There is going to be comparing this camera to the new gopro 10.. But the truth is: why does anyone need an action camera when all of us have waterproof wide angle, video cameras in our pockets, all the time, and so in this video im going to be comparing this little guy to its true competitor, the iphone 13 pro before We get to the test, let me try to explain what this is and how it works. This is a very modular system and this is the smallest component of the system. This is the camera module, its got the camera on the front, a touch screen on the back one button on the top and then these little connectors on the bottom, but theres no ports on this at all. It does have internal memory, so you can use this as it is, but you cant add any memory to it and theres also nowhere to plug in any cable to get the footage off of this thing to get the full experience, you need this module, which is The front facing touchscreen module and it connects with magnets right to the bottom of this. It also has these little snaps that come in on the sides and hold it securely, and when this is attached, it has a front facing screen. So you can see yourself if youre recording yourself. It also has a much larger internal battery which extends the battery life of your recording. It also has a micro sd card slot, and this is how you add that additional memory and, of course it has a usbc jack as well, and this is the only way you can get the footage off of this camera or charge this camera.

So youre, probably thinking no problem ill, just leave these attached. All the time, use it as one camera unit, but you cant, because the top camera unit is waterproof and this unit is not. If you want to use this entire system in the water youre going to have to put it in a waterproof case that ill talk about in just one second, but as you can see, this is getting a little bit more complicated than your average gopro. As you know, the iphone has three main cameras with an impressive optical zoom range. The action 2 has a single ultra wide angle lens and the ability to zoom digitally now. The standard field of view on the action 2 has a very similar field of view to the iphones ultra wide angle, camera and so for the rest of this video im only going to be shooting on the ultra wide angle, camera on the iphone and im going To be shooting exclusively in the standard mode on the action 2. for the first test, i turned off the rock steady stabilization on the action 2 and walked holding both cameras. As you can see, the iphone looks much better here, but when i turn rocksteady on the stabilization in both of these cameras looks very similar. Next up lets test the microphones. Alright, this is an audio test on the iphone 13 pro. So this is an audio test. Dji claims that this camera has four different microphones and the iphone has done pretty well over the years when it comes to audio recording, great professional sounding audio, even in windy environments, although its not windy right now.

Now the iphone 13 pro has an absolutely incredible microphone on it. It sounds really good, but the action 2 probably has the best microphone ive ever heard in any camera. Ever i was really impressed heres what the audio sounds like when im recording behind the phone, so it should sound a little bit more muffled right now. This is the audio quality when im recording behind the camera. How does it sound, but what wasnt very impressive to me was the image quality. I just feel like the footage out of the iphone here, looks significantly better and if you zoom in look how much sharper it is out of my phone as well moving on to higher frame rates, these two shots were filmed in 4k 60 frames per second and Slowed down when we zoom in you can see a slightly cleaner image coming out of the action too, at 120 frames per second, the iphone has to drop down to 1080p, whereas the action 2 can still shoot in 4k, and here the action 2 is the clear Winner next up, i wanted to take this little camera out into the ocean and it is a waterproof camera on its own and i could shoot with this camera without the underwater housing. But the only mounting options that you have for this are these included magnetic clips. That snap onto the bottom and when they do it, has these little arms that grab the sides, and although this is very secure here on land, i do not trust these clips in water, especially for the sports that i do surfing kite boarding in this video im.

On an electric efoil im taking some pretty hard hits and if any water hits one of these little notches, this whole thing can come apart. So i personally do not trust this for really extreme sports, and so your only secure option, in my opinion, is the underwater case. One thing that i was excited to see with this underwater housing is that theyre using the same mounting system as gopros. So if you already have a bunch of gopro accessories, it should still work with this camera system. Dji also sent me this floating handle that you can attach to the waterproof case, and i was very afraid that i was going to drop this thing. These cameras are incredibly heavy, so they would sink immediately so uh having this out in the ocean definitely made me feel better. Now. Remember the incredible microphones that this has all right. How does the audio sound, while in the case one other issue that i had with the housing was after a few falls? I noticed a little bit of condensation building up inside and then something worse happened. The camera just shut off and said it was overheating which is really weird because im in cold water lets take a look here so im seeing a little fogging in the case, maybe just the littlest bit of water, but uh, certainly not much its still strange that Its leaking the first time i used it. What im going to do now is i am going to remove this uh bottom half the little selfie screen, because i believe the top part is supposed to be waterproof.

All right lets see if this things waterproof. What does the microphone sound like when it gets wet a lot of times these little microphones get clogged with water? Does it still sound good or does it sound muffled lets do a little test where im gon na get my phone and the dji wet and lets see which one sounds better and check check check. How does the audio sound and check check check? How does the audio sound – i love the size of this thing, its so incredibly small, but because its so small, its very difficult to hold. I feel like im about to drop this thing any minute. Next up, i put my phone in a makeshift selfie stick and the action 2 on the dji action tripod to do some skateboarding. This is horrifying. I feel like my uh phones going to fly off and im going to destroy my brand new 13. Pro lets. Hope that doesnt happen looking at this footage side by side. I think the iphone is the clear winner. Again, the iphone seems to be exposing for my face, while also retaining more dynamic range, while the action 2 has no problem over exposing parts of the scene and its far less sharp back in the studio, i tested the iso performance of both cameras by lowering the Light in one stop increments, the iphone was once again the clear winner. Now the action 2 does have one big feature that the iphone doesnt and, if you drop down from 4k to 2.

7 k, it unlocks the ability to turn on horizon steady and what it will do is keep your horizon perfectly flat, no matter the orientation of the Camera, so you can be turning this camera all over the place and everything will be perfectly flat. Thats only going to be useful if youre shooting something really crazy. Maybe if youre mountain biking and youre really leaning from side to side – and you want that perfectly flat footage uh that would be cool but other than that and shooting in 4k 120 the iphone wins in almost every other category. I really appreciate how different this camera is, instead of just copying, gopro dji has made something truly unique. The problem is many of these ideas sound great on paper, but they dont work as well. In the real world, for example, i love the idea of this magnetic mount that comes in the box. With this camera, you can put it in your shirt and then attach this little magnet and then the camera just snaps onto the magnet. I love that thats super cool, but when i really started to think how i want to use this, you know i want to use this in the ocean, but theres no way. I trust this. I mean i could just pull this off easily and then i thought. Okay, well maybe you cant use it in the ocean, but you could use it snowboarding, but then i thought well theres no way.

I would trust this snowboarding. I mean if i just bump this its going to fall off so then i thought: okay well, im! Probably never going to use it, and then this main magnetic mounting system ive already mentioned to you guys that i dont think this would be totally secure in a really hardcore environment. But i set this little camera down in the dirt today and apparently there was metal shavings in the dirt because when i picked it up, there was metal all over. The bottom thought no problem, i brushed it off, but what happened was metal went into these little grooves here that these clips need to attach to and now it doesnt attach right and ive tried to get things in there and like clean the metal out, but theyre Really strong magnets and i cant get these metal shavings out of the camera, and so again the magnets are supposed to be super convenient, but now the system just doesnt, really work right. Can you hear them grinding in this when dji reached out to me and said they wanted to send me some secret unreleased camera? I was really excited and when i opened the box i was even more excited. I i love the look of this little camera. I love how small it is and if the image quality was better out of this thing, i think i could overlook some of the complexities of the system.