Let’S find out so the dji air 2s i’m. Just going to get straight into this, and then you can stay with me on the video. While i justify my reasons for this, but should you buy it? No, i do not think you should buy it. I’Ve had this for a couple of weeks now, i’ve flown it let’s, say a dozen times, and is it worth it? No it’s not and i’m going to get on to a few points, it’s not going to be a massive long, video. This it’s not going to be a rant either. The dji air 2s is phenomenal in its own right, but there are reasons why you shouldn’t buy it at all. At the moment when this is filming in end of april 2021, if you can film and get it later at a later date, a lot cheaper than fair enough, but the moment no avoid it and i’ll show you. The first point reason – and that is to do with price let’s go so the dji air 2s is 899 pounds in the uk similar in dollars, and that is for the standard package with the drone and the remote controller and a few extra propellers. That is it it’s too expensive, it’s 899 pound for this drone. This has issues with it which you don’t have on the mini 2. You can’t charge this on the go unless you go and spend another 50 pounds on a car charger.

So what you’re gon na have to do is you’re gon na have to buy the fly more combo, so the fly more combo gives you a nice little bag and some extra propellers, but but mainly extra batteries, so that flymo combo currently is 1169 pound similar in Dollars, canadian, you know, add a lot more onto it, but we’re getting into expensive territory, then 1169 pound for an s upgrade at s upgrade of the air 2.. This has yes, a really nice 1 inch sensor on it. Yes, it’s got some nice features built into it: 1169 pound for an s, upgrade i’ve done a few videos. Now, comparing this to the mini 2 there’s, not a massive amount of difference. So if you pick up the 899 version of this, you will be buying another battery within a few days. I’Ll get onto that in a minute, so you’re going to need to spend 1 169 pound. So what does that get close to? Well, you know it’s a lot more than the mini 2 to start with and then also we’re knocking on the door of the mavic 2. So the mavic 2 at the moment is priced at 1349 pounds. Would, i recommend, buying the mavic 2 at the moment? Probably not no, because i’ll get to that point about the mavic 3, but 1349 pound or you can pay 1779 pound, and that includes the smart controller is a mavic 2 better than this? Yes, it is.

It has optical zoom, not just digital zoom like on this. They both have the one inch sensor so again, you’re not going to buy at the moment in the middle almost of 2021 either of these drones. Let’S just be honest: this is a test by dji to see some new features in this to see what uh interest can come up with. This are people still wanting to buy over 250 gram drones? What can they put into this to basically test and the test? In this for the mavic, 3 it’s so obvious, you know i love dji products but i’m honest about the products as well and it’s so obvious. It is rumors out there all over google about the impending mavic 3 that’s coming out. So if you need a drone that’s over 250 grams, so you’re going to be using it for more professional work. You want that higher quality. You want better video quality. Should you go and pick this up? No, absolutely not! And anyone who tells you that to do this is because they’ve ever got loads of money. They want to buy every single drone or they’re just doing this, for as many views as possible. Let’S just talk about some of the things missing on this drone, so this drone is brilliant. It’S got active track on it. It’S got new features built into it. The sensors are really good, but what was missed off from this drone side? Sensors.

So, as you’ve seen some some videos this now when it is actually active tracking you, it uses the front and top position sensors. So, actually, when it’s flying it’s actually spinning on a curve like this to actually keep you in the frame because it doesn’t want to actually fly sideways because it’s got no protection, there whatsoever did the mavic 2. Yes, it had side sensors will the mavic 3. Well, the mavic 3 is meant to have 12 sensors built into it. So full protection did dji miss side, sensors off on this on purpose. Could they have added them on 100? Why would they? Why would they put all the features into this when the mavic 3 will be out very soon, it’s been rumored and we’ll have them sensors. So again, if you need a drone, which is over 250 grams, why get one like this for not much less than what the mavic 3 will be when that comes out you’re, just wasting your money with this, this will become redundant soon. They’Ve also lost the mavic name, it’s now called the dji air 2s and mavic name is gone, so there’s a big difference in the actual name of the mavic line and the smaller line, but the smaller line has the mini, so the dji mini 2. So the mini 2 you’re going to have the dji air 2s and then the mavic line, so the mavic line is going to be basically everything that the air 2s wants.

It’S going to have the side, sensors it’s going to have all the technology built into it. We’Re going to get onto the battery in a second so bear with me, but i can see we’re going to have. The main focus is going to be on a new, bigger drone with all the all everything you could possibly want. Good camera good video sensors. All over the place, but the downside to it is the weight of it and the cost, but people who need that will pay that money and then you’re going to have this smaller drone. So this sub 250 gram drone the drone for family is a drone for people who don’t give a about commercial work or the best quality, video and photos. The people who want to put it in your pocket and take it out with you and create some fantastic memories with this. Just like i do it’s a fantastic drone. More and more countries have more rules coming in and already in place about sub 250 gram. Drones, drones, where you can fly in cities flight in busy areas fly in your beaches, everything’s around you, you can do with this. You can’t do it with this, so so majority of people don’t need bigger over 250 gram drones. So they’re going to be a lot of focus with not just dji but other drone companies on the sub 250 gram. Drones i’ve already done one about the new hub syndrome, which is going to be coming out.

A lot of focus is going to be on these drones, so we’re going to have the smaller drones we’re going to have the mavic 3 once it’s here with all the features for people who need it what’s. The point in this this, i think, is just my opinion. The airline will be killed off. It will not retain what is the need for it. It’S already an expensive drone it’s, not much less than the bigger drone with all the features or you can get loads of good features in a smaller drone where you can fly everywhere, what’s the need of this. There is literally no point in this drone. Can i get my point across? Do i detest this drone? No, i love it. So just my opinion. I’M. Just sick of people saying oh, this is the best drone going. You need this, but just get it yeah it’s a great drone, but as soon as that mavic 3 comes out, these will be flooded. All over ebay marketplace. It’D be selling everywhere the battery on this okay. So the battery on it it’s good. The difference is on the mini 2. You can record on the go so that’s great. I love just using the usb charger on the back of it, plug it into a power bank or my car, or anything where i can get some charge through. Just a usbc, cable, brilliant, brilliant thing to do that. You can’t do that on the air 2s, the air2s comes with a much larger battery in actually this battery is 200 grams, which so it’s not actually much less than the whole drone with the battery.

So a 200 gram battery, but you can’t charge this on the go. So you’re gon na have to buy that charger, which i talked about before for your car, which is about 50 or you’re just going to have to buy more batteries at about a hundred hundred and ten dollars per battery. It gets expensive doesn’t it. And what do you get for that? You get less in real world tests than the actual battery life on the mini 2, so this on average will get around about 21 22 minutes of flight time in real world flying that is less than the mini 2. If you use new master shots on the you’re going to get around 15 minutes, the master shots gets a lot of really nice cool cinematic shots all built into one, and it does it all for you now. That is great at first, so at first you get master shots, it’s, so cool. I mean look at this it’s great, but it takes two or three minutes to do it: it’s great for beginners, but get some skill in your drone flying you can create. All of that yourself, it becomes tired, some really quickly. I do like it it’s a good feature, but as we’ve seen from the actual 1.4.0 update notes, i did it’s only currently available on the air2s, so that in brackets means that could easily come in a firmware. Update on one of the other drones such as the mini 2, such as the new mavic it’s, not just going to be on this drone, so please don’t say that some people are that this feature is just on this drone.

Currently, it is yes, but they could change at any moment, but the downside is: is this drone with this battery is worse than the mini 2., with the larger drones, the perks is they’ve got more space to actually have bigger batteries. So, with a bigger battery, you expect to have more performance. Battery life is key. You can’t charge it on the go and you’re going to get more from the mavic 3 when that comes out they’re using this as a test, basically to put in some extra features. Just to keep the airline going and then they can put the three out what they’re going to do. If they ever release a mavic air, three you know it’s, i can’t see them doing it. I think these are the last of the air series we see. We talked about before about the controller, so the controller is the exact same controller. You get on the mini 2 on the mavic 2. You have to pay more for that smart controller. A great rumor, which i hope will come through is that the mavic 3 will come with the dji smart controller, so you won’t have to pay extra for it. So final point about the camera, so the camera is the biggest selling feature on the air 2s. So it comes with a one inch sensor, which is really nice. Really nice sharp, vibrant images, it’s brilliant again. If i didn’t think the mavic 3 was coming out, it would be a great choice.

But what we’re expected to see on the mavic 3 is a larger sensor. This, with 8k capabilities we’ve already got 6k on the auto drones, which are bigger drones, so dji needs to come out and be ahead of the game or at least be similar. So they’re not going to have 5.4k like this it’s rumored, to have a micro, four thirds sensor, which is going to have a larger sensor and be able to film at 6 or 8k. 8K at the moment, is still a bit of a buzzword. But we are expected to see 6k at a minimum, but with that larger sensor, it’s going to be better than this in low light and it’s going to have all the sensors all around it. Full protection and you’re going to have the same features built in, but with a larger and longer battery and flight time. Two weeks later, from my experience just to simulate, even if the mavic 3 doesn’t come out until the end of the year, would i pick this up? No just like the dji air 2, when i got that this has started to gather dust really really quickly. I, as i say from this, i fly most days but i’m still picking up the mini 2 around the world. The mini 2 is the drone that people are still interested in, but people still want and still love people don’t generally give too much thought or process about this they’re interested in the r2s, but would they go and buy it most people as i’ve done in another Video don’t really need larger drones, but for them people who do need larger drones for work for commercial work, for clients, for people who use this as a business don’t.

Please waste your money on this drone. Wait until that mavic 3 we’ve all been waiting for this mavic 3 for ages. Now, and this is just like a filler, this is just a stop gap until that next big drone comes out and all these other channels, where they’re going come crazy over this drone. It’S the best drone ever that will all change as soon as maverick 3 comes out. Believe me, so an honest video for you. I know he’s not going to go down well with dji, but honestly, for you do not buy this. I would buy the mini 2 and pop the money aside. Wait out, save a bit more when the mavic 3 comes out, go and get it, and i promise you i’ll be right.