Okay, i got three different plastics of the drone right here. Starting off, i got a big z. I got this ledge stone um crystal drone. I also got this um great lakes, titanium drill with a graffiti stamp on it and um yeah ill go ahead and just start off with feel lets, see if you guys how you guys can kind of see the rim there, its a stable, mid range, the flight Numbers are five, four plus one, four, so very stable and um as far as field goal. These all feel pretty much the same, except this um ledstone, one its a lot flatter thats, my sidearm drone and um yeah lets just go ahead and get into flight. We got a left to right head one here: im just gon na be throwing out into the field ill start off with the big c move to the crystal, then the titanium drill im just going to be throwing these five out 330 feet just going to throw Them on a slat hyzer right here, youre only probably about 10 mile per hour or left right head one. Okay, now the crystal drone flathead okay, now the titanium drum as you guys can see they all held a hyzer didnt want to flip up or anything. So now, if im flat starting okay, now i got the crystal junk Music. We got the titanium theyre all about the same distance out there. The winds kind of switching to your left right tail and now, but um then ill, throw them all on anhyzer see how they do Music crystal Music Music, one that came around anhydrous, but just finding out really quick.

I think it felt like a throwing. Okay, now im gon na throw them all inside on. Hopefully you could see there um the big c one was actually really far. This fire was four hundred, but the other ones. I just do a little too high and they flex out a little quick im, throwing them in rings that are in order. I think theres um stabilities, then this one being the least stable crystal drum being second, and this ti team will be the most stable ill, throw them on sidearm. Now this my one, i typically sign on this crystal one, because its flat and the other ones have a dome to them, but ill try to throw them all on slight ends like you can see how torque resistant they are Music characters. Okay, you can see its the building stability and all those now now im gon na throw them all max power slide left right, wind kind of switches, Music, max powerslide, analyzer, okay, Music, keep talking Music guys. That was a discraft drone review. Let me know in comments if you liked it leave a thumbs up share the video help grow the channel, and, let me know if you guys want me to do any other, just craft. This video.