. So ive been shooting a ton of footage with the action 2 and when i was in alaska, i had the opportunity to work with the gopro hero 10. and when i was with jake and josiah, we shot a ton of footage side by side to compare both Of these and really see what the difference is between the two cameras and at the end of this, video were gon na go through some of the problems ive encountered working with both of these cameras and my thoughts around which camera is better. After looking at all these comparisons, now, obviously the cameras themselves are very different. The action 2 has the modular magnetic design and the gopro hero 10. Is your typical gopro with a screen on the back and also on the front now? One of the other major differences is the gopro has 5k resolution, and the action only goes up to 4k. However, i dont think resolution really makes the biggest deal in the world because, when it comes down to it, its more about how usable the camera is and how the image looks, the resolution really isnt going to determine how good a camera is. So, just to start off lets do 30 seconds of footage from both of these cameras side by side, so you can just see how they look directly compared Music. So both of these cameras are positioned in a way to do some vlogging. So it has the front facing screen on the action 2.

You have the screen module which you can put on the bottom. It adds more microphones and it gives you better audio on camera and the gopro. You have that front facing screen so heres an audio comparison. Jumping back and forth, we can also see how the cameras look back and forth all right, so we are walking through uh. A rainy, very rainy, very rainy, very, very rainy lets just do a little test here, side by side. This is the action two. This is the hero, 10. and uh. This is the audio just outside no wind cover, no nothing just straight out of camera, yeah, pretty calm right now, other than the rain coming down its, not a lot of wind by the way. What are we doing here were like out in the middle im in alaska? I dont know when i ended up in alaska. What are you doing in alaska? I dont know im up here: testing a camera and we decided to go out in the rain and theres the wind and the nasty just like you know, fall weather. This is my introduction to alaska was pouring down rain while hiking to go find an ice cave, yeah thats. You know you only live once and and if youre going to do stuff with somebody, you got to find somebody thats just about as crazy as you are pretty much as crazy as you are now a big question that i get all the time when i review A camera is how is it in low light, now, most of the time when youre, using an action camera its going to be in bright sunlight and both of these look good in bright sunlight.

But i went into an ice cave with jake up in alaska, and i want to show you how these look side by side when were in this darker setting. Oh, that looks awesome setting up a shot in an ice cave Music. All right lets see how the low light works on this camera just got in an ice cave and a little loom cube im gon na walk through this Music, Music Applause, Music, so Music, all right! So we need to talk about stabilization because thats, one area where these cameras differ a little bit so in terms of stabilization. The action 2 does rocksteady 2.0, which keeps the footage super stable, but it doesnt do horizon leveling. When you bump the camera down into 2.7 k, you have access to full 360 horizon leveling. Now the gopro has hyper smooth 4.0. Now gopro does have some horizon leveling up to 45 degree angle, its, not a full 360, but it does work for most situations, because 45 degrees is pretty far so lets take a look at the rocksteady versus the hypersmooth and see how much they differ. Music. Music Applause – all right so now lets really check out the stabilization of these two cameras on an fpv drone. Jake sloan mounted them side by side and he did a flight. So we could really see what the difference is between the two cameras: Music, Applause, Music. So both of these cameras have 4k 120 frames per second internal.

So lets look at the 4k 120 side by side to see how the two cameras compare Music. So both of these cameras offer both time lapse and hyperlapse. So lets just look at some hyperlapse footage to see how stable it is when youre moving this camera hand holding it and walking Music. So both cameras have 1080p 240 frames per second, which is super slow, so lets look at how different it is between each and see if one is softer than the other Music. Okay, so weve done a bunch of side by side comparisons, just kind of testing. Some things as we had both cameras together but really lets look at how these cameras perform at their best. So im gon na do a minute of dji footage from a trip i just went on in utah and then well look at the gopro hero 10.. I have a bunch of footage from alaska from a different project. I was working on just before i went out to utah, and so this is a bunch of footage from that project as well: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, all right. So before we keep going any further, i want you to go down the comments and let me know which camera you think looks better, but i want to talk about some of the problems that i encountered with both of these cameras. So one thing thats been coming up is the overheating issue with the action 2.

. Now, when i was out filming in both alaska and utah, i never had any sort of overheating issues. However, when the camera was released earlier this week, i saw a bunch of comments about how its been overheating. So i did some tests in my office here and yeah. I could get the camera to overheat if i just run 4k 120 frames per second and let it just sit there recording for a long period of time, so its definitely something that dji is going to need to address. However, when were up in alaska shooting with the gopro hero 10, we had that camera just randomly shut off. It would have plenty of battery, it would record 10 seconds and then it would just shut off, and so gopro has been addressing some of these issues, and hopefully the fixes that are coming out with firmware and batteries will help fix these problems. Besides the shutting off, we also had the gopro completely freeze up and when it freezes, you cant do anything but pull the battery out and when we pull the battery out, we lost that footage. So the gopro definitely has some issues in terms of functionality and i would hate to be in a situation where i had the gopro mounted on, say the outside of the helicopter and then we come back and it freezes and we lose all that footage with the Action 2: we never had any sort of freezing issues and we never had any sort of overheating when were actually using it out in the field.

Yes, it does overheat if you push it but its, not something that i really noticed until people brought it up and i did some strict tests with it now. One problem that dji really needs to address is on the menus. So when you swipe down theres the card selection on the left and if you put your finger in kind of the same spot and tap three times, you formatted your card, and this actually is a major issue. Because when i was out filming, i shot an entire day of footage. I had the camera down by my side. It was still turned on and i must have had some water on the screen or something but the camera formatted itself and i pulled it up and i lost an entire day of footage and on the gopro. Your format button is really buried deep in the menu. So theres no chance of you accidentally like swiping and clicking, and it would take a while to get to that format button, whereas the dji you swipe down tap in pretty much the same part of the screen three times and you formatted your card. After looking at all of this footage and putting it all side by side, honestly, not really one stands out, both cameras are good in different ways, and both cameras are good depending on the application. If you wanted more of a pov style camera, the action 2 is awesome. The magnetic mount works super well and im planning on mounting these throughout my jeep to do some over landing videos, because its going to be super easy to just pop this off pop it somewhere else or like grab it and go get a shot outside without having To like unscrew the gopro mounts now, the gopro has higher resolutions, which is going to be good for some situations, but resolution isnt everything.

I guess the final thing i want to say if youve gotten this far in the video is that it really doesnt matter which camera you choose. It comes down to how youre going to use the camera and the kind of videos that youre going to create, because when you put these cameras side by side, youre really just splitting hairs in terms of what the differences are. Theres going to be some things. That look better on the gopro and some things that look better on the action too, and it really comes down to your use and the stories that youre telling. After working with these on two different adventures, i definitely prefer the ease of use with the action 2 and the smaller size and the magnetic mount just make it a more usable camera in my world and its something that i can see myself continuing to use. But you got to remember at the end of the day, its whatever camera is going to help you capture the footage that you need to tell your story.