We have today a great little disc. It is the it’s a mid range from discraft it’s, the rubber blend glow drone it’s, the special edition from the ledge stone open, but hey without further ado. Let’S get into the action nicole. Welcome back! Welcome back spin off golf, oh yeah, ready to go welcome to the channel. You know, wouldn’t want to be anywhere else: man right now, we’re in south kingston, rhode, island, yeah, beautiful chorus and great little course. Man um. Let me get started with the flip awesome, so so i’m on the top he’s on the bottom, yeah um and then we’re just to flip. That i’m going up. First excuse me: i’m, the bottom he’s, the top, but hey. I am up first let’s get into the action let’s see it. Blaine see how it just keeps going to the right good. No, no that’s, really good, but like that disc has a four fade so it’s supposed to like come back. You know what i mean. Oh yeah that didn’t come back. It didn’t come back at all, like i think i mean it’s, not bad, but it’s it’s, cool, it’s cool. That, like you know, certain plastics, do certain things: the disc but hey cole’s up here: disclaimer he’s, never throwing it well. I’M. Only throwing it a couple times, but you know that gives me a little competitive edge, but hey welcome to the channel subscribe hit that notification bell it. You know like when we’re posting we post every wednesday ding ding, ding dong, ditch don’t, ditch don’t don’t, ditch it don’t.

Do that to us awesome so close up here, he’s gon na give it a good toss. He went past the basket. Ladies and gentlemen, i went way past the basket went past. It literally floated it past the basket. Second shot good, oh nope, one on me, oh get out of here. I got you bro, oh you’re, gon na get me that’s, fine, it’s, a tester all right on to the next hole. I’M here at hole. Two uh. We just met some pretty cool people, ryan, brandon and talia um. If you see this video hey, thank you for watching pleasure to meet all of you. I better see three subscriptions i’m. Not though i need it, we need it. We need i’m trying to hustle out here, but yeah so it’s, just a straight shot up this hill yeah let’s see it nice a little sketchy, can’t work, but hey just stay on stay on that cold train we’re, gon na get up there and uh see see If cole uh makes that put, i out drove him and that’s what matters it does little victories way past. It would be good if you get this in to keep people watching but continue watching if he doesn’t get in, because it’s, probably not wow great friend, it’s. Just kind of factual wow but i’m, remembering for you, though, buddy ready, ready, i’ve been ready, marked. I got it tested now cool all right, blaine let’s see it.

I i’m this close to the basket, because i have that much confidence in you. I will protect the camera if i need to. I will throw myself in front of that disk. Oh nice, okay! I got you cool. Oh, you got me, you got me so cole got one on me, that’s on top so cole’s up here using the drone let’s go in this right gap, it’s about 3 48 to the basket ah same place, all right. What else is yes? Over over the wall? It’S, good man and we’ve been waiting all day. Sir wait for you get through nope, failed good hundred i’ll, say all right. Blaine come on reel it in come on. I know i know you could do better come on come on. Take your time a little too much oh i’ll make that, though oh man, so i don’t, even know how much he’s up anymore he’s up a lot playing nation i’m. Sorry say everyone. I want to apologize for my terrible performance on that last hole i’m. Better than that you are, i am so so much better than that, but we all have them. We all have those holes. You know is this: how we snap back? Oh nice dude that’s what you want good shot, that’s a good recovery shot after that last hole. Shot. Oh, come on! Oh i’m, going straight at it. He is literally going hyzer, which i don’t he’s that rolled down the hill, no dude it did.

He didn’t even hear all right, bling get it get it that’s what the people want. Music. Oh man, what’s up here, good shot, dude going straight on straight on, got a mando here. You hit a tree, but i don’t think you’re far from the basket that coal is up. I need to see his response here about the same area: good, shot, smith, good, shot; second shot: oh no it’s, cuatro, cuatro man, you’re putting it on me. Smith; i’m. Not admitting defeat, but like man like i really i really got ta. Throw this whole well and cole has to make some mistakes. It is uh imperative that, but he’s playing he’s playing a good game, so i don’t see it, but like i’m gon na give him all everyone he’s playing a great game, good right down the middle smith. Oh this disc is phenomenal essentially but come on man. I know you got it just take your time turned it over all right. You went far, though that’s the thing much farther than me: hey dang, my except was not good. You got ta blame let’s get near the basket. Okay, it’s, like unless cole somehow like loses both of his arms, hey i’m losing, but anything can happen. These trees look like they can fall on anybody right now. Do it for the gram? Oh, do it for the gram do for the channel that’s? What i’m talking about finish strong, if you have stayed this long hit that subscribe button? If you watch me fail that much and you’re still here, i i love you and you you just come on and stay with us.

You know what i mean: we’ll keep you nope. Oh i had to use every single one jace good game. I i could have done better but dude you play you play you play great with that. So tell tell the people how you like it. So we did play um. You can see one of our other videos. We did a nuke in this same type of plastic, the ledge stone open um. This drone, though, is supposed to have a fade of about four. To be honest, when we were throwing this that i saw from both blaine and myself, this was just going straight, which i love, because i have a hard time doing straight shots. So it’s, not your typical drone, if that makes any sense for like a mid range because it’s it it’s it’s, the plastic is changing the characteristics honestly that’s that’s. What i think it is um. Do i like the disc yeah? No, i really do like it, but just when you get it remind yourself that it’s, not your typical drone, that’s the only thing uh, also with this plastic. I think we mentioned this in our other video, the durability. It gets chewed up, it’s, flippy yep, so keep that in mind as well, but if you’re looking just to this is good for even practice. Honestly, i no. This is good for woods woods. This one was really good. He threw the heck out of it. I would just buy a couple if you didn’t want this, because it will get chewed up if you hit a few trees.

But what did you think blake yeah man like uh, i didn’t have like my best game, but i had like some really good shots in there um, but like this disc, like this, is why, like you, can’t necessarily trust flight ratings that’s? Why, like, when i buy disc and stuff, like, i see generally like what they do, but the type of ply. This is probably another video entirely the type of plastic they make. These discs in different runs, have different flight characteristics. Now this absolutely a hundred percent does not have a fade of four. This probably has a fade of one so like out of the box and i’m sure it’s going to get like understable so like so, if you’re looking for that stability for a drone, this is not it, but if you’re looking for a drone that you don’t have To beat in over, like you know, two years to get that straight path. Get this disc, it’s gon na it’s, gon na be a stray shooter out of the box yeah like definitely check out this rubber blend. I know that, like when i looked online. This is a special edition um, but when i looked online there was a bunch still out there. So i mean i i mean i’m, not we’re, not sponsored by this grad. We give honest reviews, yep um, but hey check out this disc go pick one up. I think it’s a really great little disc here, fun to throw yeah but, like cole said, buy a couple another like 20 bucks, a disc but like um they’ll get chewed up quick if you get shoot up quick, but that means they’re gon na.

If you wan na get something that’s gon na start getting that turnover line, this is gon na, be something perfect for you yeah, but hey. Thank you. Thank you.