. Now whats really interesting about this. Is it comes in two pieces, the camera itself and the front touchscreen module. So the idea is that you could use the camera completely by itself. It has 32 gigs of built in memory as well as its own display. If you attach it to the extra module you get extra battery life, you can put in a micro sd card. We also get a usb c cable, so this looks like the magnetic lanyard. So theyre going that route of the insta360 go. We also get this little tripod. Adapter quarter. Inch on the bottom sticks right onto the camera feels pretty secure. This is supposed to be a reusable adhesive and we also get that piece that allows this to mount onto any pre existing gopro mounts or the original osmo action feels pretty good. With the head yeah mounts on nice, i got ta say so far: im liking this modularity lets go ahead and fire this thing up: Music, its a really good workout. Actually it really is just come here instead of the gym. Weve only been here for like 10 minutes, how you doing sam can we cut to the next scene. Yes, you feel like iron man yeah, so i could just like. Stick it onto anywhere yeah, hey there, you go what dude here you might actually be into this. This is called a snap mount so its designed for gopros, and it basically takes the gopro and gives it that same type of idea of being able to magnetically attach it thats like stretching out your shirt yeah.

I know it is heavy, but feel this magnet, though its pretty strong. This feels very wrong. Theres, probably children around that does feel a little bit heavier than the insta360 go to, though right yeah, you feel it a little bit more, but its still a lot more low profile than that. This magnet is pretty serious on here, though its like boom. It is drooping your shirt quite a bit, but just have a slot here, so youre supposed to put a lanyard around it and itll hold it in place, so its not drooping as much. But if you do really like the magnetization mounting options, then this is kind of cool huh yeah. That is pretty sick. I do like that. You could adjust it though yeah. What are the frame rates on this thing? Okay, so you get 4k 120 frames per second and 2k at up to 240 frames per second and its impressive because, like you, can get all those frame rates, even when its detached like this. So this little thing will give you 240 frames per second in hd. One big downside, though, is no replaceable lens cover, so if you crack it, you have to send it into dji care but check this out. This is a macro lens that you can magnetically attach to this shut up. So if you can magnetically attach this im sure that theyll eventually put out some sort of magnetic protective cover, if youre gon na put this in some dangerous situation, right or maybe someone aftermarket will do it but check this out regular lens macro lens whoa.

I can see my own eye really yeah. It wont focus anything more than like a foot away right, like theres, not in focus, but then i get really close. You could probably get all the ear wax in there. Oh yeah, by the way, sam. Where have you been lately, i havent seen you around: oh, my god, bro. Where do i begin? I was hanging out playing super smash bros when all of a sudden the midnight munchies kicked in ninjas, appeared and then i was like whoa stuffs getting real. But then i remember that in my pocket i had the dylan whistle the emergency dylan whistle, but then i wasnt paying attention. I didnt see the wet floor, sign and i slipped and i hit my head and then they felt bad and now im here. So you werent, just working on some netflix, show what alright. So you are now listening to audio from the built in microphone on this camera, and i noticed it. Doesnt handle wind very well, but it does have better audio once you plug in the front facing display module, because there are three extra microphones in here. Alright. So now we have the front facing monitor, display on and you will still probably notice a little bit of wind noise here, but hopefully it sounds better. Once i pick up a little bit more speed, youre definitely going to hear a lot more wind noise. So its definitely not perfect for windy environments, but its definitely pretty decent, considering its an action cam microphone.

I still feel like the best microphone for when youre in a windy place. Is this wireless go to, especially when you have this fuzzy thing on it? So if im moving heres the audio from the action two and then heres the audio from the wireless go, we are also doing a giveaway with this action too. So details down there in the comments, a quick word from our sponsor dont. I need your deep voice again. Are you tired of sucking at your job, because you have no organizational skills thats? Why you should sign up with monday.com whats really special about monday.com is how customizable it is. So we use the video production template, but thats just a starting off point and you can customize it from there as much or as little as you want now. Monday.Com isnt just another cookie cutter project management website its super flexible, so you can adapt it to your workflow and meet your needs and theres tons of powerful tools in there that you can also utilize like integration with dropbox or google drive or monday docs. Now, when were filming, these videos were always on the go so whats great. Is they have an app? So even when were out in places like this, we can still be connected like thats. What dylans doing i assume right, dylan yeah thats, totally what im looking at right now its monday? Are you sure, youre not texting or on tinder or im? Not why you want to see this yeah? Let me see the screen.

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I can go ahead, release it from there, throw it onto my chest, mount pendant and throw it back onto here. Oh here, let me try again not really supposed to just like drop it on there, but youre supposed to you know gently case it on there im sure and once in a while, sometimes ill, throw it on here and the leverage wont fully close in. So i like to just rub my fingers over just make sure that the fit is secured before i go, and do anything crazy just make sure you dont accidentally bump one of the release levers now that magnetic pendant im sure it can come off if you swipe It hard enough, but its actually, on there decently, i had our friend oscar wear. While he was mountain biking and it stayed on fine, so i think as long as you dont smack it into something itll stay on pretty good like when i took it out for a ride. I love that i was able to quickly mount it on the three footed monster, but i can also throw it on the tank because it is magnetic and also i can quickly throw it onto my helmet of course, and of course i have my magnetic pendant on A typical ride, i might switch the camera angle once maybe twice on a ride, but here i had so much flexibility and i got the shot of myself eating this beef jerky, which turns out its actually a terrible idea trying to eat.

While you have a helmet on because the helmet squeezes your face really tight, so when youre chewing youre like trying your best not to eat your own cheeks but whats also cool is that you can control and view the camera on the app. But a big deal. The gopro can do that right, but the gopro, when you hit record the preview, is no longer available on your phone, but the action too keeps feeding you that signal. So you can monitor the shot, while youre recording, which is actually really neat, to be able to do now. My biggest complaint with the original osmo action was that the field of view wasnt quite wide enough, at least if you wanted it to be stabilized and had rocksteady turned on, but check out how much wider the action 2 is. This is the ultra wide option and this does have rocksteady on so this is still stabilized and it is really really wide yeah. The lens here says its field of view of 155 degrees and its actually even wider than gopro super view, which i was really impressed with. So here we have the gopro and action 2 at the same distance and both sam and i are right at the edge. But if we look at the action, two look were clearly in frame there. Now the edges are super distorted and my ear looks huge right here and yes, my ears may be slightly above average, but lets not draw attention to it.

But the view is insanely wide. Like check this out, im like a foot away from sams face and im still getting both his arms in frame, which is really impressive like when i have it mounted on my helmet, its almost covering my entire field of view of what i can actually see with My eyes, even if i go into dwarf, which is the tightest field of view on the action 2, its still wider than the original action with rocksteady, so all those complaints i had about the osmo action not being wide enough. No longer a problem in here now. Stabilization in the ultra wide view does pretty decent, but if youre gon na be doing big moves and big shifts, then i would definitely recommend going into wide because youre gon na get more stabilization out of that now there is a 4x digital zoom that you could Use, but i personally would avoid it. I dont think it looks that good and if you have a phone that has a telephoto lens, then youre, probably much better off, using that i had a lot of fun with the hyperlapse feature. I usually had it between 15 to 30 x speed, but if something interesting happens you can bring it to one x mode, so its just like a regular video clip and then you can re enter hyperlapse. I feel like one of the reasons why were able to get such a wide image out of this camera is because it has a pretty large sensor, its one over 1.

7 inch, which is larger than the one over 2.3 inch in the gopros. So thats actually pretty surprising. This little camera has a larger sensor than the gopro. Now are you guys ready for the pricing here now this setup right here with the front display module is going to cost you around 520. I mean its up there with the gopro hero 10.. Now, if youre trying to save some money, you can always get it with this module, which does not have the front facing display or those extra microphones, but it does give you the micro, sd slot and extra battery life. Now this setup will send you back closer to 400 bucks now its not a cheap action camera. But if you think about it, the 4k 120 that this little thing does its really impressive, because we just got that in the gopro hero 10.. So the fact that we get it in this little tiny thing, its really impressive, now does this camera overheat. I did some room temperature tests and it overheated around 28 minutes, while recording in 4k 30.. Now, to put that into perspective, i did the same type of test with the gopro hero 10 at 4k, 30 in the high bitrate, and i got about 10 extra minutes out of it at 38 minutes now. The gopro does seem to last longer. If you have the screen auto shut off after a minute – and here i got a little over an hour of 4k 30.

, so the action 2 is not looking too good. But there is a setting on here to adjust the auto temp shutoff mode. Just like we do in the sony a7s, so i tried it again at the high temp sensitivity and i let it run and it went for an hour and 37 minutes before the battery died. So maybe, if i just kept hop swapping these batteries, itll just keep going, it did feel really hot to the touch, but i mean it kept recording. Is it good to constantly run the camera this hot? I dont know i mean they give us the option in the menu to allow it and, of course we had to do a high temperature run over 100 degrees and they both shut off back to back right around 17 to 18 minutes. So basically high temperatures and action cameras dont mix too well. Now, if youre wondering if this is waterproof, the answer is yes, as long as its just the top head right here, i think its waterproof up to 10 meters. You attach it to the module. Then you have things that are exposed like the usbc port micro sd card, so youre gon na want to go ahead and throw it into a dive case. Once you get into here its waterproof down to, i think 60 meters, or maybe it was 50.. I dont know ill put it on the screen. All right got a brand new fpv drone.

I think its called the iflight evoke or something like that. This ones the dead cat version, which has the arm stuck out to the side, so its not going to be in the shot, but i love how easily i can just snap this on. Oh, this is a good thumbnail opportunity, huh hows that anyways. I thought the stabilization out of this might be pretty interesting because it has such a wide field of view that it has a lot of room to stabilize and get this all plugged in, and we are in the wide field of view. How does that look and lets go for a little flight Music? You know what this is actually flying, pretty good its definitely heavier than the insta 360 go 2, but definitely lighter than the hero 10.. Now one thing i am curious about is, if i crash and lose this drone: how much is it going to cost me to replace this camera now, with the battery combo being 3.99? Will i be able to replace just this camera ahead for maybe a little bit less, not sure now, one thing i am noticing with the stabilization is, if im doing a sudden move and change directions, or if i do a roll, it seems to do this. Quirky little jump and whats cool is when im done with the flight. I can go ahead and pop the camera off, throw it on here and download the media off of here onto a micro sd card, so that when i send it back out im, not risking that footage, i havent been able to test that transfer because its not In this beta firmware yet, but i think by the time you guys get your hands on it, it should have that built in its also pretty interesting flying with this ultra wide field of view, youre not going to get as much stabilization, but with it being so Wide it looks like youre going really fast oof.

I messed up pretty good. This is why i saved the fpv stuff for the very end of the video, but i was trying to dive that thing, which is what like 60 feet up there and on its way through. It must have just smacked into the camera and you can see that the battery got all bashed, and so it was a pretty hard impact. The drone still made it through, so i was able to come back here and land, but a few seconds later i hear like a c on the pavement im like thats, probably the camera, so this took like a 60 foot fall here display bag here is cracked, But surprisingly, this lens is still okay, but it kind of split apart and uh. I dont think its working. I was able to download some of the footage during that fight, but the video feed cuts out pretty early and the rest is just a deafening sound of the camera falling. You know the action camera that ive been really excited about a big old thing. In your teeth you broke it, she already knows she already knows you got to get more creative, its the same line. So if you plan on putting it into a lot of dangerous situations, i definitely would recommend getting that dji care. You get it for one or two years and i think your first replacements, like 20 bucks or something like that. Oh, is that like apple care yeah, but dji actually just gave this one to me.

So i dont think im allowed to get like dji cara. I dont know what you finished, making the video. I think i think im gon na have to go ahead and buy one now, because i did really like it great little camera like i like that, youre able to just take on your rides and yeah the magnetic stuff. I love not having this giant thing in my face, thats for sure. Well, i guess this video is pretty much done because i cant really film much more. I dont if i could just use my feet as a tripod im peter stop. Oh, my god, im trying to finish off this video. You know what how do you like your house but anyways? I have to go cry myself to sleep now that i dont have that camera. So blah yeah see you guys on the next one and links in description and all that good stuff.