This is gon na be a little short video tonight i want to make, and this is something we bought a little while ago. Weve only used it in one video, and that was our last trip to astoria but uh. What i want to test and show tonight a little bit is our and we hope to incorporate this the rest of the summer. Today we have a nice night out so were actually going to try to get it up a little bit and talk about it uh. So i purchased the dgi mini drone at costco um. This is a great little purchase. Um dont, remember the price off top of my head. You can go check it out online. Well, maybe add a link 489. I think it was anyway. So a couple things uh that youre gon na get with it its gon na come with a nice little case um. This is really handy. This is highly recommended in this case. It comes with it uh. The other thing that i added that you dont get with the drone, but i definitely recommend it youre going to get this little case. That kind of helps hold the propellers down. So youre going to want to add this, to keep it down from a storage standpoint. So youre not bending the propellers at all and worrying about breaking them, so this guy is extremely light. I think hes 2.49, i dont, remember ill put the specs on here, but this little guy is super light super handy.

It also comes with a little uh cap here before i took it off for the um camera, but thats really handy. So this is the little drone guy well get him up in the air a little bit and the other thing what i like about this bag and the way it stores its kind of slick in here. So your remote that comes with it um and it does come with cables, which is nice to charge this little remote super handy um. What i like about the remote itself is on the bottom here. If you can see this thats, where your little toggles are gon na be so this is really nice having these toggles right here um. So all these do is just pop out. They screw right on super easy if youre, better a little more coordinated than i am goes on pretty easy. So these just pop out screw right on the cool thing is where your phone mounts – and i really like this so its right in the front right here. This little pop up, so this just comes down pop this up. This is where your phones gon na, go so lets slide and well take the cord out here its got two different connections um. So this for iphone users and android users. You can both use this, which is pretty important for everybody, so lets just hook up our phone weve already downloaded the app um, the dji app, which was really easy to download very simple, app super intuitive, not hard at all uh.

If i can figure it out, anybody can figure it out. True and my family will attest to that um. So we get your phone mounted in here, just like this nice and easy, so lets go to the app um ill. Show you what that looks like. So this is, as you open up your app its going to look just like this. What were going to want to do, and so well get this guy on the ground. Well, get him up in the air um! Give you guys kind of what it looks like just in a neighborhood, now theres a lot of things. You have to go through uh to make sure youre approved for the air youre setting, and it takes a little bit of time. You want to. You got to check for air space and all that other good stuff, but the app is really good about walking you through that. So super easy tutorial im not going to post anything on that. If you guys want to check out other videos theres a lot of good videos, maybe ill add a couple links uh to those other videos that i recommend that i watch that were really helpful. But this is just want to show you guys what were gon na get out and hopefully get some better shots this year of us out using the trailer um some different campsites, the ocean coast, um sun river were heading back there this year.

I know we did that last year, and that was a lot of fun. We cant wait to go back, but lets get this guy up in the air and see what it does and get some good shots and well show you some videos, so were all logged in okay. I had to run a quick little update, thats fine, that happens from time to time. You got a rental update on these guys, so were logged in so lets move this to the ground because i dont want it to land on my truck, maybe much out next to you. Oh sorry, down here, so lets hit our go fly button. You need to wait till i can record it. There was a go fly button right, yeah, theres, a go fly button on the court. Now the difference is here. We have takeoff permitted, so lets fly so were gon na hit. Our little fly button take off, never mind the nest Music, so its gon na have to put in a phone number for this area. Oh, were in flight. Why is that um? I think its a regulatory thing i dont know. Okay and now i got a request. Im gon na make me put in a code Music, so its gon na run you through some of these checks right to get your got to go through all these, send you a tax alert, which is a good thing. It is, it means its safe to fly in the area right and thats what you want, so so application successful done now now we can go so what were going to do is lets, go up in the air a little bit and then were going to kind Of fly down the street so were going to take her up.

This is a good deal, so were going to take her. Take it way up so on. Here too, you have your height, your distance, all that other stuff, you can see your height down here 37 feet thats high as we are yeah. Oh excuse me so lets get up. There lets see how high we can get its way up there. You cant even see so right now we are at 104 feet, so we are up there. So the cool thing is, if you can see it now its its hard because the reflection, the reflection, is horrible, but lets start recording this and well record on the phone. Well, hit a little record button on the side here, so you can record your videos and lets just kind of just im going to take it for a spin and well add this later lets show some of the videos yeah so lets just take too hard to See it Music, Music, Music, Music, all right, so this is kind of a nice little turn there. This is just a neighborhood, so imagine this somewhere gooder! So now heres the key right. So, as you got your drone out there youre out flying around so now, you want it to come home right as opposed to driving it flying it back this. This has a great feature so on this camera here you can see this little button right there. So were gon na hit that and then you got your return to home feature, so this is cool.

So now what were gon na do is just hold. It hit the return to home and were gon na wait for this guy to come home because we cant even see him barely yeah, theres josh knows where so heres. I see it so here hes gon na come back to it, but look at the view were getting from coming home, Music, its right above us Music, my bad. You can add some music to some of this when its okay, no to like yeah yeah. I will well – maybe i dont know ill figure it out Music. However, look up, i had the airplane in the way. What happened theres an airplane way up there yeah there is so here were coming down. The land here comes piper yeah. There is its very bugging out yeah success. We landed so hey, always a good day when you land from being up in a cool drone. A lot of fun uh were going to incorporate this in more videos, so i cant wait to get to the coast yeah. This is gon na, be awesome. Yeah we havent gone camping. Yet yes so, but can i can? I mention something? Yes, there are certain places where you need to get permission. Yes, sun river oregon when we go yeah, but you have to get permission ahead of time. So and they want to know what youre using it for, but but in most cases like places like that, theyll do it.

They just want to know they just want to know about it so anyway. So this is our little drone review.