5 inch mini quadcopter in this video im going to quickly go over its features and specs show you how to convert It from emi flight to bit of light and share with you. The current recommended settings, give you my feedback after testing it out and show you some flight footage. First of all, the roma f35 is available in a couple of versions. You can get an analog version, a digital version which is bundled with the codex nebula polar digital transmission system and the power kit, which is the version of god. That will require you to install your own btx and fpv camera. All the versions are available either in 4s or 6s variants, which differ in the kb rating of the mamba, 22 or 3.5 motors, and you can get either a bind and fly version which is available with multiple radio receiver options or a plug and play version. That will require you to install your own radio receiver in terms of packaging inside the box, along with the quadcopter youre. Getting a single set of jamf and hurricane 3520 tri bladed propellers, so getting spur. Propellers is a must two 20 centimeters long high quality, diaton branded battery velcro straps, a pretty long usb to usb type c cable, which is always useful plenty of spare screws which are well organized and labeled. A couple of zip ties: a belt that contains a kitchen holder, the wiring diagram of the stack and a single used coupon code, which, if you are quick enough, you can try to redeem at datums website.

A mislabeled frequency table a 20 by 20 millimeters plastic board which, if youd like to you, can use for mounting the ready receiver. On top of the stack two battery pads 3d printed tpu parts that are going to enable you to mount a micro sized fpv. Camera plastic tubes for protecting the antennas of the ready receiver adjust the connector that was actually pre soldered to the flight controller and harnesses that are going to enable you to quickly connect a ready receiver with minimal soldering work in terms of features and specs. The roma f35 features the mambatoka 2203.5 motors. These motors are a little bit oversized for this 3.5 inch build as they are normally used on larger setups. However, this is actually the highlight of this quadcopter as they are going to provide you with plenty of power, especially in the lower end of throttle, and still remain relatively efficient on the center of the quadcopter protected by these detachable plastic parts. You can find a 20 by 20 millimeter stack, which is based on the 40 ampere bles4 in one ac and an f7 flight controller. A buzzer is connected to the flight controller and secured to the bottom plate using a double sided tape. The vtx is mounted on the back of the frame using 20 by 20 millimeters and two mounting holes on the back of the frame. You can find a 3d printed tpu part that holds an immortal t antenna, antenna tubes for the ready receiver, an xt60 battery connector and an sma antenna connector, which, just like this lhcp antenna is included in the power kit.

The battery is going to be mounted on the top plate and on the front of the quadcopter well protected by these two aluminum parts, you can find a micro sized ftb camera. As for the frame, its wheelbase is 158 millimeters and it features a wide x pattern. The thickness of the bottom unibody plate is three millimeters. The width of each arm is ten millimeters. The thickness of the top plate is two millimeters. The distance between the bottom and top plates is 25 millimeters on the center of the frame. You can find both 20 by 20, m2 and 30.5 by 30.5 m3 mounting holes without the battery. The f35 weighs 243.5 grams and including a 4s 850 million pr lipo battery. The total weight is about 354 grams. As for setting it up in case, you have the power kit version, youll need to install your own video transmitter and fb camera. Connecting the vista unit to the flight controller is done either using the dedicated gst connector on the flight controller. Although a cable is not included or you can solder it directly to the pets next to it like, i did and keep in mind that, unfortunately, the empty screws for securing the vista unit on the back of the quadcopter are not included, so youll need to obtain Them separately, in addition out of the box, the flight controller of the f35 came pre flashed with emi flight. This is dantons first attempt of releasing a quadcopter with emi flight, and i think that they are lacking some experience using it as ive encountered a weird issue where, when the throttle was lowered down, it was suddenly raised which almost got this quadcopter stuck in a tree.

So i recommend to either adjust these settings if you have previous experience with emi flight or just change the framer, to beat the flight as im about to show you and use the recommended settings which were supplied to me by dyton. In case you choose to make the conversion to bitterflight, you will need to manually enter dfu mode by pressing this button, while connecting the flight controller to your computer and then flash it with the mamba f722 i2c firmware the recommended settings by diaton for both 4s and 6S versions are included down below, and i also recommend to flash the bles escs with just maverick firmware, apply the following settings and enable the bi directional dishes switch on betaflight after testing the f35. With bit of light, i can tell you that i didnt experience the issues that i had with image flight. However, the tune was still a little bit off, so keep in mind that in case you are going to get this quadcopter, you might need to clean it yourself or wait for datum to release an updated tune. So, overall after testing it out, i can tell you that the diaton f 35 is probably the most powerful 3.5 inch quadcopter that you can currently get, even though its not as powerful as the 5 inch setup. It is quieter features a smaller form factor and still will be able to carry even a full size, gopro camera, and on top of that, i really like its build quality and the attention to details which includes the stack and moto wires protectors in terms of flight Time you can expect between three to four minutes of an aggressive flight using an 850 million pr forest like a battery, and in case you just want to cruise around.

You can even use the f 35 with the 4s 18650 lithium ion battery cell, which should provide you with more than 15 minutes of flight time. Now. You should keep in mind that, because the xc60 battery connector is secured to the back of the frame using a 3d printed tpu part, not all the batteries are going to be compatible with this frame which, by the way, requires you to mount the battery on the Center of the battery pad, as otherwise you are going to experience some bounce backs, so you need to either get batteries with pretty long battery leads or you can use an xt60 battery adapter, which is similar to this one. In my opinion, the f 35 could have been easily the best in its category if it featured a better tune, but unfortunately it doesnt and it could have been even nicer if it also came with an action. Camera mount im going to wrap up this video with some flight footage. So i hope you will enjoy the rest of this video and, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section down below dont forget to leave a thumbs up.