I dont know what kind but an ipad air i had ipad air and a fancy dancy pencil. I just want pencils yep, so i dont know what else were gon na do but well bring them home. Well, i dont know if theyre gon na let theyre not gon na. Let you film in the apple store, theyre, not no ill, just film the apple store, then yeah so well have to come at you and we cant film in the mall, so yeah one but well bring it to you. Well, bring it out there yep and well be back its hot. It is hot! Well, we left out of the apple store. That was painless. That was painless. That was really quick thats, why i thought it wasnt going to be quick thats, why? I did the appointment, but we would have been in there for a while yep thats why i did the appointment so she got her ipad tablet. Thingy. I got my ipad tablet. Thingy she got her pen, i dont know what color mine is. Yours is slate gray, slate gray and i got a toy. A toy yeah not really a toy, its an expensive toy, but im gon na try it out. I got ta watch some uh how to videos before i get the thing in there and kill it. We bought a drone Music, so he bought a drone for me yeah, but it takes some good aerial views, footage and stuff.

I dont know lets see what else were gon na get into today. Yall stick around already, so we got back to the house. Ashley was burning up hot, so we didnt really film anymore. She was, she was hot. It is its been 100 100 203 with heated indexes in the hundred and teens, so its miserably hot, so baby, gracie and ashley are back at the house in the air condition, and i am going to sams club to pick up a few things for the house And get her sister some coca colas, because she is on her way right now, as we speak and she is coming down to see her little niece. So cant wait to see her and i guess im gon na go to sams pick up some stuff and then im gon na go home and possibly might do a little opening of the of the little android, not android, of the little uh drone. So might do a little opening of the drone. I have no clue anything about drones and hopefully its simple i dont know, but i dont know if im gon na fly it yet, but i am gon na do some reading before i do. Try and fly it as soon as i do fly it. You guys, will see it first thing if its a blooper or or a good flight, if it crashes, youre gon na see that too so ill be right back at you.

So i am back at the house, and now i guess im going to do an unboxing of the new little drone that i get um ashley is sleeping. Baby is sleeping, i figure ill. Do this short and sweet and lets see how it does flying and everything. I dont know, but i have absolutely no clue about a drone. Ive never used one. I know ive been looking at a lot of specs for a lot of them, and one thing i wanted was the the follow me feature which the dg dji mini 2 does not do the follow hue mode or whatever its called, but for the money, a nice Intermediate, oh well, never beginner drone to learn on before you go out and buy a really high dollar one thats. What i was told i have no clue about these. I dont know nothing about them and this could be a disaster, so i dont know so lets see if i can figure out how to open it, figured it out, oh ready now. What do we do? Next wow check that out give you a little fanny pack. You got a little strap on it yeah you can wear it well, actually, its a shoulder bag. I thought. Maybe it was like a fanny pack and now lets see how to open it. Let that open, open, open a little baby apartment compartment first see whats in here, absolutely nothing all right. Now: hmm, oh wow, propellers, propellers, more propellers! So anytime you get spare parts with something, and my of course i knew that these were in here.

But anytime you get spare parts with anything. You know that you know probably gon na have to end up fixing it. So so is this the plane is this the plane? It is not. This is the remote controller holy cow that things heavy yeah im going to do a little research. I have absolutely oh now. I know what it is. So these right here go here for your hand, controls but first thing im thinking is like you know, of course i better put that one on that side, things that came off this side. I dont know if it matters um, i didnt know i had to put together the remote remote control, even all right. So what else we got that? Oh it has power on. It were going to turn that off some kind of way it is. I dont know how to turn it off. Folks. Oh even has a little camera button right here. Take pictures. What are these im gon na assume? This is like for zooming in for the camera – maybe i dont know, but uh im gon na hold this down for 10 seconds, see if it turns off it did not so yeah were gon na have to figure that out another box. Oh there we go just a user guide. I said this was gon na be quick. I have no clue anything about none of this. Yes, heres the the guide thats, the charger, one quick start manual, dj mini 2, and i have to learn about this remote control because it has yet to turn off.

So i dont know if it has internal batteries or if it takes double. As i dont know its something i have to figure out also and ill, keep opening it and then ill ill. Let yall know exactly what it is. If i learn what it is and then because im opening this brand new never have used one before. No, absolutely nothing about it. So all right, so this is the all right. This is a charger port. Dont know how that worked either. Yet i guess well figure this out too another little charger and then the power supply is that everything out of here yeah ive, gotten to everything, but the the plane im gon na put all this back in this box were still flashing and well get this thing Out its gon na take off um, and then that must be the the actual. Oh wow. That thing is small super duper. Small fin blades are tied up Music, all right, so thats like a little storage, part and im, assuming everything, ah just kind of folds. Out of this one pulled out, or does it yes, it does so it folds. So that is the drone itself and theres the camera. Oh theres, the other battery. So the battery goes in the back just like like that, and then all right, so thats that and im now seeing that that camera does this so im, assuming that one of these is going to control up and down for that camera dont know yet.

So we shall see so thats everything it came with and im going to come back at you and let you know if any of this takes regular batteries such as this remote or what i dont know all right. So this right here does not take double as or triple as or anything like that has its own external battery, which you actually charge with a little c cable, and not only that i figured out what these are for. So you got all. These is a different phone jacks that you have. You know this. One right here is actually set up right now see i have an android phone me see if i can get it out, because i thought this looks pretty neat there. It goes so you open that up and down in the bottom here, theres a little wire. Your phone goes here and this wire right here when you take it up, got the wrong one of course, im gon na. Do it backwards theres, a cord, this cord right here is for an apple iphone which cannot use so this one comes completely out all right, so mine, actually is it? What do you believe Music and then this right here goes inside here in the little port right there, and then you have a direct connection versus having a wireless connection that might get away from you and then you just set it up and so and there you Have it youre ready ready to go so look pretty simple, but its probably not uh.

All the spectacle thing its its been pretty easy to do. Also did get the battery out of here um the battery recharges. I actually have it on the charger right now, as you can see this lights up and i guess im assuming they go to the next one when someones charged and so on so thats the three charges. I figured out how to turn the remote off turn it on one beat and then hold it its on. You want to turn off, one beat hold it, it goes off and then as soon as thats done – and i have it charged ill put the battery back in there, and i will. I have to download the app onto the phone and i have to put a little mini micro mini card in it then well. Take it on a test run and see how this is or how it isnt. So now stick around. So ashley is awake. Shes on the other couch over there, but she said we have to name it its a dji. What do you say were going to name it dj dj? So i have watched some youtube. Tutorials youtube and in quotation marks youtube tutorials on this youtube station channel whatever, but it made me really feel like i can fly to thing, but it almost convinced me, but i dont know so they say its like e.t. You hold this button down right here. If you can see that and it falls and it phones home and comes right back to where you started, but now you have to collaborate, it put calibrate it man, i can make up some words yall and when you calibrate it wherever you want home to be You hold this like this and you walk in a circle and you dont move it and it does a check mark on the screen.

And then you got to do it vertically and you walk in a circle and leave this in the center. And then it check marks it and then youre collaborating calibrate it calibrated. But can i tell you something? Yeah i cant walk in a circle youre getting dizzy yeah. I still havent taken all the stickers off folks yeah you havent. I took off two of them if its as simple as they show, which i doubt im gon na – have to have someone go pro me. While i fly the thing and see the reaction too thats gon na be the so. But supposedly you go like this. On the joysticks out to the the your bottom left joystick, your left joystick goes to the bottom left. Your right goes to the bottom right and when you do that it turns the blades on, but it dont lift. And then you use the right joystick and it goes up and hovers. You want to go back down, mash it down and it goes down and hovers and you know you can go up. This thing supposedly goes up to six miles for 30 minutes. Thats supposedly the charge on dont know if thats what it is ill, probably never use it at 30 whole minutes, but its got three batteries with a little docking station, theyre charging as we speak, and if it dont get too dark ill. Try it out tonight, if not tonight, and have the video try to get edited today, but if not its going to be tomorrow actually goes its going to be me.

Next may thats a long time, and this is pretty neat because it extends out and they hold your phone. Its really neat and the the remote control does not feel cheap at all. But im going to tell you ashley said something that you know. I said basically all you do is go up and it goes up and it hovers so. You dont have to worry about it, falling if youre not matching the controls, though you know, and she goes so its dummy proof. I said yeah thats what i need something dummy proof. I did not mean him. That is not what i meant, but i think its going to work for what i plan to use it for, and i hope yall enjoy what were going to plan to use it. For in the future, theres all kinds of stuff we can do with this, i just havent: can you imagine having a drone flying in the delivery room, a drone in the delivery room? Oh, that would be wild. Nobody needs to see all that something else folks. So when you get it this, this thingy right here on the front that plastic thing comes off, and i guess that camber is called a gimbal. Didnt know that either gable so and that gimbal or gable when its up in the air. You got this little roby thingy right here and it actually points the camera all the way down vertically or all the way out or up a little bit.

I think its pretty good its going to be pretty neat, and you got this little button here. You can change over from uh camera to video and you have the button here to take photos or to do the the video whats that thing this yeah. So this hooks up to your phone, which i explained earlier – and i explained this earlier too – but this hooks up to your phone. I just watched more videos and got a little more adapted, which i havent a clue yet never before in my life and its probably not going to go as i seen on youtube well see this goes to the phone and and it actually uses a gps like. I said i can go six miles out without lose the drone. I cant see it in the air which im not gon na, see it because it goes way on up there. Um, i can phone home right here, you know hold it down and its itll come back. Yeah. So, like ernest goes to camp nathanael drives a drone. Nathaniel drives a drone. No, i cant i cant thats, so this might be one of the first of the best videos thats to come or its gon na be the last one you ever seen tuned to find out. Am i go pro and you or the drone? Oh, how do you get this to record? Excuse me, people gnats are horrible. Lets see this is probably going to be as shaky as ill get out.

Theres the drone theres nathaniel theres, the drone theres nathaniel, unable to take off unstable internet connection, detected that this could be a disaster folks theres what it looks like: okay, remote control menu, its okay, baby and im holding gracie so when to find error, undefined error, unstable Internet connection, can you do it without internet no internet? It should be able to do it without internet and just keep the bluetooth. You here ensure its safe. Take over your crossbow climb to 1.2 miles and hover hit, cancel yep now. Try it theres that they made this thing so easy online. Oh yeah, no complications its simple, i havent got it in there. Yet you see that thats pretty neat. I cant get it in there its like a little turtle head in there. So i guess thats going to conclude the video never got it up, never got it going, they made it look easy. They did everything they said to do nothing and keep saying internet connection, and how do you go out in the field with and use a Music drone and get footage when sometimes theres no internet connection out there so im gon na look it up. Do a little more research see if i cant figure it out and maybe in the next video well have her in the air until next time take care. Folks, Music, hey guys, thanks for watching this video hit that thumbs up.