com now, if you guys havent seen my most recent video on this right here, the new dji action 2. They just released this one and i did a full review. You can check it above as well as down below in the video description and in that full review video. I did have a bunch of comparisons to this right here: the gopro hero 10, as well as the original osmo action, and this one right here. The insta 360 go 2.. Now, even though these are labeled as action cameras, i would probably still lean towards things like this: the original osmo action or the gopro hero 10.. When it comes to more, i would say, the extreme uses, or if you know that these cameras are going to be taking a beating. I feel like these are a little bit more comparable of how youd be using them daily. What youll be mounting them to kind of what theyre made to do so? This video? I want to talk to you more about these right here. The action 2 versus the insta 360 go to and if you guys are new to my channel, my name is aldrin estacio. I do a lot of drone tech tips, tutorials and product reviews right here on this channel. So if thats, something that interests you please consider, subscribing and also hitting that bell to be notified when i post new videos now, the main reason why i say these are a lot more comparable is because these were designed to be extremely small, as you can see Here this is the action two youre able to shoot with that camera and screen right here and on the go to youre able to take this out, and this is all youll need to capture footage.

Just like the action 2. and because of the small size of each of these cameras, both of them come with very similar accessories for mounting them in different scenarios. Different situations, the insta360 and the action 2. Both have this magnetic pendant, which youre going to be putting on the inside of your shirt. So if you wanted to have that first person view from this angle right here, you would put the pendant underneath and mount that camera straight to your chest. Now. As far as mounting it on your head, the go to has this smaller one, its more of a clip that you would put onto the front of your hat, and you can actually adjust this, and this is actually a first prototype version of the action two head. Strap, but this is the one where youd actually put around your head and then you would mount your camera right here to the front of it. They have these right here which are have these sticky backs so youre able to just put onto the window here. Put it onto your dashboard and that way, youre able to get some unique types of perspectives, because youre able to mount these cameras pretty much anywhere now by far the coolest feature of these cameras. Right here is the ability to move the camera all the way around, and you wouldnt even notice on the footage, but the horizon would stay nice and flat and in order for you to use that feature on the insta360 go to youre gon na need to shoot In pro video mode, once you shoot in pro video mode, whichever way youre moving the camera around, you can then take that footage into insta 360 studio, and you can actually make it so that the horizon stays nice and flat.

You would not even know that its moving around and when the go to did come out. That definitely was one of the biggest highlights of this camera. Now, while it works really well, like i said, the only thing is you have to take that footage and run it through studio in order for you to have that horizon nice and flat, what dji did on the action 2 now is that youre able to also Have that same type of feature, youre able to move the camera around, however, you cant shoot in 4k. You actually have to lower your resolution to 2.7 and up to 60 frames per second now. The big difference here is that you dont have to actually run it through any software dji has it so its built in so once you are done, shooting at 2.7, 30, 24 or 60. You can just take that footage straight from the camera right onto your computer and begin editing it. You dont have to run it through another software and as far as weight goes, we have 57 grams on the action two and on the go to you, have 27 grand now with that bigger size of a camera. There are some benefits of that too, and thats going to be video quality and sensor size. The sensor size on the action 2 is a little bit bigger at 1 over 1.7 inch and on the go to we have a little bit smaller one one over 2.

3 inch sensor on the go too now as far as being waterproof. These right here are waterproof. If youre, using just the cameras alone, but if you hook this up to the battery pack or if you put this into the charging case on the go to this whole setup, now is not waterproof, but just using the camera alone, you are able to use these In the water, as far as video resolution goes, the action 2 does take that one here. It shoots up to 4k at 120 frames. A second and the insta 360 go 2 can shoot up to 1440 at 50 frames a second now, while that might seem like a downside for a lot of people on the go to just as far as reading specs goes, but i think its really up to The person, as far as what youre going to be shooting and how high of a resolution do you really need ive, been using the go 2 since it actually came out a little while back and even though its a 1440 resolution, its definitely high enough quality to Use on all of your social media, using it for additional kind of creative shots, some b roll shots. So if you dont want to deal with the larger 4k file size than an insta360 go 2 might work for you. As far as memory storage goes. These both have 32 gig internal memory. Now i believe insta360 did come out with a 64 gig ill check that again and ill leave the links down below, but i think they might have a 64 gig internal one, but you cant expand it out from that.

You cant add more sd cards to it on the action two you are able to expand it now. One of the advantages of the go to is that if you did damage this front lens, you are able to just unscrew it and replace this right there. The action 2 does not have a lens cover, so if you did break that glass youre not able to just easily replace it youre more likely going to have to send that in and of course, thats. Probably why i said in my last video you, i recommend. Looking into that care refresh program from dji now there are going to be some third party companies coming out with filters very similar to how this one right here. This is a macro lens, but it goes on with a magnet this ones from dji, but i do know that theres going to be some filter companies coming out that has that magnetic filter. That goes on the front, but remember this is just a magnet. So if you are using it in some extreme sports or underwater, i probably would not recommend just having a magnet on there, because more likely this will just easily slip right off. One of the benefits of shooting in pro mode on the go 2 is that you are able to reposition your video just a little bit, but youre also able to change the aspect ratio when shooting in pro mode thats. One of the cool things of the go to you can actually just shoot your video and, after the fact, in insta 360 studio determine if you want to use a horizontal format or a portrait format, and you can actually change that.

So if youre shooting something for youtube before she could probably go wide, and if youre going to somebody for tick, tock or instagram stories, you can actually adjust the aspect ratio after youve shot with the action 2 youre going to have to make that determination. Before you shoot whether youre going to be shooting in landscape mode or in portrait mode, so you dont have that ability or that option to make that decision later on, like you do with the go 2. as far as price goes, the go 2 starts at 2.99 And that includes that 32 gig, internal storage here and the action 2 starts at 3.99, and that includes this one right here, which is the power combo. Now, if you wanted an extra screen on the very front, you can get this one right here, which is known as a dual led screen, combo ill make sure all the prices are above as well as down below in the video description and there. It is guys just my side by side comparison of these right here, the go 2 from insta360, as well as the dji action 2.. These are two cameras that i think, like i said, have its own kind of category, and i do think that the unique perspectives and the ability to kind of stick these almost anywhere opens up a lot of creative possibilities with cameras like this. I hope this video was helpful and, of course, if you guys got some value from this video, a big like would be much appreciated.

Make sure you guys check out all my other videos on the action 2 above as well as down below in the video description. I have a bunch of videos coming out and even if you want more videos on this right here, the insta360 go to make sure you guys check out that playlist down below this is alsacio with ill see you guys.