com now here i have the new dji air, 2s and i’ll be honest with you. I was not actually expecting this drone to even come out because i felt like the air 2. Just like just came out, but it actually came out exactly pretty much a year ago and i’ve actually been flying the air 2s for the past few weeks now and i’m actually super excited about this one, even though i’d probably say that about all the drones, but Mainly because if you guys do watch the channel, i’ll normally always talk about which drones, i will always carry with me and majority time i’m, always carrying the air too, because of course, when the air 2 came out, it is a nice middle ground between something like The mini 2, as far as the camera capabilities and the mavic 2 pro it had that nice middle ground with size, weight and quality, as you can see here, we’re lined up in this way, because we are actually combining probably my two favorite drones, which is the Air 2 because of its capability in size, as well as the mavic 2 pro because of its camera, sits right in the middle because we do have pretty much the same size of the air 2. But now we have a one inch sensor on this drone and, besides that, one inch camera sensor. We do have this sensor here up top a little bit different little new compared to the air tube.

We don’t have that on something like this and we don’t even have that on the mavic 2 pro. As far as the top sensor goes, we have a sensor here at the very back that’s pointed straight up, so seeing that new sensor, as well as a camera, definitely a few different upgrades on the air 2s that we’re going to talk about so let’s go through That in this video, and if you guys are new to my channel, my name is aldrin estacio. I do a lot of drone tech tips, tutorials and product reviews right here on this channel. So if that’s, something that interests you please consider, subscribing and also hitting that bell to be notified when i post new videos and i’m gon na have a lot of information in this video, because we’re gon na talk all about the air 2s. But, of course, if you guys want to skip around i’m going to have time stamps down below in the video description feel free to skip around if you’re, just looking for something in particular and before we get into the full review of the air, 2s let’s quickly. Go through some of the highlights specifications on this new drone and, like i mentioned the air 2s, does have that new one inch sensor a lot bigger than the half inch sensor we had on the air 2 and a nice bump from 4k. We now have 5.4 k video resolution, as well as ocusyncer 03 video transmission.

We now have 12.6 stops of dynamic range in photo mode and when it comes to obstacle avoidance, we do have four directional sensing on the air 2s. When it comes down to flight time. We have 31 minutes of flight time and as far as weight, we have 595 grams as well as all the intelligent flight modes have been updated and also there’s a new one called master shots which we’ll go through now. First things: first, when you’re looking at getting the air 2s, what do you get in the combo? How much is it now for the standard 999 combo, you get the drone, you get the remote control. You get the charger as well as a couple other extra propellers extra sticks, some of the basic stuff you’re gon na need, of course, to get this thing up and running, but just like all the other dji drones, they always have something called the fly more combo, Which is normally one, i would always recommend mainly because you get this. You get a couple extra batteries. You get the battery hub for charging as well as you get some nd filters, and also when you get the flimer combo, you get a nice bag. It already actually comes in the bag ready to go so you get a bag. A couple extra batteries, a hub as well as nd filters, so normally fly more combo – is just the way to go because everything’s already packed in here, and you have a lot of extra batteries, something you’re going to normally always want to buy anyways.

Once you get your drone, i have a full unboxing video if you guys want to see that one it’ll be listed above as well as down below in the video description. Now when it comes to weight of the air 2s, i was actually pleasantly surprised at one. They didn’t have to change too much of the body, but the weight it’s only 25 grams, more than the air too. Now, of course, that weight is going to be that camera system, as well as the new sensors here at the very top. But the fact that this is 595 grams we have 570 grams on the air too. The mini 2 is about 240 grams 241 and the mavic 2 pro is 907 grams. So as much as i love the mavic 2 pro that weight sometimes can be a factor when you’re trying to travel light or pack everything into a bag now, depending where you’re located here in the u.s. If you have something over 250 grams you’re going to need to register your drone with the faa and that’s, why this mini 2 still is a huge deal because it sits under that 250 gram mark. I know there’s. Definitely a lot of places that have those really strict restrictions on weights of drones, so this thing’s sitting under that 250 gram threshold definitely still probably the most popular drone. Because of those reasons you don’t actually have to register your drone or the mini 2 and mini one with the faa.

Of course, you still have to abide by all the standard. You know flight rules and all of the other safety precautions that you would with any of the drones now when it comes down to size. This is what i was actually really excited to see is that, even though they added two new sensors to the top, as well as a one inch camera, we still have pretty much the same form factor and the same size as the air 2. and as far As exact dimensions go between these two, the air 2s is only a few millimeters longer than the air 2, but almost all the cases that i’ve been using, they could still be used in the case it’s a little snug. So if you do have a foam set, it is able to fit in most foam sets as long as that foam set has a little bit of give in it or if you recently got my bag right here for the air 2, just letting you guys know That the air 2s actually fits in there just as fine now when comparing the size of the air 2s compared to the mini. Of course, the mini is just just super small. This thing is such a tiny and powerful drone just nice that it’s the same size as the air 2, but when it comes down to the mavic 2 pro, you can definitely see a big size difference here, as well as weight.

That does feel a lot heftier compared to the air 2s. Now, when it comes down to flight time, the air 2 is actually the king of these four right here. So the air 2 can get 34 minutes or rated for 34 minutes of flight time. When it comes down to the mini 2 we’re at 31 minutes as well as the air, 2s also 31 minutes, and then also the mavic 2 pro rated for 31 minutes now, because the air 2s uses the exact same battery as the air 2, so that extra Weight is, of course, taking away from some of that flight time on the air 2s and, yes, when i say they’re the exact same batteries, spec wise they’re exactly the same, and they are also interchangeable. So if you have an air 2, it works with the air 2s. So here is the air 2 s. You can take that out pop that into the air too. Everything works, the same. The hub works, the same. The chargers work the same from the air 2 to the air 2s. Now it comes out to video quality and video comparison. Of course, that’s reason why you want to bump up your camera specs. You want to go up to something like a one inch sensor. A lot bigger sensor than we have here, which is a half inch sensor and as the mini 2 and the mini one, you have the one over 2.3 inch sensor.

That was always the biggest advantage of the mavic 2 pro the hasselblad color science technology, as well as a one inch sensor, still makes this thing, probably still the best camera that’s on the market as far as the size go now, there’s a difference as far as The camera on the air 2s – you do not have a variable aperture, like you, do on the mavic 2 pro so you’re, not able to change your aperture from 2.8 all the way to f11. Here it is a fixed 2.8, so that’s still a big advantage on the mavic 2 pro you do have the hasselblad color science, as well as the variable aperture from 2.8 to f 11. and here’s a few side by side comparisons of the air 2s versus the Air 2, as well as the mini, and also next to the mavic 2 pro now. These are some sample clips i’m going to have a separate video, showing you guys some longer form video comparisons of all these drones here, so make sure you guys check out that video above as well as down below in the video Music description Music. Now i know a lot of people might say: why do you need 5k 4k? It might be enough. Well, the great thing about 5k, or even some of the cameras that shoot 6k is that it does give you that ability to have that higher video resolution. So if you ever wanted to punch in or crop in a little bit onto your video, you are able to do so without losing any of that resolution.

If you’re exporting out in something like 4k. Now, when it comes to video transmission – which i still always say, is the most important thing on any drone you get dji has now moved up to ocusync, 3 or o3. They call it o3, which is pretty much ocusync 3.0, which was introduced on this right here. The dji fpv drone now with o3 we’re able to get 12 kilometers or about 7.5 mile range on the air 2s, which is a nice little bump from the six mile, 10 kilometer range. We were getting on the air too, now they’re able to achieve that extra range, because now we have four antennas on the air 2s, where on the air 2, as well as the mavic 2 pro they were using the dual nintendos. Here we have upgraded four antennas. Two in the front on these, as well as two in the back now, of course, when i took this out of the box, the very first time you can’t help, but look at these little bug eyes here at the very top two new sensors at the top. But they’re, as you can see, they’re angled they’re not pointed directly up, as you would see something like the mavic 2 pro. We have that sensor here on the mavic 2 pro but, as you can see, it’s pointed straight up and we don’t have any top sensors here on the air too, on the air tube, we only have the two front: sensors.

We have the bottom sensors as well as the back sensors, now the main reason why they have these two sensors at that angle, as you can see now, of course, we’re flying super slow and these front two sensors now can capture everything if it’s going at a Slow pace, however, if you’re flying a little bit faster, the angle of the aircraft is going to be turned just like this, which means now those front two sensors. If that’s, all you had to work with, and if you’re flying a little bit faster are going to be pointed down, they’re not able to capture or sense anything up here and that’s, where these two new angled front, sensors or kind of front top sensors come into Play as you tilt and fly the drone a little bit faster, you can see here now that these front sensors have that better angle. So if there was obstacles in front of it – and this thing were to fly at a little bit more of an angle, it will now sense those obstacles here where normally it wouldn’t be able to sense it, because these sensors are going to be pointed almost straight Down so yes, they are sensors on the top, but kind of like dual or quad sensors. Now in the front, one for kind of slow moving and then also one for fast moving. So technically it is on the top, but i would say it’s, almost like four sensors on the front, just based on your speed you’re going to be going at and how it’s going to work now.

Obstacle avoidance still only works in that normal mode, you’re, not able to use it in something like sport mode. It goes a little bit too fast in order for it to slow down and stop, but in normal mode, even in normal mode. It’Ll still have that tilt. So it’ll still help in those situations where the drone is tilted up a little bit. Another feature that they added to the air 2 after release was the ability to have a digital, zoom. I’M glad that now on the air 2s, it comes right out of the box ready to go. You do have digital zoom on the air 2s. You have three times digital zoom at 5.4 and 4k. You have four times digital zoom, and if you want to go all the way down to 1080, you have eight times digital zoom on the air 2s. The one thing, however, i did like doing with digital zoom is punching in in something like 4k and having that two three or four times zoom on a subject. And then you have a lot more parallax movement in the video, because now you are zooming in on it and if there’s, something that’s in your field of view, that’s closer and you have a lot more parallax movement when you’re zoomed in and another benefit of having That digital zoom is that you can be away from your subject and then you don’t have to necessarily hear the drone. You can be away about a hundred feet away, zoom in four times and still be able to get a nice clean shot.

Now, when it comes to intelligent flight modes, definitely one of those big factors that dji is known for and now we have spotlight 2.0 and the great thing and the easy thing about spotlight. All you have to do is select your subject or an object, and you can actually control the sticks in any direction and spotlight will keep that subject in the middle of your screen. Dji makes it super simple for you to engage spotlight, all you simply have to do is drag a box on the object or the screen and it’ll automatically start tracking it once it’s engaged, and they also have point of interest 3.0, which is also a nice one. To have now, you can actually move really slowly and the drone will still kind of catch up to you and spin around, but if you’re moving a little bit too fast, it’ll lose you in that tracking. So point of interest is really good. If you just want to fly up, select something select a subject on your screen hit, go select which direction you want. The drone to spin around in and it’ll automatically just make a nice little point of interest circle around that subject. I did try tracking myself, while i was on my bike, seeing how fast i can go and yeah if you move too quickly the point of interest won’t work, but if you’re moving at a nice, slow pace or just jogging or running, this can go all the Way around you, while you’re moving now, i do want to jump back to active track or focus track which are calling it on the dji intelligent flight mode.

I did a few different passes with active track, of course, in a nice open field super easy to do. No issues there, of course, pretty much a lot of the drones, especially even their older drone platforms, easy for active shots to just track you, while you’re up in an open field. So i did want to push the boundaries a little bit see how well those top sensors kind of come into play. So what i did was i got on my bike and i flew this thing up to the top of the tree lines right next to the road where i was riding as well as not only the tree lines but there’s also light posts on there, and i Wanted to see how well it would maneuver, either up or around the tree lines as well as light posts, and this was kind of one of those risky ones where you’re like okay let’s, see how this goes and if it goes bad, then we might have to Call it a caller review, but lucky enough i went on my bike and surprisingly, when i looked at the footage afterwards, i mean i could see it behind me. Moving around, i thought: okay, maybe i’m fine. It was not a big deal, but it was good to see in the footage afterwards that this thing was not only dodging the trees kind of going around them, but also it came up on a couple light posts.

It went over. One of the light posts came back down and then went under another light post and went around the tree so after seeing the footage, pretty darn impressed with active track on the new air 2s. Now one of the new intelligent modes we now have is called master shots. Now, what master swatch is is basically, when you hit master shots in the app and you hit go it’ll perform a bunch of different maneuvers in the air, whether it’s kind of like a droney, a little parallax movement. It’Ll fly above you it’ll fly all the way around you. It does almost very similar it’s like a bunch of quick shots and it’ll automatically. Now take all that footage edit it in the app as well as add its own soundtrack or audio to it, and then export that out into a little mini video clip. I look at it in one of those modes where, if you want something quick and easy to post on social media, but yet have a lot of different cinematic types of footage in it, all you have to do is click on master shots. It’Ll automatically. Do all the maneuvers in the air edit everything, add audio and then give you something to post on social media, or if you want to take that raw footage later and edit it. You are able to get that footage and use it in some other edit Music. Now, speaking of quick shots, we do have all the quick shots on this one.

Just like we do on a bunch of the other dji drones, everything from droney rocket circle, helix boomerang and also asteroid, quick shots like helix and circle. I always talk about is one of those two that you’re probably always going to use. It really gives you that establishing shot, especially when you’re out there. It has something that, with a nice scenic background, using circling, helix just gives you that automated function. That makes it super easy for you to see everything that’s around you quick shots, definitely a good thing to have on all the dji drones and when it comes to photography, we do have a lot of those similar functions that we have on some of the other Ones we have burst mode, we have aeb or auto exposure bracketing. We have time mode smart photo as well as panoramics. All the photos can be captured in jpeg and raw at 20 megapixels and the nice thing is. We do have hdr in all the modes. Another feature they brought over from the air 2 is adsb or air sense lots of air traffic in my area, especially when you’re near the beach definitely a lot of tourist helicopters. Other aircraft that’s, always patrolling so having that air sensor adsb on lets me know that there is an aircraft coming that way, i’m able to either lower my drone or if i want to see where that aircraft might be on my map, all i have to do Is click on the map and i can actually see where the aircraft is coming from now when it comes to having internal memory or internal storage on the drone, i was kind of disappointed that they only stuck with eight gigabytes being that the upgrade of the camera It’S 5.

4, now just everything got bumped up, which means your file sizes are also going to be a lot bigger. I kind of thought they would at least give us maybe 16 or 32 gigs. I mean we have eight gigs on the air too, but we do have something: eight gigs, internal storage. So if you do forget your memory card i’ll, you should know that you can have some footage captured here on the internal memory. Eight gigs, it would have been nice if they had something like 16 or 32, but something small better, nothing. Now, along with those photo modes, we also have time lapse modes on the air 2s. The new timelapse mode supports 4k up to 60 frames. A second and you do have four different time lapse: modes. The first one is circle. You also have course lock, waypoint and also free. So if you wanted to be able to just have this thing set and you’re able to manually control where it goes, but keep it on the timelapse you’re able to do that, one of the cool ones is waypoint, but also i like circle. While doing this thing. Depending on what type of subject matter you have in the video now in the fly more combo, they actually give you a four pack of nd filters which is really cool. They give you a neutral density level, 4, 8, 16 and 32. So it does come in the fly more combo and it actually comes in this really cool slim case here.

So if you do fly close to the ground or close to other objects, and you want to have a little bit more natural motion blur in your video you’re going to need to slow that shutter speed down put on one of these nd filters to get your Exposure, correct and that’ll allow you to bring that shutter speed down so that you have a little bit more natural motion blur in the video and if you guys want more information about how to properly expose and use nd filters, make sure you guys check out my Nd filter, playlist above as well as down below in the video description and some other photo modes that are automated in the app itself is the panoramic modes. You have options like sphere 180 degrees, wide angle as well as vertical now here for this shot, i actually selected 180 degrees, and all i did is press 180 hit go and, as you can see here, it’ll automatically take those photos and stitch everything together in the App and once it’s all done, this is the result i was able to get. Of course i did a little bit of post processing on some of the colors and saturation, but this is the stitching it was done in app. Also, if you did something like vertical here’s, an example of a vertical shot, it was able to take sequence of photos from top to bottom stitch them all together on an app as well as doing a little bit of post processing.

This is vertical mode. Now, when it comes to the propellers, we do have the low noise propellers very similar to what we already had on the air 2.. Now, of course, when they say the low noise, i always want to put these up and see exactly how they sound, how they compare and see. If there really is a difference in noise comparison between the r2 as well as this one here, the air 2s, and also – how does this one compare to something like the fpv drone to the mini 2 to the mini 1, also to the mavic 2 pro? What is that tone? How does it sound compared to some of these other drones? I did a full side by side noise comparison between all of those drones. If you guys want to see that i’ll make sure that link is down below in the video description as well now when it comes to the remote control on the air 2s, if you’re familiar with the mini 2 as well as the air 2, they came out With this remote right here, which we now have the exact same remote for the air 2s, so if you are familiar with the mini 2 and the air 2, which is this one, those are exactly the same now, if you are coming from something like the mini One or some of the older ones – you might know this remote right here, where you would normally put your phone underneath and have your screen here.

So if you did come from some of the older ones like the air, one, the mini one and some of the mavic lineups, you might be familiar with this one. But we do have a new remote here where you’re gon na be putting the phone up. On top, compared to the bottom that we had on some of the older ones and speaking of remote controls, just let you guys know that the smart controller is going to be compatible just like the air 2. The air 2s will be compatible with the smart controller as far as when i’m doing this review it’s not compatible, but dji did. Let me know that, yes, the smart controller will be compatible the same way. It was with the air 2. It will also be compatible with the air 2s. Now going from the smart controller compatibility, we do have this. A lot of questions is the motion controller that i bought with my fpv drone and my goggles that i bought my future. Can i use that with the air 2s? After speaking with dji, they said that they are working on making all this compatible so as a work with this recording right now, it’s not linked up, but hopefully in the future, with a firmware update. Just like the smart controller, hopefully you’ll, be able to now use the motion controller and the goggles now, of course, which one am i going to be carrying in my bag.

No brainer it’s going to be this one right here because of the fact i was already used to carrying the air 2, and now i get something a lot better. As far as camera quality goes getting closer to that mavic 2 pro quality, but not there. Just yet, but adding in all of the other stuff, the upgraded intelligent flight modes. Now the new sensors here up front. Of course the camera system 5.4k video. So you have a lot of those things, of course, that we’re so used to on the air too. But now everything bumped up far as quality wise, getting closer to that mavic 2 pro type of camera, but as of right now, i don’t think you’re going to get much better than this, which is this nice little bridge in between these two drones right here and That’S about all i got for the air 2s. Of course, if you guys want to support the channel, i have links to all these products down below in the video description, make sure you guys use those links if you’re looking at picking up any one of these products, it’ll definitely help support the channel and, like I talked about throughout the video. I have a bunch of other videos coming out, so make sure you guys check out the air 2s playlist. I have a bunch of videos that go into a lot more detail and all the functions. All the comparisons are all going to be in separate videos, so make sure you guys check out my playlist above as well as down below in the video description.

As always, if you guys got value from this video, a big like would be much appreciated and also don’t forget to subscribe, hit that bell to be notified. When i post new videos, this is aldrin estacio with i’ll see you guys.