This cabin gives you a ride to the casino to the beach to the supermarket this right here. Yeah. This right here is cheaper. You dont have to like. We have to wait for thats the way before you point: yeah, Music, Music, Music, yeah, something like that: Music, okay, little houses before i leave all right. Okay, you got a nice view of the lake thats lit Music, oh hes, talking to this guy over there quiet bro, oh yeah! Let me do a review with this real, quick Music. I got here first man its my room. So basically, this is the divi village resort and you put the filter on so i can see to your brother. Oh now you lit, i mean i got a waterfall. You got serenity right here, thats what they call that Music super hard Music yeah. This is 2250 at the divi village resort. Let me take this photo off, so you have to see this wall – Music, Music, hey, Music, and you got two bathrooms: a bunch of closets the personal bath dude thats, the personal doctrine right there yeah right into the bedroom got your own kitchen, two seconds, whos, every Bathroom you got your own kitchen and, and you got room service – oh washer dryer, the party started. Oh man got his whole mascot. Ah, look at the guy move. It you see whats going on yo. They drove you up here, yeah my got a coat.

Why you got a coat dawg? Oh you, chilly yo. Did you bring blood through nobody? No all right so thats. My review of the divi village golf resort yeah, so yeah the guys just touched down and were about to turn up into reuben now, im feeling fantastic. Im feeling stupendous um, where the shots at Music. It did not want me to fly this on the beach, but he was letting me fly it. Its letting me fly right here in the golf resort so about to get some views and we just got some waxies. This is going in the air lets get it. Let me record it. 44. 4K. 30. lets get it. Oh look at it guys sure im about to record my screen and everything all right were in the air with it. Davey golf lets. Take a look around nice. Now this is a big property yo you see the ocean lets get up higher lets see. If you can see my hotel yeah. Let me get some aerial view. Oh some got middles middle sections and some of these um spots yo. So this is the resort yo. We have to go next to the pool right and get that infinity pool up right here. Making it move slowly see the birds in the shot yeah. So this is divi golf orange stand in the back. Send that out man im gon na send it to the ocean one time yeah, you dont want to send it over here.

Look, look, look! Look! How close it looks. Perfect. Look how close it looks to the ocean, though right Music, Music, Music im over the beach. Well, i couldnt fly before im about to turn this now. Oh its, giving me a bad signal. Get that sunset right there, boy, Music, all right want to send this to me now. I dont know where we are there. We go infinity, pool thats. What were going through watch out just drop this on us. Oh yo, you see us, oh, we literally yup yup yup, so you got the divvy golf area shot. Are we out of here? Man hes, like you, cant hide us come here. Come here come here, Music.