Youre not going to be able to get with a less expensive drone, really get that professional. A professional feel 5.4 k video with a one inch cmos sensors youre, going to get an incredible incredible image. With this thing, look if youre a beginner at drones and not a drone snob the dji air 2s is an awesome and affordable choice. Im, an independent, filmmaker myself and the air 2s does pretty much everything i could possibly need ill spare. You all the chest. Thumping former pilot engineering talk and lets get down to what you really want to know. Is it easy to fly and how are the images? So yes, it is easy to fly. Drones in the past were kind of a mess and really difficult to learn, but todays automatically leveling devices with built in altimeters and gps location, make it pretty simple. I can even fly my drone around my apartment without destroying anything thats, pretty amazing, but start practicing in an open parking lot or a field, or maybe a park with plenty of room and not too many trees. After watching some instructional videos with some really simple instructions. In about an hour or two youll be zipping around, like a drone pro equipped with a one inch image cmos sensor, this thing is capable of 5.4 k, 30 frames per second and even 4k at 60 frames per second. If you want to do slow motion video with like a billion colors and its pretty good at night as well, if youve got a well lit subject for drone photography, the dji air 2s has something called master shots, and what this is is a feature that gives The users really your best shots in any location, just like a single tab.

You just select your target and the air 2s shoots a sequence of really cool dynamic shots and just throws them into some kind of edit, for you comes out really cool, especially for like things like real estate. Photography for drone videography youll find spotlight 2.0 active track. 4.0 and point of interest 3.0 kind of revised editions of what were pretty good pieces of software before making it a breeze to follow or even circle a subject and thats a game changer its pretty accurate too and as an added safety bonus, the dji air 2s Does technically have the ability to perceive the environment in four directions up down forward and backwards, allowing it to pretty much avoid a lot of obstacles, supposedly in even complex scenarios, and they say even at high speeds. I dont know if i trust it yet. This is an expensive thing. I dont want to get it wrecked. So just dont get careless because accidents do happen. You need to be as careful as you can with your drone. The dji air 2s features. Djis advanced is called ocusync 3.0 image transmission technology, meaning youre going to see a pretty smooth, clear and reliable image feed. Every time you fly, i did run into some range issues or losing connectivity around buildings or residential areas, but i was still able to see what the drone saw, but dont worry. It wont fall out of the sky and crash if it does hang up on something its going to hover in place and wait for you to come by and take control again if the battery dies itll land safely, but in an open field situation.

This thing can supposedly travel about seven miles without losing connectivity. I aint trying it, but you can. Let me know how that works out. It has a micro sd slot, which you take a card up to gigabytes, but this is interesting. The air 2s also has 8 gigabytes of internal storage. Just in case you forgot your micro, sd and thats pretty convenient. You can take video from your phone and upload it straight to the cloud or youtube, or video or vimeo or whatever, but youll only get 1080p from your phone, which is still hd, is still pretty good, but your sd card will be able to save that 4k. Footage if youve got it to set in 4k, if you kind of set the shoot in 4k, so the fly more combo includes a couple: extra batteries, low, stop nd filters and uh. I think the high stop nd filters are sold separately. I tested this unit in pretty bright sunlight without any nd filters, with everything on automatic and the video, i think, came out actually pretty good. I may never use the nd filters you want to buy them. The dji fly app requires ios, 11 uh, android, 6 or above so basically thats an iphone 7 or a galaxy s6. These phones could be years old or even ipads, or something better than like an iphone 7 or a galaxy s6.