Yes from strat oklahoma and we just walked a long ways to get total 10.. Yes, we did yep, we walked probably a mile just just so that we could start because, when we finish at hole, 18 thats where the cars gon na be somebody thought it would be better just to drive. Okay, we met a new friend yeah heres, a little bit of a little bit of uh video from a guy that normally plays this course he plays. He says three times a week, roughly um, so uh heres a little bit of info from that and then well get started. You know shes been playing for four months yep about four months ive been in it for about like a year, maybe yeah yeah its addictive isnt it oh man, i wasnt going to do it. I built trails out here, you know and hanging out and hiking here all the time right. Well, matt bell! You know he wanted to design this. You knew that yeah. He was here building it him and the city manager, lake ranger, and i stopped one day and visit with him and theyve introduced. He was a really nice guy really and he uh they. They told me that well come on out and play. You know. I got time for this yeah. I went downstart a starter set at stroud hardware and i came out here and i threw one time one one: nine or 118 that day and i was hooked instantly.

I was hooked. Oh yeah, thats super cool. I mean you just get to be alone in the woods and yeah. Just not you unfortunately yeah well my wifes starting to play too yeah before still works, but uh shell come here and play on weekends. With me all right here we go here. We go all right, real, quick hole, one through nine drone footage will be at the end of our video. This is whole 10, 361 foot par four, its a long tunnel shot with a dog leg to the left and the first corner you hit. There is some low ceiling trees that lead back to the basket Music. I am oh, no Music, well figure it out. How do you feel about that, though i dont feel about it. I dont, like it Music, pretty good thanks, Music ooh. I think yours is still better huh. Let me go off your disc again, like usual theyre. Definitely throwing hey there fanny what football great. Now we get to add a stroke all right guys. Here we are hole. 11, 269 feet par. Three looks like a laser shot because you can see the basket the problem is: is these pine trees here kind of get in the way unless youve got a nice flex? Shot really question? Does the taking off of the hat? Do yes, something in regards to finding your disc when you suck at throwing okay, okay, its just a question? No no come on thats! Fine! We finna try this one, no queen, huh yo! Why i dont know it doesnt make much sense after taking the pin youre gon na, be over by my second throw hey uh? Why do you suck so much because i never throw that disc? Let me try again were gon na go with the old trusty world.

Youre gon na love that one post production yeah – this is gon na, be the cover photo. Oh get up. I know Applause all right, hole, 12, 543 feet par four. This is a kind of difficult hole, theres, a long line of trees on both sides. At the beginning, road to the right plays ob. Once you get around that electric pole right there theres a dog leg to the left that leads up to the basket you dick whole trees. I guess now its up to me. Huh yep. All right lets go cutie. Patootie youre in the fairway yeah – i guess theres that still in the woods, but it might be better. Are you doing thats, probably good? I hope so yep huh thats potable Music? Oh sorry about that, i didnt even see that fine hey make it youre. Looking out Music Applause, good job, all right hole, 13, 474 feet par 4. I think this ones pretty interesting its a very long tunnel shot once you get out of the tunnel, you have a dog leg to the right and its kind of down the hill and then to the left uh as a lefty. I definitely enjoy this hill because my second throw is usually when i get down to the basket when i step on a ladybug got ta pee after this yeah. That did not turn right at all. That was probably decent Music. Not bad. Did it roll at all? A little bit yep, not bad about the same place as yours, yeah, oh and good, freaking job all right hole: 14, 260, foot par 3.

This is a pretty open shot for lefties and righties. There is a big guardian tree right there in the middle thats kind of difficult to get around and a weird little ditch right before the basket. Okay, good job, Music, Music, all right guys hole 15, 421 feet par 4.. This hole is basically why they call it a championship style course off the tee, youve got a very closed off window and then youve got a few guardian trees in the middle of the fairway and then a little bit of an open shot for the basket. Applause. Ah, did that last time too yeah do better than me. Oh, i think i did that last time or dont go to anhyzer there you go hey, listen to me. That was good flight pack is that where its at thats all right hole, 16 298 feet par. Three: this is an uphill shot, so it plays a little longer than 298 feet, its a pretty narrow fairway with the basket up on top to the left nice i wasnt recording, get up thanks short, ah so good, though all right hole, 17 129 feet par 5. This is the beast of them all um. I dont like this hole at all the road and to the left plays ob the water. If you can swim for it, its still gon na play ob and then youve got a lot of uphill downhill 1200 feet. I will not be throwing it because i dont want to lose any discs, and i will so um ive thrown this twice before.

First time it took me like seven throws because i threw them all downhill, so downhill, uphill, downhill, uphill that was agonizing um. Second time. Her and i tried to throw it, it was really windy lost too many discs to count so im gon na theres, no wind now, thank god. So im gon na go ahead and give it a whirl and see what we can do. Youre, the one who wanted to throw this it looks like were in the same spot, but were not were getting closer, theres the basket its so far away, im dying. Why are you dying because its a long hill? Why are you trekking up and down along now? Gon na suck and you dont listen to your wifey im, probably still going to miss the putt, because im winded, like no other seven on a par five, technically eight, because the ob ah dont remind me whyd. You do that. That was rude, all right! Hole! 18. 438 feet par 3. This is a pretty long par 3, but its relatively easy. As long as you dont land in the street, the difficulty comes with putting because the basket is situated on the side of a pretty steep hill. Oh, no, you might be on the road might actually be on the side of the road yeah im, exhausted, youre, exhausted Applause get up its, not terrible, but not great. All right guys. We finished out the back nine at two over um okay, so it took us an hour and almost two hours to finish the back nine, mostly because 17 took forever because its 1200 feet and we spent about a good 30 minutes uh.

Looking for his disc one of his brand new discs along the brush about that and were a little winded uh, so if youre not in shape, we dont recommend stroud at all um. If you like, to hike and youre in shape and youve climbed mountains for years. Go for it um this! This is amazing um. As far as championship level, i would say that it would be just because of the how how difficult it actually is. Um but id say i wan na im gon na hit the gym a couple weeks. Yeah come back here and play for stamina, thats yeah! Well! Do that yeah well see if we can keep up with the course yeah, because once i once i play this course with no issues like dont lose my breath im like good the whole time ill feel. Like ive made it oh yeah well be prime, i mean its beautiful out here, its a beautiful plain course um in and out through the woods, so i mean its. I think. Next time we come well definitely bring bodhi because i think he would enjoy it. Oh yeah, our lab um other than that stay away from hole. 17.. That is the back nine and drone fly through of eagle valley, disc, golf, horseman stroud.