So these two drones have been highly recommended by so many different youtubers and so many reviewers and i ended up picking up both of them. But ive decided to get rid of one of these and ill go through all the reasons in this video, and it may actually shock you so starting off with the mini two. This is my first dji drone that i picked up and it has been absolutely amazing. Ive had it for about a year, ive traveled, so much ive been to hawaii twice with this drone and captured so many different things, and i absolutely love the quality. If you dont know, this is one of the smallest drones that dji offers, with a 4k camera thats three access stabilized, so youre able to get super smooth shots its also under 250 grams, which in the us you dont, need to register with the faa. Of course, you still need to follow rules and stuff, but youre able to fly this around right out of the box and not have to worry about it. It is an amazing little drone that packs a massive punch, and it also is foldable so youre literally able to put this thing into your pocket and not worry about it. Like look at this thats, just incredible with how small this thing is, it boasts about a 30 minute flight time 31 to 35 minute flight time, and it can also fly about 10 kilometers away, which is insane with like amazing quality.

But now lets talk about the air 2s, so i recently picked this up and this one is quite more expensive than the mini 2. You can just tell that this thing is menacing. It not only is a lot heavier, but its just also a lot beefier. The motors on here and the blades are just a lot bigger the body. The battery everything like here are the two batteries. This is the battery for the mini two, and this is for the air 2s. You can just see how big this thing is. Super heavy. You also probably notice a lot of different cameras. Not only is there the main camera right here, but theres also, four cameras right here, two facing forward two up here: two on the back and then also two on the bottom and those are used for sensing and it has dji adsb their airsense. So its able to use computer vision to detect objects and other things in the path of this drone, so youre flying into a tree or a wall. These cameras can actually detect it and the drone is able to stop and wait for you to move it around, or it can actually automatically avoid some obstacles, which is incredible. The mini 2 only has these two little sensors on the bottom for landing, so it doesnt just land. When you press the controller down, you have to actually hold it down, but it does not have any vision, sensors up front or in the back.

So if you fly it into a tree, it is going to hit the tree. It wont stop for a tree. All those little cameras are nice to have the obstacle avoidance, but the main thing with this drone is the fact that it has a one inch: Music. 5.1 k and the photos with this thing are incredible: thats, one of the main reasons people want to upgrade because, with this one youre able to pull out some great videos for social sharing, but when youre doing commercial work, this one might be the one for you. Another couple cool things with this drone is the fact that it has 8 gigabytes of internal storage. This happens to me all the time where ill forget the sd card for the mini 2 and ill have to like run home to grab it, but with this one. If you forget that youre able to record for a couple minutes or take some really cool photos with that dedicated eight gigabytes inside the drone, another really fancy thing on the bottom of this. It has a massive spotlight. So at night my brother and i were able to turn this on randomly and it just looks so cool like an alien, futuristic thing. This thing is also very bright. It has a bunch of little lights on the side in the back. It makes it so easy to navigate if youre flying in low light conditions or at night, so yeah thats, like the basic explainer of what these drones look like im gon na have some quick footage on screen of both of these.

Like i said, i did have this drone to record some really amazing experiences in hawaii and new england and other places, but with this drone i recently picked it up. So i wasnt able to capture a lot but ill, try putting in some small photos here and there. Another really cool thing i love about this drone is the fact that youre able to do something called fpv mode, where the gimbal actually moves side to side. So it looks like its actually like panning and tilting. It just looks so crazy. This drone is kind of fixed and it looks like a stationary camera. This thing can look kind of like a fpv drone when its flying and swooping in and thats a feature. I wish the mini 2 had the air 2s also does have about a 30 minute flight time, but i have noticed it has a shorter flight time than the mini q. Surprisingly, even though the batteries are larger, this just requires a lot more power to support the heavy body and the fast motor compared to this, that can last quite a bit of time and whenever youre picking these up, if you decide to purchase any of these, i Highly recommend picking up the fly more bundles, i know its an extra 100 or 200 dollars, but honestly, when you pick up those batteries separately from the drone, each battery costs like 100, something dollars its way cheaper to actually just get the bundle.

You also get a charger to charge all the batteries at once. You dont need to plug them all in. I just highly recommend the fly more bundles, not sponsored or anything thats. Just what i recommend, because its way cheaper and having those extra batteries extends your flight time. Ive went on hikes and stuff and having 30 minute flight time is great, but if youre having it follow you or something the batteries can easily get worn out. So, by having like two more batteries, you basically get so much more footage. You can fly for like 90 minutes thats like an hour and a half, and if you charge the batteries with the mobile charger, youre able to get even more its just insane. I guess leading into like the follow features, and this drone does have some really cool features where its able to follow a car or a person. Youre able to do some really cool smart scene moves, and that was one of the main reasons. I also want to buy this drone, because this one can do like simple things. It cant really focus on moving objects. It can do stationary like point of interest. Um circles and like boomerangs and dronies and other things, but this drone can do it all. It can literally just follow you for like the entire time, just like recording, which is cool. I tried this a couple times in my car, but i do have an issue if youre planning on following cars, with this, like, if youre doing like a commercial or something this only goes about 35 miles an hour now that might seem pretty fast if youre, like Driving on a road thats like 30 or 35 miles an hour, you, you think that this could keep up to you.

But the thing is this: drone doesnt start and it doesnt stay at 35 miles an hour the whole time. If youre like a car, moving itll stay at that slow speed and then, if you gun it and youre going like 35 or 25, this drone will probably be going like 10 miles or 50 miles an hour. It doesnt go full speed right away, and i noticed that and i lost my car a couple times when i was trying to film with this and if you go too far away, itll like just zoom out the camera and just try getting an angle and itll Still be going like 25 30 miles an hour, so thats something to keep in mind. If you really just want to get the following car movements, you might want to go with the cine 3, which is like the expensive, dji drone or just fly manual, and not use the smart tracking mode if youre tracking, a human. This is great but yeah. Just for like cars and stuff, its not the best so which one am i keeping thats, probably like the biggest question that i still am like so upset about, but im actually keeping my mini too so anticlimactic after i sold this thing up. But honestly, the big thing about this drone is the fact that its not big the fact that its so small and i dont worry if im gon na fly this up in a populated area.

This thing is so quiet people dont hear it when you take off and youre flying around, especially once you get up to an altitude and youre not too close to people. You cant even hear this, the air 2s. You can hear this thing from like blocks away. This thing is very loud, especially if youre in like sport, mode and youre, trying to get some cool shots, its just loud and people cannotice and its just so much bigger and were talking about risk. Of course, you dont fly over populated areas or places where you might crash, but accidents can happen and if you fly into a tree or some act of god happens and like a bird attacks this and just plummets to the ground. If this lands on someone, it would severely hurt them this drone. If you were to crash it into someone, i i got cut on my thumb. It cut my thumb up a little bit when i was trying to catch this, and it was just bleeding a little bit, but it didnt like rip off my thumb not saying this drill would like rip off your thumb, but this would leave a lot of damage Compared to the mini 2, and since this is just so easy to like shove in my pocket, i can just go hiking around like a walk with my family and just like take this off to do some cool shots. I do appreciate the larger sensor for low light video on this drone and i do appreciate the sensing the fact that youre able to do obstacles when its front and back but youre not able to do obstacle avoidance on the side, and i love those shots where A drone is following you from the side, but theres no cameras on the on the right or left so its not able to detect any objects and it doesnt.

Really let you fly like that, so yeah thats, like thats my reasoning. The flight time is like a couple minutes shorter. I mean thats, not a big thing, but when i actually think about like how much ill use this, i know ill be using my mini q, more than i would be using my air 2x and most of the work that i do ends up on youtube or Social media, its not going on a massive print, its not doing other big things so im, not very worried about that. I do like this for photography, though the air 2s has some really cool features were able to do like 360 degree photos or like vertical photos that are just incredibly long. It stitches like three or four photos together and it looks so cool. I know ill really use the air 2s and ill use this way more so thats. Why im keeping this drone and im getting rid of the air qs thats, my explainer, i hope you enjoyed it. I hope this kind of helps. You answer your questions. If youre, making social media content and youre not actually selling things id really recommend the mini 2 and if youre just getting started, i recommend the mini 2. You get to learn, djis fly system how to control and stuff and get some cool shots, and then maybe, if you make some money with it, youre able to upgrade into something bigger like this drone.

I hope you enjoyed this video make sure you hit the subscribe button check back for some other videos. Like i said it is going to be sad to get rid of this guy. I took some amazing flights and some short photos and stuff, but i wish i could have had it for longer, but i know i wont use this in the end.