If you like, the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell, so you don’t miss any future content. With that let’s begin, the other night i hosted rotor talk, live and during a majority of the show, we talked about the news regarding the fcc id finding for the dji air 2s. So without any further ado, let’s roll that clip in its entirety, the dji air 2s is on its way. It is how do we know? Okay, that’s, the 64 thousand dollar question. Well, here’s, the answer. Okay, you got our buddy, hey kestelu from drone xl. I don’t know if it was him, but somebody found the dji air 2s out on the fcc grant id database. Okay, so let’s go ahead and we’re going to go ahead and take a look at this and go over his article. Okay, now the fcc filing and let’s go ahead. We’Re going to look at that, like i, i like to take you to this guys. Okay and you can’t really read anything from the fcc id um talks about images, there’s not a lot out here, because what happens is there are – and i think i’ve explained it to you. But if you’re new to what the fcc grant id database is and the information that it contains, a lot of the dji will put a lid on a lot of this information until a certain date and the fcc abides by that a lot of times.

It’S schematics drawings so forth, but the one thing that they did release was the label for the battery compartment. Okay, you can see this is listing. Frequency range there’s, a lot there’s a lot of information here now it talks about label label. Rf exposure info test report. You know you can see some things here: uh the fcc confidentiality ladder let’s go ahead. I just want to kind of show this to you guys: okay, um, okay, it’s, confident treatment, the documents listed below so certification uh marketed from 180 days from the grant date. Okay, now let’s take a look and i’m going to move back here. Let’S take a look okay, now it’s 180 days, let’s say the grant date is yesterday’s date, which is 3 15. I believe submitted available, no let’s. Take a look. Yeah 3 15 is a grant date, so there’s 180 days, but um that’s, just that’s just until the information is released. So this is something that’s going to be coming sooner rather than later. Now you can take a look at some of these. Things will actually come up: okay, um let’s, for example, okay, there’s, no let’s let’s go to test report; okay, there’s, nothing here here it is right here and unless you know what you’re reading here, okay, you’re, not real permanent confidential, no short term confidential, no um. These are these are available to look at and here’s what it is, and this is just maximum power, spectral density, um.

You know, if you’re an engineer, you probably understand this. Okay, a lot of this stuff we’re not going to understand okay, it’s, just it’s just going to be way over our heads all right now you can see there’s all kind of reports here, everything label all right. There you go there’s our label, okay, um, and it provides a lot of information. You know it provides the information. What the what the labels going to look like all right, let’s go ahead, i’m, going to shrink that down, so you can see it at once. All right and that’s your it’s very familiar it’s. What you see right now, every everybody has that okay and we’re going to go ahead and go the article um. You know i’ll drop a link to hayes article in the description, so you guys can go ahead and see that now the original dgm mavic air 2 was launched about one year ago, uh hailed by many as dji’s best all around offering the best bang for your Buck mavic air 2 is such a capable drone that almost rivals the more expensive uh dji mavic 2 pro and zoom fcc finally shows a new listing for dji air 2s and seems to indicate an upgraded version. The original dji mavic air 2. wouldn’t it be too soon for dj, introduce a successor for the mavic air 2. um hayes talking, not necessarily um. The mini was replaced one year later by the mini 2 um, which brought the ocusync transmission and 4k video to it.

Okay, is there going to be a better camera sensor? Oceanalev mentioned on twitter, the possibility of a new ggi drone having the one over 1.7 inch imx 686 sensor on board that can take 64 megapixel photos and shoots video at 4k resolutions in 60 frames per second. Okay, um and then, of course, the new dgi air 2s could include dji’s latest video transmission system, which is now called 03 instead of ocusync 3.0. The system is also on board the dji fpv drone that was recently released, dji airsense or adsb in okay um, when in 2019 jj announced that, as of 2020, all new dji drones, weighing more than 250 grams, would have dji’s air sense technology adsbn on board. Adsbn warns the drone pilot many nearby manned aircraft that have adsb out on board and activated when the ggm mavic air 2 was first introduced. Adsb in was only available from the north american market. It could be that the dji air s2 will not include dji’s airsense technology for all markets, that’s an unknown. The fcc filing itself does not give us a whole lot of information. Locational label will be in the same spot as before the battery it’s going to be the same battery 11.55, volts 3500 milliamp hours 40.42 watt hours, which is the same as the original mavic air too. So we’re not expecting any additional flight time now. He says: when can we expect that then uh new air dji air 2s? Nowadays, you can have the fcc filings made public very soon before launching a new product, so we might see the new dji drone within a matter of weeks.

Typically, when dji launches a new drone, the media gets a heads up and a review sample a few weeks before the official launch. This has not happened yet with this particular model. However, maybe dji treats this slightly different if it’s not much more than an upgrade to an existing mavic air too we’ll have to wait and see. Okay, all right, wow, yeah wow looks like it’s on its way, guys i mean that’s, some pretty heavy stuff. Yeah drone views, media that’s, a great question, the price i you know um one thing i got to say about the price and – and i know that’s going to be yeah ted bowman. You break bring up a great point. Your other batteries will work with that. Your mavic original mavic air 2 batteries will work for that um. They got to keep this under a thousand dollars. Okay, there’s no question about it, especially with the uh. With a fly more type of kit. You got to keep this under 2k or 2k. You got to keep this under 1k. All right, you’re not going to get people to go. That was the whole reason. The mavic air 2 did as well as it is. It did was because it was under that 1k price point. They’Ve got to do the same thing with this. Okay, you know, is it going to be worth the upgrade here’s? Another question okay, looks like we’ll have to see the gjr2s before the mavic 3.

flies on. Your right is to you know, always comes up with stuff. Okay, all the time uh mavic 3 later release. This means yeah, brad yeah. It was scheduled for probably late summer, early fall anyway um. This is a total surprise. I mean you know the the mini two was a total surprise, basically, okay, that just like boom it just can’t it’s. Just and here it is okay. Here it is we, you know next thing we know we see, you know the mini two hero we’re talking about a about an air now notice, the name as well too. Okay, you know how they’re dropping mavic from this all right. Air s2, all right. 2S. The air 2s um yeah chad, i’m really i’m. You know a lot of people are saying the same thing now that they’re glad that they didn’t buy this, because you know and it’s like i know and i’ve taught and i’ve seen a lot of people on some forums and some pages have talked about. They regretted buying the fpv drone and a lot of them have taken it back, see that’s the advantage of buying it from a brick and mortar store, it’s easy to take that back, it’s, not so easy to send it back to dji but buying it from like A best buy it’s easy to take that back there um. I personally think you know this. Drone is probably you’re, probably going to see no more it’s, probably going to be 8.

99, my guess 800 it’ll, probably it might, it might be like 8.49. This is not going to be a huge price difference from the mavic air 2. um. You know we’re going to have improved improved camera in this drone. Okay, i think there’s going to be a lot of features, are going to come standard with it. Um, with with dji fly, they’re, probably going to have a robust update to the dji flyout before this comes out and be prepared for a lot of killer features on it. Okay, that’s one thing that dji has done really well with the mavic air 2 is they have done some incredible firmware, updates on that drone um out of all the drones that they’ve come out with within in recent memory. Their firmware updates for this drone have been nothing short than fantastic. Okay, and one things they still got to do is change the coloring and the font on that dji fly app: okay, that’s one of my pet peeves with that okay um white on white, having the having it up in the corner that just still gets me. Okay, anyway, all right the mini series, it was a very clever strategy. Making the older batteries metal mini too it’s essentially made the upgrade much more exciting. Your drone views meter exactly so the repeater to winning strategy winning formula. Exactly drone news media, you couldn’t, have you nailed it on the head right there you know it’s a winning strategy.

You know we’re going to upgrade the camera on this. You know it’s the same thing. You brought up a good thing. Will it have ocus, saying yeah blue sky? Very, it will that’s what they’re saying it is going to have they’re going to call it 0 3.0, but it’s occusync 3.0. Okay, which is what, which is what the new fpv drone has. Okay, uh we’ll fly with existing rc controller good question, probably not because that one’s occusync 2.0 okay, that’s just that’s, just a guess off the top of my head um. You know i’m kind of shooting from the hip on that one. I don’t know but that’s a that’s, just a guess. I don’t think it will because it’s you know, auction 2.0 is different than occusync 3.0 gon na have an upgraded camera on this. Okay did i pre order yet absolutely marcus? I put i you know. I i put the i: i got my money down. Okay, i i called i called my buddy up in shenzhen and we got it handled okay and i got one pre ordered for you and ron as well. Okay, we got it we’re all set we’re all set for this we’re we’re we’ll, give it a go. We’Ll fly with the new goggles that’s um, i don’t think so. Um are you talking about the dji goggles or the goggles, the fpv goggles um blue skyver? I don’t know uh, i hope it’s outside avoidance, yeah greg.

I do too um. You know i think that’s that’s, beginning to look a lot like you need to have something like that with a drone like that full obstacle avoidance, johnny yeah, i think that’s a must going forward in a lot of these drones is to have this full obstacle avoidance Because you know a lot of times, you know if you’re backing up to get a shot boom. You know, i know a lot of people who had the evo and the evo ii that well the evo backed up. You know next thing: you know: boom they’ve gone into a trade that’s. Why ron brown has gone dark on us, marcus you nailed it on the head right there, okay ron braun is is: is in dna, okay, he’s, using the cover of going down to florida for ray kelly’s trip. He has the mavic air too, and he’s testing it on us and he doesn’t want to be found right now: okay, that’s, where that’s, where ron is so so you guys, if you guys know where ron is you put it out there? Let me know: okay, we’re gon na hunt ron down we’re gon na find him and i’ll. You know if i have to drive two hours to get some pictures of ron flying there’s some some video i’m gon na. Do it okay down here in florida, we’re going to find ron? I want to make sure that, but this is exciting news.

Okay, this is like right on top of okay. You know the mini two came out and it was just. It was pure excitement for a while. Okay now the fpv comes on sort of excitement. Sorry, okay, you know i. I think i speak for a lot of us here. You know. Even you know, the the the hardcore fpvers are like pass. Okay, the camera drone guys most of them say pass. Some have tried it some like it. Okay, some are like you know, found out like joshua bardwell, you know it’s, not it’s, not it’s, not your cup of tea it’s, not it’s, not real, fpv. Okay, you know. It’S, like i’ll, put it to you this way all right. My dad had to start drinking decaffeinated coffee for his health when he was when he was my age in his 60s all right, he had drinks sanka, and he said this isn’t coffee, okay, so it’s kind of the same thing. This isn’t fpv, okay, it’s dji’s version of fpv all right with a camera drone, just that’s all that’s, all i’m gon na say on that. But no this is gon na be this is fantastic and and um you know um and marcus is in the house. Welcome marcus glad to see you tonight, you guys, oh, let me put in a plug. All right. Marcus is going to be on because ron braun’s under dna tonight, okay, he’s persona non grata, as i like to say, ron is going or marcus is going to fill in.

He has a taller marcus. You have a very tall order tonight, he’s going to fill in on philly drone life with mikey tonight, so uh our thoughts and well wishes are with you with mikey tonight, marcus okay, i hope. Hopefully, you come out come out of it and tacked and and you’re not banging your head against the wall after being around mikey for an hour and a half so have fun, but no but seriously it’s a plug always go see. Mikey mikey’s a great time. You guys always he always will entertain all right but um to the mavic air too. Okay, that price okay, i don’t see it jumping more than a hundred dollars right now, all right to be honest with you guys, i don’t, i don’t, see it um and same with that. I i think we’re gon na stay we’re gon na stick under that thousand dollars. Okay, even with the fly more, i think i think it’s gon na it’s gon na do that. The one thing i wish ggi would do all right. They make the best consumer drug yeah. It is going to be fun marcus. The dji without question makes the best consumer drones in the world. Okay, let’s, just let’s, just put it out there. Okay, their accessories are fantastic. Okay, they suck at making bags okay, they suck. Okay, i’m, sorry there’s, just no fans or buts about it. Okay, every one i mean they’re they’re high quality.

The material is good. Okay, but it’s like it’s, always like getting seeing how much you can stuff into that bag. Okay and that drone is in there and it’s so tight inside there, it’s just i’d, rather sometimes not have a bag and have 50 off of it. Instead of getting that okay, so i can go out and find it. Um find a bag and really um yeah that’s yeah you’re right flies on drum yeah you’re right. You know this will be a talk about a segway between now and when the mavic 3 comes out having having the air 2s that’s going to be crazy. Awesome all right and that’s going to be that’s going to be a go to drum, and you know, especially if it comes. You know, with that kind of a sensor and what i’m hoping with with that kind of a sensor for this drone. Okay, now you guys know my favorite drone: okay it’s, not the one. You see right over there. You know trying to point the right way: it’s hard like this, the phantom 4 back there, okay, i’ll, let you know i love the phantom 4 that’s, not my favorite it’s, the mavic 2 pro now it’s, because of that low light sensor on there, okay, i’m, hoping That that sensor will come close to rivaling the mavic 2 pro all right. I i really am and i’m telling you guys. If it does this mavic air, nothing, i keep saying mavic.

Okay, i got to get this. This air 2s is going to blow the doors off of every other drone except the mavic 2 pro it really will and that’s what the mavic air 2 has done. It has really blown the drawers. You know – and i think a lot of you guys put put in there and i did see a lot of that. Okay, the v copter drone guy, ah i’m laughing at that obstacle avoidance is going to be key in this one. All right, it’s it’s, an absolute must and obstacle avoidance not like it is in the mavic 2 pro okay, only in in tripod mode or some other modes. No with the you ha that’s on all the time, and you have the option of being able to shut it off all right, pure and simple, all right. It makes it makes your drone flying experience a whole lot better, and you know what a great way, because my met my mini. We we’ve had one of the past couple of months: 35, 40 mile an hour winds during the day, all right and every time i’ve been trying to go up to get my mini 2 up. I can’t get it up because of the weather. It’S just been 35 40 mile an hour winds, there’s no way i can take the mini 2 up. I mean i’d have a hard time getting the mavic 2 pro or the phantom 4 up. Okay and getting some good video, but it’s just it’s, just too windy for that.

But, conversely, you know you get over 15 mile an hour wins with a mini two. You got to really think about even taking it up the air 2 you’re going to have a lot more flight air 2s you’re going to have a lot more flexibility in getting this up there. Okay and that’s 64 gigabyte pictures with that that’s going to be crazy. Awesome: okay, that is going to be crazy. Awesome, yeah, ted there’s, going to be a lot of mavic air twos for sale. Don’T go, you know, build a drone. Reviewer did not tell you to go, sell your mavic air twos right now guys. I want to make real clear about that all right. We really don’t have a date, yet you know we’ve heard rumors within the next month, okay, but who knows until we see now that’s concrete? Okay, what you see from the fcc grant id database is concrete ted. That would be a great 78th birthday present. Okay, that that really would that would be. That would be absolutely fantastic. Oh my friend from kentucky. How are you my friend, bluegrass drone guy, so we got a new drone coming? We should be excited about that that’s, something i think everybody should be excited about. You know one of the things that you’ve learned over time is: when you see some, you know you know, you’ll go out there and you’ll see pictures, and you know you know: they’ll they’ll be out there on on twitter and people.

Besides, the cedaw put pictures out there as well too, but the real pictures that you can kind of sink your teeth into or when you find something out on the fcc grant id database, such as that label that hey kester lou. I don’t know if hey found it, but he probably does because he’s he’s a pretty he’s a pretty good investigator he’s, pretty good in investigating um things around drones, so that’s some concrete evidence that we have right there. Okay, now they did talk about 180 days confidentiality, but they just throw that out there just to have it out there. So people can’t get a hold of a lot of the key specs and i mean there’s tests and there’s there’s reports and other things. But i i imagine probably within the next week or so if this is going to come out soon, we’re going to see some leaks, and i want to tell you guys something about leaks. Okay, when i’m, talking about meaning picture leaks, all right understand that these leaks i’m, not going to say dji, puts them out there on purpose i’m, not going to say that dji doesn’t put them out there on purpose. Let’S, just let’s just say oops here, okay, is is when when they come out, because you know it’s like they don’t happen, let me put better way to put it. They don’t happen by accident. Okay, these leaks that come out regarding regarding this okay.

They won’t it won’t, be an accident all right. It won’t. It will not be an accident um, so you know be on the lookout. You know there’ll probably be some photos coming up. I imagine because this is going to happen in the time frame that we think it’s gon na happen. Okay, you’re, probably gon na start. You probably see within the next. You know few days. Some pictures come out of it some actual pictures. They may be those benchmark type pictures where you’re, seeing it with a ruler and so forth, you’re, probably not going to be able to tell a lot from it all right, because if this is going to be, you know if they’re upgrading the camera ocusync 3.0 on It um some type of either adsbn like like the original one had or maybe you know, they’re going to make it so it will work with the new remote id i don’t know you know this. This could be one of the reasons that they’re coming out with it as well, so you know obstacle avoidance. You know you know if it’s a top on view, you’re not going to be able to see that in front of you still you’re, probably not going to see it. It’Ll probably show this. You know the views that you’re going to want to see you’re going to see the side views you’re going to see a rear view to see if their sensors are on there um.

You know the bottom ones are probably not going to it’s, probably going to be the same as far as the sensors are concerned, but this looking at the side and looking at the top you’ll be able to tell instantly you know in the back. If it has, this has something like 360., which i think it should have. I think that should be kind of a kind of a must have on a lot of these drones. The mini two you’re not going to get that because of the price point, but with this, and if they can keep it under a thousand dollars and they up that camera. You know you saw 64 megapixel pictures being able to take that with that um and to have have a have a have a new have that processor, which sounds like a great processor it’s going to be a home run guys. It really will so that’s, where we’re at tonight leaks are all part of marketing to build up anticipation, drone views, media. You said it best, okay, question of the day, what must have features do you think will be on the dji air 2s.