I got the message. Homie get no flexing on me. My attorney gon na call and collect blessings on blessing. For me, my successors only made them envious. They got upset, i had to put all their egos in check. I want the money to power, respect, and i heard you know so and so youre not a threat cause. I really know so, and so they like my family, so they go pretend that they cool till they bust at your chest. All of my haters feel one of two ways really upsetting. They show some respect. I cant even think about it. Ive been up so read about it, but be to run it straight to it no ring around it. You coming for me, go run up a check. I got the message on me: aint no flexing on me. My attorney gon na call and collect blessings on blessing. For me, my successors only made them envious. They got upset. I had to put all their egos in check. I had to. I had to put all the eagles in check youre not entitled to anything else. I get 10 years of this under my belt. Your art is an art, they dont feel it and nobody hears an initiative stay on the shelf. Your ego doesnt got it away. You got to die today, Applause, you should be happy. I lighten the low the weight of your arrogance, heaviest stone. I make an appearance. They already know that chip on your shoulder will crumble and fold yeah its, not a secret that you have been fearing the that im on to you back to the bragging of but im in a class on my own.

I heard they checking for me. No one checking on me so i had to go whats going on. Everybody welcome to drone brews holy its another, wonderful, wonderful wednesday. Thank you all for joining me tonight. Weve got uh. We got an interesting topic were going to discuss, were also going to discuss a little bit about djis latest gimbals uh. Well talk a little bit about the uh mini three range issues: uh, but first lets go ahead. Just greet the chat. We got richmond ariels, lauren donna b man fpv robert george copy, jim 107 drones. Oh, you know theres theres theres, a ton of you in here i see dad randoms in here lets, go listen with your ears, not with your ass. Please thank you. Um! Well, just well, you know just just hear what im gon na say first and then, and then you can make your assessments and your assumptions and your whatever uh were gon na. Do this a little bit differently, because i cant, i cant, say things without allowing somebody to to rebuttal so because you have so many questions and ive seen, i must have counted. I dont even have enough hands and feet how many times i saw the word hubsan in the comment sections on those videos. I get it hubsan i get it say it. One more time say: hubsan, one more time ill, be like samuel, l, jackson, im gon na punch, you squaring the face, you say hobson, one more time all right with that being said, lets bring the man into the stream the person whos, who who just get get In here charlie, what is up guys? How are you all doing so? I brought you youre here youre here.

Thank you so much for coming in short notice, um and and having a chat. So i guess the question is hobson didnt or i should say hubsan my bad exo didnt. Do me. Preston told me that you guys were using hubsan now to be fair. Ive never had ive, never flown hubsans products, except for one time long long time ago, and it ended where, like we ended up crashing it, and it was a really bad situation. So i went into you know looking at these products, pretty pretty much blind like like. I didnt give a what it was. I was just you know, i wanted to look at it and it was. It was two drones, this mini and this blackhawk, which i later find out through comments like its basically thats. You know these were previous hubs and drones. So i guess explain to me a little bit about like exodrone and whats. What you guys do there, because is it? Are you taking over for hobson, give me the rundown on this just yeah 100. So hubsyn is a team of engineers that have been making drones for 14 years. Um theyre led by this really awesome. Guy named sam well uh long story short. They were making drones with really good specs, but they werent quite the consumer experience of something like dji autel, kinda um, because they had the specs. They had the drone, but what they were missing was one reliability and just like ease of use for a customer.

Just like, when you pick up your iphone right that just works, you know you dont, have to you: dont, have to research and go to forums and do weird calibrations um. So one thing was reliability and the second part of it was the support, logistics and everything else that if you ever do have an issue, you know good luck, getting in contact with them. Theyre going to tell you to ship your drone all over the place and make you pay for it, and support was hard to deal with um. So we saw their really good quality of engineering and their ability to put out really good products, and we had a consumer and business in in north america that we were really good at handling everything else. So the logistics side, the support side, what people want gathering feedback and its harder its harder than it might seem to get all of customers, problems, drone problems, orient them into a place and then segment those drones so that you can feed them back to engineers to Work on these problems get common things that people want like our original original ranger came out with two axis gimbal everyones like me, especially i was the biggest critic. This thing needs a three axis gimbal, you know lets lets lets gather both the issues and then the suggestions make them better. On top of all the logistical stuff. I i recently came up with the analogy, because its its sometimes easier to put in two words but hubsans like the boeing and were like the delta and mutually exclusive, were not necessarily either of us in a place to take on dji or dji in particular.

But just the drone industry makes a world class product um, but if we can join forces and take, let you guys do what youre really good at and let us do what were really good at which is handling the consumers right and putting out a product with Specs people want and a service people want together. We could do something incredible um, so i guess you asked for a real, quick explanation that wasnt super real quick, but does that kind of make sense? No, it makes sense and im im on your facebook page because so ill just be honest, like this isnt going to be an alien drones interview, theres no house there theres no softballs here, theres no softballs here – welcome to the octagon um, pretty much um so theres. This whole countdown, this whole countdown im. Looking is like five days six days when you guys reached out to me im not gon na lie, i ignored the first email, because i was like exodrome what the is exodrone. I had no idea who you were and then all of a sudden, because i got an email. I started seeing like all this marketing so theres this whole big, huge countdown for drones that were technically already released, like does that seem sort of silly like? Is it well im saying like these are rebranded drones that were already announced for hobson? Well, i mean, according to this, is what the mini, the the mini pro or whatever the hell theyre called the ace.

So you know what you understand. What im saying, though, we put a new paint job on it? These drones have already been out. What are we actually releasing? So the mini? Yes, there was a version of the mini sc and the mini xenomini pro and xenomini theyve been out for a year. We had those samples long before any reviewers had them. We were hands on with that product and theres a reason we didnt put it out there, because we wanted to change what what did what what changed with that product? That said, that warrants this like reintroduction like yeah 100 and then the other real, quick. The other side of that is too thats unreleased that the ace pro, which is what people are referencing yeah im just an ace pro, like literally find us in ace pro and fly in america and ill give you a hundred dollars like theyre. We released this drawn before it was released anywhere else in the world. Okay, we literally worked with hubs and we spent the last six months, refining it. That was oh, its an ace pro its an ace pro off its a black hawk too, like we literally. This would not be the same drone. It would not be this reliable. It would not have all these features that work this well, if it werent for us and then on top of that they just put it out in their domestic market and if you ship it to america and try to fly it its, not literally even gon na.

Let you register it: okay, but yeah, and then theres xenomini, oh god, so we got that and right off. The bat first thing we had to do with the sample was upgrade the firmware and it barely even worked um. So a lot of work to do there. Um, it was not really compatible with apple devices. It worked a lot better with the android operating system, so youd fix all that up, um and then the gimbal was shaky great, so um 3 axis gimbal my ass, because its 249 grams, so it makes everything really difficult. Um and i i went watched through your video and you noticed too, it doesnt have quite the same hover run because im in john and you know what screw a mini drum um its easy enough to just register one, but the whats difficult about that is. You have to work in those conflicts, so we actually, the the gimbal had brushless motors, which is good. So all it needed was a software update. Um. We were able to work with them to one get, get the gimbal issues of shake out of it. Then there were just slight stability issues and we were able to get 70 percent of that completely resolved theres. Even another firmware update coming out not sure if it was released in the last day or two, if not itll, be in the next couple days. Okay, um that get this even further and weve since removed 70 plus percent of the additional slight variance in that strictly through software.

Then there are connection issues, oh god, um hang on one. Second, hey scotty, dont! Let the door hit you where the good lord split! You on your way out buddy dont, let the lure hit you and if it does ill, reimburse you depending on how hard it hits you. Okay, just sorry, continue, love you scotty im, not i dont know what scotty did but um. We had fixed connection issues uh, that was a um that was both software and the controller and the cables all three of those contributed to that um to getting no connection issues, we kind of had to overhaul the app itself um. There were just things that would lag out on the app and then some things didnt make sense. Some things didnt work, um weve kept a lot of the formatting the same because that worked um. So it sounds like a lot of it is like you guys. Do an engineer, but i guess my big question is all right, because theres a big hatred towards not a hatred, i wouldnt say but a distrust when it comes to hubsans, manufacturing and their final product. How come they couldnt figure these issues out on their own and that they needed somebody to come in? Like a co, you know a consultant essentially which is thats. Why im looking at exo, where its like you see this company its like? Okay, they got the structure of of a manufacturing facility in place, but they just dont know what theyre doing how come they wait it for you guys to come in and just be like all right.

We got a clean house, its a great question um and just – and sometimes you get so wrapped up in the game of better specs, better respects, better specs and and to to all their prize to all their extent yeah. You know they did a great job getting specs, but then they kind of neglect the fact of like yo to some extent your sense or size get me something that just hovers good and just works, and it you cant put that on the back burner. So we kind of lit a fire under their ass of just really started, holding them accountable of like are you kidding me like you, you just thought that this is how customers were gon na deal with this, like you were gon na make them install a driver On their computer and – and this is something were currently dealing with and and set up this full system for all this crap, so one they were focused on wrong things. Two, they werent getting the same feedback as us um, because they never had a huge hand in the north american market, whereas we are literally only selling in america um. So the the feedback from us is a little different because were using different operating systems were flying in different regulations to some extent like here. No one really cares about the 249 gram thing. Um weve discovered a variety. They can do anything but, like any team, you cant do everything right so its like.

To what extent are we going to put our service on the back burner, so we can just price gouge the crap out of everyone, so i guess thats thats, the other thats. The other thing you know when i look at the price and again because price like lets just face it like price, is a big thing for a consumer right. We we all look at price, and then you announce these drones at probably per. I would say uh a difficult time because you have dji which releases the mini and when you look at the price to performance, to the value of like what you get and just with their long standing track record. It sort of devalues the proposition of the blackhawk. 2., like it devalues it and and im saying this at the nicest possible way, because the the average person that flies a drone, theyre gon na look at the two and theyre gon na be and and their mind is gon na trend towards okay. I know who dji is: i dont know who axo is right, so so who is your customer? I guess at this point. First and foremost, i think who we built the company on was people who want to get into drones. You know you see these cool drones on the internet. You dont know where to start, where is somewhere that we can give you not only a good, affordable drone, easy to use drone option, but then also you know, send you tutorial videos to your email.

Send you a list of all the things you guys didnt get this because theres early reviewing right a list of all the things you need to do to fly legal. A video about that now were giving out a free part 107 course to literally every single person. Um, where can i get a ready to fly kit and know absolutely nothing about drone like, but i want to get these cool shots like i see on the internet, and how do i actually get that i want to buy the experience i dont want to do This research online and figure out how to do all this crap thats what were built on um and as we grew as we continue to grow one. We cant neglect those people, obviously um, but we want to put out something thats really competitive and when we have the ability to work with hubs in to put out really high end camera drones. Um i mean our target is anyone who wants a drone like okay? I mean we we welcome putting it face to face with other drones and mini. Three is a good one. You know thats thats, a drone that makes wise its literally the exact same thing as the hotel, auto sorry, hate, auto, um, nano plus and the dji mini three. I mean the same same number yeah. It is, but it isnt. You know when we look at when we look at a drone. I look at the optimization of the software right.

We look at the optimization optimization. I look at the color science. The the sort of the back end work – and you know dji – is that you know 800 pound gorilla in the room. Essentially, that is producing these products and obviously they have a big chokehold on the market. In that sense um, i will say i will say before i even knew before i didnt you know i knew about what this was. I i went into this review blind like blind and i flew it. I was pleasantly surprised with the color accuracy from the camera. I was surprised like i was genuinely like. No, no, not like i didnt care, i was. I was shocked with the the color science, because, like okay, this is this is pretty good. I think i was more shocked with the the image transmission now people are like. Oh youre over the water, listen water is one of the hardest places to maintain consistent video transmission because signal bounces, and sometimes it doesnt bounce in your favor and i found like it did pretty good. I was less impressed with the mini the blackhawk mini just because it just i didnt, like the fact that i didnt have visual until i armed you know its just like those little weird oddities um that i wasnt like totally keen on, but i think you know The blackhawk, too, was impressive but like if you asked me and im just being real.

If somebody said to me, would i purchase one of these over a mini three? My my answer would be unequivocally no just because i i know djis track record and i just know what they are capable of so im still learning you know and its no far, you know its no its its, not anything against you, its, not anything against you. Im still learning about x, so im still learning about hubsan. You know totally agree. You know, i know exactly where youre coming from and thats thats the biggest hurdle were getting over is how the hell do you go through this company as an amazing track record? That is deteriorating, so fun fact were in the industry: um djis fired 30 percent of their company in the last year, theyre going up there, theyre um for the first time ever theyre deteriorating yeah. So if youve had the issues with mavic air, not mavic air 3. mavic 3, that drone had more issues than almost any drone. Theyve put out now mini three uh: oh mini three, its been released to their domestic market in china and theyre having more problems with mini three than theyve, really had any drone in history. So now this company that ha that those this behemoth they move into this all in one dslr, gimbal camera. They move into a gopro competitor that sticks on a magnet. They start divesting resources away from drones and they start having quality control issues well.

But what about? What is it isnt? It is, it is it quality control, though, because lets lets look at it from this perspective, im an objective person thats. Just what i do i look at. I look at this larger picture and i say to myself: okay, dji has the largest market share in this industry right, so naturally, their product is going to hit more hands than an exodrone and thats and thats just the nature of the beast. As of right now, you guys have great marketing but youre not hitting as many hands as dji, so the probability of having a failure on a particular unit is greater. Now i will not disagree with you. The mavic 3 was a show of strung along firmware updates, and that can just show you how yes, a large scale company can have firmware issues. That was that was the debacle all in itself. Now the mini 3 is still hitting consumers hands, so will it be, as great of an issue were hearing issues with the range on it? I personally havent experienced that, but i am hearing people numerous accounts of of people having range but again wider spread audience. Can you tell me like, on you know, like numbers wise as far as wha, what was the pre order amount i should say, or the order amount on the exo drum blackhawks people are telling me its sold out background 2s, not yet sold out. Okay, its a dangerous game to putting our revenue numbers out because sure – and i under i understand that, but its a gauge of you know people people, my heres, where i see your target audience your target audience because of your ads.

Your ads are, are really good. Like im not going to lie, i look at your facebook ads your sponsored ads that go up. Um heres an ad, for instance, that is meet the xo mini the most powerful mini drone ever created. It is it, though, thats a definite, i know, but its a bull its up there, but is it the most powerful mini drone ever created, though i mean lets, lets break it down so theres theres camera, then theres quadcopter thats. What builds up a drone? So if we delve into the camera specs about it, everything about us and the other mini drones out there autel and ddi theyre, all almost the exact same. So everything is the same, except for our bitrate. Okay, so boom were beating them on bitrate, hell yeah. Why can those? Why does that color? Look so damn good in that video bit right um, then we delve into quadcopter and we look at wind resistance, uh. Oh, we we got a slight leg up there. Um top speed is wind resistance works in with the wind resist mode. Um speed is also delving around and in different conditions: okay, beating people and and speed, and its were pulling hairs there we are, but but this is your engineering. This is what youre asking hubsing to change thats. What im trying to get at too is like these are. This is the result of exo going back to hubsan and saying this is what we want to see different in parts yeah i mean we bring up.

What we know is important to consumers. Hobson has nailed a lot of specs, so they come out here with these. With these specs that are theyre beating everyone and we want to make sure yes were pulling in better specs um and and were optimizing, the things people really care about. But then we want to make sure that these specs are actually backed up by a drone that works all the time and if it doesnt and theres an issue with that youre in better hands and were not even going to just make it right with. You were going to throw an extra launch pad on top because were were sorry that something malfunctioned on you, because you know what you know what type of pilot i am im, not a specs pilot im im an experienced pilot. I want like the best possible experience. Every time i take my drone up, i want to know that its going to work, you know exactly basically every time so, like i said in the fir in the flights that ive had with it. I was pretty impressed with with the the larger one, the latter yeah, the mini. The mini needs a little bit of work um, the drifting the camera was pretty much right on par. There was some micro jitters, but i mean every with the exception of the mini three every you know, drone of that sort of design like it feels like most mini drones, tailor around the same design like they all tailor after the mini one, ive always felt like Theyve always suffered the worst as far as the gimbal performance goes, which sucks because it is a cool design but its the gimbals suck.

But i like, like i said the blackhawk 2, was exceptionally well. I thought it was, and people keep referencing. This is another thing. I see a lot of, and maybe you can speak to this – is there like. It looks like the air to the air, the air too, or it looks like the air. I should say it looks like the air and and at first i didnt see it. You know maybe it was the gold paint or some, but then i started looking im like this looks like the air. Can you speak to that like where, like yeah, i was actually just speaking with somebody earlier about this one um and its like. Why dont you just reinvent the wheel? Why dont you make something: look crazy, so theres theres, a company holy stone, theyre, just theyre, not putting anything good but um. They love to put different shells on their drones um to make it look different and what happens is it hurts the flight time not a lot, but like two minutes and by trying to reinvent the way the shell looks theres two ways to make a drone fold. So theres skydio or phantoms that dont fold, then you have the drones that fold and the arms can either fall down or they can fold out um in those two ways and historically arms that fold out make allow the drone to be even smaller, so boom. Now weve got arms that fold out, but theyre folding out you dont want them to break so lets make them thick boom.

All of a sudden, we have a drone that looks the exact same. Could we change that could can could hubsyn go and make a different plastic, mold yeah sure, but theres a reason that all these drones keep coming to the exact same? Look because theres, one way that works best and um the example. The reference i thought up. 20 minutes before this call um speaking to someone about it was: why does do all f1 cars? Look the exact same. Why do all nascars look the exact same because some areas, some ways just work better than others sure and we could hide yeah. You know we could make some fancy looking mold but um at the end of the day. We just need something that works well and why? Why reinvent something thats, not broken um, and i get that i just here, you know like i look at like. I guess im looking at as a whole like im. Looking at as a whole, i want to see competition in this industry right. I want to see there be competition, but i want to see competition that wants to move that that needle like just just a notch above like like just exceed my expectations, like i didnt know who you guys were until i started seeing like until we started talking. I started doing research, and now i cant make your ad stop so kudos to you for for your ads how facebook works, but its its one of those things like.

I guess people already automatically assume like guilty by association because of hubsan and like youre, not gon na get around that its just, never its its, not im, not gon na, say its, never its just not right now like because the vast majority of pilots that are Already in this industry and hobbyists, theyve, probably seen or or tasted a bad experience with hubsan previously and theyre and theyre marred by that theyre marred by that, so you now have to really win people over yeah. I think what if we delve into why people had a bad experience with hubsan one their support like overwhelmingly youre gon na see that that came out. I did a lot of research on that too. So before, like after i filmed these videos and i started reading comments, i started like becoming obsessive of what you know what the deal was with hobson in every review. Every video i found was either somebody repairing a hubsan or just having like ridiculous issues that im just like. Why would you why why? Why would you even subject yourself to this, or you know why so um yeah, you see what i mean i dont know when we say all we care about is reliability and making that work is where were coming from that these drones werent far off and people Are much more likely to share their negative experience and positive experience and working with hubsan whos talking about units sold, theyve sold a lot of units um across the world, and and we have a lot of feedback from that, so we know it does work.

We know it doesnt, um and those those kinks and those repairs and those everything you dont have to deal with that the customer should never have to deal with that. The end user should never have to open a drone. Like i dont even want to change propellers. You know right um if i have to use a screwdriver thats about as far as ill go thats as far as we will go sure um, so automating, all of that one getting the kinks out in the first place and then, if you actually have that issue, Making it so you dont have to touch it, that you just slap a postal slur postal service whats in your cup. How did you get into this industry? I got to ask you because you seem like what youre youre mid 20s – maybe yeah 25 right on yeah. So how did you, how did you get into this industry like how do you like, youre 25, you obviously be, could be doing anything else. How did how do you get into this industry and then become a ceo of this company? You know. Sometimes i wish i didnt, because this is drones are flying. Super computers with cinema cameras and the people that buy them are just very anal: theyre anal, theyre, anal retentive. You know at the end of the day we got to make people happy and no matter how pissed off you are. If youre running a customer service chat, you got to be the most stoked person on earth and make that person happier than they came out and same with this industry um.

Well i mean i was. I was a drone user i was. I was using these things for a while um whatd. You fly. What was your tv? What was your first drone? I had a bunch of dji mavic original drones, um, so the original 999 mavics and it was a 4k drone that freaking flew. You know all i needed was a 4k drone that had joysticks and i will do the rest ill learn how to do it. You got to give me a ya. You got to give me a gimbal tilt um so that i can change the camera and change the orientation and ill do the rest, and that was the biggest issue was i wanted something without the bells and whistles. I wanted a good drone that flew so i could film with it and i kept breaking drones over and over and over, and i kept going for refurbished or used mavics um to so. I could just keep pushing out. I kept crashing them. Obviously, like everyone does. Um and when we realized oh, my gosh, we can manufacture 4k drones with three axis gimbals for cheaper than the past. We can do this without all the bells and whistles, and if you look at our lineup sure we got scout that things i mean its a toy drone, its 120 bucks youre getting 120 bucks worth of drone sure um. Then we got ranger because we realized oh theres, a lot of recreational people who who names drones, who names these drones? Sorry i did for a lot of them and then my buddy alex did for the other.

Were you guys highest was? Were you guys high when you arranged it or did you did you play like a lot of like video games or something blackhawk ranger jesus christ, charlie sorry, i mean its better than a better than an hs 720. I i agree, but not by much, not by much um the paint job im gon na tell you man, i i look at i im a im, a very vain person. When i look at looks like i, i like when i pull something out of the package im like all right: thats thats, sexy that looks good red and black, like that. Just looks good carbon fiber, all right that looks good. Okay, all white silver. That looks good and i pulled out this drone and i again no idea what that was to expect. I saw it down there and i pull it out and its just gold and black. It looked like you know what it reminded me of you know. You know no versace versace, it had a versace paint job like i was expecting. I was looking close. I had my magnifying glass because i wanted to see if that was lv actually like louis vuitton or something on the drum, because you know like lv is gold all the time um. So i was just like like listen. This would be cool for you guys hear me out like hear me out, because i want to see you succeed, but what, if you guys? The next time you do? One of these you put out a community poll, and you ask what your pilots, the people who are supporting exo, would want to see in a drone, and then you take that information like its a community poll.

Right, like you say you put a years time frame on it and you go to hubsan and say hey. We ran this poll from our people, our customers, and this is what they want to see. These are the specs. This is sort of the design and then you do a b testing you let hubstone create like some generic designs for you, because obviously theyre your manufacturing right kia and hyundai are the same. I mean. Luckily, we made that beautiful, versace right, but you go back and im not trying to call your baby ugly, but it flies well. It flies well its like its like having a kid that performs well in school, but its just theyre not going to work yeah theyre not going to win any beauty contest right thats i mean thats how it is sometimes um, yeah thats what parents said about me. So no, but i i dont know dude, i dont know theres something theres something here but go out and like make it interactive, because when does a manufacturer ever ask their user base what they want? They dont, they assume what we want and then, like six or seven months later, they come out with it. Now the black hawk is obviously a better start. Obviously, because it does fly well like before, i knew it was a hubsan and im still not saying like it flies terrible, because in my experience of flying it it flew really well and the colors and the colors and the camera were good and the image transmission Was good despite everything else, because i dont give a what anybody else says i thought it flew.

We should we should stop looking at the past and just look at what the hell we have in front of us, its a great drone that works really well. Thats not how it works, though um i wish it was that easy. I wish it was that easy, but we dont, like these people like im, im, letting you know like people in this industry, theyre theyre, worried about what they could have had and not what they have like thats, just how it is like youll. Look through the comments of any video and they could have released the mini three yesterday, which they did, and somebody will be waiting for the mini four because thats how people are instead of embracing the experience. Theyre theyre, always waiting for the next best uh next thing. Like mr cardoso, what does scottie scotty dont know that we had a boot out of here before hes, probably still waiting for a drone that hell never hes, not gon na buy hes missing out on the experience now i saw that you talked about uh remote id, Like these are obviously not like remote id um compliant, but you made it, you made a statement that if remote id became a thing tomorrow, you guys would work to create the module or whatever compliancy that was needed exactly and well hit you with an email blast. Hey guys new remote id, this is how you do it. This is where you get one.

This is how you install it. So a kindergartener could do it. If that happens, you shouldnt have to worry about that as a pilot that should just be part of like you just want to freaking fly a drone. You dont want to do all the bell and whistle crap and set up like you know. You just want the most easy experience possible, so if that does happen, what happens? Okay, so lets just say: faa comes out tomorrow and says all right in order to make this compliant drones. Moving forward have to be completed this and drones that were not compliant in this time frame are basically you cant. You cannot fly them like what does xo do at that point and i know im playing what if and then i know that only accounts in horseshoes and luckily yeah um, luckily its not gon na happen because itll all be um, jerry, riggable, okay, you can you, Can put a module on there um and if you couldnt, everyone would be out of luck because theres never been a drone made thats remote id compliant youre. The most confident like person like, like i give you like you, are the most confident like half glass, full son of a ive ive met in a long time. I respect it. I respect it im not gon na lie. I do respect that um you dont have a lot of. I was watching your views. I love this guy, especially when youd say something negative, because its like yeah, you know youre right, like minnie, does not hover, quite as perfectly as blackhawk, like mini drone, no theyre.

Just not theyre, not very good, like ill give you this ill, give you this. Your mini pro is more competitive than the nano at this point, its more competitive than the nano. So if i hit buy now right now, the base price is 649.. The xo mini the standard model is 4.99, okay, thats pretty good the xo mini pro. If that, like im being real with you, if that thing said 549, that is a competitive model at that point, its thats a competitive model at that point like and then all right, if you add obstacle, avoidance 80 – and i know all this stuff costs money like Youre adding that, because it has internal storage – and i know like theres, all these add ons like i was in the automotive industry and automotive industry – is the king, the king of add, on sales right like we get our spiffs by adding on and like trying to Tack on to the customer, the consumer, but imagine being the company that says you know what it we dont want to nickel and dime you with all these options were just going to say: hey were going to put our best foot forward, heres our price like because, When i look at, like all tell sales, because i was in a drone distribution for a while – and we barely ever sold the base model drones like nobody wanted to pay 4.99 one like for 6.99, they could just get that little extra and theyre gon na make That you know what i mean you make that money.

I would love to see you guys and, and you could just say, hey ken go yourself. This is my company um im going to run it. However, i want, but i would love to see you guys say you know what were listening to people were looking at. Our cost were going to maybe take it on the chin a little bit, but were still gon na make some money because youre in business to be in business. But you bring this price point down to a competitive range, and i bet you. I bet you listen to me, charlie, i bet you, you see, people say. Oh, they brought the price down obstacle avoidance now, im plus 80.. If i want to upgrade from 64 games 64 gigs – i i know but theres people that care man theres people that can exactly we say we dont care, but people care, like i dont use obstacle avoidance. But for every time i say that theres, like a hundred people that do use obstacle avoidance exactly so. Why would we force everyone to go one route, so we could come out with these drones that are cheaper in some expect and you get to like customize your drone so its like, and to some extent that is taking us on the chin a little bit. Um yeah because we walk all these different skus. We have to complicate this manufacturing process, be putting out a lot of different. Imagine imagine how simple it would be if you take, if you take the approach of in n out burger.

If i go to in n out burger, their menu is simplistic right. Youre gon na get a burger youre gon na get a shake or youre gon na get a you know. A coke theres theres only so many ways that you can make a burger. When you go to in and out, if you were the in and out of bur like say all right, heres your option, you dont get them mini standard. You can either upgrade your your internal storage or add obstacle avoidance, get rid of the mini the standard model. Nobody wants the mini standard like if you look at this. Why would you want that charlie? Why? Because i lets say that im, not mr filmer, here i am just a guy who wants a cool drone shot on their vacation? I dont give a about twelve versus forty, eight nine you have to you have to care about that because if i said the dji, i dont want the mini three pro. I just want the mini three i dont want the i dont need the pro. Oh, i wan na play 150 dollars less first right. Last night i was gon na say no were giving you the best possible camera in here, because the other thing when you look at this theres one thing youre missing, is which is the 4k 60, which a lot of people really love. I personally, i really love 4k 60 for a lot of reasons, mostly because, if i dont have an nd filter on there, i can really reduce that light.

Thats hitting the sensor im just saying, like price, wise price to performance on the at least the mini im. Not even talking about the black hawk itself, because i, like i said i think that ones thats workable, but the mini is the one where i think i think you could benefit and i get it. You got the same sensor but its like. It almost puts a statement into like peoples face like hey. We got a great product, i know i know you want to charge like be up there with inflation and everything, but i think it can gain. A lot of traction were already like 120 bucks cheaper. I know that but heres the thing at the end of the day, exo. If i walk to anybody in walmart right now, im walking around walmart randy, hey what whats your own brand would you buy. I bet you nine out of ten times theyre gon na go to the one thats blacklisted by the pentagon. Are you gon na go there, but a normal consumer? A normal consumer is not going to say, oh yeah, its black theyre, not going to know that theyre going to want a drone and theyre going to know who dji is because dji has that they were maybe walking around on halloween, and they saw the little ghost Hanging from the drone whats, your own was that thats, the phantom. These are people that, like they, they associate brand recognition.

Thats been a long standing thing. Exo i mean the one thing is: lets keep running those facebook ads that dont go away. Lets stop. I know reviewers just sending it to them and giving them their honest thoughts. I mean i gave him my i gave you my thoughts and i mean and to to some point, if anybody ever said did exo dupe me ill say no, because if, if i really think about it, if i really think about it, youre not lying to anybody Because if we look at the name exo, what does xo mean? Exo means a good drone. Experience x means everything else. I just want a drone that flies good. I know, but but exo exo by definition, is exterior, so youre not lying to anybody, because youre changing the exterior of these drones, but the internals are still hubsan, charlie right, so youre not lying to anybody its still. What shampoo company do you use um? I actually use vo5, which is really super cheap, so its probably like some off brand, but still im, not disagreeing that it works well because the drone worked well, but at the end of the day, at the end of the day, people are going to associate that Now you have great ads, you have great ads and i asked some people that didnt know anything about drones. I said what would you think about this? This drone theyre, like oh man, look at the freaking video theyre, watching your ad on facebook and youre, like oh thats, pretty good and they dont know anything better, but thats.

Your customer thats, your customer. Your customer, i feel like your customer, is the is the person that doesnt know not the people that are telling me that its hubsan, like so just say, hey my our customers are the people that are new to drones, theyre, the ones that are new to drones. So lets say someone is new to drones and then they see us and they see dji lets say for a second were not charging 100. A couple hundred bucks cheaper were a couple hundred bucks more expensive, 100 200.. But you know youre checking out our reviews were checking, we know nothing and its like dji looks good and you do some research youre like um its a little like a lot of people seem to use this, but and its a little wary. Exo seems nice and you know i get a part 107 course. I get great support. It comes with a free travel bag, low key sleeper on that one um. You know, but those are those are add, ons that somebody whos buying a drone. You know whos buying a drone, the guys that are watching like peter mckinnon, the guys that are watching you know the 51 drones. The flight paths are seeing this this amazing content and theyre saying wow. I want to be able to take my drone out of my you know my bag and be able to capture the content that these guys capture i want to be.

I want to be. I want to be able to emulate that, so you know to them. Quality of that camera is most important, not so much the the the support experience is secondary because the support experience you should only have to experience, should you have issues right like so lets say if one of your drones fail and you have issues well now now I need to rely on that support experience but like or any company on earth has to use either usps, which sucks dont use the postal service, ups dhl its on america or amazon and of all those things which has the most issues, all of them, yeah yeah. A little bit more so that we have like an unlimited amazon shipping process, which is great because i was gon na up my dhl driver the other day like he would. He would not leave he would he even stepped into the front door of my house. I was going to him up im, not even he stepped into my house. He stepped into my house and im like im like dude. You need to, like you know and theres, maybe a language barrier, because hes hes, hes, rushing and um, and i said you need to get out you cant be in my house like. Oh, no, you cant, you need to sign and show me, i said, listen leave the nd filters or this is going to end badly, so yeah, dhl, um, but yeah.

I get it youre shipping through amazon, which is a cool thing. I like that. That is, this is a tiny little thing, its ingenious to ship through amazon, because a lot of companies, the biggest issue with pre orders – is you order it, and then you wait like thats the joke of 2022. Is that its the year of the pre order? Every time theres a new product youre sitting there waiting like i mean it doesnt matter what company it is youre gon na have some sort of pre order. I remember when our drone was released. I could walk into best, buy and get a drone. You cant do that anymore, that that doesnt exist at this point, except for us. We didnt do a pre order we could have, but we didnt we could have released before the mini three. We could read this long before the mini three. We didnt because we want to ship something and just were going to sell something and ship it. We dont want to deal with that. Hassle too, like you ordered a drone, you should get a drone like its 2022 and, like maybe, were the or the new age of doing things, but well go ahead and lose money on amazon shipping and no pre orders. How big is the team at exo like people? Are people are buying from them theyre here in the states, you guys are based out of utah, so i call lets say i call in to support.

Is there like a familiar name or somebody that im gon na get like when i used to call ill tell? There was always like two guys that were answering the phone like ill tell was small. They still are really small um in terms of like support, but like is there familiar names or faces that are answering the phones processing people like when they do have issues yeah? It depends how you go because some exo customers, which you know were here for it. They want to do no troubleshooting on their own, so they just look through. They will just come to us with all their general questions. Theyll get filtered to the general question group. If youre coming on shift and the same persons shift, you know you might get connected to that person every other day um, but in support we have around 37 people. Currently, oh wow, one thing in the in that back end here in the states in the united states support we actually have from all over um okay, but we had like four calls from india today telling me that i bought something on amazon uh. It was a really bad situation for, for the we were not like. The difference is – and i ive dealt with this – i i know how much shitty support sucks um we are bringing on the best people, i mean our latest round. I took five 460 applicants. I hired six of them um and you they they.

You know they hated it too. Some people would give them like six interviews and then done here so so these are employed. This is not a call center youre, not using an outsourcing center. So these are people that are boys, okay, good, okay, good luck, teaching call center people about how to fly a drone because theyre – and you know who theyre our competitor. But you know at the end of the day its like im a skier and you bring your avalanche gear to never use it. Um and thats kind of what you mentioned on support that ideally well be doing less order, support things. Those will always happen. Troubleshooting and tech support i mean thatll, never go away, whether its a problem with the drone or not like some people want their hand held um, and you know if, if thats one other little competitive edge that were gon na, do better and thats something in this New generation of people, new generation of everything, people want that um, so were were here to supply it, and okay were gon na. Do everything to make that economically viable for a company while also and making sure, because that all bakes into the cost, how effective and how good your automations are on handling returns, bakes into what your retail price is whats the typical turnaround time on rmas like if Lets lets just say: i have an issue with the product, for instance, and i have to do an rma, because dj is about two weeks right now right now that you, we will click a button and it will automate the entire thing from the email that gets Sent to so that will free up more of our time, which spend less on support, bring, spend more on bringing the cost down um currently for a customer.

We, our process, is, if you come in. Our first thing were going to do is ask whats up: ask what the problem is: ask where you want to return it if we can get them to to work out the problem with them. Well, keep it if not and they want to return it. Then we just send the return information right then, and there and they send it back and it gets processed. What about repairs because im seeing so two questions in the chat first thing: yeah the people who are working for support. Are they employees of exo? Are they contracted employees so theyre an employee, so everybodys an employee backs up all right, so thats, legally some things change. You know just by the definition of some people. Everyone outside of america is an international contractor right right. Okay, so outside of america, youll be an international contractor, but but its a theme you know like where, if they were its the same thing, its just how theyre set up in our payroll system? Okay and then, who cares? Repairs are a good one, um fun to act. We actually just ship, you a new drone um and were gon na, take the parts and put it together on a different one. So you send it to us completely automated. So you fill out this form. You get a return label, it populates our system, then youre gon na get a return label pack. Your drone back, send it back with instructions on what to send were going to receive it immediately.

We found our side of the form pack, it right back ship. You back everything that you sent us, because people will always send you more stuff than theyre supposed to um. Well, send you back everything, except with: are they new or refurbished, mostly new, okay? So mostly new, okay, which i just i just asked because it was mentioned in there so basically same – is same as dji, so theres, no theres, no, no, no so and and then another question is so exo is a business so based on your metrics, what is The average turnaround time door to door depends where you are in the country depends. How close you are just the average were not going to crucify you. I mean im, asking them: dont, crucify, charlie, like five to six business days, okay, so thats fair! Most of that is transit its like a one day thing once you receive it: okay, so thats kind of how we do it is to to bring all the time on our end, rather than oh, my god, we have 50 repairs to do right and thats and Thats and like i said that is thats acceptable, like i said its, not all bad like you, you guys like. I know people like i, i think it its basically again its like eventually itll itll simmer down its like.