So the camera is quite ambitious and it comes with all kinds of modules and its a good try. Honestly, but after trying it out for a while, we found out that it kind of misses on some points and its also interesting in others that they made certain choices, so lets break it down. So, first of all its not a bad camera, i actually think its a really good camera concerning the build quality is really nice. The image quality its disputable. I think its okay but thats a point that we disagree on and but i dont think its a true continuation of the original dji osmo action, which is what a lot of you are saying that you wanted the original action, and this is a complete departure from That camera, which is totally true so in that sense, i do wish that they had branded it something different like dji, mod camera or something because thats truly what it is, its its own, unique camera, its not an actual continuation of the original osmo action. Yeah and thats an interesting choice they made because it makes me think they didnt succeed as much as they wanted to in competition with gopro. Basically, they went and tried to replicate the gopro plus they added the front screen before go project, and yet it seems like not enough. People bought it for them to continue it and they redesigned it completely. Its not even compatible in any way right.

Its a total remake and now its more similar to the insta r right, the more yeah 361r, which i will be doing, a comparison between the dji osmo action and the insta360 one are because theyre, both modular. But there are actually some big differences between the two and i actually think insta360 does a better job with modularity, because they offer use different lenses to interchange and dji. Right now is not offering that they actually dont make a 360 camera that i know of so i dont know if theyre ever gon na offer lenses as different mods. The only mod that im seeing is the option to add an extra screen or add an extra battery which is kind of nice. You can build your own camera so to speak, but the problem is you: cant use the little camera mod by itself and if you had to be able to do that, it would have been a really successful iteration of the gopro session, which is what a lot Of you are saying that you wish gopro would go back and make a session and dji, i think, had an opportunity to do that, but they didnt quite go all the way with it and thats really strange, because at first people did get excited that they get Something like the session like a little block. You know they can plant anywhere do anything with, but it turns out its not useful that way. In the case of dji, you have to have the extra module for some things.

Yeah. If you want to charge the camera mod and have a sd card in the mod or in the camera, then you have to connect the two. So you cant, you can sort of use the camera stand alone, but at some point, if you ever want to charge it, then you have to add the secondary block. So it cant function independently, yeah that thats a miss because otherwise people would have bought it. Just because of the form factor that doesnt exist anymore in its competition, yeah um – and there are many use cases for people so anyway, those two are interesting choices, so, instead what do they get right in this case uh? I do think that again, the build quality of the camera is really nice. It feels really good. I dont know how its going to hold up over time, because it already kind of scratches pretty easily and the lcd is nice, its really big. It fills the whole screen, so you dont have any wasted space, but it is a little bit deceptive because its showing you like the screen of a square but youre not shooting a square video youre, actually shooting like a 16×9 or a 4×3 video. So youre only seeing a little crop of what youre actually shooting, so that can make it a little bit tricky in terms of composition, but i do think its nice that they give you an lcd that fills the whole screen.

Yeah. The camera itself, like the whole touch screen, works really well. The cam the menu system is really intuitive image. Quality. I get again, i think, is pretty good, but martin doesnt really think so so thats kind of disputable, but lets talk about that. Actually really quick yeah. So the image quality is good. However, it has two major flaws, maybe three and number one its wobbly, its a lot wobblier than the gopro and it doesnt then serve you um as well being your go to or number one camera. You know the one that you take the major part of your story with one thing, though, with the stabilization, so it does have the rock steady, its the second iteration of rocksteady, and i did notice that when i was running and doing like an action shot with The action 2: i thought it actually stabilized pretty well, so, if youre doing action, it looks pretty stable, but the thing is: if you look at some of our test, vlog footage when im picking up the camera sometimes and moving it around, it has a little wobble. So yeah its like related to stabilization, but not quite yeah, its basically how their stabilizing algorithm works. It makes it look like a boat, yeah and youre in a boat right, youre kind of fluidly moving around instead of just making it actually steady. Gopro. Does that a lot better by the way, it is really really good, yeah and thats major when youre making movies out in the field all day like we do um.

The other thing about the image quality is that in most modes that ive seen and probably maybe all it has a lot of distortion like battle distortion is hardcore where your arms appear like super long and stuff like that, so um. That also would distort your whole movie and again to me its not suitable for the kind of videography or filmmaking that we make quick note, though, there are three different sort of lens choices that are built into the action too, so you can have like a super Wide which gives you the super, bendy kind of warped look. You can go wide, which is a little bit less bendy, and then they do have a standard d warp which is kind of like linear on the gopro yeah. The other thing is that wow dji has a good look. I like their look. They aim for kind of like this bit of a film look and blah blah. However, what they dont get quite right is people. You know when you point it at people: they they look a bit strange, they may look like they have five more years older or something than other cameras make them look, and basically gopro and fuji, for example, are the ones we use for that and they make Skin and faces much softer, nicer, more appealing and just with no grading at all yeah. So if you guys dont already know, we use our action cameras to vlog, mostly so that part is actually very important to us to make us look good on camera.

Well, at least fast and easy, because we also shoot a lot many clips a day in different locations. We dont have times for setup. You know yeah, we dont set up at all. We just go and for that we need a camera that can do it right away instead of um have to go through a workflow. Every time with, all that considered, it looks like dji has decided to even not compete against gopro for the action camera and made a different kind of modular camera and hes competing against insta, and maybe some others out there, which is an interesting choice and it means Gopro remains undisputed in this field. To, in my opinion, is because its nice and easy you can just grab it and go and its like a unit and youre, basically able to tell your stories or even perform all kinds of actions do whatever you want is the most enabling camera right now yeah. I would say by going modular, they are complicating their camera quite a bit, its also introducing more pieces that you can either lose or break, and so it makes it a lot harder to shoot with a modular camera. But i am really interested to see how theyre going to keep building out that modularity. I hope that they do, and i hope that the mods that they currently came out with are not the only ones and that they might actually have a good future for this camera, but its really hard to say at the moment.

I agree that you know the gopro, especially the hero 10.. The hero 10, i still think, is the best gopro ever made. Despite some of the issues that weve been having with it. You know the number one reason why we stick with gopro is not only ease of use, but also just the image quality, its the very best out of any action camera and the action. Camera is just our choice: camera when it comes to vlogging out there yeah, because we like to do things as we go, you know were always somewhere else doing something else, and we need that ease and the good look that comes out of it. That by now, gopro has really perfected. You know just to be like. Oh, the gopro look, but thats no longer a thing. Actually, if you look at our um travel channel, we seamlessly quite these days blend gopro with fuji and make it tv quality. In my opinion, many people compliment the quality of our movies and theyre predominantly now shot on a gopro. So, if youre on the market for the very best action camera that youre going to use for vlogging, i think that gopro is the undisputed leader here, especially that hero 10. Despite all the problems again thats our choice, camera when it comes to the best action camera. I still think gopros on top because i dont know if we can really call the dji action to an action camera.

The main reason being that you have to put that camera inside of a waterproof housing in order to get the waterproof and crush proof kind of functionality out of that camera, which is something that you no longer have to do with gopro and also the stability isnt. So great on it and yeah it just makes you wonder: is this even an action camera? It is not because you also have to fiddle with it to make modular extensions happen and blah blah and mounts. You got an interchange and all this crazy stuff where, when youre doing action, you dont want to fiddle and thats my main problem. With this approach, i want to grab and go and thats what you would need for an action cam or even your main, just storytelling, camera yeah. So for the best action camera again gopro, especially that hero 10 or even insta360, one r or the insta, 360 go 2.. Those are both very good action cameras that are a little bit easier to use and, i think, actually have better image.