I have a super special video for you guys today and we are going to be reviewing the brand new dji osmo action. 2.. Now ive had the opportunity to play around with this camera for about a week. Now so, ive really put it through its paces and today were gon na discuss everything. This action camera is capable of and if its really the best action camera that has come out in 2021 – and i know thats a big claim to make, but were really gon na, explore that in this video to see if it lives up to that hype. Also, this video is sponsored, but not by dji. This video is sponsored by omniview tech and they are canadas largest drone store and theyre. The whole reason we were able to get this action camera early to review, for you guys before anybody else. So if you guys live in canada, definitely check them out, thats, where i get all of my drone gear from so huge shout out to omniview tech, but they did not have any impact or any sort of influence on this content. So youre still going to get my unfiltered raw, unbiased, real opinion on the dji osmo action 2., so lets get into it and lets roll the intro Music. Now the osmo action 2 has a lot to unpack before you even turn it on and thats, starting with the design and form factor, and this camera is tiny like look at how ridiculously small this camera is.

If you stack this up next to the original osmo action, or even a gopro hero 9, for example, its literally half the size so in the size department in terms of portability and how easy it is to use um this things already winning now my favorite part About this, camera is the magnetism is that is that even a word, the magnetic nature of this camera is very similar to the insta. 360, go 2 if youve ever used or heard of that camera. So it has magnets built inside, which means you can literally stick it onto any metal surface and itll. Stick meaning that you can get this action camera into some really really interesting spots and get some really cool angles that are not possible with other action cameras now, because of the magnetism the magnetic nature of this camera. They also made it a modular design, meaning that you can add on other parts to this camera, to kind of make it bigger. Now i have the dual screen combo and were going to get into what that means and what that is, but basically because of the magnetic nature and the modular design of this camera. If i bring the dual screen next to it, it just magnetically attaches on, and you can add different components to this camera, which i think is super super cool and all the accessories for this camera are also magnetic, meaning that the accessories for this are a real Blast and a lot of fun to play with and were also going to dive into that in this review now lets turn on the camera and talk about some of its internal specs.

So, like any other action camera, it has a touchscreen on the back. It is small, but its super responsive and very, very easy to use. The menus are very easily laid out, and this is where you make all your adjustments on the action camera when youre using it. The dji osmo action 2 has a max resolution of 4k. Now, in an aspect ratio of 4×3, you can go up to 60 frames per second in 4k and an aspect ratio of 16×9 in 4k. You can go up to 120 frames per second. The highest frame rate on this camera for super slow motion is 240 frames per second and that can be accessed through 1080p thats. The only resolution that that frame rate is available in in my personal opinion, 4k at 60 in a 4×3 aspect ratio, is pretty fantastic for any action camera. This also has a 1 over 1.7 inch sensor and a field of view of 155 degrees, meaning that you can get super super wide with this camera and dji really wants you to know that theyve also gone so far as to actually inscribe that information right. On top of the camera on the front facing lens, so you can see all that information. I just mentioned right there as well its also fixed at an aperture of f, 2.8 and thats pretty standard for action cameras. So nothing too surprising there because of the field of view you have access to three different lenses.

So you have your standard fisheye wide lens that youll see on most action cameras. Now you also have access to the same wide lens with a d warper, so itll de warp um that fisheye effect for you without affecting the field of view, and then you have my personal favorite on this action camera. The super wide lens which makes use of the 455 field of view, and it is really really cool – you can pretty much capture anything you want in your entire frame. Now those are the high level video specs on the dji osmo action 2 and im, not gon na dive too deep into the advanced settings for whats available on this camera in this video, because i do have another video on my youtube channel. That explains the best settings that you should be using on this camera to get the most cinematic footage possible out of it. So if you guys are interested in those deep settings make sure you definitely go check out that video. But yes, it does have a color profile, a flat color profile and it does have manual settings. So you can really play around with this camera and customize. Your footage to your liking. Now these are just numbers. What does the actual footage look like? So all the footage that ive had playing throughout this video has been from the dji osmo action 2 and it was all recorded in 4k at 30 frames per second in a 16 by nine aspect ratio, because i knew that those videos were going up on youtube.

So you guys have been seeing the footage this whole time for yourselves now. At first glance, the video out of the dji osmo action 2 looks really really good. The 4k is crispy, the dynamic range is really good and honestly the colors are popping. I was impressed because i usually dont like the way osmo footage looks, but i was really happy with the footage that came out of the dji osmo action too. I thought it was really really good. I, however, did notice that the footage kind of struggled in low light scenarios – the camera – did really struggle, even with that f 2.8 aperture, and that one over 1.7 inch sensor the footage in low light. Just didnt. Look all that great to me personally, but i actually dont think that any action camera does that well in low light, so it wasnt that big of a complaint for me personally now the dji osmo action 2 also does time lapses and hyperlapses in 4k for time Lapses. They have this super handy feature where they tell you how long you should record the time lapse for, depending on what your scene is, so, whether thats some clouds, some people or a sunset, and i think, thats an awesome feature to have and really really handy, because I myself struggle, and i dont know how long i should leave a time lapse on for for it to look really really good and i think thats an awesome feature, especially for beginners thats, really going to help a lot of people out.

So thank you dji. I always appreciate helpful features like that, so the video score for me for the dji osmo action 2 gets a solid 8 out of 10.. Now lets talk about the photo capabilities of the osmo action. 2.. Now listen. I know most people are not going to be using their action cameras for photography, but it has that feature so lets talk about it out of the osmo option: 2 youre going to get 12 megapixel stills and its capable of shooting both in jpeg and in raw. It also has all the manual controls that youre looking for such as setting your white balance, your iso and your shutter speed, and the aperture of course, is locked now. Here are some examples of some photos that i took with the osmo action 2, and here are some more now. The images are really really good for 12 megapixel action, camera stills, but they still dont, compare to the 20 megapixel photos that youre gon na get out of a gopro hero 9 or a gopro hero 10.. Those action cameras are still the king in the photography category. For action cameras, but i will say the 12 megapixel stills out of this camera impress me way more than they should have. If this was the only camera i had on me at a certain opportunity or a certain time to take photos. I would not be disappointed. I would be totally cool with pulling this out and taking some photos with it, but because it doesnt stack up against the 20 megapixel photos that come out of the gopros.

The photography and the photo aspect of the dji osmo action. 2 gets a 7.5 out of 10 from me. Next up were going to talk about one of the most important facets of any action, camera and thats stabilization with the osmo action. 2 dji is releasing their latest stabilization technology, which theyre calling rocksteady 2.0, and this is going to be the first camera to feature that and i wore this camera and used it in a bunch of different scenarios. I did a bunch of random things. I went for a run. I even wore this while playing volleyball and honestly rock city 2.0 kills it but thats to be expected in 2021 action cameras are supposed to have incredible stabilization for every single day tasks. Now i have a bunch of footage playing as im talking of the things that i mentioned, that i was doing with this camera and youre going to see the clips side by side with rocksteady 2.0 turned on and turned off, so you guys can see the real Difference now, in recent years, people have been really enamored with the stabilization of action cameras, but not for everyday tasks. Theyve been enamored with it due to one reason and thats fpv now i know a lot of people are gon na ask. How does this camera perform on an fpv drone? Well, you dont need to wonder i did that test for you. I took this camera and i put it on this.

This is a pro tec 35 and its my real first fpv drone other than the dji fpv drone and ive been flying this thing for only about two weeks, so in the stabilization on this can make me look good trust me. It can make anybody look good. So now you guys are seeing some footage of me flying the fpv drone, the protect 35 with the dji osmo action, 2 strapped onto it, and youre going to see the side side by side. Clips of me find this drone with um rocksteady 2.0 turned on and turned off and ill be honest. I was not expecting the stabilization to perform well because im so biased and i love real steady go, but i was actually blown away. The stabilization on this camera was fantastic and i was really really not expecting that. I think this is an excellent competitor to gopros hyper smooth and – and this is the only action camera that you have to fly fpv drones. You dont need to worry because the stabilization is actually top notch. I completely love the stabilization out of this camera and i was definitely not expecting that. So. For me, the stabilization on the dji osmo action 2 gets an amazing 9 out of 10. next up lets talk about the waterproofing on the dji osmo action 2 – really, really quick, so its rated for about 10 meters of depth, but its very important that you understand. Only the camera module is waterproof, meaning if you have the power combo or the dual screen combo, the modular attachments cannot go underwater.

Only this part is waterproof now because of covid. All the pools in my area are actually closed, so i didnt get a chance to go swimming with this and test it. How i really would have liked to, but i did fill up my bathtub with water and i dunked my head inside and i recorded all that with the osmo action too and heres a clip of that right now for your entertainment and as you can tell from That clip the underwater footage really looks good. Also now theres also one more really unique feature on the dji osmo action, 2 and thats. The fact that it has voice control, so you can actually give it simple commands. Like start recording and itll start recording, and you could also stop it by going. Stop recording and itll stop so its not really a feature that i would use, but its something thats on there and i think its pretty cool and also you have to turn on voice control manually and thats done. So, just because you dont want the camera to just accidentally start recording, if you say like some random phrase or anything like that and thats a really good feature, and i appreciate that level of customizability to be able to turn it on and turn it off. If you dont want to use that feature next up, lets talk about my personal favorite part of the osmo action 2 and thats, actually, the accessories so the dual screen combo comes with this awesome, necklace or pendant or whatever you want to call it and youre actually Supposed to put it through your shirt, but i have my mic here so im not going to do that.

But i do have some b roll playing showing you guys how to actually use the pendant and how to kind of put it together. But basically, what you do is you take this magnetic piece off of the pendant and, like i mentioned earlier, all the accessories are magnetic and they make use of the magnets inside the camera, which i think is awesome. So this piece just snaps on magnetically and then you take your camera and thats it you just pop it on the pendant. Now you have this awesome. First person point of view perspective that has become so popular on tick, tock and instagram. You see people doing these kind of shots all the time and i just love having the function or the ability to use both of your hands when youre recording and having that really unique perspective. Its actually. The reason why i almost bought an insta360 go 2, but hey the insta360 go 2 cant record in 4k and while the osmo action 2, it can now lets talk about the main accessory that ships with the dual screen, combo and thats. Obviously the second dual screen accessory now i love this because you can use it to kind of vlog on the dji osmo action too, and it helps you frame yourself or your subject or whatever the camera is facing towards, if its facing towards yourself and hey its 20. 21. I think every single camera should have some kind of feature like this and because its modular, you can take it off and put it back on and only use it when you think youre going to be vlogging or you need to have the camera facing yourself.

So i really appreciate that i can take this off and make use of the cameras incredibly small size if im not going to be vlogging, and if i want to vlog. I put this right on. I can see myself and its very, very easy to frame myself now. I did try vlogging with the osmo action too just to test out the audio and what that looks like so heres a clip of that right now, yo guys whats up! This is a test of me, vlogging on the brand new dji osmo action, 2 and honestly im using the dual screen right now and im loving it its awesome. I can see myself perfectly and i think the framing is pretty good you guys. Let me know what you think in the comments below and also let me know what you think of this audio. This is the native audio on the dji osmo action 2. and based on that clip, you guys can see its definitely usable for vlogging its definitely something that i would consider using just because of the size aspect of it, like its so small and so easy to Use like i would not mind vlogging on this at all so yeah vlogging on the osmo auction, 2, definitely usable and, in my opinion, pretty good, also one more accessory. I quickly want to touch on that comes with a dual screen. Combo is this awesome sticky mount magnet type of mount. So basically you just put your camera right on top of here.

You take this little cap off and you can stick this to any surface and it is really really strong. Now the cool part about it is is that if youve washed, the bottom with water, you can reapply the sticky nature of this mount and you can put it on a new surface, which i think is awesome. And if youre dealing with any non magnetic surfaces that the camera cant natively stick on, this mount is awesome for getting the action camera into basically any place that you want, which i think is a dope accessory to include with the box. Now, at some point, somebody is definitely going to ask how strong are the magnets? Well, let me explain, i actually think dji has done an amazing job of thinking through the design of this camera and how accessories snap onto it now, with the exception of the pendant, every single accessory that comes with this camera attaches magnetically and with hooks so im Gon na have some b roll of that playing right now, just so you guys can see a closer look of what that looks like, but basically there are these two hooks around the camera body. So, whenever you put on anything magnetically um, it actually latches onto those hooks through the little slits in the body as well as magnetically. So if i try to pull apart this camera as hard as i want its not going to come apart like i would literally have to break it for it to come apart instead for you to be able to remove the whatever component or whatever accessory youve added To the camera, you actually have to release the two clips pushing down over here and then you can pull it off.

So dji has a fail, safe on top of the magnetic function that it has attached to this camera and i think thats, absolutely genius. Even the mount that i used on the pro tec, 35, the one flying the fpv drone. Also this mount also comes with this combo, so you dont have to go out and buy it separately, but basically it has the hooks. So even when i was flying, i was pretty confident that, even if i crashed the drone or anything like that, like the camera was not gon na go flying like a hundred yards or something like that, like im, trying really really hard, i dont know if you Guys can tell to pull it off and the camera is not coming off. So again i have to unlock using the two hooks and then i can pull it off and i think honestly, absolute absolute genius and really good on dji for making sure that our camera is safe when were using all these different accessories. So for me accessory design for the dji osmo action. 2 gets an amazing 10 out of 10. now lets get into the bad, because not everything about this camera is just amazing. Now, youre going to notice that this camera is pretty closed, bodied, meaning that you dont see any ports on it and theres nowhere to really put a memory card and thats, because it has an internal memory of about 32 gigabytes. So now, youre, probably asking what.

If i want to charge it or what, if i want to use an sd card, how do i do that? Well, the answer: is you actually cant? You actually have to use this. You got to use the dual screen or the power combo attachment to sort of connect to the camera, and this piece, youre going to notice, does have a slot for a memory card as well as a usbc port for you to charge so anytime. You want to charge or use your memory card. You actually have to have this on now. That means is, if i remove this and im just using this camera, i cant use any sd card, meaning i have to rely on the internal memory now thats pretty annoying, and i dont know why dji did that it might have been due to the waterproof housing Or whatever, because of the size of the camera, they wanted to make sure that they could maintain that waterproofness for up to that 10 meters depth. So you have to sacrifice somewhere there right and they just chose to go with the sd card slot and the usbc port and thats pretty annoying for me personally, because if im using um, the pendant for those pov shots or if im sticking this on my fpv Drone im only using the camera module, meaning that i have to rely on the eternal memory now its good for about 30 minutes to like 45 minutes of recording, which is fine, its not ideal, honestly, but its something that if youre gon na get this camera, that Youre gon na have to live with the only reason that i can look past.

It is because i love the size. I love how small it is and how compact and all the amazing angles that i can get using the necklace and just sticking into random areas. So for that sole reason, im willing to let it go, but for me personally, the body design gets a low score of 6.5 out of 10.. Just because i need those ports. I need expandable slots, because i do a lot of back to back and fast shooting. So, for me, thats definitely a hindrance. Also, this camera doesnt come with any external or removable batteries, meaning that every single time this dies you actually got a go charge. The whole thing so thats, the only downside. For me, the body design itself just gets a low score because i like to have those ports and those slots, but its not the end of the world. You just have to know what youre getting yourself into, and you have to be. Okay with dealing with those limitations when using the osmo action too, so finally, as we start to wrap this review up, who is this camera for the dji osmo action? 2 is basically an insta360 go to supercharged that can shoot in 4k, its as simple as that. So you, if youve, been interested in that camera or if youve, been waiting for a high quality high resolution camera that you can get those pov shots with, and that has magnets in it. I would definitely go pick this up today, if youve been holding on to the original osmo auction waiting for this one.

I would go pick this up today. This camera is light years ahead of the original osmo action and honestly they dont even compare this. Camera is literally a thousand times better than the osmo action. One also like i mentioned throughout this review. The size of this camera is a huge advantage. So if youre, someone thats that flies smaller fpv drones that require naked gopros, meaning you have to strip them down. Forget all that you dont need to strip down gopros anymore. You can just use the osmo action too. The weight and the size are amazing, and, like i mentioned earlier, the stabilization on rock steady 2.0 is really really fantastic and thats it for this video guys thats. The brand new dji osmo action 2., so hopefully you guys enjoyed that review and you learned everything you need to know about this camera in case youre interested in picking one up today. Now, if you guys enjoyed this video and if you learned something new, definitely leave a huge like at the bottom of the page, smash that, like button, it really helps out the video, if you guys, are into drones, photography and you want to get more of that. You know first look sneak peek stuff on dji stuff on the first day then subscribe to this channel.