Get off me, get off me! Honestly. Okay, save that energy for this battle, weve chosen three six locations where were going to be testing the performance and the precision of our drone flying abilities. And when i say, precision were going to fly through these mad holes and when i say performance its just who takes a better shot, which is obviously going to be me. I always take the better shot. Well come on lets just see what happens Music. Are you confident, yes, Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music, Music Applause, Music, hes on the controls hes on them? Stop it im not doing anything. Am i doing anything if youre tugging, like whoa youre, like oh youre, the slowest drone ever hi im just insane? The only thing is is that the only thing i dont like is theres, so many birds, yeah theres, no way youre flying through that hole with these skills take a top down, shot and ill. Let you oh still even stealth or top down shot, will be really really like. The birds are flying. Birds are up really well, i know theyre so close say come back, come back! Oh that is so cool Laughter, Music, sweet, first bob honestly. What was that that was perfect, i wasnt even recording. Surely i wasnt recording that landing right now? Oh thats, fine! As long as you got like a shots isnt it, i got a shot. If i fall ill die this time im serious its like the greenest slipperiest walks, i could have chosen to walk across to get back nice.

One lets go through this mad cave, oh wow. Apparently, theres something really cool here, but ill, be the judge of that once i finally get up here. Jesus, oh wow, thats, pretty crazy, jake thats it Music Applause, theres, no drama here, theres, no drama, theres! No danger! No! I want to go somewhere where theres loads of danger near death experiences is what we need for the good of the shot you kind of beat it so lets go somewhere like finland, even though youre absolutely terrified, then, but yeah. That is the place to get these shot and im getting pure blinded by the sun if youre a vampire. This is not good yeah. This is not good were going to come back in five minutes. I got these shots. Youve got the shot apartment well, review. The footage later and then well see who got the shot: okay, smart art, every time. Honestly, oh, no, the birds. What were saying this place sucks its boring. I want to go somewhere crazy lets go to finland. There is a reason why its called find later. Is it called find lit? I was like this whole time. Ive been pronouncing that wrong like an absolute film. No, its called right anyway lets go to finland, where we can actually potentially get hurt. There thatd be worth the shot. No, this place is putting me to sleep. Apart from the birds, though i mean that was kind of scary. Oh wow, birds, honestly, the people dont want to see birds.

They want to see me getting hurt. Now i see you, i want to see you getting harder. So yeah finlatters on the table im going to get some mad drone shots through that cave at them. Lets do it. I dont want to go. I dont want to go well thats, nice here, youre. Finally, taking something for a change. Just leave me away the heavy stuff. Ive practically got a trap nerve in my lower back, so im dying it here and shes, leaving me where the heavy gear obviously takes the light bags. Every time. Honestly, hi, no wonder youre laughing im dying down here. Honestly ive got like a slipped disc in my back and you want me to carry all this stuff. Weve been a hell and back in our adventures, but this place to me is like a walk in the park. Is this the way? Surely no? This is way dodgier than last time, if it makes you feel any better if you fall ill catch. You on camera lets watch that drone id. Rather, you fail when the drone fall yeah avoid the sloppy parts avoid that massive drop. This is the worst place. Weve ever been to, why are we back here? I hate this place. You look terrified. I dont like this place, theres something i dont know it gives me really bad vibes. The wind has got it the ones taking it its, never a good sign. Now i need to try and somehow fly it through this rock.

Oh, i dont know. If i can do this, i dont know if i can get it back through this hole. Look at the wind pushing it im going to land it in there didnt that groove im, not joking here, i think im going to land it down in that just change it slowly, while im pushing it right were gon na have to try and really look at It its pure fighting, im just gon na gun it right back right and hope that its gon na be going hope that doesnt have any rocks, bring it down and leave it. So it comes in the widest part, yeah right. Why is the wind so bad? Please wait. You got this yeah, i dont. Have this come on. Come on man come on come on, come on, come on, come on, oh, oh, i couldnt get it back in the wind was pushing it all over the place, so the only option would have been land all the way down there or try and make it through This and it looks like a massive hole, but the one was making no chance right in the way of these slits too many rocks yeah one of these days, im gon na get so cocky and end up losing my drone, and i do not want that and That day is probably going to be today. What do you want to do? Hey? I think i think im going to go down there and not because im scared for being up here, but i just think id like to go down and get a shot of this place from the outside.

What do you think itll be a different angle? Youve not got that angle, yet i just sled right next to this. So apparently these fours could just cave in at any moment and we could just fall right to our deaths. We always get absolutely shafted by the wind every time fast slip. Thats me done for game over yeah i dont actually know whats down there. It could just be a massive drop to your death, so i might as well just check it out anyway for the good of the video. This is very sauce very dodgy. Oh, my goodness, im doing all of this in converse. One of these rocks could just slip and snap my neck at any moment. Oh Music, thats crazy. This is very dodgy watch that this doesnt fall and crush me hes just gnawing down all of this in converse and shorts, as per i mean they might as well. Just sponsor me at this rate. They know this dodgy climbing in their shoes, theyre very durable and they work i havent died. Yet i think this battles been a wee bit right off for me because i keep trying to get the most dodgy shots. So chris over here is jealous of my belter shots, so hes taking over. He thinks he can be better stop the only shot. I really want is a shot of these waves coming in, because i think the white and the black rocks just look absolutely amazing.

Music. Music right, this is going to be a quick two minute thing because im so hungry and i just want to get fired under this burger, basically so far its been hit or miss with the shots. But the one thing i want to say is this was meant to be like a pure cut front, competition against me and evelyn like who can get a better shot, try and beat each other, but its kind of turned into something. A lot more humble, like were just working together as a team to capture all these sweet shots, and i feel like thats how it should be like if youre working together with somebody for the goodyear project competitions still great, though like it works on your growth. Like we can like bounce off each other in that way, im over that petition teamworks just as valuable its just as valuable yeah. Oh yeah, i think, were a good team, its a good message, i think yeah so thats. All i like to say were just hungry. Just switch the camera off youre done were down there as well. I dont want to see a camera ever again: okay, thats more than totally different until tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow, its time hell, yeah like crazy swimming pool, its all abandoned crazy, abandoned swimming pool, yeah gon na be sweet. Its interesting anyway, im hungry enjoy all right. What the oop big boy! I want you to were going to put the sweet, tiny drone through this massive hole and im telling you its not about the size its.

What you can deal with hey you actually done it im impressed. I am impressed Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, oh geez, so much trust in you right now. So much thrust. Try to chop my head off Music, see if you could film as good as you can moan wed, be absolutely rolling in cash right now. Im a profile maker youre, a pro monitor, honestly, always running on myth. So the more practice you hear in that thing, the better, so you can get some deadly shots of me of you too right in the middle ive, always taken shots in my stylish, yellow jacket and shorts of anybody. Mister. This video is about you honestly, its not even a competition anymore. You just need to practice Music go for it. Smash it go, go, go, go! Bye, bye, drone, goodbye, 1000 pounds, Music right, be careful, be very careful thats. This is like drawing its like whales. All over again its fighting you, this is bad. Is it you doing that or is it run down right? Good honestly, this is a stupid idea, maybe way to land it now or wait a thing about thinking about bringing it down now or i dont know bring it to safety. Where is he? Where is he right? Next to me, cant even see yeah, maybe bring it down now its gon na even to dodge it here for my liking. We dont get enough likes in the videos to crash it, so you know safety.

First, Music. It was like a dogs landing like honestly, so flying in the wind ill, give you a four out of ten landing in the wind, probably a one out of ten. That was a mad landing honestly. Give me my drone back cheers cheers to a friendly competition, so weve done something a little bit different with this one, and we have chosen one of our favorite shots from the drone wars. Part two and weve put them up against each other. In a poll on instagram, so the people pretty much vote for the shot they like the most and i havent actually seen the results yet so were going to look over those right now, if you hold my teeth like that, lets see ill put mine down too Yeah, just in case right, you have to throw it on your face. Who do you think won and why im just gon na be really biased here as they meet us? You know. Oh, my shot was better, so weve got 64 and 117 votes and the loser has got 36 67 votes and the winner is drumroll, please. You won im gon na look through the voters as well, because i see a lot of my friends who have thrown me under the bus and stabbed me in the back. I mean you know who your friends are: ive voted against you. So, thank you very much for that, ladies and gentlemen, but now it was anonymous anyway, so ill, let you off the leg off this time, but if we do our drone wars, part three, i want you to vote for like the true photographer here.

You know saying that, though i only use my talk down shot in the water, whereas ive done another that you didnt see me like see, thought i was cheating, because i thought i liked it that i liked the edit, but it was much better photoshop like thats Cheating its not cheating, thats, not against the rules, it is against the rules. The boat was never there. We need to make some ground rules for the next time, then, because i thought that shot was top notch. It was great, but there was no boat. You cannot just put a ball and its supposed to be a drone shot that you think you cant put a ball in it, so you can see stuff, but you cant add stuff or make that a real. We can like remove stuff, but we cant add it. You just dont photoshop, it no photoshop apartment its news to me just because im, an absolute photoshop machine shes like too concerned that id like to win every competition with an absolute photoshop masterpiece. No right so well go with natural shots. Next time, yeah and ill still beat you as soon as i let you win this one. You know yeah yeah sure shes got so competitive that earlier she actually came home with her own brand new drone yeah. I was like okay, okay thats.