Let me Music and if youre wondering why i move the way i do. I just feel so good Music. Oh Music, i see the world through my thrift store, shakes, rose, color lenses and a fake gold frame playing rock songs on a top posing for your picture like a superstar come on Music and if youre wondering why i move the way i do. I just feel so good good. I just feel so good. I just feel so good if you feel it just dance alone, keep the feeling going on and on, if you feel it just dance along dance along dance along, if you feel it just dance along got to keep the feeling going on, if you feel it just Dance along dance along, i just feel so good Music. I just feel so good. I just feel so. Good Applause, Applause, Applause, Music. I very intentionally left all of the footage. Ungraded unedited uncorrected its completely footage straight right out of the camera. The only manipulation that i did was, of course, cutting to edit to music, but then i shot 4k 120. and did a a speed ramp slow mo while falling down a waterfall. The slo mo on this camera is pretty crazy and 4k 120 on an action. Camera. Music, let alone on a drone. People are going to get some really incredible stuff. With this camera im, like super excited to see what people do. So this footage was shot with auto iso from 100 to 800 and using uh uh interchangeable nd filters nd 32.

On a bright day, 16 on a semi cloudy and then eight on completely overcast and anywhere between four and eight on or none zero and eight on sunset and sunrise. If youre looking for a review of this camera, that is like the nitty gritty every single menu. What the camera looks like all the like fine tuned features and specs dont apply to fpv my boy, colin dugans got a video ive got it linked down below he uh. He does those videos perfectly thats. What his channel is all about. Camera review, video editing, tutorials photo editing, tutorials hes got you covered, just check them out links in the description, long story short a couple months ago i had a wedding out in bc, so i flew out to calgary spent the night at my boy, colin dugan, studio, Packaged arrived opened the package lo and behold inside the package was two action twos. So i doubt you guys know this but colin, and i back when the osmo action one came out. We uh produced a video together that had some scuba diving had some sailing when you downloaded the memo app and opened it up. There was a picture of colins face and it was a video trying to inspire creators on how to use an action camera in a cinematic way. Scrolling knows that im really big into fpv right, like who doesnt at this point anyways he he wanted to see what this camera could do on a drone, so he sent it home with me.

Then, when i got back you know. The first challenge is: how do you get the the camera on the drone? I couldnt really jump on thingiverse and download some some print mounts, so i had to open up uh some cnc software and start making mounts and like five iterations later. I finally had this. This crash armor with an nd filter slot you could put the camera in, it would hold, it would protect it. You can see the screen on the back, you can then uh add mounts to the bottom of it. To put it on the drone, i made one specifically for the impulse, rc apex and one for the fly 533 uh switchback. The three mounts are linked down in the description below you can download them from thingiverse right now. If you wan na dive in and get ready for when your camera shows up so whats the action three to me, its insanely revolutionary action camera and the idea is its its two compartments two modules and one module. Is your your camera? Its got a 155 field of view, so it sees even wider than a gopro does and on the back, its got a touchscreen so that you can go through and do your settings on the bottom, its got uh one of those those connection pads similar to the Insta 360 caddix peanut, i think its called so that you can charge it through that and plug it into other things.

Camera module also has 32 gigabytes of internal storage inside it and that the housing is completely sealed. Theres, no ports io nothing its its just a block and the only way to communicate through it is through that magnetic connection. The battery pack also has a screen on the front so that you can use the camera as like a vlog camera. You can you know point it at yourself and see yourself on the screen helps your framing and all that its great vlog camera, because of how wide it is right. You hold it out like this and you get yourself, but you also get all the scenery and everything around you or you can hold it close and fill the frame with yourself its its its amazing. For that i use the osmo action one as my main vlog camera. If you watched any of my footage on my youtube channel, that was all filmed with osmo action. The battery part compartment does have a bit of i o. It magnetically attaches to communicate with the camera unit and its got a sd card slot so that you can have external memory and its got a usbc port for charging the battery pack or getting your data off. If you need to do that, instead of using a microsd card slot, the unit that i had was pre production and this feature didnt work in the one that i had sounds like dji has a firmware update coming out.

Thatll enable this feature that got me really excited for the whole concept of it, but click a few buttons on the screen and have it dump your internal memory, data to your external sd card slot and your battery pack would be incredible. Im praying and begging that dji makes that feature a reality, because it would give such an incredible amount of peace of mind if you could go fly with your camera unit, bring it back land plug it in start charging, while youre switching your drone batteries its charging. Your camera, but then also syncing your your flight data onto your external sd card, so that before you take off again you just unplug them, and then you put the battery pack in your pocket or plug it into a usbc so that its keeping itself full and You have your data with you on the ground, instead of risking it every time you send your drone up, so instead of having 20 sd cards to swap between each flight. This way, you have a memory, a memory bank in your pocket, which please dji, make that a reality. So then whos the action. 2. 4. Well, in my opinion, pretty much every single fpv pilot, because when its just the camera module that weighs like 55 56 grams gopro weighs like 160 180 grams, so youre cutting at least you know, grams off your drone thats well over 10 percent, your weight youre gon Na get longer flight times, youre going to get better response from your throttle, because the cameras so much lighter youll be able to have a way better tune on your drone, because its not going to throw a center of gravity way out forward on the drone.

Youll. Be able to keep it closer to the middle? Have your drone or have your battery back just a little bit and keep your center of gravity nice and tight, so that theres not too much torque when youre, trying to flip and spin and having a way, lighter drone means that youre going to have way better. Prop wash performance because theres not going to be so much inertia, throwing your drone into its own dirty air that is producing so all around just better flight performance. Longer flights who doesnt want that every pilot. But then i guess whats not for is lets, say the the fpv pilots who fly their quad like theyre, playing call of duty and theyre just flipping and jerking all over the place. Really twitchy pilots right, thats, its its, not gon na, be perfect for the people that desperately need real, steady to get good footage to get passable footage. Lets say when i flew the osmo action, the stabilization on it wasnt that good. You can look up any of the old reviews, but there was like, as you would do, yaw spins. There was jitters in the stabilization theres a lot of moments where it would just mess up and ruin a shot. So, im thankful that it was my first camera because it forced me to get really smooth and cinematic and just general on the sticks and learn to tune my quads so that it would fit in that perfectly.

So i havent used the hero 10, but the hero 9 has pretty good stabilization on it, and i would say that stabilization on the action 2 is like on fire, if not a little bit better than the hero. 9. im like absolutely blown away. It had. None of the issues of the old generation version of this camera – i know in fpv, one of the biggest concerns is durability. Right, like we have all broken screens on gopro weve, broken lenses on gopro and, looking at this camera that front lens, i dont think, is going to be really easy to replace same with. The screen were all going to break the screen, but the bonus on the screen is that the battery pack has a second screen on the front. So, even if you break the screen on your camera as long as you dont break it on your battery pack, you have that redundancy of having two screens so youll still be able to use your camera and change your settings with the battery pack. But then that lens on the front, i think its pretty durable. I mean im gon na leave it up to you guys in real world tests to see what it takes to break it, because i know someones gon na break it. But for me personally, i hit at least three branches head on with the camera going full speed. I broke one nd filter doing that, never even scratch chipped the front of the camera still pristine, in my opinion, its its pretty durable, but i mean well see right.

So then, the only issue that i really had was the stabilization. If you do really fast high rate rolls, i i mean its hard to describe this ill. Just put it up on the screen right now, but the stabilization was like tracking tracking tracking and then it would jump and almost flip the image and catch up and keep going. It was like a really weird effect, but ill play it for you. So you can see right now what im talking about that type of action only happened in aggressive freestyle moves and, in my opinion, if youre a freestyle pilot, you shouldnt be cheating and using stabilization anyways. You should just be running it completely raw showing off your your talent of what you can do on the sticks. I think this camera is for everyone, freestyle, pilots, cinematic, cruisers, car chasers. Anything you want to do long range, youll get longer flights with the lighter camera. Its i think it fits perfectly. I i everyone said dji wasnt listening to us. I think they made this camera for us, Music, Music, well, Music. I mean 30 minutes of crawling through that dense bush, literally forcing my way through. I found her. Thank god. I put the beepers on, but uh yes lets go back. All i did was uh lose a prop cameras. Fine, but i mean here we are, i thought that was a goner. I thought i was done with the cam thought. I was going to disappoint colin im.

Just glad glad i got her back, i could care less about the footage of the drone im just glad i got the camera well theres the path. I hope you know this is what i do for the art, the videos this is so i didnt lose your camera. Calling oh took that one to the face just force your way through right, hope, theres, no hogs, i mean theres the bridge, damn it. I came out too early im gon na go back in. I should have wore a belt okay, we just got to get up. There were through the thick of it, throw the camera back.