So they claim that this has more nits. More nits and thats what we need as drone pilots, we need more knits, because when we use this with our apps out in the field, we need to be able to see it really well. Dont we jeff its an eight inch. 1200 nits 2560 by 1600 panel display yeah thats bright man thats a lot of nits thats thats thats a lot. You need these kind of nits when youre outside in the sun. Just a funny word anyway. I took this out and shot a bridge with it im here with the phantom 4 pro and im going to slide in a monitor, but want one to use thats bright enough. Well, of course, the triple tech t 82 youre supposed to take it out of the box dude. Thank you. This is the t82 very good and it is super bright, its brighter than any girls ive ever dated and its a lot thinner than the original. The original was pretty thick and it didnt fit into the mount, but this fits right into the mount like that. Oh man look at those nits thats thats a lot of nits 1200 of them or more, oh, so, bright, so bright, oh thats, good stuff! Oh, this monitor really shows all the colors and the penises you can really. You can really see all the penises really well with this monitor all the penises, the penis theyre, so crisp and clear its just dick after chapter two.

Is this um triple tech, its um? Its an awesome monitor. You can really see them all from up there. I was thinking this bridge is so colorfully graffitied its going to be wonderful, like some local folk art, but its just a bunch of dicks. I mean so make sure you pick up one of these triple tech t82 tablets, because uh man, they really work. Well, you can see everything boy didnt they pop on the screen. I mean you could really see them all. In 4k, some of them were even 10k yeah; no, no! No! We can move on now. Okay, all right so were not going to do a bench test on this, because bench tests are boring, but jeff here will tell you a little bit about the stats of this thing compared to the old one. As a 4g lte unlocked smartphone its got 8 gigabytes of ram with 256 gigabytes of storage. The octa core cpu is 10 faster than the original 7 pro. It has 12 200 milliamp battery a wi fi thats 2.4 and 5 gigahertz. It has bluetooth and nfc, as well as an sd card support up to one terabyte. It runs android 10, its waterproof with the ip68 standard, its also shock proof with military standard construction, and it comes with a one year warning this things rugged its like military grade. You could kill a guy with it like a just bludgeon him to death with it like that, so you always have a weapon on hand.

If you have this with you, you can drop it and really not worry about. It comes with its own. Like case thing, ill just drop it right from here and itll be fine. Should i do it? No! No! No! No! No! Why not im going to do it im going to do it im going to do it? Fine one of the things that everybodys been asking about this and one of the reasons why people wont get it is because it doesnt have hdmi out. I dont know why it should have hdmi out or in or both, but it doesnt. It has a usbc where you can connect things up that way for what it is as bright as the screen is with the speed and the capabilities that are built into the machine right now, its an exceptional product, it is, can you use it as a phone? Can you i mean its a yeah? If you cant its a 4g lte unlocked smartphone, so yeah, you could use it as a phone, well thats kind of cool. How dorky would you be? You know like hey some of us in the 80s had the brick phones. So trust me were not you know, thats true thats thats true, but you can get cell service on this, so thats good. This thing has so many uses its really really well made very bright, like i said, and its good for ghost hunting whats. That did you hear it yeah.

Well, what said that i dont know it cant. It was not it wasnt. From marios side, i heard like a voice prompt yeah. I heard a girl yeah. Did you say something? No, no. He didnt say anything. It sounded like a female voice: didnt it yeah. It was a chick, it was a chick yeah. It was. It was plain female. Oh give me your walkie talkie. I think she said two. I think you switched it. I think you switched the channel by accident. If i switch this – and it says either three or one thats what it is: okay, okay, okay, three well, we didnt find any ghosts out there, but that tablet really did a good job with the flear uh jeff buddy. Is that you? Oh? No? Oh no, its just me. Oh thank goodness! Oh you got me. You got me now heres your chance to win this very tablet. Jeff tell him how to do it. I what why you put me on a spot like this all right we didnt discuss. This first. Did we you did not discuss this first, make something up uh, they have to say in the chat down below uh. I need these knits. I need these knits. I like that. You must be a subscriber and you must get 10 other subscribers. I no you dont have to do that. I would like that. I mean you know id appreciate that, but you dont have to do that, but you do have to be a subscriber and then i will pick from those who commented.

What again i need these knits. I need these knits all right man, thanks for watching thanks for subscribing thanks for getting those other 10 subscribers until next time, buh and bye. There are so many penises. I just noticed that theres no way i could blur out all of the penises theres. So many of them i mean what brilliant person goes. Hey lets go down the bridge. What do you want to paint bring the paint man make sure you bring the paint? What do you want to paint penises, of course, Laughter these dicks for you in 4k, 4k dicks, everybody Music? Oh my god, you guys ready to leave. Oh yeah, you ready to give this bridge three less to worry about. Well, thats it for now, thanks for watching theres, a link in the description for this tablet.