All right. I got it out of the dryer. It was a little warm, but it wasnt in there that long and everything was cool, so youve guessed it. This is a review of the dji action, camera 2.. It is a modular system and you can see there are sort of two parts here there is the top, which is the sort of base camera proper. Its got a touch screen on the back that im looking at right now and you can hopefully see it there once we get a focus lock and coming back to the other side, its attached at the moment to the touchscreen module. Now the touchscreen module allows you both to see yourself as you want to frame yourself for any sort of action vlogging, and it also gives you access to resolution frame rate and other features depending on what youve got it got it set to go at and the Two pieces simply come apart, like that, this is actually a very interesting little action camera, its a very obviously a very new kind of design, uh shoots, 4k 120 frames per second, all the way down to 24 and everything in between its got hyper lapse. Its got time lapse, all the other good things that you come to expect with dji products using the memo app and you know what its actually pretty cool so lets go outside and take a look. Okay, so ive got the action camera attached right now to a little magnetic ball joint holder.

But you see this thing here that is a magnetic lanyard, so im going to pop the camera off click it on this and well go for a little walk. So here we go off, it comes. Oh, hang! On there we go pull these off. It comes and hear that sound so satisfying now we manually rotated the video here inside the editing software because it did not auto rotate. When we put the camera on the lanyard got to get my son to take the uh garbage on organics bins in now its possible that i missed some sort of setting that would have made that happen. But we just thought we should let you know that we flipped it. So i figure this will give you a sense of the rock steady stabilization 2.0, as well as the horizon leveling, and the microphones that are built into the module that is attached to the camera. Right now, the camera itself has a single microphone built into it, and the front facing touch screen module has three microphones built in so when they snap together, youve got a total of four microphones for what dji calls stereo matrix sound now im noticing now as im Editing unless its my imagination, but i seem to see a little bit of kind of flickering happening up in the trees with the light something doesnt look just quite right to me all right. The weather kind of sucks, but the camera does have an ip68 rating, meaning that its pretty much dust proof waterproof up to 10 meters.

I got the shades on not because its bright out, but hopefully so that you can see a reflection of the camera and the module in the glasses. The module that ive got on is a touch screen. Oled screen very intuitive for moving your way around frame rates and resolutions and, of course, you can also use the memo app, which dji will be updating as they release this camera so far, im pretty impressed to be honest, its a very unique design, the magnetic properties Give you a lot of options for mounting you could throw it on a shopping, cart on a skateboard truck, pretty much anything that has iron in it. So a lot of options for mounting in unusual places without having to use like a gorilla, joby or anything like that to uh to wrap it around so kind of an interesting, interesting design and 4k 120 frames per second. I mounted it on a swing. Just make sure that youve got enough iron in whatever youre going to mount it on watch good thing, its drop proof. I had much better luck mounting the camera to the actual pole of the structure. One of the cool accessories is that there is a click on macro lens that attaches magnetically. This is exactly how it produced the image. Weve got that sort of vignetting and letterboxing going on and its not filling the screen, but its still kind of a cool look for some cool shots.

Now, despite the crummy weather, i did get out with just the single camera unit without a module mounted it on the dash and shot some hyperlapse, which i think turned out very very smoothly. But if you look carefully look at the line where the dash meets the windshield and you will see when were not at a stoplight, but you will see that there is a very slight tilting effect thats going on and i suspect whats happening there is that that Is the horizon steadying mode? Now it doesnt really trouble me, but if it troubles you, you might want to consider that when youre framing your shot that you wouldnt want a piece like that near the bottom or a horizontal section near the bottom of your frame. But it does indicate that the horizon leveling is working, perhaps thats in combination with rock steady im, not really certain whats causing that. But i do know that i noticed it during a highway drive as well. The other thing i noticed is that when youre doing really processor intensive tasks like hyperlapse or time lapse, this thing really sucks through the juice um. I think its rated uh for a run time. Camera only dji says 70 minutes, but the reality is uh. When you are doing a hyperlapse uh, this thing really really uses up a lot of juice. I didnt exactly time it but im guessing. It was around 20 minutes. Before literally just like the car, i had to fill up all right a little nicer day.

This is at a park near my home. It was quite gray out and very overcast, so the sky doesnt look very great. I was trying out here the digital zoom feature. It has a three times: digital zoom and like most digital zooms, it really starts to kind of break up and not look that great, so youll probably want to avoid using the digital zoom, but hey. No one is going to twist your arm to make you do that and im dropping this shot in here, just because i think the color is really quite nice. Um to me. This is what the color looked like that day: the trees, the grass, even even the sky, thats pretty much. What it looked like on that day and dji does point out that this particular camera does have what they call a newly implemented color temperature sensor, which, according to the news release, quote, helps the camera restore color tones in complex lighting conditions and underwater recording for more Natural vibrant results – and i wanted to leave you with a bit of blue sky, so this is just simply shooting in 4k mounted uh inside the car, obviously um and just kind of cruising along a country road on a lovely day with some blue sky and some Clouds, if you keep your eye out, you might notice that again what i was describing earlier with the dash now some of you might argue: hey man thats, just like suspension, youre hitting bumps in the road, but really thats, not what it is, because what you have To recall here is that the camera is absolutely fixed to the dash.

The camera is not moving whatsoever, but you will see that the vents there do move they tilt a little bit to the left and the right, and i do suspect that is the horizon. Leveling doing its thing, um, perhaps in conjunction with the rock steady stabilization, but i do think thats pretty nice. Looking video and uh, you know its been a its been a blast trying this camera out. I think it has a lot to offer in a in a very small package for the fbv pilots in the crowd. The big question is: is this thing going to be good on a drone? I suspect it actually will be pretty good. You know it weighs a couple of ounces, its got the smaller form factor and some people, i think are – are really going to want to try this and and hopefully itll work out well on a drone uh. The downsides are that the battery life, when youre flying just the single module, not so great when its uh, you know, recording and doing some processor intensive things. Its got pretty good run time if its just sitting there turned on, but i have certainly found that when doing a time lapse, when doing a hyper lapse that the battery drains relatively quickly now, given that the average fpv flight might only be four to eight minutes, Depending on what youre flying, maybe a little bit longer – maybe thats not an issue so much.

I do think that this is going to really appeal to action, vloggers people who simply want something that they can literally just clip on and just start shooting with with nomas and no fuss. The user interface is great. Its really simple to use and the image quality is really quite good, so maybe its for you – maybe its not, but its been really interesting to test this out and its a very cool design from dji for dronedj.