Give you my feedback after testing it out and show you some flight footage. First of all, in terms of packaging inside the box, along with the quadcopter you’re, getting a single set of jamf and hurricane 5125 propellers, the user manuals and wiring diagrams of the daton ultra tiny btx and the mamba all in one f722 flight controller, two high quality Dalton branded battery velcro straps, some spare screws accessories for mounting an action camera. On top of the drone, zip ties: two plastic antenna tubes, four pieces of tape for securing the motor wires; two plastic mounts for the ready receiver and just the connectors that will enable you to either directly solder the ready receiver to the flight controller or connect it Using the six pins gst connector as for its packs, the data on rom l5 is available in a couple of versions: the analog version, which is the one i have comes with: the rankom phoenix 2 fp camera and the diaton ultra tiny vtx. The digital version is bundled with the codex enabler pro digital transmission system, and you can also get a version that doesn’t come with an fpv system. In addition, all the versions are available with either 2900 forex compatible or 1700kv 6s compatible 2004 motors. As for the other components, all the versions are using the data on f722 mk1, a whoop style 25.5 by 25.5 millimeters f7. All in one flight controller that features an integrated 35 ampere blade s4 in one ec and an onboard barometer.

It is pre soldered to an xt60 battery connector, which i recommend to secure to the frame using a zip tie and a 35 volts, 470 microfarad capacitor on the back of the frame mounted inside a 3d printed part, which will also enable you to mount an immortal. T antenna you can find the m8 plus gps unit. It is connected to the flight controller using a shielded wire which is going to help to reduce interference. Next to the gps, you can find a normal non self powered buzzer and since i’ve got the analog version on the front of the frame, you can find a mamba rebranded version of the rancom phoenix 2 fpv camera and on the back of the frame, the datum Ultra tiny, a 20 by 20 millimeters 37 channels with x that supports rfc trump protocol, uses an ipx antenna connector and has a selectable output power of 25, 100, 200 and 400 milliwatts. As for the frame which is available separately, its wheelbase is 214 millimeters and it features a deadcat pattern. The thickness of each replaceable carbon fiber arm is four millimeters. The thickness of the bottom middle and top plates is two millimeters. It supports both 12 and 16 millimeters motor mounting options, the distance between the middle plate and the top one is 17 millimeters. It supports micro, sized f3 cameras and the camera lens is well protected. Using these two aluminum parts on the center of the frame, you can find 20 by 20 and 25.

5 by 25.5, millimeters m2 mounting holes for mounting your stack on the back 20 by 20 millimeters m2 mounting holes for mounting the vtx and the total weight of this Build without a battery is about 216 grams. As for setting up the data on roma l5, the easiest option to install radio receiver on the analog version is to use this 7 pins gst connector, which, on the digital version, is being used for connecting the codex nebula. Pro digital visual transmission system to the flight controller. In case you are going to install a crossfire nanoreceiver, you can use uo2 and in case you are going to use other types of sms receivers which only require a single rx port. You can use ult1. In addition, in case you don’t want to use this gst connector, you can also use uot5 and power the ready receiver using the 5 volts and ground pads of the vtx. Here you can see how the flight controller is configured. The vtx is connected to 03, which will enable you to set it up using irc trump protocol. The gps is connected to out 4 and i decided to connect the ready receiver to ut5. Under the configuration tab. As you can see, bi directional d shot is enabled the moto idle throttle. Value is set to 6.5, which, in my opinion, after testing out the squad, might be a little bit too high. The gps is enabled and its protocol is set to, u blocks under power and battery the voltage meter scale is set to 121 and the divider value is set to 11.

. The scale of the approach meter is set to 183. Here you can see the vtx settings and you should note that out of the box, the vtx was only configured to 25 milliwatt. So in case you would like to set it to all the available output power options. You should enter and save the following values. In addition, out of the box, the gps failsafe option was not configured, so it was just set to drop, and i have a separate video about betaflight gps rescue that i recommend to watch in case. You are not familiar with this feature. The next thing that i’ve done is to head outdoors and test the data on roma l5 and, overall after testing it out. I think that it offers a pretty good combination of a lightweight, long range and freestyle setup, the biggest issue ever in case you are looking to use it as a long range platform with the analog version is that the vtx is just not very great, at least In my experience so for a true long range setup, i recommend to change it to a better one as for flight time, using this homemade 3100 milliampere forest lithium battery. I got about 20 minutes cruising at about 60 kilometers per hour and covering a total distance of about 20 kilometers and using this 1000 million pr 6s lipo battery, which is the one that i recommend to use with this setup. I got about eight minutes of flight time when pushing the throttle, which is pretty good as well.

Using the forest lithium battery, the diaton roma l5 didn’t feel very powerful, pretty much as expected, since these are the 6s motors which i’ve already bench tested, and i can see that on their final version now they have nice little plastic protection on the button and after Going over the frost test again, i can tell you that you can also easily use a forest bikini and battery on the forest version and using the 6s battery, the drone felt pretty powerful and it can easily carry even a full size, gopro camera, one more thing That is worth mentioning is that, even though the gps lock was a little bit slow, the gps unit worked pretty well, and i got between 16 to 17 satellites in an open area and by the way, i also recommend to add a self powered buzzer. In case, you are going to use it as a long range platform, since this is just a normal buzzer which is not going to work in case. The battery is going to be disconnected i’m going to wrap up this video with some flight footage and overall. I think that this is a very nice quadcopter which only suffers from a mediocre vtx which needs to be upgraded, and in case you are going to get of course, the digital version. You are not going to have this issue and you are going to enjoy a pretty good quadcopter that combines both long range and freestyle capabilities.

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