com, and it is finally here the new dji action. 2. now weve all been waiting for it because the osmo action one, if you guys, are familiar with my channel. You guys know that this is pretty much my favorite action camera pretty much all purpose camera that ive had since it came out – and i would still use this one more than any of the other action cameras on the market. Now, speaking of those other action cameras, we of course have everything from the insta360 go to. This is probably one of my favorite ones as well. Then we have the insta360 one r. We have, of course, the gopro hero 10. and im, bringing this one back out. The gopro session, the action 2 reminds me so much of this session, and this was definitely a very popular camera now. The reason why i bring out all these cameras here is because the dji action 2 is pretty much a combination of all of these cameras in this system. Right here now, ive actually been testing out the action 2 for the past few weeks now, and, to be honest with you, when i first got it, i didnt know how to use it in a sense that i was so used to using the osmo action one. I just thought it would be a bumped up version of this, but it was a completely different experience and then what they did is they brought in a modular system very similar to how the insta360 1r is and put together this right here, which is the dji Action 2.

. So this video lets go through all of those new features of the dji action to the modular and magnetic system, also the video quality. How does it compare to all these other cameras and, of course, stabilization theres, a huge feature on here that i really really enjoy something that some of the other cameras have, but now it is built in you, dont need any special lens or software for it to Run but well talk about that in this video and if its new to my channel, my name is aldrin estacio. I do a lot of drone tech tips, tutorials and product reviews right here on this channel. So if thats, something that interests you please consider subscribing and also hitting that bell to be notified. When i post new videos so lets quickly jump into the top features of the dji action 2., the action 2 can shoot 4k at up to 120 frames. A second next we have a 155 degree field of view, one of the biggest changes from the action, one that everyone wanted, especially myself. We wanted that super wide field of view, and we do have it now on the action too and as you can see, this is now modular. You have a camera here at the front. You have a touch screen, an oled touch screen on the very back. You have your record power button on the very top. Now, as far as combos go, the dji action 2 does come in two separate combos.

The first is right: here is the dual screen combo, and that has your camera, which does have the back screen and this one right here, which is a battery pack as well as a screen on it. So once you hook this up together now youre able to have dual screen, so you have a screen here on the front as well as a screen there on the back, which is on the back of the camera and the other option. Is this one right here, which is the power combo, which is the same thing? You have a camera and screen on the back of this one and the bottom portion or the power combo is really just a battery pack thats attached here with no screen so plug that in here and now you have extra battery. You just dont have that dual screen option as far as storage goes, the camera by itself does have an internal 32 gig memory and when you do clear out the internal memory, it actually gives you about 22.4 gigs remaining to actually use for your photos and videos. So it is using about you know, 10 gigs for that actual software in the camera itself. And then, of course, if you want to expand out that storage, youre gon na need to add in a sd card or memory card up to 256 gigs on either the battery the power combo right here at the very bottom or if you have the dual screen.

Combo, you do have the micro sd card available here at the very bottom of this one. This will allow you to expand out that memory of the camera and then youre able to choose whether you want to record everything internal swipe it over or record to your sd card. Now, whichever combo you get, you actually get the same accessories. The first one is this right here is a magnetic lanyard. Second, one is called the magnetic adapter put the camera right here. On top it has that two prong setup. So if you have a lot of action, cam accessories youll be able to use this on a lot of those existing mounts. Next is we have my favorite one, which is a magnetic, but it has a ball joint on it as well as a quarter 20s and of course we have a usbc for charging and downloading all of your footage to your computer. Now one of the biggest new features of the action 2. Is this whole magnetic system right here we have the screen combo. So it does have these magnets here on the very bottom, and i was always kind of worried about just having magnets keeping my camera together, but here what they did is for added security. They have these hooks here on the side, both on left and the right, and what you do with these hooks now is that you have the magnet as well as the hooks in there.

So these do not separate and come apart. Now that lanyard also lets you do things like this, so if youre familiar with the insta360 go to all, you do is put this on the inside of your shirt pop this. On top, have your camera now magnet right here and then youre able to do a bunch of different things, hands free type of activities? The next accessory is the magnetic adapter, and, like i mentioned once, you hook up your camera to the adapter itself. You can hook this up to pretty much any of those action. Camera mounts with that two prong setup right there and this next one is my favorite one is magnetic with a ball joint, so it has a quarter twenty at the very bottom. If you have an existing tripod or a little, you know mini tabletop, selfie sticker tripod. All you do is hook this up here screw it on, and this is probably one of my favorite setups like this just a small little handheld camera and then this actual dji extension pole goes out just a little bit. So if you wanted to vlog with it and then put it on the table, just like that, this is probably one of my favorite accessories that they have available for the action 2.. Now, one of the biggest drawbacks of this still probably one of my favorite action cameras, the osmo action. One of the drawbacks was the field of view.

Just was not wide enough. Every time you want to use this to vlog youre, really kind of just getting your head in the shot, so when they did release the action 2. That was, of course, one of the biggest things and most probably top requests. I would say from other viewers was: it needs to be extremely wide and, to be honest with you, i think wide field of view is is good enough when im just hand holding it. It actually does get a lot in the shot, but if i am doing something that i want to get, you know an even wider shot doing something thats a little bit more action sports or, if im having this thing hooked up to my body. I do want that ultra wide, so that 155 degree really comes into play when you are in close proximity to your camera, or you just want a very immersive type of look. You have that view now that ultra wide view on the action too. If you are familiar with the gopro hero 9, you do have horizon leveling on it. Now, if you actually shift your camera all the way around itll maintain that horizon, even if youre doing 360s, but the thing with with the gopro. You would have to have this right here, which is that max lens mod on the top and thats very similar to what the go 2 has. You can actually move this all the way around if youre shooting in pro mode on the go 2 spin the go to all around and it wont even look like youre spinning it.

However, the only way youre able to achieve that is by taking the footage from the camera and running it through insta360 studio. The great thing about the new action 2 is that now at 2.7 k everything is actually done internally on the camera itself. So if you want to maintain what theyre calling horizon steady, all you have to do is put it down to 2.7 at 30 or 60 frames. A second turn on horizon steady and depending on how you have your action camera, you can point it upside down turn it all the way around. You can run with it. You can move it around and that horizon will stay nice and flat. Now, as far as an action camera goes, of course you want it to be waterproof, and this main unit here is waterproof. You are able to take this into the water up to 10 meters. However, you are not able to use it with the battery pack or with the extra screen here. These are not waterproof if youre just holding it like this. However, dji does sell a waterproof housing. If you wanted to have that led screen on the front or that extra battery pack, but its good to know that this by itself, what i would normally do is just hook this up to my tripod and im able to go swimming. Take this underwater with me without any problems, because this by itself is waterproof now. One thing i did notice is that when i did get my first production unit of this camera and i used the underwater housing, it did produce some heat inside of that housing, and i did get some heat warnings here on the back now, ive had a few Firmware updates since – and i do want to take this back out into that housing – i think just because its in that waterproof housing and i was also shooting at a higher frame rate.

I was shooting at 4k at 120.. I think it just you know, picked up a lot more heat because its being enclosed, so i do want to test out a little bit more. But since then i havent seen that heat warning come up ever since i did one of their most recent firmware updates. As far as the video quality goes on par with a lot of the other action cameras, especially the latest gopro hero 10., i did put these side by side with the original osmo action. Gopro hero 10. A couple footage with the gopro 9, as well as the insta 360 go 2.. As far as the video resolution goes, the gopro does shoot at higher resolution 5.3 k at up to 60 frames a second. It also has 4k at 120.. The action 2 does shoot at 4k at 120 and the go 2 can shoot up to 1440 at 50 frames, a second Music, so Music Music. Now, when it comes to slow motion, like i mentioned, it does shoot up to 120 frames, a second at 4k, which is really nice, but not just that. You also have the wide field of view. So if you are able to get closer to your subject, get immersed a little bit more, do some pullback shots, add 120 very dramatic types of shots, especially with that wide field of view, shooting at 120, of course, slowing that footage down Music Music. Now, as far as audio goes, the go to has one mic on it: the gopro hero 9 has three mics and when you have the combo with the screen, you actually have four mics attached to the action.

Two testing one two: three: four: we have the gopro hero 9 right now. This is how the gopro hero 9 sounds. How does the audio sound out of the gopro hero 9 and we have the new osmo action? 2. This has four microphones. The gopro has three microphones: how does the audio sound on the osmo action two and finally, we have the go to. How does the audio sound on the insta360 go to testing one two: three: four testing, one, two: three: four: once again: the gopro hero, nine? How does the audio sound here testing one two? Three: four testing, one, two, three: four right: now we go back to the osmo action, two testing, one, two, three: four: how does the audio sound? And finally, we go over back to the go to a nice feature that they added on to the action 2? Is the ability to digitally zoom in when using the camera, whether youre in photo or in video mode right now, im in video mode and im able to zoom in all the way up to four times, zoom and im shooting at 4k at 30? Right now? If i switch that over into photo mode and a little scroll comes up and im able to go in four times, digital zoom on photo as well as four times digital zoom on video. Now, when it comes to image stabilization, we do have rock steady, which they introduced on the osmo action one.

We still have that here, an enhanced version of rock city on the action: two Music: Music, Music Applause, Music, Music Applause, Music, thats, how the battery life goes. It says its rated for 70 minutes at, but its also shooting at 1080 at 30 frames a second. It was kind of hard for me to gauge, which ill probably have to do a separate test on that uh. As far as how much im really getting because im kind of all over the place, im shooting for a short amount of time – longs 4k. 120.. So i definitely will have a separate battery test video, but they are rating just unit alone 70 minutes. But when shooting at 1080 at 30 frames a second now, if you have the screen, combo youre able to now hook that up and its rated to get 160 minutes. If you have this combo right here and if you have the battery combo youre able to get 180 minutes now when it comes to different types of accessories, i of course showed you the ones that it did come with the lanyard, but they actually have a few Different ones that dji does sell – and this one right here is the mount where youre able to hook this up to something like a window. So if you want to use this in your car youre able to mount it a little sticky back right here, mount it to your window and, like i said i like to use the ball joint, so you just kind of move this around.

So if you wanted to hook this up, dji also has this one right here, which is a head strap with a magnet on it, and i was actually able to use this one. While i was going on a roller coaster but same thing, youre able to use this as a head, strap hook up your camera right here to the very front of it. Just like so put this on your head, and now you have a head strap for your action too. This next accessory is a really nice one too, because all you do is hook up your ball head, magnet to the top of this little selfie. Stick turn this around point, this back, just like that and now youre able to trigger the power button from your thumb here, while the camera is a little bit further away, now being so used to the osmo action one, there was definitely some things that the awesome Action one has that i was really missing on the action too, if you guys are familiar with my videos. I will always talk about this right here that quick switch button, and this is probably the main reason why i love the osmo action one, the most and, if you guys, arent familiar with the quick switch. Basically, it lets you set specific profiles of shooting modes, that you would normally shoot and you would be able to easily and quickly quick switch through them. You can store up to five profiles on here and quickly switch through those which i would normally always do in the field.

The next thing that was a little bit different was just getting used to the form factor. Like i mentioned, i was so anticipating a form factor like an original action camera. It did take me some time to get used to something different. Now it is different in the sense of not just being like the insta 360 1r, where its modular, but this isnt waterproof. You actually have to have this whole thing put together to be waterproof, but its a mix of being modular and then its a mix of the go 2.. So you know if youre used to the go 2, i think then you will be very accustomed to the action too. Another thing i had to get used to was the fact that its just like the go 2 as far as when youre done shooting with it, and you want to charge it. You cant just plug in a usbc to the side of this thing and start charging. It up, you have to have the screen with the battery port right here that usbc port, this one or the actual battery one, so that did take a second to get used to. It would have been really nice if theres a usb c directly on here. That way, i can just worry about this alone. I could charge it whenever i want to, but of course you also might lose the ability to have it waterproof. You know, maybe they can make a little door, something very much how the original gopro session was.

It had a little door on there, where youre able to put in a micro sd and charge it. Maybe the next version theyre able to do that that way, youre able to do everything off of the main camera. If you want to charge up your action too or you want to add expansion as far as memory goes, all of that happens in the extra battery bank or the screen as well as one over here. You cant do it off of the main unit. Now one of the most obvious concerns, of course, is this right here you do have the removable lens on some of the action cameras, even the action one youre able to take this off. If you were to use this in some extreme conditions, just know that, of course, youre not able to replace that glass like youre able to do on some of the other action cameras. But if you are the type to use this camera or this camera in general, in extreme conditions, if youre using it on biking and youre, mounting it and youre crashing, of course, youre gon na put it at a lot higher risk, but just for everyday use. They said that this glass can take more than enough for everyday types of use. Now, with that said, the one thing you might want to look into is the dji care refresh program. Now normally talk about the care refresh when we talk about drones, because of course drones.

When you put that up in the air and youre trying to fly around certain objects or close to things, you normally are prone to possibly clip the drone or have an accidental damage. So if you do have an accidental damage on your action too and youve signed up for the one year plan, youre able to get two replacements within that one year plan for a small fee. And if you sign up for the two year plan, youre able to have up to three replacements of the action too ill make sure all that information is down below in the video description. So make sure you check that out. If you are looking at some of these, like i said id, probably recommend getting or looking into that care refresh program because of the fact youre not able to change out that glass or have a protective glass on it. So if you are, that type use it in extreme conditions – and you probably are a little bit more prone to getting this thing damaged, you might want to look into that protection plan. The next thing they can improve, on which they actually did in a firmware update, which is kind of surprising, was that whats interesting is when you are using the camera and you drain the battery on this camera, and you plug these together. Now this unit is going to start charging the main unit, and while this is charging, as you can see here, the green light its charging now the main unit, it can get a little bit warm now when its also plugged in it gets a little bit warmer.

So the one thing is on their next version. I kind of would have liked to see the texture of the original osmo action on here, because aluminum, while its nice to look at, i feel like the grip on the original osmo action was a lot better, especially if youre gon na be using this out. In the water, i have a lot better grip with the osmo action compared to this, and i think, maybe that rubber grip might help with a little bit of that heat. As far as touching the camera goes now when it comes to the different shooting options, youre able to toggle through them by double pressing this top button here on the action 2., when you double press youre able to cycle through photo video, quick clip, slow motion, time Lapse and its a little bit different, though, when youre using the dji memo app now, while all those settings are the same in the memo, app theres a couple other ones that are also present, because some of the menus on the actual action 2 itself are tucked Away within another menu like, for instance, they have hyperlapse displayed here on the app, but hyperlapse is actually under the time lapse feature on the action 2 camera. Once you launch the memo app on the right hand, side you can see here, i have hyper lapse. I have time lapse. Slow motion, video quick clip photo as well as live stream. They do give you some options to live stream through facebook youtube.

A couple other options here so live streaming is available on the action too. Im actually gon na have a separate video walking you through the memo app because theres. A lot of features in here that well go through which im not gon na, go through in this video as thats a menu on the action, 2 itself ill just kind of go through some basic stuff. Like i said, im going to have a separate video going in a lot more detail on this thing. But i just want to show you as far as some of the basic swipes and what youre going to see on the back of the screen. When you swipe down from top to bottom, it brings up the preferences and all the settings on here, youll be able to swipe left to right change from promo turn voice on check your exposure as far as your brightness goes also some preferences in there. If you swipe from right to left this is where all of your exposure values as well as how wide the lens you want to use. So, for instance, if i want to change my exposure youre able to do that here, leave it at auto for now and also if your field of view, if you want to go from standard to wide and to super wide, depending on what resolution youre shooting at Right now, im just in photo mode, so it is giving me some limitations there uh, but also you can change your formatting from photo mode from jpeg to raw.

If you want to do that there so right now, im in photo mode. If i move it over into into video mode youre going to see a couple other different settings in there so like i mentioned, if i go here now, im in video, i can go into wide or ultra wide, so very similar, but just depends on which mode Youre in on what menu youre going to get stopping from bottom to top im able to see now how to change your resolution, so i can go 4k. I can bring it all the way down to 1080p. If i want to and from left to right. If i swipe from left to right, it brings up my preview, so i can see what i shot last as well as all of the other images and photos that are on my camera. Roll, like i mentioned theres a lot more to this. So, of course, im going to be going through it in a separate video, as well as the dji memo app, so make sure you check that out, but overall super impressed with how dji is continuously pushing the boundaries, not necessarily sticking into just one frame there. This is only the second version, so they literally went from a traditional style action camera into something completely different, and i still love the original osmo action for all the same reasons ive talked about in the past, but this thing just how compact it is, how universal It is the wide field of view, and that horizon steady makes this thing just something that youre always going to want to have in your pocket, because you know that wide field of view you could pretty much get everything you now have 4k at 120, that horizon Steady, so even if youre moving all the way around itll keep it nice and flat the compact size of this thing alone.

This is easily stick this into your pocket. If you dont want to carry a tripod, this is all you have to carry around to capture some footage. You do have all those cool features as far as the magnets go, so you are able to stick this thing pretty much wherever because its so tiny. So if you guys were able to get some value out of this video – and if you did a big like – could be much appreciated and dont forget to subscribe and hit that bell to be notified. When i post new videos – because i am going to be coming out with a lot more in depth – comparisons, as well as in depth, walkthroughs of the application of the memo app on the action 2.. Thank you for watching guys. This is aldrin estacio with ill see you guys out there with the dji action. 2.