I think the trend is uh, going to be continuing, so uh let’s go. Everything comes in the package first and then we’ll talk about the drone. So you get a nice case here that uh die tone has been shipping a lot of their stuff in lately. Uh mine did not come with any spare prop guards, but it might be because it’s, an early version just came with the prop cards that came on here. So hopefully, they’ll come with spares in the box for the customers get this like keychain thing. So i think maybe the idea is to hang the uh drone off of a keychain because it’s so tiny but kind of interesting. They include that and you get a bunch of documentation so um. The flight stack in here is actually individual boards, so flight controller, esc and video transmitter and it’s uh based off of the mini mk 3.5 it’s, a 20 by 20 stack, which is surprising, um it’s an f405, so it’s got a lot of uarts, so it has A lot of capabilities kind of surprising they didn’t go with 16 by 16, but i’m kind of thinking that manufacturers are moving away from the 16 by 16, because the esds are too small for basically can’t handle crashing. I mean you can fly fine, just cruising around for a 16 by 16 asc, but i think when you send a lot of voltage through a small tiny board like that with four ac’s, they tend to pop, so that’s, probably why they went with the 20 by 20, so this is the flight controller, as you can see, nice, wiring diagram and here’s all the specs.

If you want to freeze the video and take a look at those still card here for the video transmitter and um, it comes locked. So all the ones that are in red are not functional until you unlock it. Here’S the documentation on the esds 20 by 20 board 25 amps bursting 35 amps only up to 4s and it’s bl helles. It looks like okay, so here’s the documentation on the video transmitter, it’s, the tx 500 and uh it’s like a half size board and i’ll. Explain why it’s a half size board in a second here, but you can see here, what’s locked and they do have instructions on how to unlock it right there basically press and hold the button for five seconds, and that will unlock it all right. So this is the receiver that’s on here and you can see. This is also a half size board, and this is on the other side of the video transmitter. It’S just called the msr receiver. This must be like a diatom special it’s, a it’s, a free sky, d16 receiver. They told me it is basically the same as an rxsr, so it has um, basically uh esport telemetry and s plus, and should they say it should work the same as a xs, xsr receiver, so Music, this version or this drone comes as a plug and play Or sorry as a bind in fly, not a plug and play so typically daison sends out their drones as plug and play.

You have to add your own receiver. This one’s going to be sold as a bind and fly with this receiver already installed, is probably because of the tiny, tiny size getting receiver here is probably not going to be that easy. Interestingly enough, they do include this receiver connection information here with the plugs for the flight controller um. Possibly if you want to use other types of receivers, if you want to swap it out, so they included that as well, but now let’s go and uh before. I forget here’s, the last bag, uh extra battery strap battery pad uh some extra cables. This is for a receiver extra screws and a buzzer which they never install, it’s always included, but they never install it on any other drones. All right. So here is the f1 and the camera is a run cam nano 2., the motors are the toca branded arm, took a mamba branded uh 113 10 000 kv motors. So this is uh expect for 3s. They recommend a 350 to 450 milliamp hour battery um four bladed jam fan props here this is the 40 millimeter propellers. The bottom plate is about two and a half millimeters a little bit less than two and a half millimeters thick it’s, a single bottom plate dead cat design looks like and uh it’s kind of hard to see the stack there. When you see the esc board flight controller board and then there’s a grounding pad or like a shield there to to, i guess: uh reduce the interference from the vtx and from the receiver.

So you can see the vtx is here and the receiver is over here. The two half size boards they’re running the receiver wires. You can see down through these holes here in the front and on the bottom and they have the antennas taped to the carbon here. So, if you’re, if you’re facing the drone like this, obviously the carbon is going to be blocking the signal so that’s going to reduce your range if you’re flying directly at yourself, like this most of you will be flying kind of at a lesser urban angle. I doubt you’re going to be flying like this uh it’ll be interesting. If you can even see anything but yeah um, you know, probably if you’re above above yourself, you’re going to still be able to see it. So basically, certain angles, the your signal might get lost. It might not be falling too far away, but, as you can see here with the prop guards, this is kind of mostly intended for indoor use and kind of slower flying. You can fly pretty fast. I imagine um your flight time will go up a little bit, maybe 15 20 seconds by removing the prop guards. If you want to fly it outdoors and fly more like a racer, but then again, if you’re flying it faster than your flight time is going to be probably going down more than more likely to go down than up because you’re flying more aggressively versus flying more Commonly indoors so, while the prop guards may reduce your flight time indoors, if you’re flying very commonly, if you’re going to fly it outdoors, you’re going to be probably flying very aggressively.

So i imagine you’re going to get even less flight time flying aggressively outdoors. So something to keep in mind, they do say you can put the battery on top or on the bottom, i elected to put the battery on the bottom and you do have to kind of get the receiver wires out of the way i had some difficulties trying To get my battery on top here, because the way the battery this wire here, the plug, was routed to this little tpu part. I couldn’t quite get the battery to sit in here and there’s, not a lot of space on top, as you can see, without the battery being too long and getting in the way of the camera. So if you want to fly a bigger battery, which i think this can handle a 450 and get more flight time um, you can do that, but you’re going to want to probably put the battery on the bottom inside the top, because the longer 450 user will Probably get in the way of the camera and you won’t be able to see um, you could try and mount the battery sideways uh but yeah. I didn’t really investigate that too much and you have to figure out a way to mount the battery strap if you’re going to be doing it sideways like this but yeah. If you do that, then you could do a 450 long battery sideways up on top. But you know putting on the bottom is not a big deal and i think it flies about the same as top.

I would think i’m not really sure where the best cg would be i’m thinking. It probably would be still being on top because you’re closer to the prop line, but it didn’t it didn’t feel like it flew poorly on with the battery on the bottom, either. All right so here’s how much it weighs looks like about 73.9 grams and then with the uh 3s. 350. It comes in about a little over 102 grams. Now one last issue to note before we show you the flight footage is that the usb c port there from the flight controller, which is nice as usb c um, and they do include a usb c cable in the package which actually didn’t, show and i’m. Not sure what to do with it, but in any event, you can see it’s blocked with the prop guards in place. So if you obviously, when you first set it up, if it comes with the prop guards installed, you can either need a right angle. Adapter for this usb connect, usb c connection or you’re, going to have to take the motors and prop guards off on this side here so basically take off these four screws and these four screws and pop off the motors and just slide them to the side. Then you’ll have access to the usb c port and you can set up your modes and all that you know basic uh, drone setup they’ll be linked down in the video to basic drone setup video and then also how to bind your receiver and all that stuff.

Um and test all that on the bench uh, obviously with the prop guards not install if you deluxe you take them off and just fly without the prop guards and the this is not gon na, be a problem. You’Ll have access to the usbc port, no issues. Also be aware that when you do switch out the prop guards uh, you do have to account for that extra space there and use the shorter screws are included in the package. If you use the long screws in here then you’ll end up, you know possibly damaging the motor. There is a plastic nylon spacer there that might prevent these screws from going into the windings. But you know it: doesn’t mean that’s a guarantee that all protected, because it is a long longer screw. So it could go all the way through so make sure that you use the shorter screws when you take the prop guards off and when you remount the motor. So be aware of that: okay, so that’s gon na do it for this one uh here’s, the flight footage talk to you guys in the next one.