Camera from dji aptly named the dji action 2.. Two years ago, dji released their first action camera the osmo action, which got a lot of videographers excited thanks to its large rear, touchscreen lcd and a perfectly placed front facing lcd, which was crucial for framing selfies and travel vlogs. This new dji action 2 offers those same great features and then some, the new lightweight aluminum alloy body, has a sleek minimalistic, look with a smooth and solid feel it can reach never before seen heights thanks to its ability to shoot 4k at 120 frames per second And it has a super wide field of view of 155 degrees for an enhanced perspective. It features rocksteady 2.0 for crucial image. Stabilization and the new horizon steady feature to keep your footage level, but i got ta start with the new innovative modular magnetic design so lets roll. The dji action 2 comes in two pieces. First, is the action camera unit with the new lens that provides that crazy? Ultra wide field of view of 155 degrees, this new custom, atmospheric lens, sharpens edges and reduces image distortion, so users can enhance their perspective and gain an improved depth of field. The power slash record button is on the top a directional 4 mic matrix. Stereo is actually built in for great sounding audio, its a beautiful fall day here in new york city, so i hopped on a rebel scooter and room room. My way around brooklyn ended up at the east river here at domino park.

We get a beautiful view of the new york city, skyline behind me, beautiful little park here great place to try out test the new dji action 2. right now, youre listening to the internal audio, the built in microphone of the action too. Let me know you think, in the comments below it has a color temperature photo sensor, a lanyard hole for attaching accessories 32 gigs of internal storage that holds approximately between 25 and 30 minutes of 4k video, a very bright and sharp oled rear touch screen on the Bottom of the unit or the top, depending on which way youre holding it, is the new expansion port that allows you to connect to the second piece. The second piece of the action 2 is the power module unit. This can be magnetically attached to the camera unit. To supply power and extend the operating time of the action camera unit, it takes about 90 minutes to charge via the usbc port and will last around 160 minutes depending on the usage. Users can also insert a micro sd card into the power module unit to increase the external storage of the camera, which can take up to a 256 gigabyte card, but it doesnt just supply extra power and external storage. It also gives users a front facing oled touch screen so that users can quickly change modes or frame up their selfies and vlogs with ease. But probably one of the coolest parts of this new magnetic modular design is the ability to mount it in a unique place.

Like, for instance, around your neck, take the included magnetic lanyard, adjust for your personal neck size and then conveniently attach the action to camera unit magnetically to the lanyard. Through your shirt and voila, you now have a first person point of view that can comfortably hang around your neck. This new magnetic design means users can capture unique angles and easily swap accessories in the field so that they dont miss a moment built tough. The action 2 camera unit is drop, proof, dust proof and waterproof at depths of up to 10 meters and with a touchscreen and lens constructed of gorilla glass, its durable enough for any adventure. The dji action 2 also comes with plenty of new features under the hood. It is capable of shooting sharp 12 megapixel photos and capturing smooth video up to 120 frames per second in 4k resolution. It has a max resolution of 4096 by 3070 at 60 frames per second in the 4×3 ratio. In case you need that extra resolution, even though users can shoot in that whopping 155 degree field of view, youre not locked into that perspective, theres also a wide option, as well as a standard option that actually de warps the image in camera for more standard view. The all new horizon, steady feature in tandem with rocksteady 2.0, keeps the action 2s footage level, no matter how wild the action gets from go. Karting to dirt biking, djis latest built in stabilization, algorithm, detects and corrects camera shake and rotation in real time show off your creative flair with a show, stopping custom time lapse or take advantage of the three new preset modes: crowds, clouds and sunsets.

These are designed specifically for those types of scenes, theres also my personal favorite mode hyperlapse, which is great for capturing your travels over long distances in a unique way you can set it to auto mode or select from five different hyperlapse speeds. Slow motion mode is here to make sure you never miss a moment of impact. As mentioned, you can shoot 4k up to 120 frames per second and get this when youre in slow motion mode. You can actually enable or disable slow motion in the middle of your shot, which equates to in camera frame ramping saving. You lots of time in post production using the touch screen. Lcd users can seamlessly switch from close ups to distant shots, even as you shoot to add greater depth to your footage, thanks to the digital zoom that works in photo or video modes sync and share on the go with the dji memo app where users can effortlessly Capture edit and share the highlights of any of their adventures, the app is filled with intuitive features and powerful editing tools. All available right at your fingertips. Using the ai editor sharing carefully crafted content is only a few taps away. The dji memo app automatically selects and combines your epic moments with flawless transitions and upbeat music use your smartphone to manage and transfer photos and videos in a flash in the box. You get the action, 2 camera and power supply modules, a usbc cable for charging.

The magnetic lanyard a magnetic adapter mount and a magnetic ball joint adapter that allows users to stick the action to pretty much anywhere with the included, reusable adhesive base and then use that ball joint to create unique vantage points. In any scenario, the mount also allows you to connect to tripods or other third party accessories. The dji action 2 isnt, just ultra versatile, its also their most powerful action camera. Yet the innovative magnetic design lets users effortlessly swap out accessories as they capture life. On the go designed with vloggers in mind the front facing oled touchscreen and the four mic matrix stereo, let creators compose videos and capture crisp audio as they narrate their adventures. Thanks to creative features like time lapse, mode, slow motion mode and photo mode. Users have a variety of options to capture moments and then quickly, edit or share them via the dji memo app if youre any kind of travel or adventure content creator and need a small sleek camera with a unique perspective.