Welcome back to today, i feel, like today were going to take a look at the holy stone. Hs 165 drone thats right. We have a drone in the house, so lets unbox. It check it out, and here we go all right here – is the drone lets just go ahead and take a quick look around this box here we can see here, it says holy stone. This is what the drone is going to look like. It says this is the hs165 and it has a 2.4 gigahertz band. Its gon na have an hd camera, gps, fpv, um and app controls. So all right. Nothing on that side, but a little branding on this side not really much on there um branding a little bit of branding on the top and uh yeah phone number and contact info for uh for their company on the bottom there. So all right lets go ahead and get this thing out of the package here and lets see what we have and first things first were going to get a nice looking case in here. So big ups on them. For that keep everything together. Keeping everything together is very, very nice, so lets see lets take this uh lets get this foam out of here and it looks like were going to get uh the controller right here, which is very nice, so were going to have a nice controller that we can Use were going to have the the drone itself lets see if we can get that out.

Look how small that is, that is a very, very small drone, and then we have, i imagine here, are going to be some batteries and cables and whatnot so well check that out now there is uh. This little pouch right here lets see if theres anything inside that and we are going to get a user manual and thats about it. All right lets set that over there lets take a look at everything, so it looks like were going to get some instructions for use and well set that over there. If we need it, lets see what we get inside this box here and its gon na be a few things. It looks like yeah. Quite a few things, it looks like all right looks like first off were gon na get some extra propellers. So if we uh, if we crash this thing or bump it into something, were gon na have extra props that we can use to uh to get this thing back up and flying so um, it looks like were going to get a battery now, im, not sure. If theres a battery in here, but it feels like yep theres, actually a battery already in here, as you can see so theyre going to give us two batteries so that we can keep flying so once the one battery goes down, we can go ahead and put The other one in and start flying, while this other secondary backup charges, so the secondary backup uh battery charges there.

So all right lets see what were going to get in here. This is going to be um. Well were going to get a screwdriver here. I imagine this is the tool were going to need to actually uh charge up the uh, the cable there and then excuse me: the uh lets charge up. The cable were going to need to actually change the propellers and then here is a micro, usb cable. I imagine this is to charge uh. Maybe the drone will figure that out and then i think this is going to be lets see yeah. This is charging something else too. Im not really sure well figure that out, and then here is the here is the controller it looks like theres going to be a this, should pop out somehow im not exactly sure how to figure out how this thing pops out. Oh there we go. Oh, i think something slides in here im not exactly sure, but well have to figure out what that, what thats all about and uh you can see. Theres, a gps button trim some other stuff on here: uh yeah, so anyways uh, oh theres, cameras buttons right there on that side and i think thats the speed button right there. Here, i believe, is where you have the input for charging so yeah everything we need right there. This is going to be a clip for your camera, so you i mean for your phone, so you can put your phone right in there and uh yeah all right.

Well, that looks like everything that we have oh well. Let me just show you the drone too, the most important thing so heres, the drone and uh. You can see it unfolds very much very simply nice and small, like that and uh, and there we go so there is a camera right there on the front so that you can uh. You can take some photos and videos and whatnot so yeah all right there. It is lets uh lets, go ahead and get this thing all set up and uh and powered up, so we can go, fly it and try it out. So i have the batteries charged up on the drone and its powered up and ready to go. I also have the uh the batteries charged for the controller and the app downloaded to my phone, so it is also ready to go um im having some trouble, though, in the app im having some issues where i have the gps, and it says its in non Gps mode, even though i have the gps button activated the lights on ive tried everything that i can seem to try to get this gps to show thats activated it doesnt seem to want to work also on the on the remote. It also shows that the battery level for the drone is nothing it keeps showing that there is no battery inside, even though it has a freshly charged battery. So um yeah theres a few issues.

I havent been able to get the cameras to turn on and activate at all, so i cant get any preview um. I havent been able to get the thing to record yet uh. I just have to say right now to be perfectly honest with you. The whole experience hasnt been the best its not it. Doesnt seem like a very elegant solution, maybe its a software or something it just doesnt seem to work all that easy. Now i have flown a number of other drones, most of them in dgi drones, and they are very, very easy to set up. You simply turn them on. You run some software updates and you are up and flying in no time. In fact, the last drone that i tried it took me all of maybe about after the software updates. Of course, it probably took me about three or four minutes to get the thing up and running in the air, so you know ive been working with this for a while. I havent been able to get it up and going but im going to try and fly it. It says its a non gps mode im going to see if i can fly it in non gps and see how i do. Hopefully i dont crash it and lose it somewhere. Um again, i still havent been able to get the camera working. So anyways lets just go ahead. Try it out and uh and see how it performs all right lets see if we can get this thing to take off, lets, go ahead and uh and see if we can get the props to spin up at all and uh yeah.

It doesnt seem like im getting anything right now, but lets see what we can get here see i had these things turned. I had the props spinning earlier, but now i dont seem like im getting anything yeah im, not getting anything. Let me just turn the drone. The controller off for a second, let me turn it back on see if i can get this thing going and yeah im getting nothing. This is the thing i understand its telling me. I have no battery in there, even though its a fresh battery, the gps thing. Doesnt seem to be working, nothing seems to be working and i cant seem to get anything figured out so um there we go. I have the looks like the props are spinning up. Let me see if i can get this thing to take off and there we go. We are up all right, we are up in the air and it looks like we are flying a little bit there. So all right, let me see if i can bring this down a bit here there we go its coming down nicely nice and slow. I like this nice slow speed that it has on there. So there we have it. We do have it in the air. Very nice lets say ill. Tell you one thing about this drone is that its very very quiet? Now, unfortunately, i havent been able to uh to get the camera to turn on, but im gon na hit the button right there and it doesnt seem to be doing anything as far as the camera is concerned, but yeah all right, well, im gon na go ahead And see if i can get this thing flying a little bit and uh and just see how it does Music Music well, i was able to get it flying and it was going now.

I have no gps, i cant get the cameras working, but i have been able to get it up in the air and fly and its very easy to fly. It does fly very smoothly and easily. It is in the slow mode which makes it very, very uh. Just easy to control and move forward and back and up and down. So i imagine if it was in the fast mode or the sport mode would probably be a little bit more difficult to control. So anyways im gon na go ahead and uh in flight. Just a little bit more and see how this thing keeps going: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, all right, everyone! Well, there we have it. That is it! That is a look at the holy stone, hs65 drone and as we can see, when we were flying it um it flies pretty easily. I mean once you get it up, you can maneuver it around fairly easily. Now i didnt really try and go off very far because again my gps uh showed that it wasnt working, and there were some things on here that were really sort of wonky like the uh. The battery was showing i didnt have any battery life, even though i had a full battery in there. I couldnt get the cameras working, but if i just bought this drone, just thinking that it was a simple you know fly around drone, i wasnt going to have to worry.

I wasnt going to you know even have the idea of a camera or gps. I wouldnt be disappointed, but because this this drone is supposed to have gps and its supposed to have the ability to record uh, hd video and i was not even able to get that working yeah. I have to say im pretty disappointed right now, but all in all i will say this is a fun drone to use and to have. I would make sure that if you do have something like this, you have plenty of open space to use it in, because i wasnt able to get to the gps working. I dont think it has any kind of obstacle avoidance or anything. So i would just make sure you have plenty of open space, so you dont run into any trees or power lines or anything like that. So yeah anyways there you have it im going to leave a link to this product down below in the video description, so that you can check it out ill. Also leave links to my my amazon page, my social media contacts. So you can reach me elsewhere, and i hope you enjoyed this video if you did, please give it a big thumbs up and please subscribe to this channel and follow me on instagram and i am larry with today.