Just like me, then cut it short at finding the psychos trophies thats enough. You dont have to do any of this with him im, not forcing any ideas on harrison. I want to help him just like harry helped. Me, hey guys pete here today, ill be doing a breakdown of dexter new blood episode. 9.. A lot happened in the family business. It had a little bit of something for everyone and it was a great episode. Things ended on a win for dexter and harrison, but there are still a lot of ways. Things could go wrong for them in this finale thats. Coming up, it felt like a penultimate episode and not just for this season, but for the series so ill be recapping. Everything that happened and where that leaves us going into the finale right after this quick, spoiler warning. If you havent watched dexter new blood episode 9, yet then this video wont be for you and with that out of the way lets get into it. The episode starts with a flashback to mr wiggles playland in florida, its a part of dexter explaining what he does saying guilty people slip through the cracks of the justice system. Every day you realize this is coming from a conversation with harrison when he mentions the dark. Passenger. Harrison is obviously unfamiliar with the term, but he understands the sentiment behind it. Dexter reveals that he also saw his mother killed when he was young.

Finally, delivering the payoff weve been waiting for and they connect there with all that goes along with that, and it leads to an introduction to harrys code. He explains it in detail as hes, recounting the mr wiggles situation, and emphasizes that his father gave him a way to channel the dark passenger and use it for good things, get complicated when dexter tries to frame what hes doing as effective. While trying to keep the fact that he kills people out of the explanation, you see that he struggles with the idea of telling him the truth through his back and forth with deb, and he decides not to do it. Harrison compares what he does to batman and dex says he prefers the dark defender, which is a nice call back to season two, its a lot to process, so he tells harrison. He should get some sleep and then he slips out to take care of elrics body. One more gift to wrap him plastic as hes taking care of that. He thinks about how there will be more questions coming from harrison and its worth. Mentioning that both this and the mr wiggles sequence were a great way to recapture some of what made the original series so compelling its a nice treat for fans right down to the original soundtrack, and it has a sense of things coming full circle. At the end of the series, as hes cutting up the body deb points out that its pretty screwed up, that he watched his mother get chopped up in a shipping container and does the same thing to his victims.

He points out that harrison faced his trauma by arming himself with a straight razor, the same weapon used to kill his mother. What can he say they are what they are. It makes a transition to angela who is still looking into the bay harbour butcher case shes. Looking at images from lundys investigation, which is fitting because dexter just did the same thing to a body at the summer camp, she notices an injection site mark in one of the photos and takes a closer look at that before she gets interrupted by audrey at the Cabin harrison wakes up and you see that dexter made it back in time to set up his presence, the big ones a rifle, and this allows him to introduce the idea of doing things to blend in he doesnt use guns in relation to the dark passenger. But since all of his friends from school have guns, it makes sense for him to have one too they go outside and shoot it harrison is a natural. I guess he follows more in debs footsteps rather than dexters, and he asks if kurt tried to kill him because dexter was going after him. He tells him yes and that kurt is a serial killer. Whos been killing women for 25 years. He explains that he cant tell angela, because he doesnt have any proof and besides hes, already been arrested for one murder and he got away with it. He says he just found out about it and harrison accepts this idea of vigilante where they cant go to the authorities, but its important to remember that dexter is leaving something major out here: hes, not telling him the reason he cant go to the cops is because He actually killed matt.

He says that he does have a plan and he hopes that harrison will ask him what it is and if he can help, but instead he remembers that he has a present for his dad and he gives him a drawing. He did of deb, he gets introduced to the christmas sweater tradition and they head over to angelas place to exchange gifts. She is suspicious of dexter, but he doesnt pick up on it. Audrey, on the other hand, brings up that. She thinks that harrison seems happier. Everyone, except for angela, is having a good time and dexters gift doesnt really help at all, but he still thinks to himself a successful christmas surrounded by family and then everyones surprised when the doorbell rings and even more surprised when it turns out to be kurt theres. An awkward exchange between kurt and the morgans and then after he leaves they say they have to go too audrey and angela think its weird, but they have no idea. Whats going on since kurt didnt run harrison asks if they can go after him. Like mr wiggles dexter says they have to find proof and that serial killers usually keep trophies and he thinks that kurt keeps his trophies on his property near his cabin while theyre, using the drone to scope out kurts property, harrison confesses to setting the whole thing up With ethan in episode 4., not only did he want to get away with it, but he thought it might even make him look like a hero.

Although dexter already knew this, it is indisputable proof that he acts out on his violent urges. He mentions that hes been thinking about mr wiggles and doesnt know. If scaring him seems like justice, when dexter asks what that would look like, he tells him that he started to have fantasies about killing trinity with his own razor when he was about 12 years old. They noticed a vent where kurt disappeared after he ran away and decided to come back after dark to check it out. Angela had visited the vet and found out that dexter came in for ketamine later as shes at home. Listening to mollys bay, harbor butcher episode, she gets a call from dexter saying they wont be able to come over because theyre bonding. The podcast includes mollys belief that they got the wrong man when they arrested james doakes. She asked audrey what she thinks and shes just glad that they live in the sticks, away from that sort of thing, ha ha and then angela tries to call molly, but her number goes straight to voicemail, as dexter is preparing his knives. We see him continue to struggle over really telling harrison the truth as deb begs him not to for me. This is where the episode got really good and i think him saying im not forcing any ideas on harrison. I want to help him just like harry helped. Me sets things up nicely to start moving into the ending that brightly points out, that there were alternatives and she gets a reaction when she suggests that prison might have been better dexfires back.

You think prison would be better whose side are you on harrison was born in blood. His dark passenger pushes him to hurt others. This path is the only way. The acting here is tremendous by michael c hall and jennifer carpenter, and she delivers the best moment in the series so far when she looks at him and says, and you love it dexter and harrison arrive at kurts cabin in the atv. They discover the entrance and he gives harrison the chance to stay outside to keep watch, but he wants to see it for himself. They notice a camera thats rigged to an alarm to notify kurt. If someone breaks in and dexter trips it on purpose to let him know that all his secrets are out, it turns out. He had shown up at their cabin right after they left to try to burn them out. His plan was to torch the place and then shoot them as they ran away trying to escape. He gets the notification and sees them entering his bunker just as hes starting to realize that no one is coming out of this burning cabin inside the bunker. They see his embalming area and then they discover his trophies. He keeps the entire preserved bodies of his victims in display cases, and there are a lot of them when they get to the end of the hall. We see that molly was who kurt was embalming when he was talking to elric on the phone in the last episode as her body is on display amongst the others, as he looks at her, harrison gets emotional and says hes been getting away with this for years.

So many women dead until you found him after a pause, he continues saying you killed. Wiggles didnt you deb, makes one last plea and then dexter walks over to his son and while looking him in the eye says, i did, and i took care of arthur mitchell to trinity. I killed him for what he did to your mother. Harrison takes that all in and then adds that kurt needs to die too. Dexter gives him a kiss on the forehead, and this is in a way everything hes always wanted. Angela goes looking for molly and learns that she checked out, but the man she talks to didnt see her leave. The key was just left on the bed with a note and when she checks the safe, they discover that her camera and recorder were still inside saying. She knows that molly would never leave behind knowing his secret is out kurt rushes home in an effort to leave town and as hes getting ready to do that. Harrison distracts him as dexter sneaks up and knocks him out in the typical fashion. They prepare a kill room in front of his trophies. Dex explains the plastic and how important it is not to leave any clues behind and harrison asks him. How many times hes done this. He says its in the hundreds and then checks for a response and harrison is actually impressed. He says wow that means youve saved thousands of innocent people and they share a smile before he wakes kurt up.

He tells harrison if theres any moment where he doesnt feel up to it just go ahead and go outside once kurt gets his bearings after they wake him up. He takes responsibility for everything, and i mean he does it in a really strange way. It feels like hes a bit too eager to do that, considering the circumstances, and it makes you wonder if hes trying to cover something up, he does explain his motivations, insisting that he didnt kill the women he actually saved them. They were all just runaways and he picked them up and he offered them a safe place to stay, but that was never enough. They always wanted to go back out there, where he thought they would be the victims of trauma, so he would preserve them rather than letting them go. Dexter says that he wasnt trying to save anyone that it was all about power and as hes, accusing him of loving the power he had over them and how it fed the darkness that was inside of him. It sounds a lot like hes talking about himself. Kurt. Does get some shots in before they put him down? He asks if theyre a father and son vigilante team, and he admits that hes jealous and that he did wish that his son was more like harrison. That leads to the truth, about matts death coming out and that he tried to kill harrison in an act of revenge. Dexter is quick to say that matt fit the code and that he escaped justice because his dad covered up for him, but kurt laughs.

This off saying: wait a minute, thats your rationale for killing people, some kind of justice code, and then he gets a glove shoved into his mouth and thats, followed by a knife through the heart again, he asks harrison if hes all right and he gives him the Option to go outside because he still has to dispose of the body. Initially he says hes fine, but he starts to lose his cool as his dad is chopping kurt up and as some blood on the ground starts to flow in his direction. He has flashbacks to ritas death and that freaks him out enough that he decides to leave. He looks really affected and he just remains there waiting under the blood moon and its definitely possible that he got blood on his boot before he left. They go to the incinerator, and dex tells him that everyone in iron lake will think kurt fled when they see that he packed his bags ransacked his place and took all the money out of the safe. Harrison says that his dark passenger is quiet and his father says thats how it works. Thats, how we keep it under control and harrison adds that the worlds a better place for it, they head home, feeling pretty good, and then they find out about the fire. Angela and the police are there, he sticks with his cover story that they were out hiking and they just lost track of time and then audrey insists that they come and stay with them.

As theyre coming inside the house, angela notices, that someone left an envelope in her mailbox and inside she finds a note that says jim lindsey killed matt caudwell with some of his surgical screws inside she looks over at jim whos, making breakfast and gives him a fake Smile and the episode comes to an end. This was a really crazy episode that hit so many points along the way and what i liked about it was that it feels like they might actually do it. They might really do this thing. They might really give this character and story a proper ending, but everything is still on the table. There were moments in this episode where i felt a hundred percent sure that harrison is going to kill dexter in the finale, but then angela still feels like a real threat, especially with this letter. At the end. So its really hard to say and harrison is so back and forth, which makes sense considering what he learned about his father in this idea of a dark passenger throughout this episode, but, like i was saying in one minute, im thinking hes all in this is what Hes been looking for and then in the next im thinking, oh my god, hes gon na kill dexter. I think its important to think about how dexter presents what he does to his son. The way he sees himself hes expecting that someone with those same violent tendencies will understand and hes jumped to thinking that harrison is exactly the same as him and the only chance that either one of them would ever have is the code and you cant forget that Deb is actually right; this is what he wants, and that is bound to cloud his judgment.

I think the exchange where they were talking about vigilante is something thats worth remembering. Harrison could definitely bring trouble kurts way through legal channels. If he went and told his story to the police, they would likely discover everything else in the process and then he would be imprisoned and possibly executed for his crimes. The key here is that dexter knows he cant. Let him do that because he knows hell be exposed for killing matt and thats, not exactly the way that he sold it to him. Then theres the big moment when dexter finally confesses that he killed wiggles and trinity and in that moment harrison clearly accepts what he does later when he actually sees him cutting up the body, though i cant help but think about harry the idea of killing people who Slip through the cracks of the legal system sounds like a plausible way to channel this impulse towards violence, but seeing it in action is a totally different thing being able to do. That is what separates dexter from everyone else and understanding that was enough to lead to harrys suicide harry thought he created a monster and he regretted it to the point of taking his own life, its not likely that dexter would think that he did something wrong, let Alone feel remorse and its not clear that harrison would be able to take lives and feel okay with it. The same way that dexter does, i guess it all – comes down to the fact that it sounds like a logical solution to the issue of dexter wanting to kill people, but things get more complicated when you think about what a monster he actually is ill have to Go back and re watch it to take a closer look at those scenes, but it felt like there was some separation between what harrison was saying and what he was experiencing, and there are a lot of ways his perspective could change, especially if he found out that His mother was killed because of what dexter was doing in relation to trinity.

Remember he told him here that he killed trinity for what he did to his mother and thats, not the truth or the whole story. A lot of people guessed that molly was already dead and my thinking about that was that i thought that her information would play a larger role. So i was happy with the way that it played out, considering that they now have her recorder and her camera, which im sure will be important going forward. It was a pretty good turn that kurt got the letter to angela, even after he was dead, and now it all makes sense on why he sent the screw that he did to dexter. Now it looks like dexter has a trophy from his kill and considering that his cabin was just burnt down, people are going to be investigating that scene and that titanium doesnt melt that screw may cause him a problem plus matts rifle might still be under the fire Pit im not sure about that one, i think its also pretty likely that harrison will have blood on his boot im gon na leave this video here and then ill. Follow it up with one breaking down the teaser and talking through all the theories because theres a lot going on, and i want to hear what you guys have to say because theres a lot to think about.