I believe the regular smart controller theyre at the top, all right so lets do this. Im really excited, and you know what before we really got into the box at all, we did do the insurance on it the one year um. What was it care? Refresh? Okay, i came to 99 okay, so here it looks like we have some accessories, its a pretty tight box. They really packed it in here were gon na. Thank you, itll help. Okay, so lets see what we got theyre nicely packaged. Oh, you know what the bottom of this box. Oh, we got it upside down. Okay got a few things in here. You know what actually, while we take you through this well, take all the products out of the box, and then you can see on the back of the box that lists everything that comes with the product. So this is what were looking for right here on the box. Okay, so back to the accessories, looks like we have an hdmi cable. This little buddy lets see what this is shouldnt, be that difficult to open, i guess, were gon na tear it open. Oh, i see okay, im, not sure. Oh, these are for the remote okay. What this might be the filters very nice, little box? Okay, yes, so here we have. The filters were gon na have to have fun with that its really smooth surface, so it protects the filter, its kind of nice, the box, all right, very cool.

Next, we have lovely directions, something that we should probably follow. That probably wont be followed. Okay, okay, it looks like theyre all the same or yeah, okay, so several nice – and it looks like on this thing here. It will tell you exactly how many so you should be getting of each and least okay. So i guess that was the ac power cable that we just opened the filters propellers: oh thats, cool, Music, okay, now for the big guns, okay, so here we have very nice case um shoulder case, so you can just carry like this. Um looks like a little pocket very smooth, smooth zipper lets open this up here: okay, real snug, okay cool, so here we have the product lets see what we got: Applause, okay, so except lots and lots of accessories. These look, like the battery packs yeah again looks like, were looking for two battery packs: very nice: okay battery to power bank adapter yeah. It charges batteries; okay, so theres that this is the adapter yes, power, adapter that were looking for. That is the usb charger. Okay, so now the moment weve all been waiting for lets check out this new um smart controller, the rc controller, fancy very nice screen super pretty okay, so heres these two little buttons here that really um for us at least stood out as far as um. How we identified the rc controller versus the regular smart controller uh, the the regular smart controller.

We noticed these buttons are a little bit more of a rectangle on each side, so that helped and then also at the bottom. We have the hdmi, the usb and a micro outlet, so that was something that really stuck out for us just kind of put that in like so you just screw right in nothing special there theyre kind of sharp little rough edges, so just maybe remind you, oops, Be careful if you mindful of that, when youre putting in your bag, so it doesnt scratch the equipment in the bag or you just unscrew them every time you put them in and out of the bag. Okay theres that and then we have these antennas here. We are charging our battery, so um were not going to be able to really mess too much with the equipment yet but um. This is the remote a few batteries up here. Im, not sure what these things do, but well figure them out. As we go, looks like the speaker and im not sure what that is, but cool okay. So here we have the aircraft very cool compact and again this is the air 2s guys, oh its, like little legs. They kick out little kickstand. Here we go hey buddy. Okay, so here it is so it looks like you pull this sucker off, and this takes off this protective like a little plastic. If you will no is this is marked orange. These are as okay, and this is a also and its going to be marked orange here versus b – that has no coloring, no coloring, no coloring, but a blades match with the orange here.

Okay, okay, cool see and its facing up this orange thing again orange. Nothing. Here, oh yeah and yeah, so im kind of glad you figured that out. It would have been a pain to have this thing crashing yeah yeah, so, okay, so b for blink, so were ready to go yep. We are ready to go and we do have four of each now: okay, babies and four bees left okay, cool. The next thing is: were gon na go ahead and take off this plastic covering it says, press the notch to remove the gimbal protector um im, assuming that the sucker needs to come off, which notch am i pushing? Okay, please dont break okay, oh and then theres little yellow stickers, one here on the side, one here and one actually over on each side. Oh this is fun and then this little guy, this one also has a covering here. Okay, so well go ahead and take them off im, not really sure why that needed to be covered. Okay, so im gon na go ahead and connect the controller to the drone. Now so first were gon na make sure our battery is charged. The way you do that is you press here, and it will show you all four green led lights will light up. That means your battery has a full charge to turn it on its just like the controller press once and twice and hold there. It goes its going to do this little thing same thing with the controller once and twice in the hold.

So while everybody turns on yeah kind of watch, it do its thing now, once the screen turns on on the remote its a pretty um easy little guide here, its going to walk you through all the different steps and youll see here at the bottom right hand, Corner connection guy go ahead and click on that and it will automatically walk you through now. Ive already set up my drone, so ive already gone through all the steps, but its really self explanatory super user friendly and just go through all the prompts, and it will.