impressed. I was not expecting to be blown away by this drone, but it did everything i wanted it to do. It was easy to fly it was it all the functions of tracking and obstacle avoidance work. The way youd expect them to do to work theyre very intuitive. To use really overall, this drone was really fantastic. The battery life was great, of course, make sure you buy the the fla ready to fly uh setup, youre gon na need multiple batteries. Youre, never gon na be satisfied with just one battery, so you might as well get it with. The drone comes with nd filters as well, which are super helpful for shooting in bright sun, which you almost always are when youre flying a drone uh. And that way you dont have to it: doesnt have to crank the shutter speed to uh, let the less amount of light in uh. We really liked it its. You know its its a pretty good price, its small, so you can take it out and take it with you on a backpacking trip or whatever, without having a lot of concerns and its really, you know super easy if youre taking out on the production as it Comes with a little bag, if you buy the fly, ready, ready to fly kit and uh, really youre off to the races.

So really, if youre on the fence here, is it better than the air 2 yeah uh? You know youre going to get a better image. It definitely has the better obstacle avoidance, which is going to be really helpful. If youre really trying to use that tracking and places you might not have control of or be able to see, i wouldnt hesitate at all to recommend this drone for anyone thats. Looking for a compact drone that does high professional quality video, but not so high, as you know, something that maybe can be on a narrative film or something like that, but absolutely a really fantastic drone. As always like comment and share, we want to know what you think for everyone here at video maker and for myself, thanks for watching and well catch you next time, bye, bye, all right, so heres, the end page, you dont have two choices. You can either have the video that youtube has chosen for you or the video that we have chosen for you. Hopefully either one of them is good, but uh you never know they could change your life or not.