So stay tuned Applause. So 2021 was a pretty amazing year for the drone community. Lots of new tech coming out lots of new drones, both on the camera side, the fpv side, even some cool toy drones that do battles and all kinds of stuff, but dji is still the dominant player. In the camera drone space and becoming a bit more dominant in the fpv space with this guy, so i just want to cover the dji lineup for 2022, the main drones you can get. Of course, you can get used old, drones and stuff like that, but these are the ones that i think are going to be easiest to buy easiest to get repaired and youll see most frequently flown lets start with the mavic mini 2.. Actually, its not even called the mavic mini 2, its called the mini 2. They got rid of the word mavic from several of these drones. This is the drone that took the place of the original mini and it has a big upgrade with ocusync 2.0. What is hockeysync 2.0, its a transmission signal that gives you video from the drone to your controller or phone, and allows you to see really crystal clear images of what youre shooting from a pretty far distance. Now ocusync 3.0 also came out and is in a couple of these drones, but this has occu sync 2.0 and thats a big step up from the enhanced wi fi that the original mini had as a matter of fact.

They have the original mini and they have one called the mini se honestly for the price difference, which is not that much, i would just go ahead and get the mini 2 if youre going to get it now, who is the mini 2, for this? Is for people who are very casual drone flyers who just want to take it on vacation, get some cool shots, be pretty under the radar as far as flying goes because its really quiet and someone who doesnt want to mess with having to get an faa registration. This things under 250 grams, so you can fly it without an faa registration without your part, 107. Of course you can fly all these without your part 107, if youre not flying professionally, but its a great little drone for someone whos very casual and wants something. Also, very lightweight and portable reliable takes great, looking 4k video. All those reasons i feel like if you are just starting out on drones and you really arent worried about taking professional video or even maybe doing youtube stuff stuff like that. You just want some nice pictures from an aerial perspective or video from an aerial perspective. This is a really great choice: its a pretty low cost too its the cheapest lowest cost of all of these here on the table. So, starting with one of these is a great place to start, but if you think you might want to do more professional video or kick it up to like a youtube channel or content for online or content for your own vlog or whatever the air 2s is A great choice, its the big brother to the mini 2.

. It has a lot more features. It has longer flight time. It can do a couple of things that one cant and its also just a little bigger a little more solid and feels a little bit more. Like a professional drone, this thing doesnt feel like a toy necessarily, but it is very lightweight by design and designed to be something that is more of a casual user, whereas this one here feels like youre getting into a more serious hobbyist grade type drone. I use the air 2s a lot its one of my favorite go tos as far as a camera. Drone goes because it is a good balance of size and performance and honestly, if you only could buy one drone out of all of these, this is probably the most versatile out of the whole thing and the best balance of cost and performance. So the air 2s gets really high marks, in my opinion, but again, if you want to save a little money and get something thats a little smaller and easier to carry. The mini is a great choice, but id say if you are planning to fly drones. A lot and want something a little more robust. The air 2s is an excellent choice. Now you can, i think, still buy the dji mavic air 2, which is the older version of this and its a fine drone as well. The biggest difference is the camera on. This thing is quite a bit better than the old one and theyve also smoothed out some of the flights.

The hyper lapses are smoother theres, a few enhancements on this over the original air 2 that i would recommend going ahead and getting this. But if cost is a big consideration, then you might consider the original mavic air 2, which is still available on djis website. As of this, recording next up is a drone that is out of production, but still available, used and still a very fantastic choice and, as a matter of fact, this has been the workhorse for the last three years of the drone photography industry and hobbyists its the Mavic 2 pro and it has a great camera. It is very easy to get parts for and get repaired because theres still lots of them out there. If youre looking for extra batteries, theres plenty of them. This thing you really cant go wrong with it and, if youre looking for something that is used and dont want to spend quite as much as you would for say, a mavic 3, the mavic 2 pro is a great choice. I highly recommend, if you do buy it find one that has some extra batteries and things like that, because they will eventually become scarce. As you know, if you try to find parts for some of the older drones that were out a few years ago, it gets a little harder because they just dont make them anymore. But if you got one of these with three or four batteries, you would be good to go for a long time flying and taking video and photos with it.

So, of course, in late 2021 dji announced the mavic 3.. This is currently their flagship camera drone. This thing has an amazing camera with two different lenses: a really high resolution lens and a zoom lens that lets you go way way in its got crazy flight time, like almost 45 minutes and again, this is not a review of all these. Its just sort of my opinion on who theyre good for and comparisons this right here, if you can afford it, is the top end of the consumer and even professional videographer and photographer drone world. This guy, of course, comes in two flavors theres, the regular version and then theres the cine version that has a one terabyte ssd drive built into it. But even if you get the regular version, the video and photography is amazing. Theyre coming out with more and more features for it in the dji fly app, so thats also really cool. Again. The price is the big barrier for a lot of people on this, especially if you want to get the cine version, but if youre doing professional videography and if youre doing a big youtube channel or shooting for other youtube channels. This would be a very good choice. No one would scoff at you if you showed up on a shoot with one of these now next up are two other drones that are a little outside of the category of the foldable drones. Neither of these drones fold theyre still both available on the dji website.

This is the phantom 4 pro v2. Now this drone ive had for quite a while ive used it quite a bit, but not recently, recently its been sitting in the box and not getting used as much because these are such good options. The biggest advantage of this guy right here number one is the mechanical shutter. So if youre shooting high speed action, if youre shooting race cars, if youre shooting action sports, then the mechanical shutter makes a difference as far as how sharp those images are that you can take with both still photography and video, also because of its size and its Big motors this thing has some good lifting capacity. It can pick up quite a bit of weight. It has these legs that allow you to attach to it it doesnt fold, so its very rigid structure, its a solid platform. This was djis platform for the first few phantoms that they came out with before they started the mavic series and its a good platform, its just kind of big and bulky, if youre, a professional, cinematographer and youre looking for something with a mechanical shutter. This might be a good way to go versus these others, but as far as convenience goes traveling with these is so much easier because theyre, smaller and down to the mini. You know this guy right here versus this. Look at that. Do you want to travel with this, or do you want to travel with this id? Take this any day, but ultimately the phantom 4 pro v2 is still a good choice that hasnt been put out to pasture.

Yet will there be a phantom 5? Who knows, i dont know but its a solid platform and if youre looking for something thats big, that makes a statement that has a mechanical shutter, and that is a really solid platform for video and photography. This is still a good choice. One other great thing about this is this is very easy to hand catch. I have hand caught the phantom drones for a long time, so, if youre flying on a boat or in a situation where youre on something thats, moving or youre in a situation where youre on a narrow space and theres, not room to land or a rocky area, Its super easy to reach up and safely catch one of these legs and then kill the kill. The drone kill the propellers. I have a little more trouble, you can hand catch these guys. You cant really hand catch this unless youre ken and ken dono. He probably could, but these guys are a little harder to hand catch this one is easier to hand catch. So if youre flying off a boat a lot, this might be a better choice as well, because itll take right off, you can fly with it and then, when its time to land it, you can bring it in and grab it by the grab it by the Leg here and then kill the throttle so thats another consideration for the phantom 4. and finally in the lineup, is the dji fpv drone.

This guy right here took the world by storm in 2021, and a lot of people got into flying fpv that werent there before its built on the dji goggles version 2, which is a very solid set of electronic digital hd goggles, and it is fun to fly. You can fly this thing in normal mode. You can fly it in sport mode and you can fly it in acro mode. All of them are different experiences, but its a really great way to start flying fpv. My only hesitation about this for fpv is its pretty big, its pretty fast, its pretty heavy, and you need a fair amount of space to fly. It like its meant to be flown as an fpv drone. Its got enough inertia and mass to it that it could do some damage if you hit something. So you want to have a big open space to fly this in uh if youre getting into fpv. You could do this and if you have a big space to fly, then thats great if youre looking for something a little smaller, you might start with a little 4s ducted fpv quad as one to learn how to fly on in a smaller space. But again, dji made it so easy for people to learn because you can put the goggles on and have the fpv experience in a very stabilized gps, enhanced mode and itll just stay right wherever you put it just like the flies just like a mavic.

In the case, when you have it in normal mode and then as soon as you flip it into sport mode, it flies like a mavic, only faster and a little more intense, and then, when you put it into acro mode, it flies like a freestyle, fpv quad. You can do flips with it. You can do rolls with it. You can do all kinds of fun stuff its a blast to fly. It really is fun um. I dont use it exclusively, certainly probably as a matter of fact, with my fpv quads. I probably use it about a third or a quarter of the time that i fly fpv, but i still enjoy flying it and i think, if youre just starting out and you want to get into fpv and again, you have a big space to fly. This is a good choice: the dji fpv, so quick recap on these drones. The mini 2 great choice for the casual flyer, who might just want to go out and take it on vacation, take some photos from the air. Some video from the air doesnt want to have to register and like something small lightweight compact and easy to fly the air 2s a step up from the mini 2. It is, does all the things the mini 2 does. Does them a little bit better flies. A little bit longer is a little heavier, so you do have to register it. You have to register all of these down here, but its a great choice for someone who might be a little bit more into the drone hobby than this one.

This is really for someone whos more into taking good aerial photography, but doesnt care that much about flying drones. This one is more for people who want to start getting into flying drones and looking for something that is a little bit more robust and expandable. The mavic 2 pro is a great choice if youre on a budget youre looking for a really good one inch camera sensor, that you can take great videos and photos with, but it is discontinued and its something that youll have to buy now and just kind of Keep an eye out for parts, and things like that – i think theyll be available for the next two or three years very easily, but just keep in mind. This is a technology that is going to be sort of sunsetted at some point, as they say now. The mavic 3: this is the current flagship of the dji camera series, and it shows this thing is great flight time. Amazing videos, amazing photography, amazing zoom, lots of cool features built into the fly app and theyre, releasing more all the time. If you can afford it, you can get this guy, especially if you get it with the rc pro its its really a dream to fly and and uh, something that i would say should probably be an upgrade or if youre diving into drones wholeheartedly camera drones and You want to make business out of it or do it for youtube and can afford it.

This is a good choice. The phantom 4 pro v2 great choice if youre flying off a boat, great choice, if you want to make a statement with something big, great choice, if you want to attach things to it like an action camera but probably a bit much for someone whos a casual Flyer, and certainly not great to travel with so consider all that if youre looking for something thats a little more compact and light, these are your choice, but if youre going to be flying just in one space and looking for something with a mechanical shutter, this is A great choice, and then finally the dji fpv drone. This thing is fun, its its a great start into fpv. Like i said, you need a big open space to fly this in. If you live in a city – and you dont have a lot of park space where you can fly, then i probably wouldnt start fpv with this, because once you do youre going to want to go crazy and it covers a lot of ground really quickly. So you need a big field. There are smaller options out there that you can get, but if youre into fpv – and you want to start flying – and you have space to do it – this is a great choice.