It stops following it. The car is going too fast. I thought this drone would be fast enough to catch up, so were traveling about 60 to 80 kilometers per hour um, and we are im trying to catch up to it in a sport manual mode, and when i did that, of course, when i, by the time I saw the trade it was too late and then bang it crashed and then it fell, and this is what it looks like. Basically, the frame around the gimbal is gone. One of the motors has completely snapped off that motor. There has snapped up all the um propellers have just completely disappeared and everythings cracked up, and even the battery has split open. I think this battery here is fine. Here we go this battery here completely cracked up open. This is basically the death of madron. This is, it finished all right, so you guys have seen that damage happen, and i am now in the studio and were gon na check out some of the steps that ill be taking now that this had happened the day i actually bought this and did the Unboxing, i straight after the actual unboxing video that ive done, ive actually gone ahead and got whats called dji care refresh. I think that is what its called and there are other stores that sell them, but i just decided to buy it directly from dji care, and so this is what it looks like from here.

You know you get, you know: collision water damage fly away and natural wear, so these are theres, some pretty comprehensive protection for it as well. Theres a one year and a two year plan uh different services, and i think the one year plan was actually about 169 dollars for a dji mavic air 2s. The way i came across them was because, in the first upon the first activation on your mobile app on dji, it will ask you hey: would you like to uh to sign up to this thing so for the air 2s, normally theres, like a direct, i guess Connection with it and then obviously here we go air 2s for um for one year over here is 169 dollars, so i didnt get the two year plan. I just got the one year plan, thinking that you know ill probably get the most. You know out of it in the first year now i dont know if its renewable at the end of the year, but i hope to actually master it. You know within the one year or hopefully be able to sell the machine off and go for a new upgrade um at the end of the first year, of course, because, as with technology, evolving constantly id rather sell items also so that i can retain as much Of the the depreciation or whatever value is left on the on the product as much as i can, because i was going away to actually film a lot of content using the drone.

I thought you know what hey i feel like im gon na stop something off. So i got the plan, and so once you have the plan, you get two emails from the company, so the first email that youre gon na get is a payment complete message from dji. So it also is, you know your orders. The shipment details blah blah blah. This is how much it costs well done, and so on once you click on my orders. It will take you to this page here, so youve got the order now from at this point, youre, not looking for anything. Now, when you go to the refresh website, you got to press activate service and put an actual activate um number. So what happens is actually you just press purchase there so youll be able to see a section where youll be able to attach the serial number. Now the serial number is found here so on the box itself at the bottom of the box, you will see s n and see a barcode and then under that is a number set of numbers. That is your serial number there. Once you get that first email dji is going to send you a service agreement and once the service agreement comes in its actually kind of already done and there, so you want to make sure that the aircraft serial number is there. Okay and the gimbal serial number. Actually matches your product here. What you can do is another good way to purchase.

This hair is, if you actually put your phone onto the actual controller itself, and actually you know turn both devices on it will actually automatically take the serial number out of it. So it foregoes any. I guess issues of you mistyping the name or anything like that. So you get these details and you see that all your details are actually matching up with the actual aircraft and the gimbal serial number. Then youre pretty much good to go. You now have the dji care refresh and once you have the care plan, what you need to do is you need to go to dj. What is all ive done? Dji care dj. If you go to dji website, youll be able to go to support and then require repair service online, so here submit a repair request, uh and then you im from australia, australia, asia, pacific press submit and here youll be able to get a dji care express and Quick option for getting no replacement, blah blah blah and you press apply now and then oh away, you go now. I already have a product thats already in there and ive set up my login to be able to do that now. What is the process now? I have seen processes take between like seven days or as long as 18 days. What i have seen is on youtube. I actually watch a lot of videos on this. You will see a lot of videos of how many people have received very, very positive experiences from actually getting their uh repairs done now.

I havent even sent it off, but there are different prices for this as well. Here we go. This is really important damage usable two times right, so the first time you have an accident, you pay 199 aud, the second time you have an accident, you pay 249 and you can only have two damages in a year and fly away is usable only once so. If this actually flow, when i couldnt recover this and theres nothing that i could have sent back to dji well, they would just give me a brand new drone, except you have to pay 849 for that, so im so glad that i was at least be able To like recover it, you obviously have to then pay that 199 dollars to actually then start the process. Once you start the process, you have to explain like why you go how you got into it and how you got into this issue and everything like that. Um and what youre gon na get is an email from australia post with a shipping label. So in this case the shipped to and from is exactly is completely free, dji hooks you up with all of that so thats. What this is, i didnt think i was going to be making this video, but i guess this gives you a more comprehensive impression for those of you who are beginners, then this is completely fine. Now, speaking of beginners, this drone over here is a drone that i use the most this weekend away.

It is a dji mini right. This is something that just came out of my friends, dusty old closet and he wasnt even using it. Now. I think they you can buy them second hand for like 200 or 300 nowadays, so being able to navigate with this and being adjusted to the the sensitivity of the controllers, and things like that with this, that 200 investment just to sort of have a fly around On a second option is a pretty cheap way to train yourself on how to fly. I wish like this weekend away. I didnt take my air 2s, but i took the mini and actually just stretched this around right. If i lose it, yeah thats 200 bucks its cheaper than the the care package, the dji care and also the 199 and the time delay. So this is, i think, going to take about 18 days to process, not to mention this happened like at the beginning of the weekend as well, so its probably gon na add a couple more days out of it too, and by the time i would have come Back from a well and truly awesome holiday, the drone footage would have been amazing, but this will have to do so. I flew this around and this is probably not as powerful as this, but its pretty damn close its pretty damn close. It doesnt have all the sensors and things like that, but it actually gets you used to using all the controls, and i think if you want to use an advanced drone like this, you need to be good at it.

So for 200, or maybe 300 aud youre going to be able to pick one of these up like on facebook marketplace or something like or even gumtree. So in that sense, i think using a small drone like this, and practicing with this would be really great then going through all this crap is what i think so. The care pack, the dji care, definitely was a good idea, because i only activated that literally less than 24 hours before i flew this. Clearly, it wasnt done on purpose like im im, just a noob thats, what it is and because its your first time, like you wont, need to shoot such great quality video as well. Air twist is highly recommended. I still think its a fantastic drone. If you are good at what youre doing and dont think that like, if you touch something like you know, it will just like come off balance and start flying again. It doesnt like there is a delay between what this sees and what you see on the controller. So, by the time you see something in your control, youve already too late – that small second difference youre already too late. So what im now having to do is get this package in a box print this post page out theres an email there which will declare that im not doing this for commercial use or whatever, and you know, im not selling this or im not doing this for Employer or business or whatever, im just doing it for purely recreational purposes and, of course, uh dj.

Our problem brief for the technician, so i just have to explain and fill out this form and then be able to print them out and fill them out and actually put it in the actual box and send it on okay. This is what came in the mail today uh it actually came in well before. So i think i had about a weeks worth of oh, not even a week about five days worth of down time, and i think by far this is the best recreational non commercial insurance package that you can have for your dji air 2 ss. As you know, i have the air 2s and i crashed the uh the drone itself, so i sent the the broken drone out in post to you know and the postage was all paid thats. What dj kara does so im just gon na go ahead and open this all up and im actually interested to find out like what is actually including the maybe its just a drone, maybe its the drone, and everything else is all so. Lets have a look at this here we go. Okay here comes one battery and of course okay, so there you have it. So i expect a brand new air twist to be inside of that, of course, now im not going to open this up, because what i plan to do is sell this, because i had bought a second air 2s just so that i can go and bloody shoot.

This thing on another trip that i went to pretty much soon after i crashed it, so i had ive got a second air to it, so this one im, obviously going to sell and im going to sell it with an awesome value proposition, because this one is Still insured for the next, a good part of 11 months and a half that this could be insured. Alongside of that package, as well as this being brand new, as well as the rest of the fly more combo, which will come with this air 2s as well. And, of course, if they were to crash it, or they were to do, i dont know fly it away whatever they will still be under that protection as well, not that i dont think its transferable, but as long as they stay in touch with me, we can. We can do this claim for them, so uh yeah, so the the claim works guys um the im very, very impressed with their service. It was one of those things where i wasnt at home to pick it up as well, but they actually put it into a locked bag which was really helpful. That means i could actually go and pick this parcel up. You know 24 7, which was super simple. Its super easy to do, and that is like the best shipping service that they can provide for us, so dji is doing everything right in terms of bringing us the product and obviously getting the you know doing the right thing in terms of you know claiming processes With the dji care as well so highly recommend it for everybody to consider getting the dji care because thats going to obviously give you that layer of peace of mind, i guess when youre flying the drone as well.

Obviously, you want to be careful either way, but ive done a lot of flying by now um and in hindsight, to be honest, if youre doing the right things and the safe things, there really is no reason why you would crash this drone. Even if you are a complete beginner, so just head out for the open waters and just head out for the for really large open space, you know make sure you have good enough altitude, so youre not crashing into any trees or anything like that. And as long as you do that, i think you would never ever ever crash this drone because of your own fault there. It is guys thats my review on dji air2s. I will continually be flying these uh and, and you know what its im i am so impressed. I am literally so impressed theres, nothing that i have come across where this was. You know this was too hard to use or it was too difficult you. You can learn how to do this very quickly as well. So i highly highly highly recommend it check out the link in the description below.