Now i want to talk to you about it. Stay tuned, Music Applause. So, first of all, if youre new to the channel please hit subscribe, because we do a lot of content about dji drones, fpv drones, toy drones and all kinds of rc stuff. We have a lot of fun here. So if you would like to subscribe the buttons right there somewhere – ah Music Applause, Music, so the air 2s, what can i say, im going to tell you this right up front. This is my favorite camera drone. At the moment it is october of 2021 and right now, ive been flying. This thing pretty much non stop since it came out ive gotten all kinds of great shots with it, ive traveled with it a bit ive had the ability to do some professional stuff with it, and it has not failed me once so before we get too far Into this i will say, theres a full review of this drone linked somewhere here, and you can go check it out if you want all the specs im not going to talk about that right now. What im going to talk about just are the things that i do like and a couple of things that i wish they could improve on it to ultimately give you an idea of whether its still worth buying towards the end of 2021 and early 2022.. First of all, what i like about it, they took the one inch sensor from the mavic 2 pro and put it into a smaller form factor, so the low light capability and the picture resolution and the 4k video that you get out of it and the higher Resolution higher than 4k that you get out of it, its all amazing, its all really great stuff, and to me to have that in a smaller form, factor something thats easier to travel with, has an amazing flight time is quiet.

All of those things make this thing. A great choice for videography and shooting stills with it. It just does a really really wonderful job in such a compact and unassuming form factor. Now they also did some things to improve the quick shots. You can now do quick shots in 4k there was a while earlier, where all your quick shots had to be in 1080, but now you can do them in 4k, so your hyperlapses can all be in 4k and by the way you can shoot raw photos as Youre doing your hyperlapse, so you can take every hyperlapse that you do that gets meshed together in the software and take the original raw photos and either pull them out individually or string them together in in premiere or da vinci or some other editing program and make A really really beautiful, hyperlapse out of it, because you can play with the levels the light levels in them and the black and the white and all that stuff so that they look really really sharp sharper than they do. If you just take the mp4 straight off the card, thats a really great versatility with it and then finally, everything about it from a flyability perspective is spot on its got sensors that work really well, but theyre, not overbearing. I did do a couple of things with the evo too, and i really like the evo too, but ill tell you it freaks out anytime, its anywhere near anything.

This drone seems to give you warnings when it needs to but leaves you alone when it doesnt, and i really like that about it, its just fast enough to keep up with things if youre trying to track them. Ive did a lot of tracking of ships over the summer, which was a lot of fun, but its also not so fast that its intimidating and, of course it has all the extras built into it. Like the sensor. That tells you, if theres a manned aircraft in the area, the anti collision sensors, the battery warnings are really good. The return to home is very solid, thats kind of the case with most dji drones, but theyve refined everything and ocusync 3 on this guy is rock solid as long as youre on the dji remote control that uses your phone. Probably my only complaint about this drone is the fact that when you fly it with the smart controller, you do lose some of the range and some of the connectivity. I think thats more a function of the smart controller than it is of the drone itself, because when you fly this with a remote control that comes with it using your phone, its rock solid, i never had anything break up or drop. I did have a loss of signal a couple of times when i was flying with the smart controller and i hope they upgrade the smart controller and make it backwards compatible with it Music.

If you are a consumer and youre just starting out, you want something: thats really easy to fly really safe to fly. Pretty small still requires registration with the faa because its over 250 grams, but checks a lot of boxes. This is still it if its late 2021 or early 2022 and youre thinking about getting a camera drone. This guy is a stellar drone um, it kind of depends on where you are in terms of your professionalism in terms of photography and videography. If youre looking to do stuff thats a little more creative, a little more professional, this is a great place to start. But if you just want to take snapshots of family vacations and stuff like that, the mini 2 is a great place to start, and i did a comparison of those two that you can check out. Love to hear your comments about the air 2s, especially since its been out for a while. How have you flown it? What do you like about it? What dont you like about it leave those comments below and thanks for watching, ready, set drone.