It impressed the heck out of me. I know you always say you’re always so impressed eve well that’s, because i get to pick the products i review. So i don’t review crap. So i get to pick them in advance and i only pick the good ones and this one woohoo. This is awesome, there’s, four things i love about this quad. First, one is the price for the price for this analog version, it’s, not digital. I have the analog version for this here, it’s just over two hundred dollars u.s. Normally. I would expect something of this quality to be just over three hundred dollars: u.s, but it’s only over two hundred dollars, u.s, so it’s, pretty inexpensive in the fpv world. For a top quality high end fpv freestyle. Drone second thing i like is the construction. This thing is like built so nicely it’s, like man, somebody put a lot of thought into it. It’S got a really nice construction to it. It doesn’t look like everything is slapped together and there’s, not like some drones, come with tpu parts it’s like 3d printed materials for protection, which is okay. This comes with molded plastic parts all over it. You know on the arms. Look at that for the bottom, for landing on the sides. You can just pull the braid off and you can replace them. It comes with white or black. So if you want the storm, trooper look like i have here. Well, you go with that.

Third thing: i love about this. Drone is the pids pids. You know like it’s the tuning of it, how it flies and everything out of the box. I fly every drone that is sent to me out of the box without modifying the pits when i was younger and first got into fpv. I would change the pits all the time because if you change the pits it’s, because your brain is only used to flying one way and it’s like oh, this drone flies too fast or too slow. So i changed the pits, but now that i’m, older and i’ve been flying for so long. I can fly anything it doesn’t matter. It’S like i can drive any type of car just like you can and it’s the same with drones. It’S like hey, doesn’t matter. What the drone is my brain adjusts and i just adjust my fingers differently. The pits right out of the box on this really nice – and the fourth thing i like about this here drone – is the durability in this video. You are going to see me do something to this drone that nobody should ever do to a drone. Well, let me just tell you right now what it is i lost this drone yeah i lost it. I lost it under about a foot of snow with the battery attached, so there was electricity flowing through it, the vtx, the video transmission system. Those things are so sensitive to water and moisture it’s sitting under the snow, with power going through it.

It should have blown it should have just blown out. Second thing is the escs: when esc’s get wet from the power distribution board, you know all those circuits sitting there you get some water melting on them because they get hot. They blow here. Watch this hey guys, welcome to winter wonderland, again it’s another cold day when the sun’s out it’s awfully cold and there’s a wind blowing. So i have to put on my silly hat, which is going to keep me alive to do this review. For you, the radio i’m using today is the radio master tx16s. The goggles i’ll be using are my fat sharks because it is an analog system. Here we have the roba the roma it’s awesome. It looks like some imperial stormtrooper from star wars, it’s pretty cool with the white on it. I don’t know how it’s going to work out here today. It’S a 6s battery out here. It’S got a lot of weight, especially with the gopro i’ve got a gopro hero. 8 on it here and yeah, it should fly quite quite interesting, like hopefully the motors don’t freeze up and the battery, but it’s a freestyle drone notice. The x frame nice x frame, so everything should be balanced, uh, it’s kind of balanced, they wouldn’t, say it’s perfectly balanced with my gopro and the big battery on it. But if i move things around, i can get it really balanced, but i don’t have the time i just want to fly because it’s cold so i’m, going to record the video from the gopro you’ll, see that and i’ll record the video from the pilot’s camera.

Through my fat sharks, just remember, video recorded in fat sharks is only for you to find your drone. If you lose it, you just play the video back to go, find the drone it’s not for cinema photography or videography that’s. What your gopro up front is for all right. Let’S get this thing going now. A lot of people ask questions about goggles and glasses. These here sunglasses are prescription sunglasses, so it’s got my eye prescription in them and if i take them off – and i want to put on the fat sharks, uh it’s – not a problem – you see you can’t fit fat sharks on top of glasses, it’s impossible, but inside The fat sharks, if you get a good brand of fat sharks, you can either put lens prescriptions in them or you can adjust the lenses like these ones. Here. These are the hd02s i can adjust the lens and it fits for. My eye. Prescription tweezy trick is to get it over this big goofy hat my face is so frozen. I can barely feel the goggles on my face here, all right, so the mode we’re gon na stick it in is acro so angle mode. There we go acro for freestyle and uh, it should arm. We should be set to go here. We go and i’m flying with gloves on which makes it so hard that’s loud. I could feel that take it off right by my head all right.

So here we are going forward and i’m gon na bring it around back to me, i’m away behind the snow bank over here. Oh yeah, this thing flies so smooth. Look at this thing go seems pretty fast too. I don’t even have the throttle up, but look at that now. The video in my goggles is all coming analog from the fat shark. So as long as i have video reception, then life is good. It’S, not digital. I can’t fly for like 20 miles away or anything like that, not with the setup i have on my fat trucks right here. I could probably get close to a mile, maybe a kilometer, with this setup, but the whole idea is with the goggles i have here. I just have to make sure i am looking sort of in the direction of the drone. Now you can see i’m quite far away and uh. Look at my fat shark video image, i’ll bring it back, you can see where i am and you can see it’s pretty good. Oh no! Oh no! Dude! Look at that! Rf signal! Okay, what the heck all right i got! Ta go find my drone. I got ta go find my drone. It fell in the snow all right i’m out here. Looking in this huge field for the drone, where the heck did, i drop it. So uh that’s, where these fat charts come in handy i’m, going to replay the video and see where it fell right here we go coming over me.

The hey, it’s good, all right i’m, checking out the battery voltage as i’m flying here to see what it showed. You know, it’s, not too bad. It does look like the cold affected it big time but uh. It should be pretty good. It’S no warnings on the screen and right where i’m standing it should not be too far from me and it fell right down there all right. So i know it is okay, so it’s right there, apparently, according to these goggles and let’s, go get it baby. If you ever tried to look for a drone in the snow, it’s difficult and this one’s got white on it, it’s just a tiny hole when they fall straight in the ground. It’S, apparently over there someplace so let’s go check it out. It’S, just a sea of white, so someplace there’ll be a hole, a tiny hole in the snow here that will have been created by something falling out of the sky, see something’s sticking about. I see. Oh, i see it right here, looks like a little hole, looks like a little hole. Yeah that’s, like a wiley coyote off a bug’s bunny, just thundered into the ground right here way down. There should be, i can’t even see it it’s just look at it. What the heck so down here, someplace it’s, got to be in here there’s, nothing else around that would have caused this. Look at this look at this look at this there’s no way a human on the planet would have ever found this until the summertime.

Oh, my god, look at that. I got ta unplug it because it’s and it’s kind of still working – i don’t know. Oh, i think the gopro froze up. So i don’t know that probably all lost itself all right. Let’S just put this down and unplug it. That is insane all right. Well see. I see it was still working. Well, i’m gon na have to go, take the snow out of it. I don’t know if i can fly it again right today, because that’s gon na explode but let’s go see what i can do. That is one big snowball, but i’m impressed it’s still working. This is a long walk back all right. That was a lot of walking for an old guy. I had no problem with flight. Went that way went that way, but it’s. Only when i went coming back, which wasn’t super far away, should’ve got signal right. There no problem it’s, just like blink out of the sky, and this is what i ended up with. It is a frozen snowball. Look at this thing like can i even get the snow off of this? I can see the wind, as i hear the windshield, even the gopro, the hero 8 froze up like it’s just frozen it. Doesn’T work it’s just frozen from falling into the freaking ice cavern. If this thing works again, i will be surprised because that was sitting in the snow, with the 6s battery still providing power to it upside down, deep underground, hey it’s, like an igloo, so you never know anyways.

I will uh tell you, because i’m gon na end this video, now this portion and then uh the next face, you’ll see it’ll, probably be mine and i’ll either be flying this again or telling you like. No, i killed it all right check this out. So now you’re wondering did my drone survive. Was there anything i had to do to fix it? Did i break anything, and the answer is no no i’m, so surprised nothing. All i did is i brought it home knocked out all the snow out of it, stuck it in front of a heating vent, so warm air would flow over it. Left it there for about four hours. You know it dried up everything attached the battery and it started right up no problem, so this is very impressive, so you’re wondering what was the problem while i figured out what the problem was, the problem was the receiver that i put inside the drone right here. You can see i’m pointing to with my finger, see that big piece of yellow well that’s the cover i put over the receiver there’s a better angle. You can see the pc yellow so inside that piece of yellow that shrink wrap is the fr sky receiver. The problem was that i put the fr sky receiver and i stuck it on top of the vtx. The vtx is this thing down here: the video transmission system, so that interfered with the receiver so to fix it all i did was if you take a look here, i just zip tied the receiver so that it sits up above.

So you see this big gap of nothingness that’s, because the receiver is up here and it fixed the problem. Now i know somebody’s going to ask what about your gopro hero8 it stopped working, did it break and the answer is no. It froze solid yeah. It literally froze up. I brought it home. I could not get it to work until about after an hour. I warmed it up and then it started to work again. But what was really amazing was that the sd card microsd inside, captured all the video. It did not go corrupt due to the cold, because i used you’re gon na laugh at this. I use these really really cheap cards, so these are flyhall memory cards. I don’t know it’s, probably some knockoff brand name i’m, not sure who really makes them, but they are advertised as being micro, sd cards for drones and action cameras because they withstand cold and they withstand heat and vibration. Moisture x rays, all that good stuff and they cost next to nothing they’re dirt, cheap. So if you ever go on banggood or all the other chinese sites pick yourself up, a pile of these they’re really really decent. I think this one’s a 64 gig they’re all u3s all made for 4k. So then i took it out for another flight on another day, which again was super cold and uh. It performed really well check this out. All right let’s try this again: it’s still minus 17 celsius outside man, it’s cold, this goofy hat’s, going back on so drones here at the edge of my jeep, take off from the back of my jeep again.

It says armed let’s see what happens and we’re off flying on a very cold windy winter’s day. Now you can see the wind is pushing the drone a little bit to the side, but overall i can keep it nice and straight it’s, pretty darn decent notice. I put the speedometer down the left hand corner this. Drone is designed for freestyle. So if you love freestyle, you know i’m, a guy who does freestyle once in a while. You can have a lot of fun, flicking it around the sky, it’s, not a problem. The video signal that comes back from the forward pilot camera, which you can see here on the right hand, side where it says fat, shark, recording because i’m recording the video signal in my goggles. This is what i see it. Doesn’T, look, half bad doesn’t matter. How far away i fly, the video image that comes back is actually quite decent, so you’re going to see as i’m flying around here i’m going to do a lot of low flying, because i can see objects quite clearly now here’s a blow up of what that Fat shark goggle image looks like, and it might not look like it’s great to you right here, but in the fat sharks to your eyeballs. You can make out tons of details and, as you’ve seen in this video, the only reason you record the image in your fat shark goggles is just in case. You lose your drone, which does happen to a lot of us.

Fpv drone. Pilots. Trust me. These drones crash all the time for reasons due to pilot error, so yeah overall it’s a good idea to always record your image now, due to the fat shark image being really good in the goggles and the fact that the pids are really good on this drone. You can fly low, slow, low, fast, any way you want and you have tons of reserve power. If you want to punch out at the last second to go over something it’s, not a problem, you can bounce up, you can bounce down, do whatever you wish and yeah it’s really good for flying. So i love to fly near objects like the snow banks and just bounce around them. It’S always like this play chicken type thing uh. Sometimes i win. Sometimes i don’t win and i hit something that’s, just the life in an fpv drone pilot. Now, if you take a look at the speedometer on the lower left, you can get some serious speed out of this drone if you want to really crank up the throttle, but for myself i like to fly low to the ground, you know at a moderate speed. I don’t want to crank it too much because of the nose is going to tip down and i have to readjust the camera, but this is basically where i like it and i like to fly nice and low. So here i am flying up close to me.

I’M, just going to buzz over and i’m going to put the drone in the camera. So you can see what it looks like. I have a camera on the back of the jeep it’s facing right now facing the drone and here’s what it sees here’s. My little drone bouncing around in the wind, the wind is knocking it i’m, trying to hover it, try to keep it still, it’s, not bad, and here i’m, just coming in for a landing after a few flights and i’m quite impressed yeah, i enjoyed it it’s very Fast very fast and very easy to fly and the battery power not bad. You know i put uh 1300 milliamp hour battery on here and it was still going still going still going so it’s pretty decent. So the next thing i’m going to do is show you exactly what comes with the box and let me tell you right now: you get an awful lot. A lot of drones. You’Ll see me unbox and you don’t get a lot when they’re in the fpv world, but wait. Do you see how much you get with this? One and i’ll tell you some of the specs about this here drone. So here we go here. We go with a quick unboxing, so this is the box. Your lovely little f5 is going to come in and let me tell you right now: when you open it, you are going to be shocked because it is going to look like this yep.

It looks like somebody just threw everything in there: well that’s what i thought: that’s a disaster but uh. You know, let’s pull things out so there’s your drone. It looks quite decent. You do have to assemble a few parts now you’d assume with everything in the box. You get two sets of props, but only one set plus the nuts. You also get a gopro mount and you get all the plastic parts to either make your drone white or black. You also get a goodie bag with a pile of stuff and i’m, not going to list everything here because there’s way too much stuff in there, but you get battery straps. Let me show you a few other things. You get a beeper. I did not install the beeper on mine, that’s, a finder beeper. You get a ton of nuts you’re, not even going to use all these. You put some on to secure the props. You get instruction manual, you get a specification chart for your flight controller. In case you want to do some soldering now, some of the out of the box assembly requires that you, snap, white or black parts into place put the gopro mount on put the rear antenna on just screw it in place. Put the props on and use the nuts to screw them down. This is a close up of that camera that you saw in this video. This is the run cam phoenix 2, which gave the really good video.

You can also get a digital version of this. If you want to pay more money and you’ll have better image and longer range here’s, your motor is 2207 1700 kv, really good motors, underneath you can see the x frame and to the really good eye that’s, where the captain drone logo comes from that beautiful red X here we can see the flight controller. While you can see parts of the pdb power distribution board. The flight controller is an f4 mamba flight controller. It also has a 400 milliwatt mamba transmission system, video transmission system, which, for my needs, seem to work quite well. Some people might want 600 or 800, but 400 seem to work well for me, and you can see this is not an under 250 gram quad. So, as you can see, you get an awful lot of drone for very little money. If you know nothing about the fpv hobby and you’ve watched this, because so many people every time i review an fpv drone, ask me: does the radio come with it? Do the goggles come with it or they ask what radio do i need or what goggles do? I need, if you want to get into the fpv hobby. I have an 11 part. Video series called, i think, it’s called fpv for beginners i’ll, put links to it below watch all 11 episodes and all your questions will be answered on what you need, how to get into the hobby how to fly so for now, what i’m going to do is I’M, going to put a link to this drone it’s on the banggood website.

It comes in a 6s version which this is so i fly with 6s batteries or a 4s version. The batteries i used in this video, when you saw me flying it everywhere, were 1300 milliamp hour battery 6s with an xt60 connector, because that’s what’s on this baby and i swear, i was getting over five minutes uh with each of those batteries flying in minus 17 Degrees celsius, which is pretty darn good, so it’s, not a long flyer but it’s, definitely not a short flyer for a battery and in the summer time i think you do quite well i’m, also going to put a link to the receiver that i put inside this Drone because it does not come with a receiver, a lot of fpv drones, you buy, they always have a little drop down thing that says what receiver would you like in your drone, and then you pick which one you want. This does not have that because they let you put any receiver, you want that you might have sitting around your shop floor at home. I didn’t have any because i have so many drones and i’m, not really into soldering receivers onto the flight controller anymore, because hey this is the year 2021. So what i did is, i just bought a receiver that is plug and play there’s, a cable that comes right off the flight controller and you just take the receiver and you plug them in together, no soldering and voila.

You have the receiver and it works with any type of taranis radio, so i’m, going to put a link to that receiver below and just make sure if you get that receiver that you have some sort of radio that will connect to any type of taranis receiver. So either you have a taranis radio or you have a multi protocol. Radio. This is a multi protocol. Radio called the radiomaster tx16s there’s, also another one like the jumper t, 18 there’s, all these ones back here, anyways there’s lots of them on the market. That will all connect to taranis receivers. So, with all of that said, i say thanks for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in future. Videos with many more drone reviews. Take care.