So this is a tiny 176 scale, rc car and they have um several colors and two versions. They have a uh non fpv version here on the left, and then you have the camera here on the right, which is the fpv version. These are both um, the ready to run, which includes the controller, i believe they also sell to car by itself. I think for like 50 bucks, if you just want the car and you can use um a off market controller or a different controller, if you want it uses the flysky af hds protocol, then there are third party controllers that you can buy. That will work with this, as well as any radio that produces that protocol, including multiprotocol radios. Now the difference between the two versions are on the box here and basically the one left here is the non fpv version. You have a longer run time. 60 minutes a smaller battery 110 milliamp hours and it weighs 19 grams. The fpv version only runs up to 20 minutes 140 milliamp hour larger battery and weighs 24 grams, so quite a bit heavier. So inside the box you get a usb charger with a jst plug that plugs into the bottom of the car. You get a keychain, a spare canopy or shell, and of course you get the controller for both theyre on the same for both versions: okay, so heres. What the two cars look like, the shells look the same for both obviously with the difference of the fpv camera.

It looks like its possible. You could add your own fp camera later uh, maybe theres a little piece here. You can pop off im, not exactly sure about that and i dont think they sell the camera separately, plus youre, probably going to want a larger battery. I found that the runtime on the fpv version is probably closer to 15 minutes instead of 20 minutes and really depends on how hard youre running it and the camera will die first, so i think it probably dies at a higher voltage than the car. The car will run about another minute, or so, even after the camera stops stops. Transmitting the camera only comes with um four channels on your so every time you press the button, it only changes the channel theres only four of them on there. It shows them in the manual. The power level is only 25 milliwatts. Interestingly, the fpv version comes with a paper manual, but the non fpv version does not so you have to go to the qr code is on the box and download the manual just a pdf file im, not really sure why that is but yeah thats, uh thats. Why the fpa version comes with the menu, but the non fp version does not alright. So taking a closer look at the car itself, here, you can see that the front wheel is slightly smaller than the rear wheel. I think its about 11 millimeters versus about 12 millimeters, theyre rubber, you know fairly grippy, not theres, no um like its not air, filled or anything like that.

Its rubber theres, not much of any suspension really to talk about uh and front or rear of. Obviously, the front wheels will rotate. You have your charging port here, its a jst portrait just plug it in and the lights will start um slowly flashing, while its charging and then, when its done charging it will. The lights will turn off, takes about 15 minutes to charge the larger battery here and um yeah, so 50 minutes to charge it about 15 minutes of runtime. You short press this button here, which is the on off button. Thatll turn the car on. So just short press it and you get a blinking light. Then you turn on the controller. Its a slide controller like this itll bind like that. Itll start. Flashing, solid light here, means that its in beginner mode and which means its a slightly reduced speed. I think 60 speed um and actually, if youre, trying to run this fpv, i recommend the beginner mode ill, explain a little bit later, why that is, if you want to run this in expert mode, so basically just turn off hold down this little multi function button. While you turn the controller on itll bind up, and then you get a blinking red light here, which means its in the expert mode, so its going to be full speed and it is very fast um and somewhat difficult to control in full speed. Okay, so just you know quickly, looking at the rest of the car really nothing, you know nothing fancy here.

It looks really basic theres, no fancy lights or anything like that. The control like on the turbo racers, the steering is, of course proportional ill, go and demonstrate the steering here it is proportional and the thing is um. While it is proportional uh. The precision of the controller um doesnt seem to be as nice as the turbo, racers and ill explain a little bit about that in a second okay. So if youre, just for the giveaway and youve already left your comments down below uh. Just being aware that im not going to be pulling the winner out of the comments section, you will have to go to the pinned comment that i will leave. So if you guys dont know what a pin comment is its going to be. The first comment from me not really itll, say, pin comment. It wont be from someone else. So look for that and then you can reply to that. Pin comment with um the code that youre going to need from the giveaway form so go to the pin comment. Therell be instructions there to go to the form youre going to need to get your email address. If you dont want to give me your email address, you wont be able to enter the contest uh the one the thing thats going to be given away. Is this car here its the non fpv version, its going to be shipped directly from dietone and uh yeah just go to the giveaway form, fill it out, put your email in and then leave your comment as a reply to the pin comment that i left im Doing that, because i dont want the regular comments section to be filled with giveaway, clutter and im sure a lot of you will probably have already left a comment there.

You should probably delete that and leave it as a reply to the pin comment instead, so hopefully you guys have watched this and know what the rules are. So you have a chance to win. Otherwise, if you just left a regular comment, uh that is not going to get you an entry into this contest. Okay, thats gon na. Do it for this explanation, all right! So, taking a look at the controller here, its pretty basic theres, no steering, trim or throttle trim here you can do the trim via this button here. So it is well. You could read the manual. I had a really hard time getting this to work properly. So what youre supposed to do is hold, while obviously, while youre bound up and then you have the you, have the car on and the controller on youre supposed to hold down the button. And then, if the, if you want to trim it so that its trimmed to the right, you turn the steering wheel all the way over to the right, while youre holding the button and then that will trim it. And then you let go and that will save it, but i had trouble getting that to work correctly it for one thing: getting this car to go straight is not easy in general, the even the um you know compared to the turbo racers on the other brand. Those arent as easy to get to go straight either you have to do a lot of trimming as well, but this trimming.

This is not easy and i couldnt get consistent results to get this to go straight, because you know the goal is to not have to put put your hand on the steering wheel and just go. You know pull the trigger and go straight, but it would often just go darting off to the right or left. I could never really get it to go straight now, of course, you can still drive it around and make little adjustments would be. You know because the proportional steering is there, you can do that its just that um. It makes it very challenging, especially when youre, when youre driving this run fpv, because it is a very wide field of view, so objects kind of jump on you suddenly, and so you may not realize youre crashing into something before its too late and by that time, Its a little too hard to make that adjustment, so youre going to try youre going to want to drive this around more slowly so that you have a little bit more precision in your steering now. The other thing is with the fpv version, because the camera is kind of on the back wheel here, its a little bit um back heavy and so the the front wheels dont have as much grip. In terms of the steering i felt i felt that when i was driving the fpv version around versus the non fev version, i thought the steering was more um blocked in on the non fpv version, because the cg wasnt back heavy.

So another thing to keep in mind, thats, why? I think you know you just want to fly and drive this drive this around kind of slowly and um youll get better results. I think, in terms of like just having control over and managing an obstacle course or track, and also even in this, even in the beginner mode, when youre driving kind of slow, which you do you have proportional throttle, you can just pull a little bit and go Slower um, you still want a lar, fairly large area. I tried doing this on a tabletop actually ill. Just done this desk here, fpv and its quite challenging. I think that it can be done, but it is its its very hard to control the speed um on a very small table, thats only about six feet, so you need a little bit larger floor areas. Obviously, like a hardwood floor, something you know um, i would say at least 10 by 10 feet of area, its probably going to be ideal, and obviously you can obviously make your own custom tracks and all that kind of stuff. Now this will go on carpet. It has a little bit of clearance there you can see in terms of the wheel. Uh has enough power to go over carburetor, its very bumpy, of course, but, for example, transitioning from like hardwood floor to a rug. You know, thats a fairly um big bump up. Compare compared to the size of this car and obviously the car will just flip over and a lot of times it will just flip over or um not be able to go over from the hardwood floor to the carpet.

That happened quite often uh. If it was a like a ramp or something it would be fine that you can transition from one surface to another, but yeah i can do its just that transitioning from one to another is not easy for something thats tiny. So you know back on to this controller, because you have limited options in terms of what you can adjust um. I think its a its like a cheaper controller here you know compared to the one that came with the turbo racer. So this is the the controller we came with. The monster mini the baby monster truck here. So all the triple razors come with a more traditional rc controller for these rc cars. You have basically throttle trim dual rates. You know extra channels, you know they have this. Nice foam grip on the steering wheel, which you dont, have on the cheaper controller here, um it just and overall the controller just feels more sturdy just feels nicer in the hand and of course you have more options for adjustments which makes controlling the car. In a more precise way better, in my opinion, uh, some of you guys might disagree with that, but in general, this cheaper controller, because it lacks a lot of those options to give you that precision it i feel like. I was really struggling to control it at higher speeds. They just didnt feel like the precision was there and if you want to use this with a one of the fly sky, rc car controllers ill link a couple of them down below im, not emotionally sure.

If theyll work or not because i dont have them, but i did notice that they listed the af hds protocol, so in theory they should bind up with this and to bind it up you, you know its pretty easy just instead of short, pressing the on off Button, you long press it for two seconds and then ill put into bind mode, and then you go to your controller and then put that into bind mode, and you should be able to use the other controller. Theres. Also instructions in the manual to explain how to do binding. I think thats uh, the in my opinion, the the downside of this system is the controller is just not as nice. Yes, you can get used to it and still drive this around have a good time. Its just not as nice as the ones that are on the turbo racers, which do cost more, i think in terms of the cost difference its probably not a lot like 10, 15 and obviously the turbo races. Dont come with the fpv camera, which you can probably add yourself in you know, in a similar way, its um yeah again thats, probably like a whole different tutorial video on how to do that. I um ive heard from them that theyre not going to be coming out with an fpv version of the car. They know a lot of you guys have asked me. Oh, you know converted fpv um, just havent had time to do anything like that and it you know, uh the differences you know in terms of the cars they dont look like cars like this doesnt.

Look like a car like compared to you know: heres the c71. These look like cars. These are designed, i think, more, for the fpv community. You know this shell here doesnt, look like any kind of real car and they just design this. That could hold a camera. It does look, you know interest, it does look nice uh. You know, but it doesnt looks kind of futuristic actually, but it looks kind of boxy and not like a an actual car. Doesnt look scale at all, of course. So in terms of this speed um its about the same, and you know i think theyve probably got a similar motor in there, its just that you know again when youre running full speed it getting this one to go straight or having good control over. It is difficult, especially in a smaller area, so i think this is going to be more fun if youre, just gon na, be using it for fpv and driving around slow and doing like an obstacle course. Something like that. I think that would be pretty good for this one here and you know obviously seeing some videos already where people are having fun with their pets and stuff, like that. You can definitely do that with this one here and it you know it goes over to carpet as long as its not too deep um, so its kind of it should be pretty good fun with the kids or your pets anyway, thats gon na do it.