Two montage hey me me to another level now, before we jump into things its important to say that this video is sponsored by dji whats up everybody, peter mckinnon, here welcome back to yet another video first things. First, its my birthday tomorrow, just gon na put that out there second im on a juice cleanse im. Not actually, i could never do that, but my kids are sick and i dont want to get sick, so im gon na drink a little bit of ginger raw honey oil of oregano echinacea and lemon. This whole thing, its probably gon na just burn the whole way down. Oh kirk kirk that ginger oil over this thing burns yeah. It was so strong. This is so strong dude like its still stinging. Oh i mean it tastes, good. No, it doesnt yeah. It does taste good, i like it for sure tastes, good, no, all right put that fire out here. It is here it is. You might have seen it before on the desk downstairs open this up. Oh nothing cause we opened it weeks ago. Look at that! I was shocked when this came in the mail. I thought for sure its going to look like the last one, and then it looks nothing like they fully remade this thing, its so small. How can i this is the iphone mini? Look how small this thing is. I believe dji is comparing this to the weight of an egg thats about uh.

It feels about right. Magnetic surface can stick this to anything thats going to be magnetic thats super handy now, pete, you might be asking what happens if the battery dies? How long does it take to charge well enter the extra battery now all of these accessories, because this cameras module they all stick to the initial body, adding something different so this here, the battery module sticks right on youve got two kind of little squeeze tabs on Each side boom they pop open, and it comes right off super easy back on off on off on no issues. This is going to extend the battery life, so even if the units battery is dying flip this on it starts charging the unit using this battery. The main module doesnt have a memory card slot its got internal memory, 32 gigabytes to be exact. Now, if you want more memory, you have to put on the battery module and then theres a memory card slot on the bottom of that preference wise. I wish that slot was in the main module. This size is so nice. I just want it to have a slot as well. In case i need more than 32 gigs, because this is all i want to bring with me. Another thing to mention is this: on its own is waterproof the second you add the battery module or the screen module thats right. This is an external monitor to show you the front. This is now not waterproof.

This has to go in the case sold separately. If you want to take this under the water, whilst using that extra screen or the extra battery that has the extended slot, so you can put more memory in it. You need the case now. When you add the screen module to this thing. There are three additional mics on this front facing module, which gives you now four mics, which is full stereo sound theres, also a usbc port on the back. If you had some kind of usb c to 3.5 millimeter adapter, then you now also have the ability to plug in external mics, to this thing positioning this not only as an action cam, but also as a contender for vlogging a little more inconspicuous a little smaller. If you dont want to walk around with a giant 1dx mark iii and a huge road mic on top, you can walk around with this see yourself as youre talking and when you dont want it drop it down your sleeve and youre good to go unless youre A magician and you drop a camera down your sleeve because you dont want anyone to see it thats kind of creepy. So i dont think i would actually recommend that, instead of just revamping the osmo action, they basically just revamped the entire experience trying to create the most versatile system that will help you as a filmmaker or just a hobbyist capturing your favorite moments. One of those systems is this macro lens.

So again that literally is on, and now you have a macro lens. So if you were doing things like stitching a wallet and wanted to get a super unique view, youve also got this magnet. Pendant now weve seen things like this in the industry before this goes around your neck. That goes under your shirt under your hoodie whatever, and then this little piece here magnetizes to the magnet underneath to keep it from swaying to keep it from spinning once youre wearing the pendant. This thing magnetizes fairly easily, like so straighten that out and then youve got a really cool, unique point of view. Okay were using the new action too its magnetized to ryans shirt. Does it feel good to feel secure right now? It does. I think it feels nice and secure. Actually i was a little bit hesitant, but yeah it was pretty good with the extra battery also connected to it its like a little more. I feel i feel confident, but i dont feel like confident. So if you were jumping up and down like this, which you probably wouldnt, do it might fall off. The other thing i noticed is after about five minutes of continuous recording. It got just stopped itself. It got really really hot, so thats, something i want to keep an eye on, as we continue to pov the art of leathercraft, the art of leathercraft, the art of leather, making, the art of leathercraft sounds cool weathercraft, the art of leathercraft.

Now something ryan – and i were talking about whilst doing this leathercraft was ive, been on the line of action. Cams shouldnt just be solely reserved for things that are extreme sports. Yes, theyre gon na look the best and they look so good. But i love the idea of using action cams to capture things that arent necessarily what you would first think of when you think of an action cam, i never would have thought leather crafting could be that exciting, like when youre going towards the clicker and youre. Like you know, you feel like youre in the shot yeah, i think a lot of times. Action cams are mostly, and only and and it makes sense associated with action, but that doesnt just mean it has to be something high speed or with a motor or two wheels or on a board blasting down a hill. The action is also just any type of movement at all, which is why i think, trying to kind of shift the the expectation youd have of an action cam to shooting something entirely different. That you wouldnt expect is what makes it exciting. I think thats, what made this cool, because you just wouldnt typically think lets do that with an action cam. The fact that its doable and it looks interesting, i think, thats – a fun way to mix things up, and this can go in places that you never thought. Like we put it in the laser like and trying to get that shot with a like a dslr or mirrorless like no chance, you would never be able to do that.

So it makes your creativity just that much more yeah. There was actually one shot where you were burnishing the edge at the beginning. We had rock steady, the dji stabilization on for that shot, and then we turned it off for the last shot. You can check out the differences you can see how much it was actually compensating for all of that shake so thats cool so now lets dive into the specs that this camera offers and a little bit on my experience using it so far once you fire this Thing up the screen on the back nice and bright its haptic. So each time you touch it, you can feel that feedback. So you know youre actually inputting things that are being inputted frame rate option wise youve got 4k 120 in this little thing: thats nuts, 4k. 60 d log: now, if you are using it, i noticed, while shooting 4k 120 started to overheat pretty fast. So right as i met right, as i said, it was getting really hot. I just got a warning to my phone, so i connected to the memo app and it said: uh recording stopped device getting too hot, so that was in 4k 60 with rocksteady on for about three six. Nine minutes straight lets go ahead and change that from 4k 60 to 4k 24., maybe turn rocksteady off resume recording were learning folks. I think i think the problem is your leather making is just too hot.

Oh, i said it. You did now. That was also shooting 4k 120, and you got to keep in mind how small this thing is. It is tiny. Itll also do 240 frames per second at 1080p. Now, if you have rocksteady on and youve got the camera in 4k and youre maximizing those frame rates, i would say that do be aware that this thing will get hot, fast and theres a chance, itll overheat and need to cool down im getting hot. I think what excites me most about this camera is the future of this camera and the things that we all know dji is probably going to do to further expand it being that they built it to be modular, and i really respect the fact that they had Something that was working and they just entirely reinvented it, but thats dji weve, come to know theyre one of the most innovative companies out there as far as tech goes and cameras, theyre constantly pushing their own boundaries, and – and this is definitely no exception. Some of the features, though i feel fall short for me, slightly like having the sd card slot in the expanded battery pack. I wish that was in the main module this being waterproof on its own, but now, when this is connected to give you more battery in the memory card having to put that in a case, those are two things for me that i feel like missed the mark.

Now all of this is going to be available in two different combos. I believe theyll be selling it with the screen and the main module. Then theyll also be selling it with something called the power combo, which is coming as exactly this, which is the battery and the main module. So those two different things are gon na have two different price brackets, so the power combo with the battery pack and the main unit will be ‘9 us. And if you wanted the front screen module better for vlogging and those types of things that combo will be 519 us, so thats, pretty comparable with the other pricing of action. Cameras on the market today, so all in all, very excited about djis new offering into the action camera world its something that i didnt expect but ive come to expect the unexpected when it comes to dji. So, thank you so much for sending me one of these units to review another decision i made when testing this camera out was to do it indoors. Action cams for me constantly fall apart indoors, but im shooting indoors a lot of the time as much as im. Shooting outdoors and i know outside its gon na look great thats, why i chose to shoot what i chose to shoot. So i hope you guys liked this video. I hope you got something out of it hit the like button. If you did subscribe, if you havent already and – and i will see you in the next video dont – forget tomorrows my birthday – oh see, ya, good luck to you and the rest of the video all right.

Okay, what do the cool kids say im here for it im here? For it, my air could use a little bit of a wash now couldnt. It laugh that didnt sound cool im here for it a little more cash, its like two and a half rings. If you measured things by rings like an idiot, ah, you can sample that one in there all right. This has gone way too long.